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 prayer points for breakthrough

“Prayer points for breakthrough” is a spiritual tool aimed at helping individuals connect ⁣with their higher power and seek divine intervention to achieve breakthroughs in different areas of their⁣ lives.​ These prayer points ⁤are specific ⁢statements or requests that outline the desired breakthroughs ‌and are used as a⁢ guide​ during⁣ prayer sessions.

The key features of ​”prayer​ points for breakthrough”⁤ include:

1. ​Specific and targeted requests: These prayer points are designed to address specific areas of one’s life where a⁣ breakthrough is⁣ desired, such as financial,​ career,‌ health, relationships,‍ or ⁣spiritual growth. By focusing on specific needs, ⁢they help individuals articulate their desires clearly to their higher power.

Have you ever felt like God was speaking to you, but you couldn’t understand what He was saying?

Have you ever wondered if He was trying to tell you something, but couldn’t get through the static of your busy life?

If so, this book is for YOU!

Tongues: Power & Blessings: Secrets to Power Prayer (with Study Guide) will help you understand what it means when God speaks to us in tongues. You’ll learn how to interpret what He’s saying so that His message gets through loud and clear!

And not only will you learn how to interpret tongues—you’ll also learn about all the other ways that God speaks. You’ll discover secrets from Scripture that will help you tap into His power and blessing every day of your life.

I’ve been a Christian for a long time, and I’ve always thought about the power of prayer. I’ve seen it work in my own life and in the lives of other Christians around me, but it wasn’t until recently that I was able to see this power as something specific and tangible.

I’m talking about tongues—the ability to speak in other languages.

About Tongues: Power & Blessings: Secrets to Power Prayer (with Study Guide)

I’d heard about it before, but I’d never really understood what it could do for me or how it worked. Then, one day at church, my pastor started talking about it. He said that when you pray in someone else’s language, God listens better than he does when you pray in your own language because He wants so badly to understand what you’re saying.

As soon as he said that, something clicked inside me: if God wants so badly to understand what I’m saying, then why don’t I make sure he understands every word? Why not use tongues when I pray?

It made sense! So now when I pray (in English), I also pray using tongues—and boy oh boy did God answer my prayers!


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