How to find a life partner biblically according to Apostle Joshua Selman

One of your biggest questions when dating someone new is, will this person be a good spouse? When we’re looking for a life partner, it’s important to remember that God wants us to marry someone who has similar religious beliefs and faith practices. He also wants you to choose someone who shares your values, who is willing to serve God with you, and who will be a loving helpmate and protector so that together you can flourish in Him.

Finding the perfect partner to share life with is a difficult and daunting task. Millions of singles around the world are already in long-term relationships, some are searching for their soul skater and many others are still looking for that one person who will complete them. If you ar em also looking for your life partner, then you might want to take a closer look at what God expects us to do or not do when looking for love. Apostle Joshua Selmand has identified five things that can help you find your life partner.

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How to find a life partner biblically according to Apostle Joshua Selman

Is there a method to finding a life partner? Listen to what I have to share with you. There are all kinds of ways that people explore for marriage in the bible, good, ugly and bad.

For instance, Hosea finds and marries a prostitute. Moses finds a wife by working with a man with seven daughters. Boaz finds a wife by marrying one of the servants working in his farm. Benjaminites would steal and carry away women for marriage. Jacob laboured at Laban’s place for 14 years to marry the wife of his choice. David killed Goliath and freed his family from paying tax and married a wife, as promised by king Saul. Ahasuerus organised a beauty contest and married Esther. David killed Uriah and married his wife, Bathsheba. Solomon found out that marrying a wife was not enough. So, he married 1000 women so that he could be faithful.

However, Paul thought within himself that marriage was a weight. So, he refused to marry.

So, if you read the bible without the wisdom of God, you will be confused. The bible doesn’t give us a direct formula. This is because we are doing business with human beings.

Nonetheless, certain guidelines can be followed, using the scripture.

Adam said “This is the bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh.” This is because she was taken out of him. In other words, they were made of the same material. So, compatibility and agreeableness in doctrine, finances, parenting, culture, ministry and managing challenges is key.

The process of getting a wife demands responsibility by man in the FINDING while ladies are to position themselves.

Involve God before making your decision and expect the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

Never you forget to count your cost. If you feel inadequate, don’t go into it yet.

Lastly, God can also prophetically lead in certain cases, based on your level of intimacy with God and the strength of the nature of your calling.

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