Intercessors In The Bible

God is looking for ambassadors to be His hands, feet and palms and We are that human being.Intercessors are people who prayed in the bible which includes Moses and Jeremiah. The Bible said ‘You will know them by their fruits’ so we want to encourage you that if you have been prayer intercessor all along it’s important but what about become a pray for other people, who perceive God through you. Learning to pray for yourself is the first step towards being a prayer intercessor because when you have learnt how to be led by God then you can begin to express those desires into words loud enough for other people to hear.

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List Of Intercessors In The Bible

1. Moses

Moses was a prophet, leader, and deliverer of Israel. He is most well-known for leading Israel out of Egyptian slavery and into the Promised Land. However, he also served as Israel’s major prophet by receiving God’s revelation on Mount Sinai, which he delivered to Israel in the form of the Ten Commandments.

When Israel began worshipping a golden calf at the foot of Mt. Sinai, God was angry. He had just removed Israel from the physical bondage of slavery in Egypt and the spiritual bondage of idolatry. In the moment of their rebellion, God was detailing his loving laws to Moses. God took very personally Israel’s rebellion in turning to other gods. Moses stood in the gap on behalf of the Israelites, pleading with the Lord not to destroy his people. Again, it is a wonder that God chooses to engage with his people in accomplishing his purposes on the earth. It seems that God was pleased that Moses had interceded on behalf of Israel. He relented and did not destroy Israel.

2. Abraham

One of the most amazing things about God is how he interacts with his creation. We see this very clearly in the Old Testament, specifically when God comes down to visit Abraham and tells him about the birth of his son in Genesis 18:1-15.

Three men (angels, one possibly could have been Jesus himself) came to visit Abraham and tell him about the birth of his baby. What a shock! Before these men left, the men told Abraham that they were going to visit Sodom and Gomorrah to see if the reports of their wickedness was true. If so, they would have to destroy those cities.

Abraham stood before the Lord and pled for the salvation of the cities on behalf of his nephew, Lot. In Genesis 18:16-33, we see how God works with Abraham’s intercession. As Abraham continued to negotiate the terms of Sodom and Gomorrah’s salvation, God did not back away. He fully engaged with Abraham. In the end, there were not even ten righteous people in Sodom and Gomorrah that God would spare the cities for. Lot and his family escaped, but just barely.

How amazing it is that God would put himself in the position

3. Jesus

It is not enough to just know the facts about intercessory prayer. Nor is it enough to do it for a few weeks or months and then forget about it. We need to be people of intercession. We must develop a lifestyle of prayer, both for ourselves and for others. As a believer, you have been given the privilege of being an intercessor for others. If you are walking in this revelation and practicing this lifestyle, God wants to use you in powerful ways. The world needs more people who will stand in the gap as intercessors before Him!

The Scripture says that Jesus is at the right hand of God, making intercession for us (Romans 8:34). You can pray with confidence because you know He is praying with you and for you!

4. Elijah

1 Kings 18: Elijah calls out to God for revelation of his power, and God responds.

Elijah is a prophet of the Lord, and in 1 Kings 18 he is praying for rain to come down on the drought-ridden land of Israel, so that his people can know that he is real. So Elijah prays and fasts for rain. And on top of Mt. Carmel God gives him a revelation of his power, and sends rain down on the land.

This is an example of how God works with his people to give them spiritual breakthrough. Here we see Elijah praying, and he’s fasting, too—he’s really putting himself out there in front of the Lord. And Elijah asks God to reveal his power to his people, so that they might return to God’s ways and know that he is the one true God. And then we see a great demonstration of God’s tangible power over nature when fire falls from heaven and consumes the altar at Mt. Carmel, as well as the water around it—showing that it was not Elijah but God who was responsible for this miracle. And then Elijah prays again, asking for rain to come down on the land; and it does! Just like Elijah asked!

5. Daniel

Daniel was a man of prayer and faith. As he prayed, an angelic response was released. After much battle in the heavenly realms, the angel made it to Daniel with the answer. As we step into the place of intercession, we contribute to the heavenly battle being waged over people and nations. Our prayers matter!

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