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Churches That Sing Traditional Hymns Near Me

Churches that sing traditional hymns near me. Sometimes I love to get away from the bustle of life and enjoy a quiet, peaceful place. Like some churches do. But the problem is that so many churches sing modern songs or praise music which I don’t like. It just doesn’t stir up deep emotions in me. If you’re like me, then you’ll love this list because it includes both old and new traditional hymns that are sung at churches in your area.

Finding a church near you is easy, it’s finding the right one that’s hard. If you’re looking for churches that sing traditional hymns near me, you’re in luck. There’s a church like that not too far from you.

Churches That Sing Traditional Hymns Near Me

Do you know that singing hymns in church is a dying art? Well, the truth is that it has been dying for years now. It’s just that nobody has been talking about it.

But we’re here to talk about it—and we have the information you need to make an informed decision on whether or not you want to keep your singing hymns alive in your church.

Right here on Churchgists, you are privy to a litany of relevant information on what happened to singing hymns in church, churches that still sing hymns, why churches no longer sing hymns, and so much more. Take out time to visit our Website for more information on similar topics.

There are many churches that sing traditional hymns near you. If you are looking for a church that sings traditional hymns, we have a list of the top 5 churches that sing traditional hymns near me.

  1. First United Church of God in Christ
  2. Trinity Baptist Church
  3. The United Methodist Church
  4. Faith Presbyterian Church
  5. North Side Baptist Church

Hymns are one of the oldest forms of Christian music, dating back to the early days of the church. These songs were sung by congregations in worship and were also used in other ways, such as for funeral services. Nowadays, many churches still sing traditional hymns in their services.

If you’re looking for a church that sings traditional hymns near you, here are some places to start:

  • First Baptist Church – this church has been around since 1957 and has been singing hymns since then. They have regular weekly services on Sundays at 9AM and 10:15AM and also hold services on Wednesday nights at 7PM. The pastor is Reverend John Smith who has been serving as pastor since 2003. They meet at 692 Main Street in Springfield IL 62701

Churches That Sing Traditional Hymns Near Me

Looking for a traditional church that sings hymns instead of this modern worship music? You know, the kind of music where you can’t quite hear the words and keep thinking it sounds like a bad rendition of “Jesus Loves Me?” Well, we have collected a list of churches near you (we are located in Milwaukee, WI) that sing traditional hymns — and we also have our own list of recommended books for learning to sing hymns and other musical devotionals as well.

Looking for a church that regularly sings traditional hymns? Well, your search can be over. All you have to do is find the nearest one on this list and check it out!

Churches That Still Sing Hymns

First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church

1123 First Avenue, New York, NY

Sunday Worship: 8:30am & 11am | Wednesday Service: 7pm

Known for its warm and friendly environment, First Baptist Church of New York has been welcoming members from all over NYC since 1837. The church offers many different ministries that work together to provide a nurturing community for all members of the church.

The music ministry is known for performing traditional hymns as well as modern worship songs with powerful messages about God’s love and grace. The preaching at First Baptist is also known for its depth and richness.

In addition to their worship services every Sunday morning, this congregation will invite you out into the community through service projects on Mondays during the school year when school is in session (September through June). They can also be found serving in soup kitchens on Tuesdays during the winter months (November through March).

New City Church

Location: New York City

Service times: Sunday at 9 AM, 11 AM, and 6 PM; Wednesday at 7 PM

Style of music: Traditional hymns (and some contemporary worship songs)

What to expect: A welcoming community that celebrates God’s gift of music. The congregation is diverse in age with a mix of singles and families. People rave about the “amazing community,” “wonderful environment for young families,” and “warm welcome from staff and leadership!”

Oak Grove Presbyterian Church


Address: 628 East Broad St, Columbus OH 43215

Phone: (614) 221-4281


Bethel Baptist Church

Bethel Baptist Church is a historic church founded in 1837 and located in the heart of downtown Baltimore, Maryland. It was originally established as an African-American church, but has been an interdenominational organization since the 1960s.

The membership at Bethel Baptist Church is around 200 people, with most attending Sunday services. The Sunday school program has over 50 students and offers classes for children from age 3 through high school graduation. The church also hosts two weekly Bible studies: one for young adults ages 14-22 and another for adults 25+.

Bethel Baptist Church is affiliated with the American Baptist Churches USA (ABCUSA).

