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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Marrying Your Crush

What does it mean when you dream about marrying your crush?

When you dream about marrying your crush, it’s probably because you’re in love with them. It can also be a sign that you want to be with them, but don’t know how to approach them and make it happen.

If you dream about marrying your celebrity crush, it could be a sign that there’s something missing in your life, so you’re looking for a way to fill that void.

If you have a recurring dream where your crush marries someone else or has children with someone else, this could be a warning from your subconscious mind. It could mean that there’s something happening in their life that will affect the relationship between you two, like moving away or getting married themselves.

If this happens frequently, consider talking to them about how they feel before making any decisions about how to move forward.

What does⁢ it mean when you dream about your ⁤crush more than once?

When you dream about your crush more than once, it could be a sign that ⁤this person occupies a significant space in⁣ your conscious and subconscious minds. Your dreams‌ are often influenced by what occupies your‍ thoughts during ⁢the waking hours,⁤ and having repetitive⁤ dreams about your crush might signify ​that you‍ have strong feelings for them.

In the Bible, dreams are often regarded as‌ a way through which God communicates with individuals. Joseph, one of the prominent characters in the Bible,⁣ had several dreams ⁣that came to pass, symbolizing God’s‍ divine purpose for his life. Therefore, if you dream about your crush multiple times, it could be worth exploring your emotions and the ⁣potential significance they may hold.

It ​is important to remember that dreams are subjective and can be interpreted in ⁣various ways. Seeking guidance from trusted mentors, spiritual leaders, or psychologists can‌ help you gain better⁢ insight into your own dreams‍ and emotions.

Dreaming about⁣ my crush

Dreaming about your crush can ‍be a reflection of your desires and feelings towards that person. Your dreams may provide a safe space for you to explore these emotions and fantasies that you might not be openly expressing in your waking life.

In the Bible, dreams have been used as a way for God to⁤ reveal important messages ⁣and convey ‌divine guidance to people. Throughout the Scriptures, there are several instances where individuals received dreams‍ that had significant implications for‌ their lives and the ‍lives​ of others.

When you dream about your crush, it can⁤ be helpful to analyze the emotions and scenarios​ within the dream. Consider if there are any symbols or messages that could provide insight​ into your⁣ feelings or situations‌ related to the person you are dreaming about.​ Exploring these dreams ⁤can assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of your own desires and aspirations.

Married but dreaming about high school crush

Dreaming about your high school crush while being⁢ married can⁣ be a puzzling experience. It ⁣could indicate that there are unresolved feelings or unfulfilled desires associated with your past. ⁤This ⁤dream might serve as⁣ a reminder​ to consider whether there are any aspects of your current relationship that need attention or ⁣reflection.

Commitment and fidelity are essential qualities in any committed relationship, and dreaming about an old crush does not necessarily mean you are being disloyal.​ Dreams can⁢ serve ⁤as a mirror to the unexplored ⁢parts of our minds, and they often help us​ better understand our own emotions and desires.

Reflecting on these dreams can provide an opportunity to evaluate the strength and satisfaction of your current relationship. If you find these dreams recurring or affecting your ⁢emotional⁤ well-being, it may be beneficial to openly communicate with your spouse or seek guidance from a marriage counselor.

What does it mean when you dream about your ‍crush‍ hugging you and kissing you?

When you dream about your crush hugging you and kissing⁣ you, it may​ symbolize a longing for emotional or physical intimacy with that ⁤person. ‌Dreams often become an outlet for unexpressed desires and fantasies.

It is important to note that dreams should not be taken​ literally, ​but rather as a representation of emotions and the subconscious. In the Bible, various characters experienced dreams that contained symbolic messages. For example, in the⁢ Song of⁢ Solomon, the language used to describe the love and desire between two individuals is often metaphorical.

If you frequently dream about your crush hugging and kissing you, it is worth examining your emotions towards them and considering if there are ways you can express ‌your feelings openly, either by communicating with them or exploring other healthy outlets for emotional connection.

What‌ does it ​mean ​if your crush kisses you?

If your crush kisses you​ in a dream, it could be an indication of ​the connection⁤ you desire ⁤to have with that person in real life. Dreams often serve as a platform ⁤to explore our emotions,⁢ aspirations, and desires.

