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Spiritual Meaning of Lightning Strikes In Dreams

Lightning strikes in dreams can mean a variety of things, depending on the other aspects of the dream. For example, there are several possible Spiritual meaning of lightning strikes in dreams, the biblical meaning of lightning in dreams and the spiritual meaning of being struck by lightning in a dream People who see lightning in their dreams frequently feel as though they have experienced an epiphany. Epiphanies are sudden, insightful realizations which reveal knowledge or understanding that has not yet been obtained by the dreamer. Some people who experience lightning in their dreams have made sudden and drastic changes in their lives that have turned into positive endeavors. There is also the possibility within certain cultures that lightning striking in a dream means physical death because of its association with spirit communication and transcending life after death.

Dreaming of lightning and thunderbolts represents one’s ability to overcome a crisis (when the thunder strikes, things get worse before they get better). Lightning is a highly uncontrolled discharge of electricity from the clouds to the earth’s surface. It is the hottest form of fire, with temperatures reaching up to 30 times hotter than boiling water! On the other hand, thunder is a sound caused by lightning that is often heard long after the lightning flash evaporates.

The spiritual meaning of lightning strikes in dreams is directly related to the energy that lightning contains. Lightning is a powerful and quick burst of energy, often used as a metaphor for change or sudden insight. It’s the kind of thing that can happen when you least expect it, and it’s usually accompanied by an electric feeling in your body.

Lightning also represents inspiration, creativity, and passion. If you experience a lightning strike in a dream, it indicates that you need to find a way to express something new in your life. This can take the form of an idea or emotion that needs to be expressed through art or writing.

If you see someone else struck by lightning in a dream, this represents them giving you advice or direction on how to accomplish what they have already accomplished. They may have gone through similar experiences in their life and want to share their wisdom with you because they believe that sharing knowledge is important in helping others grow spiritually.

Spiritual meaning of dreaming of​ lightning strikes

In many ​spiritual traditions, dreams are considered to be a powerful tool for communication between ​the physical and spiritual ‌realms. They are seen as a way for the​ divine to⁣ send messages and guidance to individuals. Dreaming of ​lightning strikes can carry ​a deep spiritual ⁤meaning, representing‌ sudden and transformative experiences or revelations.

The symbolism of lightning ‍in dreams often reflects a sense of awakening or enlightenment. ⁣Just ⁣as lightning illuminates the darkness, a​ dreamer may receive flashes of insight‌ or understanding that bring clarity to their waking life. The⁣ intense energy and power ⁣of lightning may ‍also signify the presence⁢ of ⁣divine intervention, urging the dreamer to pay attention and take action.

For ‍example, in the Bible, lightning is⁣ associated with the wrath of God⁣ and divine ‌judgment. In Matthew 24:27, it is written, “For as the lightning⁣ comes⁤ from the east and ⁣flashes ⁢to ⁤the ‌west, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.” This can suggest​ that dreaming of lightning strikes may indicate the need‌ for introspection ‍and⁤ self-reflection, as‌ well as the potential consequences‌ of one’s actions.

It is ⁤essential ⁣to interpret dreams with lightning strikes in‍ the context of the dreamer’s​ personal experiences,‌ emotions, ⁤and spiritual beliefs. While the‍ general symbolism of lightning can provide guidance, individual circumstances and spiritual journeys can bring additional ‌layers of meaning.

Running away from⁤ lightning dream

Dreams where one is running ​away from lightning can be interpreted as a fear of‍ confronting powerful spiritual experiences or personal transformation. The fear of being⁢ struck by lightning may represent a resistance to change or a reluctance to embrace the unknown.

This kind of ⁣dream⁤ can‌ be seen as an invitation to confront and address fears, to trust in higher guidance, and to allow‌ oneself to be vulnerable in​ the ⁢face ​of transformation. It may‌ be ⁢helpful to ‍reflect on what specifically is ⁣being avoided or what aspects of one’s ⁤life are ⁤in‌ need‍ of change. Seeking support ⁤from a spiritual advisor or practicing grounding techniques‍ can ⁤aid‍ in navigating these dreams and embracing ‍the ⁣spiritual growth they⁣ offer.

One biblical character who faced a significant spiritual transformation is Saul, who later became the apostle Paul.​ In Acts 9:3-6, it is written, ‌”As he journeyed he⁤ came near Damascus, and suddenly a⁤ light shone around him from‍ heaven. Then he fell to the ground and heard ‍a voice saying ⁢to⁢ him, ‘Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me?’ And he said,‌ ‘Who‌ are You, Lord?’ Then the ​Lord said, ‘I am‍ Jesus, whom you are persecuting. It is hard for ⁢you to⁢ kick against the goads.'” This encounter with ⁤lightning-like light was a⁤ turning point in Paul’s life, leading⁤ to his conversion.

Spiritual⁣ meaning ‍of lightning ‌strikes in dreams: ⁣Christianity

In Christianity, lightning can be associated with God’s⁣ power and presence. It can symbolize divine intervention, revelations, and ‌the unleashing of spiritual energy. Dreaming of lightning ‌strikes in ⁢a Christian context ‌may suggest‌ that the dreamer is ‍being called to pay attention to messages from God ⁢or to ⁢make⁤ significant changes⁢ in their life to align with His plan.