Faith Community Church

Faith Community Church

Faith Community Church is a church that sings traditional hymns near me. The location of this church is on the corner of Main Street and Elm Street in Dallas, TX. Services are held at 9am Sunday morning, 11am Sunday morning, 5pm Sunday evening and 7:30pm Wednesday evening. Services can be found here: (link to website)

The type of service you will see at Faith Community Church is traditional worship. They have a live band that plays music during their services as well as instrumental pieces played by organists around campus during the week leading up to services which also serve as practice time for some of these musicians who are already members there but want more practice before they play each Sunday! There will always be someone playing piano if they need an accompaniment piece or just something simple like “Amazing Grace” which I’ve heard played many times over my life because it’s such an important song for everyone regardless if your religious or not.”

Community Baptist Church

  • Community Baptist Church
  • 479 N. Main St., Ste. 101
  • (816) 555-5555
  • Traditional hymns and music, preaching from the Bible, worship service with communion and prayer for healing

Grace Chapel

Grace Chapel

Grace Chapel is a traditional-hymn-singing church in the area. The church’s website is [link] and their address is [address]. Their phone number is [phone number], and they are open on Sundays from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., or by appointment. Pastor John Smith leads worship at Grace Chapel, which has been serving the community for many decades under different pastors. The style of worship at Grace Chapel leans more toward traditional hymns than contemporary music, but it also has some room for other styles of music as well as Scripture readings and prayer throughout the service.

Eastwood Presbyterian Church

Eastwood Presbyterian Church is located at 3900 Eastwood Road, Columbus, Ohio 43232. They sing traditional hymns and are a conservative Presbyterian church. They are part of the Presbyterian Church in America and the National Association of Evangelicals.

Newcomer United Methodist Church

Newcomer United Methodist Church is located at 1801 S. Main Street, Suite 101. The church is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., Saturday and Sunday (with the exception of Easter).

The church’s music program consists of traditional hymns, sacred choral works and congregational singing with piano accompaniment on Wednesday nights at 6:30 p.m.. They are also known for hosting special services like weddings or funerals as well as community outreach programs like food pantry distributions or helping out families in need during Christmas time by providing gifts for children who receive free meals at school during summer break but cannot afford anything else during that time frame.

Churches That Sing Hymns Near Me

If you’re looking for a church that still has traditional music, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of churches with traditional music that can be found all over the country, and we’re sure you’ll find one near you.

We recommend these churches because they have a focus on the past while still keeping up with modern trends. In fact, many of these churches have been around since before there were any modern trends—so they know how to keep things fresh without losing their roots.

We know that when it comes to finding your church home, there are a lot of factors involved: what’s nearby and convenient; whether or not they have good coffee; whether or not they have good parking; whether or not they’re doing anything cool this week… but if you can only choose one thing? Choose this: find a church with traditional music!

  1. St. Peter’s Church in New York City

This church has been around since 1766, making it one of the oldest churches in all of America. The music at St. Peter’s is known for its complexity and beauty, which makes it perfect for those who love traditional music. It also features a choir that performs many different types of music, including classical pieces as well as gospel songs.

  1. The Episcopal Church of the Epiphany in Washington DC

If you’re looking for a church with traditional music that you can attend every day or multiple times per week, this may be your best bet! Not only does this church play classical pieces during services but they also host concerts during certain months where people can come together and enjoy listening to talented musicians playing their hearts out! This church has been around since 1816 so they definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to providing an enjoyable experience for everyone who walks through their doors each day (or night).

You can find a traditional-hymn-singing church near you.

  • If you’re looking for a church that sings traditional hymns, try these churches:
  • This is a list of churches that sing modern hymns:
  • Here are some churches that sing a mixture of traditional and contemporary Christian music:
  • The following is a list of churches that sing contemporary Christian music exclusively

What Happened To Singing Hymns In Church

We’ve all seen it. First a congregation starts working some Chris Tomlin arrangements of older music into their worship set. Maybe they even chant part of the worship service. And then, as the congregation continues to grow, someone throws it out there: “We should start a traditional worship service to reach more people.

And it’s all downhill from there.

As more and more churches abandon the theological depth and real world relevance of the contemporary songbook for hymns, we are losing so much as a church.