In the Bible, the act of kissing carries significance. In the⁤ book of Proverbs,⁤ it is written, “Let him kiss me⁢ with ‌the kisses of his mouth—for your love is⁣ more ⁤delightful than wine”​ (Song of Solomon 1:2). This verse highlights the importance and symbolical meaning of kisses as expressions of⁣ love and desire.

If you dream about⁤ your crush kissing you, it is essential⁣ to separate the dream experience from reality. Dreams can be influenced by our subconscious ⁢thoughts and desires. ⁤Evaluating‌ your emotions towards that person in waking life can help you gain‌ clarity on the significance of such​ dreams.

What does it mean when you dream of someone you like with someone else?

When you dream‍ of someone ⁢you like being with someone ​else, it may signify feelings of jealousy, insecurity, or fear of missing out (FOMO). Dreams⁢ often reflect our innermost desires and anxieties.

It is worth noting that dreams‍ are unique to each individual and can be influenced by personal experiences and emotions. ​In the⁣ Bible, Joseph had a dream where his brothers bowed down ⁤to him, symbolizing his future position of authority. This dream exemplifies how dreams can be symbolic representations of our ‌emotions and experiences.

If you consistently dream about someone you like being with someone else, it is important to reflect on ​your feelings⁤ and the⁣ potential reasons behind these​ dreams. It may be​ helpful to focus on building self-esteem and exploring ways to address‍ any insecurities or anxieties you may have.

Dreaming of crush spiritual meaning

The spiritual meaning of dreaming about ⁤a crush can vary depending on individual beliefs and interpretations. Dreams ‌have been considered a means of divine communication in various religious and spiritual traditions.

In⁤ the Bible, dreams often carried significant messages from God. Joseph, Daniel, and ​many other biblical characters received dreams that had profound implications on their lives and the lives of others. Dreams were used​ as a tool‌ for guidance and revelation from God.

When you dream of your crush, considering its spiritual meaning involves discerning whether there are any messages or⁢ symbolism embedded within the dream. Reflecting on the emotions experienced ⁣during the dream and seeking guidance ⁤from ⁢spiritual leaders ​or mentors can aid in deciphering the potential spiritual significance.

I dream my crush kissed me on the cheek

When you dream that ⁤your crush kissed you on ‍the cheek, it could represent a gentle and platonic display of affection. Dreams often ‍provide an outlet for exploring various emotions and desires.

The​ act of a kiss⁤ on the cheek can​ hold different meanings in different cultures. In some cases, it can symbolize friendship, care, or a ‍simple show of ⁢affection. Dreams can be influenced by personal experiences, cultural interpretations,‌ and individual perspectives.

It is ​essential to remember that dreams are subjective⁢ and can be ​open to ⁣interpretation. Reflecting⁢ on your own emotions and the context of the dream ⁤might help shed light on the significance of such experiences. Consider exploring healthy ways to express your emotions openly, whether through communication with⁤ your crush or self-reflection.

What does it mean when you dream about your crush more than once

Dreams about being married to your crush might signify various things.

First of all, the dream may be a manifestation of your intense desire and hopeful thoughts to spend time with this someone and develop a connection. The union of two people bound by love and harmony can be symbolized by the marriage symbol.

The dream may also suggest that you are eager to hook up with your crush and that you are prepared to dedicate yourself to a relationship. Maybe you have a gut feeling that now is the right moment to move forward and express your emotions.

On the other hand, if there was disagreement or uneasiness in the dream, it can indicate that you are fearful of committing to something and losing your crush. You can be hesitant to move on in the relationship because of difficulties or roadblocks that have made you doubt yourself.

In any event, use the dream as a chance to pause, think about, and analyze your feelings and ideas around your relationship. It is crucial that you discuss any difficulties you are having with your crush so that you two can come up with solutions.

Dreaming of marriage to your crush may be a sign that you want to pursue a love connection with them. It’s possible that your subconscious is considering moving the relationship forward or that you’re feeling really optimistic about your chances of getting your sweetheart back. On the other hand, the dream can represent your need for stability and commitment in your life. You might be yearning for a more solid sense of stability and companionship in your life, or you might be looking to settle down and begin a family. But keep in mind that dreams are not always accurate forecasters of the future, and if you’re thinking of dating your crush, it’s crucial to be upfront and honest with them about how you really feel.

Dreams about marrying your crush might mean different things to different people. It can represent your wish to be with them, or it might imply something more profound about your development as a person.

