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Best Book Of The Bible

What is the best book about the Bible? It’s a question that has plagued humanity for centuries. People have argued for years about which book captures the essence of what it means to be human, and which words capture God’s voice in the clearest way possible. Some say it’s an epic poem; others say it’s… Read More »Best Book Of The Bible

Spiritual meaning of mouth

When it comes to mouth, we have many words like chute and gavel (which are in fact used by the legal system), doctor, kid, father and mother. The meaning of mouth is simply a word which describes any organ or bodily part associated with eating. Read up on open mouth symbolism, spiritual meaning of mouth… Read More »Spiritual meaning of mouth

Prayer To Overcome Pride

Prayer to overcome pride from the soul of humility, The Lord said: I long to establish in them this holy root of humility, that they may be My daughters and sons, that their hearts may be knit together in true charity, for all the goodness of God is poured forth upon the humble. Hear Me,… Read More »Prayer To Overcome Pride

greek word for baptism and meaning

This is a Greek word study about the meaning of the Greek verb βαπτίζω, ‘baptizo’ meaning ‘baptize’ Strong’s 907. It gives every verse where the word ‘baptizo’ appears in the New Testament. To obtain a true understanding of this word these scriptures need to be meditated on and notes made of their meaning in different… Read More »greek word for baptism and meaning

Prayer To Overcome Problems

Sometimes a problem can seem like an obstacle that’s so big it seems you have no chance of overcoming it. Like a truck in your way. It can be overwhelming and feel impossible. But what if I told you God has a plan even for that? What if I gave you some guidance and instruction… Read More »Prayer To Overcome Problems

Spiritual meaning of mucus

Looking for the Spiritual meaning of mucus? Then read this guide on the spiritual meaning of mucus in a dream and the spiritual meaning of coughing up mucus. The spiritual meaning of mucus is that it represents the flow of energy within and around us. Mucus is a physical manifestation of our energy, and it… Read More »Spiritual meaning of mucus

Ancient Greek prayers to Zeus

Greeks thought that the constant movement of the planets, stars, and all other celestial bodies was intentional. This made them believe that the gods sat in higher places and used every single thing they could see to play a game. That’s where you come in! If it isn’t your will to help them win this… Read More »Ancient Greek prayers to Zeus