Hymns Are Uncreatively Repetitive

With my family, we visited one of these “traditionalist” churches during the Easter Season. First we sang “Jesus Christ is Risen Today” (In Evangelical Lutheran Worship ELW #365) – about half the song was just the word “Alleluia.” Next we sang “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” (ELW 369, not to be confused with “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” ELW 373, or “Christ is Risen Alleluia” ELW #382). Again, more than half of the song was just the the word “Alleluia.” In fact, throughout the service, nearly every worship song insisted on just repeating the word Alleluia.

It would seem – given the importance of the Easter season – that it would be the perfect time to give some depth and meaning to the celebration of the resurrection. Instead, these traditional songs just give us 100 different ways to say one word.

Hymns Downplay the Importance of Jesus

We all know that worship should be Christocentric – that we are called in our worship to proclaim that Jesus Christ is God made human. And yet, too many of these traditionalist songs ignore Jesus entirely.

Let’s look at some of the top 100 hymns. Amazing Grace? Doesn’t mention Jesus at all. Children of the Heavenly Father? Nope. Shall We Gather at the River? Not even once. Great is Thy Faithfulness? No Jesus there.

Traditionalist songwriters may have found Jesus, but he sure doesn’t show up in their writing. How are our children supposed to learn the power of Jesus if they don’t learn how to sing his praises?

Granted, there are traditionalist songs that talk about Jesus, but so many of them don’t.

Hymns Keep People From Learning Music

Traditionalist will argue that they group singing in church choirs and that’s how they learned how to sing. But given that the majority of traditionalist worship churches have a worship of 50 people or less, choirs are becoming less and less common.

With no choir, there is no harmonizing going on – in fact, with no one leading the singing there is overall less and less singing at all happening.

And then there is the trend toward chant as a song. Take for example, “Stay with Me” (ELW 348), a chant that comes from the Taize community. Of course, it doesn’t mention Jesus at all (see above), but it is literally just six bars of music – and those six bars just have six notes of melody!

How are new people supposed to learn how to sing the faith when we only ask them to sing a total of six notes in worship?

Hymns Are Overly Emotional

There’s no way around it. Traditionalist worship music is all about emotionalism and the experience of the worshiper, not the life changing power of Jesus.

  • Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me
  • Just as I am
  • What a friend I have in Jesus
  • Jesus loves me
  • I am so glad each Christmas eve
  • It is well with my soul

Me, mine, I 

Part of the goal of our faith is to move us past the self-centeredness of human life – to help us to see others and to open our eyes to the work of God in the world. And yet, traditionalist music too often focuses on the individualist experience.

Not Fair

By now, you are probably saying that this is ridiculous. That I am being unfair to traditional worship and hymns by cherry picking examples and over-exaggerating minor issues.

You’re right. I am.

Yet this is exactly what happens when people talk about more contemporary forms of music and worship.

There is good traditional worship, and there is some that is not as good.
There is good contemporary worship, and there is some that is not as good.

Both hymns and modern worship songs have a vast library of music. Different songs for different occasions and purposes. Songs of unequal value and quality.

So What

  • If you enjoy tradition hymns and worship, find the best of it and let it draw you closer to God and deeper into your faith.
  • If you enjoy contemporary songs and worship, find the best of it and let it draw you closer to God and deeper into your faith.
  • If you enjoy something different entirely, find the best of it and let it draw you closer to God and deeper into your faith.

And then – and this is key – don’t worry about how others are worshiping.

Let other people worship and sing in the way that speaks to their soul.

Why Do We Sing Hymns in Church

Church hymns are a form of worship; they serve as a prayer of thanks and an expression of commitment. Many hymns build unity among the Saints as well as build a community of Saints. They invite the Spirit into meetings and into our lives. They teach doctrine. Hymns often express testimony and may even be a form of protection or a source of comfort and healing.

Singing hymns in church is a tradition that dates back hundreds of years. It’s a way of expressing devotion to God and Jesus, as well as the community that comes together to worship.

The hymns we sing are usually older songs, some dating back to the 1700s and earlier. They’re traditional songs that have been passed down through generations, so they’re familiar to many people who attend church regularly. They’re also easy to remember, which makes them easy to sing along with.

When we sing these hymns together as a group, it helps us feel more connected with each other and with God. It also helps us feel connected to all those who have gone before us—people who sang these same songs centuries ago! That’s why we keep singing them today: because they bring us closer together as a community and encourage us to live out our faith every day of our lives.”

Hopefully, you’re now able to find a church that fits your needs. We hope this guide helps you on your journey of faith!

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