General explanation
It’s possible that your crush is reflecting back to you in your dream. It can indicate that you’re prepared to advance in your partnership. On the other hand, it may also symbolize your wish to locate a mate with like beliefs and interests.

Symbolic interpretation
Getting married in a dream usually represents a spiritual relationship in symbolism. This marriage represents the joining of your conscious and subconscious minds, which enables you to go forward, and you may have discovered the piece lacking from your personal development journey.

According to one’s religion or beliefs
Getting married to your dream partner could symbolize the value of love and commitment from a religious standpoint. It might also be a sign of divine intervention or a symbolizing the idea of meeting your love.

Cultural interpretation
Recessive dreams about marrying your crush are interpreted negatively in certain cultures. In many cultures, nevertheless, it can indicate that you have a close emotional connection with them and that the dream portends well for your future together.

Interpretation from a psychological perspective
According to psychology, marrying your dream partner symbolizes your subconscious mind’s search for stability and love. This dream may also be a representation of your emotional condition and a reminder to keep your intellectual and emotional aspects in check.

Dreaming of Marrying My Crush is a symbol for the things you should accomplish in life. You must declutter your mind in order to see things from a different angle. You’re controlling your temper. Your dream is proof that a friendship has been rejected. You must assess your objectives and your plan for achieving them. Enter your dream as a prediction of your dissatisfaction with the amount of privacy you receive. You must adopt some of the positive traits that you already possess. You have a lot of fury inside of you that is ready to explode. Your underlying worries are foretold in your dream. Maybe you should pay attention to what your gut tells you. Your ability to write is indicated by your marriage dream. A weight has been removed from your shoulders. You’re acting far too self-centered. Sometimes this dream represents suppressed or bottled-up feelings that need to be let out. You exert too much control. In this dream, crush represents anxiety and dissatisfaction with a project. There has been a breach of trust. You are beginning anew, wiping off the past. This dream suggests revelations that have come to light. You feel as though someone is undervaluing your abilities or work, or that you are undeserving.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Crush?

1. You Like Them – Duh!

They say the best way to recover from a crush is to spend time with them. As a cynic once said, familiarity may not always breed contempt, but it takes the edge of admiration. After all, once you get to know a person, you’ll start to see their flaws and they don’t look so shiny!

But if you’re dreaming about your crush a lot, it means yes, you’re really into them, but it also means you’re exploring your feelings. You’re ready to tell them how you feel, but you’re troubleshooting all the things that could go wrong (or right) by playing them out in dreams.

2. You’re A Confident Sort

Just like the joke says, most of us assume our crushes don’t know we exist. It’s just part of the crushing process, pun intended. So what does it mean when you dream that your crush likes you back and openly acknowledges it? You may even dream of dating or kissing them.

But this dream isn’t just about your crush. It means deep down, you know you’re worthy of love and admiration. Not just from attractive people, but also from bosses, parents, and the world at large. It means you’re confident about your values, skills, and abilities, and that’s hot!

3. You Should Probably Move On

You might have a different dream – one where your crush has died. This isn’t necessarily an omen, so don’t scare your crush by calling them up or asking their relatives whether they’re alive. It’s more likely a metaphorical message. In dreams, death is often a symbol of change.

So while your crush is probably living their best life, your feelings for them might be ‘dying’. Your angels might be telling you this person is wrong for you. Or maybe you can see that incompatibility for yourself. You might even be starting to like someone better suited to you.

4. You’re Feeling Anxious

It’s quite common to dream about your crush rejecting you, but what does it mean? A big part of having a crush is believing your beloved is out of your league. But when this plays out in your dream, you’re probably anxious about deeper things, because rejection hurts!

You may be afraid of failing an exam or messing up a job interview. You may be uneasy about your (lack of?) social skills or your attractiveness in general. Your self-esteem may be low and you feel unworthy of anyone, particularly your crush. So it may help to work on yourself.

 5. You’re Repressing Your Doubts

Did you ever do that thing where you lost an opportunity and immediately started bashing it? You find the tickets to your favorite artist are sold out and you convince yourself that you’d have hated the show anyway. Or you tell yourself it’ll probably rain that day and ruin it.

This is what it means when you dream about fighting with your crush. Deep down, you know it’ll never work, so your dreaming brain creates arguments to change your waking feelings about them. Because you can’t admit you can’t have them, you fight them while you sleep.

