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Spiritual Meaning Of Puddle Of Water

Spiritual meaning of puddle of water: When we are struggling, it can be helpful to know that others have struggled too. I consider myself an expert in the area of puddles of water and their spiritual meaning, having dreamed about them for most of my life. Puddle dreams seem to be a common occurrence for many people, so let me share with you everything I’ve learned about them over the years—and maybe it will give you some comfort in knowing that we’re all in this together! Discover spiritual meaning of water in the house and spiritual meaning of water overflowing.

A puddle of water can be a powerful symbol of spirituality. It represents the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Water is a symbol of the human soul, and when we look at the reflection in a puddle, we are looking at ourselves. When the sun comes out after rain, we see ourselves as we truly are. We see our true nature and our true potential for good.

It is said that if you step over a puddle of water with your left foot first, you will have good luck in the coming year; however if you step over it with your right foot first, your luck will run out.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Puddle Of Water

Water is an extremely important symbol in dreams. It often represents emotion and life, as well as your own emotions or the emotions of others. If you dream about puddles of water, you may be having a difficult time expressing yourself or sympathizing with someone else’s feelings.

A deeper analysis would suggest that dreaming about puddles of water indicates some sort of emotional conflict that needs to be resolved before moving forward with your life.

Spiritual meaning of water in the house

Puddles on the ground are a symbol of healing, restoration, overcoming obstacles and escaping from danger. The water in a dream can also symbolize the unconscious mind. Water may also be an indication that you have been feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands or simply need to take some time out for yourself. If you find yourself drowning in water during your dream, it represents an overwhelming situation that seems impossible to escape from. Finally, if you see puddles of water in your dream you could have been experiencing feelings of sadness or loneliness during waking hours that are reflected through these images into your dreams at night.

Spiritual Significance Of Water

Water is one of the mysterious gifts of nature that supports and holds life on earth. Many indigenous communities knew the values of water a long time ago and to them water was considered to be the source of life. On the surface water can be seen as food, a means of transport, a ground for recreation or an element for cleansing, purification, and initiation in cultural ceremonies. But a deeper analysis into the values of water reveal that water is a sacred being that holds life on earth; a seed in the soil does not germinate until it receives water, which demonstrates that it is the spirit of water that ingnites the production of life.

In the past, water attracted the formation of commercial cities and towns along the lakes and coasts. Water transport facilitated the exploration of the world. In Africa, people recognized and respected bodies of water as their source of spirituality. For example, Lake Victoria—before it was named so by British officer John Hanning Speke—was called Nalubaale, which literally means the home of spirituality. Bodies of water were owned and protected by commmunities, and people worshiped the spirit of water freely. All activities relating to water were conducted in accordance with peoples’ customs and cultural beliefs.

The introduction of western civilization to Africa changed native peoples’ attitudes and rights to water as a natural resource. The sacred relationship between people and water ended with the new political governance. Water became a commodity to be taxed. Commercial fishing was introduced. Corporations were established to process and supply fresh water for payment. Western religious teachings demonized native cultural practices and hence the indigenous attitude and moral responsibility toward water as a sacred being gradually changed. Religious teachings associated cultural beliefs and practices with satan and primitivity. In reaction, many native people adopted a new religion, language, and lifestyle.

From a spiritual perspective, through the spiritual networks, planet earth is seen as an irregular ball immersed in water. If the sacred gift of earth is life, then water is the custodian of life. Nearlly all living beings contain large amounts of water in their bodies; water facilitates their functions. Atmospheric space, too, consists of elements of water in vapor or in gaseous form. Therefore, water is the reconnecting element between our materialistic life and the spiritual world. Man cannot be a co-creator without adherence to the fundamental phenomenon of nature, and water is a major element to study and carefully handle. The spirits of life travel through all living organisms depositing active materials that consequently give individuals life along with the sacredness and potential it holds. All these activities are facilitated by the presence of water. A huge body of water connects Africa to America and through the conventional systems, water connects mountains with valleys, plants with animals, by sharing products or byproducts essential to each. Hence, water facilitates the natural phenomenon of interdependence.

