Different types of blessings from God

Everyone is seeking blessings from God. What are they? Everyone has different ideas on the kind of blessings they would want. Some people want financial blessing, while others want physical or spiritual blessing. The question is, which type of blessing should you be seeking? For those who are confused in what to pray for, here’s an article that will guide you on the type of blessings from God you should be seeking.

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Different types of blessings from God

There are several different types of blessings from God. The blessing of the Lord brings wealth and he adds no trouble to it (Proverbs 10:22). God blesses us so we can be a blessing to others.

We can be a blessing to others by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with them. We can be a blessing to others by sharing our material blessings with them. We can be a blessing to others by sharing our time with them.

God blesses you with talents, gifts and special abilities

God blesses us with talents and gifts to help us discover who we are, and to glorify Him.

Talent is a natural ability that you learn while growing up or at school. These abilities may include writing, singing, playing an instrument, or any other activity that requires skill.

Gift is something you are given by the Holy Spirit for the good of others.

Special abilities can mean talent and gift together because they can be used in the service of God.

These talents and gifts should be exercised in love among believers, especially within your own Christian family.

God desires to bless His children in all things.

Blessings are a sign of God’s love and grace.

God desires to bless His children in all things.

The blessings of God are what we have received from him. They are his gifts to us. They are not earned or deserved, but are freely given by him out of his own desire to bless us (Ephesians 1:3).

Blessings show forth the presence of God in our lives. When we receive a blessing, it is a reminder that he has been present with us and used that opportunity to bless us in some way. It is also an invitation for us to seek a deeper relationship with him and live our lives more fully according to his will (James 4:7-8). We should never take them lightly or fail to thank him when they come our way because they are signs pointing back toward him as Lord over all creation (Matthew 6:31-34).

All of us need God’s forgiveness through Jesus Christ.

  • Sin separates all of us from God. The Bible, which is God’s word to us, says “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). The sin is any time we disobey or rebel against God.
  • This includes greed, hate and all the other things we do that are wrong according to what the Bible teaches. We were born with a natural desire to do these things and it takes effort not to commit sins every day, even though we try not to.
  • Because our sins separate us from God, who is perfect and holy, they keep us from eternal life with him in heaven. As a result, when this life ends the only gift left for everyone because of their sins is death and separation from God forever in hell.* Yes! That’s what Romans 6:23 says! But this was written before Jesus came in human form on earth as a baby about 2000 years ago.

These are the blessings that really matter because they are eternal, never fade or disappear, and will enrich your life for all eternity.

All of us have been blessed by God at one time or another. These blessings may come in different forms, but they all have an impact on our lives. For example, some people are blessed with good looks or athletic abilities. Other people are blessed with musical skills and the talent to play an instrument. These types of blessings can enrich our lives on earth and help make it easier for us while we are here. However, they usually don’t last long and will fade away sometime during our lifetime (Psalm 103:15-16).

The blessings that really matter are those which will enrich your life for all eternity and never fade or disappear. When you face troubles for doing what is right, God often steps in and blesses you in a very real way (Matthew 5:10-12). Keep your eyes open and look for these types of divine interventions into your life (Job 1:8-11). When you pray to God about something, He often answers your prayers in very unexpected ways (1 Kings 17:1-6; Luke 1:11-17). Don’t limit yourself to what you think God should do! Be open to His miracles!

methods of blessing

  1. Pray for Others
    Praying is the most important thing we can do. Praying equips us with the daily protection we need each day. Prayer for others is just as important. God can move mountains and praying can do just that.

It’s easy to become selfish and only pray for our circumstances. If praying is a blessing in our lives, can you imagine how much you could be a blessing to others by praying for them?

I’ve been overwhelmed by praying for others in the past. I often forget what I need to pray for after talking with someone. I made the decision to pray for that person immediately so I don’t forget.

If I forget, I trust that our God knows everything and knows what I’m thinking before I even speak. So I try not to be so hard on myself.

  1. Meet a Need
    We have so many needs. Most of them are tended to without us even thinking about it. This makes it hard for us to know what others may need.

However, there are lonely people out there and that may be easier for us to see. Sometimes it’s more obvious than other times.

In order for us to meet a need, we need to listen. Sometimes we can meet their needs just by taking the time to listen to them.

  1. Be an Encouragement
    Encouragement is such a comforting word. We can become discouraged daily and it only takes a second for that to set in.

I get discouraged when I’m homeschooling my kids. My husband keeps me encouraged and it’s such a blessing.

Being a blessing to others through encouragement doesn’t have to be difficult. It could be a simple as helping someone make a decision when they can’t make up their mind.

  1. Be Thoughtful
    I love the idea of knowing people are thinking of me. You can see it in someone’s actions. Being caught up in my own “bubble” can cause me to forget about the people around me.

I have to be very intentional about this. You can be thoughtful by picking up the phone and calling someone or picking up a small gift that reminds you of someone.

One day I knew my friend was having a rough time so I picked up some flowers at the store and dropped them off to her.

The idea is to be a blessing by letting someone else know you are thinking of them. You could even give someone free Bible verse printables, free printable Bible studies, or send them some free Christian wallpaper for their phone to encourage them. It doesn’t have to break the bank.

Blessing Others

  1. Speak Kind Words
    When I’m in a bad mood, it’s easy for me to be rude. My behavior in those times can really set the mood in my house. Kind words are so uplifting.

Learning to only speak kind words is a long-time prayer of mine. I’m not talking about bad language, I’m talking about being irritated and then saying something that sounds mean.