6. You’re Struggling With Yourself

Another unsettling dream is when your crush ignores you, even though you’ve previously interacted. This could also manifest as a dream of fighting with your crush. In these two scenarios, your crush could represent an aspect of yourself, a characteristic, hobby, or habit.

It’s a part of yourself that you’re hiding, repressing, fighting, or trying to get rid of, but you’re doing it all subconsciously. So you ‘other’ this quality by making it about a crush. You may need to do some exploratory work to see exactly what it is you’re really struggling against.

7. You Have A Fear Of Abandonment

This term gets thrown around so much it’s almost a cliché now. But abandonment issues go far deeper than casual rejection and are often rooted in childhood neglect. If you dream about your crush dating someone else, it’s probably an expression of deep loss and longing.

The dream triggers – and is informed by – your (mistaken) core value that everyone will eventually leave you and that you’re not worth being around. This is a tough worldview to shift, but it can hold you back from reaching your full potential, so consider working on it.

8. Your New Love Feels Familiar

If you’re with someone new (or maybe you’ve just moved into a neighborhood or started a job), you might dream about an old flame. Sometimes, the dream isn’t directly associated with any novel experience. Maybe you just had a normal day then you dreamed about them.

This usually means something in your waking life has reminded you of that old crush. Maybe you walked past someone wearing the same perfume as your old crush or driving the same car. Or your current crush may have the same hairstyle or dress sense. It’s all about memory.

9. You’re Rediscovering Yourself – Yay!

Would you walk up to a (hot) stranger and kiss them on a dare? Some people would – even without the peer challenge! But what does it mean when you do it in a dream? That attractive person represents something about yourself you hadn’t noticed, but that you genuinely like.

If you kissed a guy in the dream, it means you’re leaning into your boldness and masculine strength. If you kissed a girl, you’re finding your softness, intuition, and yin vibe. Assuming you both liked the dream kiss, this interpretation cuts across genders and orientations.

10. You’re Learning What You Like

As we’ve just mentioned, you can dream about kissing a hot strange girl even if you’re not a lesbian. But does the dream have a different meaning when you’re straight? Not really, so don’t rush out of the closet you didn’t know you were in. It probably means you like softness.

Yes, there’s a possibility you’re discovering that you’re bi, pan, or omni, but it’s more likely you like gentler guys with ‘feminine qualities’ like empathy and warmth. For straight guys, it may mean you like assertive women who display ‘masculine traits’ like daring and brashness.

11. That Celebrity Feels Familiar

If you find yourself dreaming about a celebrity crush, consider making a pros and cons list. No, we’re not talking about the potential benefits and drawbacks of flying to Hollywood and expressing your love. We mean you should take a closer look at what you (dis)like in them.

Why does this matter? Because it’s probably not the celebrity themselves that you’re into. It’s something about them, like an outfit, a character trait, or a personality quirk. You want these things or qualities for yourself, and you can’t develop them until you identify what they are.

12. You Should Ask Them Out …?

This is the most literal interpretation of a dream about your crush, and it’s possibly the scariest one. As Josh suggests, you could take Occam’s razor approach and just ask them out. After all, whatever else the dream was trying to say, this person is on your mind a lot.

So as Billy Ocean once crooned, ‘Get out of my dreams, get into my car.’ What’s the worst that could happen? Well, they could laugh and say no, and we said before that rejection does cause physical pain. But at least you’ll know you tried … it’s better than wondering what if …

13. You Secretly Like Your Nemesis?

What if you dream about someone you can’t stand, or maybe someone inappropriate? It could be your sister’s spouse, your brother’s girl, or even your married butcher. Why dream about someone you shouldn’t be with and could never have? It’s not what you think!

Don’t panic, you don’t (necessarily) have a forbidden crush. It just means there’s something about them you’re subconsciously attracted to. Maybe you like how they talk, or how they do their hair, or how they treat their partner. You’re crushing on the character, not the person.

14. You’re Keen On Knowledge And Growth

A lot of us have experienced crushes on authority figures. This could be your pal’s parent, your teacher, or even your boss. Naturally, these are crushes you can’t act on (without getting someone fired or arrested, so don’t you dare!). But you can’t keep them out of your dreams…

What does this signify though? Well, dreaming about crushing on your teacher could mean you have a keen interest in learning things. It’s not necessarily about the subject they teach. It’s more about how they share knowledge and the fact they know so much. You like that!

