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Prayer and Bible Studies

Prayer For Aunt Who Passed Away

Nowadays, the death of a loved one is one of the most anticipated and graven things that can happen in our lives. It is therefore not surprising that many are looking online for prayer for aunt who passed away. Therefore, you might be wondering whether such a prayer exists or if you should write your… Read More »Prayer For Aunt Who Passed Away

Spiritual Meaning of A Boil

The spiritual meaning of boils is related to the fact that they are often full of pus. Pus is made up of dead white blood cells, bacteria and other waste products from the body. It’s a lot like how we feel when we hold onto negative emotions like anger, resentment or jealousy. We’re holding onto… Read More »Spiritual Meaning of A Boil

Spiritual Meaning of 4 Knocks

If you have never heard the spiritual meaning of four knocks, then let’s consider the following scenario:. A spirit or entity has manifested on our plane and found its way into your home. The spirit is looking to be released and is seeking a human conduit through which to continue its existence. Now, in some… Read More »Spiritual Meaning of 4 Knocks

Spiritual Meaning Of Scarecrow

Scary, right? But don’t worry! We’re not talking about some cackling straw-filled monster. In fact, scarecrow stories are usually pretty positive. As a symbol, the scarecrow takes on many different meanings depending on context and culture. In literature, scarecrows have been used to represent a variety of things: protection from evil spirits; change; death and… Read More »Spiritual Meaning Of Scarecrow

Prayer To Dedicate A Car

Today we will be dealing with prayer points to bless a new car, prayer to dedicate a Car, catholic prayer for blessing a new car and how to pray to God for a car. James 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of Lights, with whom… Read More »Prayer To Dedicate A Car

Spiritual Meaning Of Claudia

In this article, we will examine the Spiritual meaning of Claudia, the meaning of Claudia in the Bible, and the meaning of Claudia in Hebrew. Claudia is a female Latin name and it simply means another phrase that means ocean. It is generally connected to the faith of the one who bears it. To have… Read More »Spiritual Meaning Of Claudia