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What does the Bible say about loved ones visiting us in dreams

The Bible does not speak directly about loved ones visiting us in dreams. However, there are several passages that speak to the idea of dreaming and what it means for us to dream.

In Genesis 28:11-19, Jacob has a dream in which he sees a ladder reaching from earth to heaven and angels going up and down on it. He wakes up and says, “Surely the Lord is in this place…This must be the gate of heaven.” Then he says he will build an altar here, which he does (Genesis 28:20-22). The dream seems to be significant enough for him to build an altar where he saw it. This could indicate that dreams are powerful enough to influence our actions—even if they don’t provide specific information about loved ones’ visits (or anything else).

In Matthew 2:12-13, we see that Joseph had a dream that prophesied Jesus’ birth. The angel told him not to be afraid because his son would save many people from their sins. Later, when Herod questioned him about Jesus’ whereabouts, Joseph said “a dream was told me by God” (Matthew 2:19). This suggests that dreams can be divinely inspired or even prophetic in nature.

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What does it mean when you see a loved one in your dream?

Every person feels the need for a loved in his or her life. People that love us matter a lot in our lives. They share moments of agony and ecstasy. They are the ones who make us feel special. They lend a shoulder to us to rest when we are sad, and a pat on our shoulder when we need encouragement. None on this earth can undermine the importance of a loved one in life. They are a part of our life and memories. In this web-post, we shall tell you what it means when you dream about a loved one.

According to dream interpreters, every dream has a meaning. Let us see what dreaming about a loved one signifies.

Situation 1
You could dream about a loved one when you are emotionally drained out. You may be in trouble, and you need a shoulder to cry. In such a situation, you must reach out to the loved one and express yourself so that he or she could give moral support to you.

Situation 2
You could have lost someone dearest to you. Hence, you may miss them a lot in your life, and you may find it hard to deal with the vacuum that is created.

Situation 3
You may have had a fight with your loved one. And your heart must be aching because of that. You may dream about them because you know your life would be meaningless without them. You may want to seek forgiveness from them and hence the yearning.

Situation 4
You may have moved to a different city or a country. And it must have been months you have met your loved ones. In such a scenario, if they appear in your dream, it could mean that you are eagerly waiting to meet them.

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