15. You’re Seeking Comfort

We’ve mentioned dreams about dating or kissing your crush as indications of self-confidence and security in who you are. But what does it mean when your crush hugs you during a dream? Well, hugs aren’t always erotic – they rarely are. But they can still be quite intimate.

And they often show affection and warmth, even if you’re a hugger that opens their arms to strangers. So dreaming about a hug from your crush probably means you’re vulnerable. You badly need TLC, validation, affirmation, even if this comfort doesn’t come from your crush.

16. You’re About To Get Good News

Some people spend their whole lives in the house, village, or town where they were born. Others leave as soon as they can and get as far away as possible. And whichever category you fall under, you probably lost childhood friends when a family moved for better opportunities.

So what does it mean when you dream about a childhood crush? Especially if you dream of getting back together with them? No, it doesn’t mean they’re coming back to town. It means you’re about to receive good news or good luck, re-igniting those pleasant crush-like feelings

If you dreamt about your crush marrying someone else: If you find yourself in any situation where your feelings for another overpower your commonsense and your ability to behave in a down-to-earth and sane manner – then do be careful. But when have you ever worried about sticking to the practical side of things when there is so much fun to be had? And really, who can blame you?

What It Means If You Dream About Your Crush Constantly

Having recurring dreams about your crush means that you really want the relationship to be possible and think about it all the time. What happens in your dreams tends to show you your own thoughts and feelings about the crush, and you think about who he is.

The negative aspect of this dream is that you are going through a difficult time in your life, and the dream itself indicates insecurity and fear. Dream Bible reveals that constantly dreaming of a crush might mean you subconsciously feel that this person is out of your league, or that you are “spending too much time looking at what you want and not enough on getting what you want.”

When you actually get it off your chest, your subconscious mind will dream of other things, even dating someone else!

But there are other interpretations to dreaming about someone you know — specifically, your crush.

“An important thing to remember is that when someone you know appears in a dream, they often represent not that person as a separate individual, but as an internal representation,” Mahr comments.

“For a straight woman, for instance, when a crush appears in a dream, it may represent the masculine side of her psyche. Or, it may represent the qualities that the crush represents for the dreamer, depicted in the form of a person.

A crush may represent, for example, assertiveness, so if the crush helps a woman in a dream, it may mean that the woman needs to call up that quality of assertiveness in some current situation in her life.”

What It Means If You Dream About Your Crush Kissing You

When we dream of being kissed, it means that we think a lot about the person we would like to be or wish to be with, and who interests us.

And when we dream of kissing, the kiss shows us the desire for love and affection.

When you dream about your crush kissing you, it also indicates that you may be lacking affection or reciprocated love in the waking world.

What It Means If You Dream About Crushing On Someone You Don’t Know

In dreams, we reflect on our own self-esteem. What happens in your dreams tends to show not only your own thoughts and feelings about your crush, but also about traits and values that you admire.

Dreaming about someone you don’t know could also mean that you feel as though certain opportunities are out of reach, feeling vulnerable in social situations, or that you’re close to beginning a new relationship.

What It Means If You Dream About Your Crush Dating Someone Else

A more heartbreaking dream is one about your crush being with someone else. If you dream about this scenario, it can highlight a jealous streak you might have for someone else.

However, if you dream of your crush being with another person, it also indicates your feelings in the waking world; specifically, you may already be insecure in the waking world regarding your crush, or are facing rejection from someone.

What It Means If You Dream About Arguing With Your Crush

When you dream that you are arguing with your crush in your dream, it might indicate tension between the two of you in the real world. You may not be the right match for each other.

Another interpretation says that you are battling your own frustration, jealousy, and anger that your crush doesn’t feel the same way as you, or simply doesn’t give you the time of day.

According to Dream Bible, dreaming about an argument, in general, suggests you may find it hard to express your true feelings. That said, dreaming about arguing with your crush could mean that you’re ready to tell your crush how you feel — you just don’t know how.

What It Means If You Dream About Your Crush Rejecting You

When you are rejected by your crush in a dream, you have no confidence in the way people see you, but it doesn’t mean this will become your reality.

