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A Prayer For Joy

Father of Mercies, please, Lord, I long for joy in my heart and peace in my soul. Bless me with contentment, so I may know what it feels like to love this life entirely. I desire to be near You every moment, and I know if I am, I will be able to receive the… Read More »A Prayer For Joy

Hebrew Prayer For Guidance

When you’re feeling lost and confused, what do you look for? For many people, it’s guidance from a higher power. But how do you know if that higher power is real? How can you know that it’s going to help you and not just lead you astray? It’s not an easy question to answer—but it… Read More »Hebrew Prayer For Guidance

Halloween Sermons For Youth

Halloween sermons for youth are a great way to get kids excited about Halloween, and they can also be used to teach kids about Jesus. Children love dressing up and pretending to be someone else, which makes Halloween a perfect opportunity to teach them about the Bible. When it comes to Halloween sermons for youth,… Read More »Halloween Sermons For Youth

Good Night Prayer For Family

The Importance of Prayers: In today’s busy schedule. It is too difficult for an individual to face all the problems by himself and because of lack of power to bear the pressure. So, to get rid of this problem anyone can say prayer. Prayer is a magic mantra for protection from any kind of problem… Read More »Good Night Prayer For Family

Good Morning Prayer To Him

Dear Lord, as he rises and begins to go about his activities, I pray that you bring success and happiness to his day. Let your divine guidance power and strengthen him in all situations, Amen. As you prepare to go about your day, I pray that you have everything you need to overcome every obstacle… Read More »Good Morning Prayer To Him

Gilgal In The Bible

Galgal is a Hebrew word that means “wheel” or “circle.” It’s used to describe the circular cities built by the Israelites in the time of Joshua and Judges. These cities were part of a strategy to make it harder for enemies to conquer them: they were built on hills, with walls that surrounded them completely,… Read More »Gilgal In The Bible