Blessing others by saying kind words can make their day. If you can’t think of what to say, give them a compliment. Tell someone their hair looks nice or they did a good job.

Then pray that the Lord would give you opportunities and the words to say so you can speak kind words easily.

  1. Give Your Time
    Life is busy and I’m sure you would agree that we could all use a little more time. If you are in a conversation with someone they will most likely say they are busy somewhere in the conversation.

I’m actually guilty of saying that myself. If you notice someone is busy or they say they are busy, maybe you should ask them how you can help them.

You could watch their kids while they go to the grocery store or on a date, help them with a project they may be doing, or run some errands for them.

  1. Bless Someone on a Tight Budget
    Being on a tight budget is rough. While creating a good budget is important, trying to make ends meet is hard. You could do multiple things to be a blessing to others in this situation.

You can dedicate an envelope of money to give to them. You need to use your own discretion here because most people are very private about money situations.

It would probably be better if you gave them money secretly. Maybe you can slip money into their Bible or stuff it somewhere in their car.

Other options would be to give them hand me down clothing, a used Bible or Bible cover, or even bring them a meal.

types of spiritual blessings

The other day I was reading Ephesians chapter 1 in my devotions. It was a such a life-giving passage for me that I wanted to share it with you today. Paul starts out his letter to the church of Ephesus by saying, “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ (Eph. 1:3, NKJV).” The words “every spiritual blessing” jumped off the page at me as I read it.

The Greek word for “blessing” is the word eulogia which means “benefit.” These spiritual blessings that Paul referred to weren’t just nice ideas. They were realities to him that were attached to real benefits when he lived in and through them. Ultimately we live in and through them as we live in Christ, but it’s helpful to breakdown what that actually means. Paul goes on to do this for us in verses 4-19 and shares 15 different spiritual blessings we have when we live in Christ. I encourage you to take a moment and read through the entire scripture passage. Let’s look at the 15 Spiritual Blessings Paul declares over you…

1. Chosen Before the Foundation of the World (v.4)

To know you’ve been chosen before the foundation of the world is to know that your life matters. Your existence isn’t an accident or by-product of natural selection. God has been thinking about your destiny before He ever said, “Let there be light.”

2. Holy and Blameless (v.4)

In Christ you are holy and blameless. This means you are fit to serve Him and worship Him despite your shortcomings. God enjoys you when you approach Him and He gladly moves through your life to touch others, not because of your own righteousness, but because of the righteousness of Christ that has been imputed or attributed to you.

3. In His Love (v.4)

In Christ you stand in agape or unconditional love. You cannot earn it. Today, you are unconditionally loved in Christ. Have you received it? Make the following confession today, “Jesus, I receive your unconditional love.”

4. Predestined to Adoption (v.5)

God has predetermined to call you His own in Christ. He has selected you to be His son or daughter. You are a part of His family. He is your Father. Many times when parents adopt a child, they go through a selection process for making a decision on who they will adopt and who they won’t adopt. God already went through His decision-making process about you a long time ago and decided to adopt you as one of His children.

5. Accepted in the Beloved (v.6)

You are not rejected. You are not an outcast. You are not unworthy of approval. The Creator of the universe accepts you in Christ. You have been relationally reconciled in Christ and are pleasing to God. You might not have health in all of your relationships right now, but, in Christ there is nothing between you and God today.

6. Redemption through His Blood (v.7)

Outside of Christ you were a slave to sin and eternal death. You couldn’t buy or earn your way out of it. The price for your freedom was the precious blood of Jesus. Jesus wasn’t a slave. Jesus was already free. Jesus paid for your freedom anyways.

7. Forgiveness of Sins (v.7)

In your life you have turned your back on God morally. You have consciously rebelled against His law in your heart. You have ignored His wisdom and thought yourself to be the wiser many-a-time. In Christ, you are forgiven today.

8. Riches of His Grace Abound To You (v.7-8)

Grace means “unmerited favor.” Abound means “to have in abundance.”  In Christ, there is an abundant measure of unmerited favor flowing to your life like a river that will last from here into the never-ending depths of eternity.

9. Made Known to You the Mystery of His Will (v.9)

In a fallen world of war, suffering and disease; a sinful world where bad things happen to good people; God has revealed His solution to us. He wrapped-up every answer to every aspect of the human condition in Christ and He gave it to us.

10. Obtained An Eternal Inheritance (v.11)

Revelation 21:4 describes Heaven in the following manner: And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.

11. Heard the Word of Truth (v.13)

God’s truth is a light in darkness. We are not without counsel. We are not left in the dark. We have heard His good news and discovered the path of life.

12. Sealed with the Holy Spirit of Promise (v.13)

The Promise of the Holy Spirit that was prophesied about by Isaiah, Ezekiel, Zechariah, Joel, John the Baptist and Jesus has been made available to you in Christ today!

13. You Know the Hope of His Calling (v.18)

His calling over your life is the basket you can put all of your eggs in. It’s an anchor. It’s a rock. It will never end in vain.

14. You are the Riches of His Inheritance (v.18)

You are of great value to Jesus. As Christ brought you back to God, God gives you back to Jesus as His inheritance. You are valuable in Christ, you are the righteousness of God in Christ. You are His eternal reward that He cherishes.

15. The Exceeding Greatness of His Power (v.19-20)

Paul says the exceeding greatness of His power is toward you who believe. What kind of power of this? It is the same power that raised Christ from the dead! It is the same power that conquered sin, death and hell. In Christ, this same power is present in your life today!

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