Most people believe that dreams of rejection arise from fear and insecurity in the waking state of life, or that you doubt what you find good in yourself. Dream interpretation is rarely, if ever, so black and white, and dreams are often much more complicated than they seem.

What It Means If You Dream About Having A Crush On A Friend

To dream about having a crush on a friend doesn’t necessarily mean you are attracted to them in the waking world. While that could also be the case, with the dream meaning that you do want to be together, there are additional interpretations.

Because we associate our friends with feelings of contentment, this dream indicates your desire to feel this way in a potential relationship.

What It Means If You Dream About Your Celebrity Crush

While you may have an actual crush on a celebrity in the waking world, to dream about your celebrity crush means you are attracted to or identify with specific traits in this celebrity, and you want to express them in yourself.

This dream could also mean that those qualities you see in your celebrity crush are the same qualities you look for in a potential partner.

Mahr agrees, adding, “Celebrities usually represent the quality you associate with that celebrity. Brittany Spears, for instance, might represent sexuality, or new-found freedom, or being held captive by a father, or being irresponsible, depending on your personal feelings about or ideas about Ms. Spears.”

What It Means If You Dream About Someone Having A Crush On You

Dreaming about someone being attracted to you reflects your own feelings about yourself, in that you feel good about who you are or who you are becoming. If your dream makes you feel positive, it indicates you are excited about new opportunities coming your way.

However, if you don’t reciprocate feelings for this person in the waking world, or feel negatively about the dream, it indicates new beginnings in your life that you aren’t thrilled about.

What It Means If You Dream About Your Crush Dying

While this dream may sound more like a nightmare, dreaming about your crush dying symbolizes the end of your attraction to your crush.

Because death in a dream, in general, is symbolic of the end of a phase or a big change in life, this specific dream could indicate your own feelings changing.

“A crush dying may represent that some part of you needs to ‘die’ so that you can continue to grow and mature,” Mahr says.

What It Means If You Dream About Having Sex With Your Crush

To dream about having sex, in general, means you’re noticing specific qualities about yourself that are positive. But to dream about sex with a crush, specifically, reflects your feelings towards them.

You might want them to reciprocate your feelings, have long-term goals you want to make with them, and want to experience more of these thoughts or feelings in the waking world.

Adds Mahr, “Relationships are very emotionally powerful, so they may bring to our awareness our own internal woundedness. They seem to feel that, at least while the relationship is going well, the things that are missing in our lives. When a dream shows an intimate relationship with a crush, it may represent a call to connect more deeply with our own internal woundedness.”

What It Means If You Dream About Your Crush Liking You Back

Dreaming about your crush reciprocating feelings is exactly what you want in the waking world! But that doesn’t mean your crush returns your attraction, it just means there might be a good chance they do.

In fact, a dream like this means you are confident about your compatibility and the chance to be together. Your unconscious mind may be telling you that now is the perfect chance to ask your crush out.

What It Means If You Dream About Your Crush Being The Opposite Gender You’re Attracted To

If you’re a woman and dream about having a crush on a woman, or a man who has a crush on a man, it’s not indicative of being secretly gay.

Rather than focusing on sexuality, a dream about having a crush on the opposite gender you’re attracted to means you desire those specific qualities in a partner, or admire them in yourself.

Dreaming about someone of the same gender also symbolizes needing a fresh start and are ready to make that leap forward.

What It Means If You Dream About Someone Else’s Crush

Before you panic that you’re dreaming about your friend or acquaintance’s crush, this dream is indicative of your own insecurities, both in your personal life and romantic life.

And if it’s your romantic partner in the waking world who has a crush on someone else, and you’re dreaming of it, it means you might be jealous and hurt.

What It Means If You Dream About Someone You Used To Like

When an old crush shows up in your dreams, there are a few interpretations. In the waking world, you may know or date someone who reminds you of your ex-crush; it’s all related to your previous experiences.

Dreaming about an ex-crush also has a lot to do with the feel of the dream. If it was a negative experience, you may be feeling afraid or self-conscious about making certain moves. If it was a positive experience, this could indicate good fortune or future opportunities coming your way.

What It Means If You Dream About Having A Crush On Someone You Don’t Really Like

Dreaming about someone you don’t actually like in the waking world means that even though you may hide your dislike for them, you subconsciously do like certain qualities about them. While they might not be romantic feelings, think of any redeeming traits about this person.

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