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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Shoes

Shoes can present themselves in many different ways in our dreams. We may see all types of different shoes as well – high heels certainly conjure up different images and feelings than a pair of muddy work books or running sneakers!

Often times, we associate shoes with clothing to protect our feet, express our own personal style, and to use them in walking through different parts of our life. When we have a dream about shoes, it can be tied into one of these underlying common themes.

Symbol for New Beginnings

Before we can go very far in our day to day routines, we often have to put on our shoes. Shoes often mean the beginning of something new or taking the first steps towards a goal.

If you are starting a new project or beginning a new chapter in your life, it is very likely that shoes may make an appearance in your dream. Often times they are a sign for how you currently feel about this new direction.

Dreaming of shoes can also be a sign that you are at rock bottom. You may be feeling as if you must do something about your life, and that you do not have a lot of options. You may feel like you are just getting started, and taking the first step isn’t easy.

Hidden Aspects of Self or Others

If we see only a person’s shoes, we are not seeing the complete or whole picture. This could represent in a dream that we are missing the “big picture” perspective, or it could mean that we are not fully looking at all details.

This can sometimes mean that part of ourself or some aspect of a situation is not fully in our awareness. We may not be completely aware of our own shortcomings. We may feel like it is difficult to identify or pinpoint any one specific thing that is critically important or a causing factor in a particular situation.

Shoes as a Symbol for Your Path in Life

Sometimes, shoes can sometimes show insight on where we are in relation to our path in life. We often associate walking and roads with the metaphoric paths in life, such as in careers, relationships or even our own spiritual growth. See related dream symbol: Road Dream Meaning.

Often times we associate certain types of shoes with major life events or milestones. A pair of white dress shoes for example may be related to the dream symbol of a wedding. Baby shoes could be related to the dream meaning of a baby or feelings you might expect when dreaming about pregnancy.

A Symbol for Taking a Stand

There is the expression, stand for what you believe in. Often times, we are faced with conflicting thoughts, ideas and emotions. It can be difficult to stand up for your own needs or voice you true opinion, especially when faced with the constant noise of others drowning you out.

If you feel like others are often dismissing your own ideas and feelings, or if it seems like people never take you seriously, seeing shoes as part of your dream could mean there is something you feel like you must stand up for.

What exactly does that signify?

Medical specialists, scientists, and academics all agree that the significance of dreams remains a profound enigma. However, as Dr. Drerup emphasizes, it is up to the dreamer to determine the significance of his or her own dreams. What she really means is that “the meaning that you ascribe to the dream is going to be much more meaningful than anything I ascribe to the dream,” she tells them every time. Why? As in, “Because it’s probably something from your life that’s represented in that dream.”

Dr. Drerup uses the scenario where you share a dream with another person but insist that your interpretation is more accurate. “For instance, a dream about losing your shoes could have very different meaning to someone who has recently gone through a divorce than it would have to someone who has recently lost their job,” the author adds.

The experience of having a dream in which you become pregnant or otherwise involved with a new life is also uniquely personal. This can occur during pregnancy, after a miscarriage, or while trying to conceive. On the other hand… The dream’s significance to you goes well beyond that. Perhaps the phrase “I’m starting a new career” plays a significant role in your recurring pregnancy dream. A blank sheet of paper. The dream could have any number of meanings. 

The fact that your dream experiences may have some truth to them does not make them always reliable. For Dr. Drerup, “a person might be distorted, or in a situation or place where they wouldn’t normally be.” What does that involve, exactly? Honestly, we have no idea.

Even the most implausible dreams have rational explanations under certain circumstances. If you regularly experience dreams in which you lose a tooth, you may be suffering from bruxism (nighttime teeth grinding). “This dream is more of a sign of psychological stress,” Dr. Drerup says.

Protection & Defense

We wear shoes for one major purpose in life: to protect our feet. We walk on all sorts of rough surfaces, from gravel and rocks to the hot concrete of a city sidewalk to even on jagged pine needles in the deep forrest. Shoes give your feet protection from these elements in our environment.

Shoes can also protect us from certain weather situations. For example, we may wear snow boots when the weather is cold, or we may wear mud boots if we are walking through the rain. Each of these is an example of how shoes may present themselves in a dream to give you a message of how you can protect yourself in your current challenges in your daily waking life.

Just as we may associate shoes with taking a stand for something, we may also see them as a way to protect and defend ourselves. In a dream, this could manifest as you needing to wear a certain style of combat boot or wearing shoes which will protect you from certain elements.

Identity & Appearance: How We Appear to Others

Another thing we cannot overlook in our current modern world is how shoes are often used as a fashion statement. Many people are obsessed with wearing the latest in name brand fashions. Many shoe brands, such as Nike or Adidas are associated with certain activities, such as athletic sports like football and basketball.

When we dream of shoes, it can sometimes symbolize how we want to present ourselves to the world. Still, we must remember shoes do not give a full complete picture.

If you are dreaming of a certain name brand fashion in shoes, but it appears that other parts of your style are missing, it could mean that you are not comfortable with being your true self around certain people. It could also mean that you feel like you are out of alignment with your true soul purpose.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Shoes

What does dreaming about shoes mean? We have different meanings of this dream as mentioned below:

You should change

Dreaming about shoes could be telling you to change something in your life or take a new direction.

You might have been living a life that is not pleasing to your parents, friends, family and God. This dream is telling you to stop the bad things you are doing and open a new chapter.

Career advancement

This dream means that you are going to be ranked highly in your career. It means that you are going to rise from a low career position to a high career position.

For example, if you are just an ordinary teacher, you will rise to the position of the senior teacher or the head teacher.

You need to get out of danger

It could be that you have exposed yourself to dangerous situations which you should to get out from before they cause any harm to you. For example, you might have gave in to peer pressure and from it, you started abusing drugs.

Drug abuse is harmful to your health and if you do not get out of it, you may end up being an addict and eventually succumb to some of drug abuse effects like liver cirrhosis.

A reflection of your future plans

Everybody plans for their future. Some plans fall into place while others do not. Dreaming about shoes reflects your thoughts about future plans.

Continue making better plans for your future while keeping in mind that in order for you to see your plans come to fulfilment, you need to be determined and focused.

You need to understand yourself and others

Dreaming about shoes also means that you should know who you are and understand other people. The first step towards understanding other people is knowing who you are.

This will greatly help you understand other people. Understanding others is a necessity because you cannot relate well with them if you do not understand who they are in terms of personality.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Shoes

The shoe is a symbol of the self, and dreaming of shoes can be a reflection of your current state of mind. If you dream about shoes that don’t fit well or are uncomfortable, it may indicate that you feel like your life is not going well. If you are wearing shoes that are too big for your feet, it may mean that there is something in your life that needs to change before it gets too big for you to handle.

If you dream of a specific pair of shoes, such as high heels or boots, this can represent how you feel about yourself at the moment. If they’re comfortable, then you feel good about yourself; if they’re uncomfortable or make walking difficult, then perhaps these feelings are coming from within yourself as opposed to being imposed on by others around you (as might be suggested by dreams where other people are wearing uncomfortably tight-fitting shoes).