People along the shore of Lake Victoria

The sacredness of water has diverse sources to support it. Water is a natural resource with unique value and consciousness that enables it to sense any slight imbalance in the life-sustaining systems. It is through water that we are physically and spiritually interrelated and interconnected with the living and non-living beings of earth and to the whole of life. Spirituality reveals that all material beings contains some spiritual life working in them, and since spirits are living entities, they travel from one material to another correcting and depositing different energy levels that get carried away by water, or through other conventional means, to heal the planet and the cosmos.

Man should avoid encroaching on water grounds. Though water has several benefits, it should be treated with respect and dignity because it is a sacred natural resource that holds life. Our developmental policies, which portray water as a commodity to be traded and taxed to enrich some individuals, should be changed. Water is a right for all; nature provides it freely with the rains. Governments should raise external resources to enable the free distribution of water to all citizens. And natives should be involved in the management of sacred natural resources.

Industrial developments and allocations performed on water grounds like swamps cause floods to cities, towns, and residential areas. Health hazards are created, like cholera, and the industrial toxic waste materials released into the bodies of water cause a great environmental danger. Such toxic materials, when taken in by plants or animals, cause a loss of sacredness and a reduction in their natural consciousness.

In East Africa, Lake Victoria, one of the fresh water lakes, has been partitioned into private plots sold to investors; fishing and transportation have been commercialized. Today, indigenous people cannot afford to buy a fresh fish and some buy bones after the flesh has been removed for export. Fishing used to be a way of living and source of income; however, because of restrictions on the lakes today, most fishermen sell their land to buy motorcycles to transport people in towns.

Similarly, the thick forests on the islands of Ssese and Kalangala, among others, were cut down and people were displaced with or without compensation to plant palm trees for the production of cooking oil. Presently, the rainfall pattern has greatly changed and agricultural activities in the region have been affected. The previously precipitated conventional rainfalls from the islands on the lake do not arrive when expected. Extended dry seasons and inaccurate meteorological predictions have made agriculture an unreliable livelihood.

There is an agency to separate our human intentions from what life ought to be. There is need to institutionalize spirituality as a separate system from religion and governance. As part of this spiritual system, we would actively listen to the voice of water and other natural elements instead of listening solely because of the enormous costs to infrastructure and life when nature is angered and violently striking at us through hurricanes, storms, earthquakes, or epidemic diseases.

The faith institutions preach the supremacy of a divine being, which is beyond humanity according to the spiritual hierarchies, though humanity is accountable to this divine nature. However, each day man interacts with the spiritual elements of earth, which have been demonized. These are the spirits of life that travel in water and this is the spiritual platform we should begin reconciling with.

Let’s awaken the silent energies of the planet by uniting as communities to live in harmony with the spirits of life and work directly with nature; here is one path by which we shall reconnect to the silent value of water and nature as a whole for the benefit of humanity and the well-being of an interconnected world community.

What does it mean to dream that there is puddle of water in your house

  • A puddle of water means that you are feeling insecure about something.
  • If you see a puddle of water in your house, it indicates that there is something in your life that needs to be resolved.

What does it mean to dream that there are many puddles of water in your house

The dreamer is metaphorically speaking, in a very precarious situation. They are struggling to overcome adversity and can not seem to gain a foothold on the situation.

In this case, it is important for them to understand that they must be patient and wait for their moment of opportunity. This is a common dream theme which often means that something has been happening out of one’s control and there may not be anything you can do about it at this point in time (but there will be later).

This type of dream also predicts changes in your life that are going to happen soon; such as starting a new job or moving somewhere else. It could even represent healing after an illness or surgery has taken place within yourself or someone close to you with whom you share mutual affectionate bonds that have remained strong throughout all hard times both good times alike!

Spiritual Meaning Of Water Overflowing

If you dream of water in your home, it may mean that you are going to move into a new home soon. If you see water leaking from the ceiling of your house and dripping onto the floor, this is most likely a sign that someone in your family is ill.

If you dream of seeing puddles on the street or any other place outside where there should be none (like parking lots), this could be indicative of something emotional coming up for you. You may need to confront some issue or problem head-on. The same goes if there’s water everywhere in your dream—it means things might get messy later on down the road!


We hope the information above has helped you to understand the spiritual meaning of puddle of water. If you would like more insight into your dreams and how to interpret them, we encourage you to check out our blog on how to interpret dreams.

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