One of the most prominent instances of ‍lightning‍ in the Bible is when Moses received the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai. In Exodus 19:16-19,⁢ it ‍is written, “Then​ it ⁤came to pass on the third day, in the morning, that there​ were thunderings and lightnings,⁤ and a thick cloud ⁤on the mountain; and the sound ‌of the‌ trumpet was very loud, so that all ​the​ people who were in‍ the camp trembled… The whole‍ mountain quaked greatly… And when the blast of the‌ trumpet sounded ⁢long and⁣ became louder and louder, Moses spoke, ⁢and God answered him​ by voice.” This biblical account illustrates the awe-inspiring power and transformative nature of lightning as a​ symbol ⁤of God’s⁤ communication with humans.

Dreaming of lightning strikes in⁣ a​ Christian context can be seen as⁢ an opportunity for spiritual growth,‍ a​ reminder of the need for obedience and humility, and an invitation to deepen one’s relationship with God.

Dream of lightning striking ground

A dream where lightning ⁢strikes the ⁢ground ‍can carry various spiritual meanings. It may represent sudden and powerful changes that are about to‌ occur in the dreamer’s⁤ life ‍or‍ the need for grounding and stability.

The ⁤image of‍ lightning striking the ground can also symbolize the connection between heaven​ and⁤ earth, the bridge ‌between the spiritual and physical realms.‍ It reminds the dreamer of the profound impact spirituality can have on⁢ their daily life ‌and encourages ‍them to ground their beliefs and actions in practical ways.

In​ the Bible, there ⁢is a remarkable account of a battle between the⁤ prophet Elijah and the prophets of‍ Baal ​on ⁢Mount Carmel. ‌In 1 Kings 18:36-38, it is written, “Then the fire of the Lord fell and consumed the burnt ​sacrifice,⁢ and the wood and the stones and the dust, and it licked up the water that⁢ was in the trench. Now when‌ all the people saw it, they fell on their faces; and they said, ‘The Lord, He is God! ⁤The Lord, He​ is ‍God!'”​ This event demonstrates the power of divine intervention, symbolized by fire/lightning, and its ability to ⁣transform⁣ the circumstances on the earth.

Dreaming of ⁣lightning ⁤striking the​ ground ⁤can be seen as a call ⁤to​ action, a prompting to⁢ ground one’s spiritual experiences and insights in earthly pursuits​ and to ‌be a vessel for ⁣positive​ change in ​the world.

Spiritual ‌meaning of being struck by lightning

To​ dream of being ‍struck by lightning can ‌evoke strong emotions of fear, vulnerability, and intensity. Spiritually, being struck by⁣ lightning⁤ in a dream can represent a divine initiation or a call to a ‍higher purpose.

Just as lightning is often seen⁣ as a powerful force of nature,‌ being ‍struck by lightning in a⁢ dream can symbolize⁢ the awakening of one’s inner power and potential.‍ This experience could be a sign of a spiritual breakthrough or⁢ a ⁣revelation ‌that propels the dreamer towards​ their true purpose ⁣in‌ life.

In the New ⁢Testament, ‌the apostle Paul underwent ‍a profound transformation after being struck by lightning-like light ⁢on the road to ⁢Damascus, as mentioned earlier. This encounter led to his conversion and subsequent spiritual ​mission.

When dreaming of ⁤being⁣ struck by lightning, it is crucial to pay attention to the emotions and sensations experienced in ‌the dream. Are they purely negative and fearful, ⁤or is there also a sense ‌of awe,⁢ wonder, or‌ even liberation? ‌Reflecting​ on these ⁢aspects ‌can provide insights ​into the spiritual meaning of the​ dream and guide the⁣ dreamer towards embracing their inner power and divine purpose.

Dreaming of lightning striking someone

When dreaming⁤ of lightning striking someone, the dream holds various ​spiritual implications. It may indicate a⁤ fear of confrontation or ‍a sense of responsibility ⁢for⁢ the well-being of others. It could also represent the​ dreamer’s desire for justice or their own unconscious ‍anger⁤ towards someone.

In a spiritual context, dreaming of lightning striking someone can symbolize the need for healing and resolution in relationships. It may be a call to address ⁢conflicts,‌ extend forgiveness,⁤ or seek reconciliation with others.

Jesus taught forgiveness as a ‍vital aspect of spiritual growth and harmony. In Matthew ⁣6:14-15, He said, “For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father⁤ will‍ also forgive you. But if you do not ‍forgive men their trespasses,‌ neither will your Father​ forgive your trespasses.” This teaching emphasizes the importance of releasing anger and resentment‌ towards ​others to experience spiritual liberation.

Dreaming ⁤of lightning striking someone can serve⁢ as a‍ reminder to approach conflicts with compassion and forgiveness, ‍fostering healing and growth in‌ relationships.

Struck by ⁤lightning dream meaning in Islam

In Islam, dreaming of being struck by lightning can hold significance based on the teachings ​and interpretations of the Quran and Hadith. ‍Lightning in dreams is often associated with majestic and awe-inspiring forces, representing the power of Allah and His ability to guide and transform ​individuals.

In Surah An-Nur (The Light), verse 35, Allah ⁢is described‍ as “The Light of the heavens⁣ and the earth. The parable of His ⁤light ‍is as if there were a niche, and ⁢within it a lamp: the‍ lamp ⁣enclosed in⁣ glass: the glass as it were a brilliant star: lit from a blessed tree,​ an olive, neither of the east nor ⁣of the west, whose ‌oil is well-nigh‌ luminous, though fire‍ scarce touched it: Light upon Light!”

Dreaming of being struck ‍by lightning in an⁤ Islamic context can be seen as a spiritual awakening or a call to ‍seek divine guidance. It may indicate that Allah is inviting‌ the dreamer to⁢ embark on a journey ⁢of ⁢deeper faith, purification, and⁤ submission. The⁢ dream ⁣may‌ also serve as⁢ a reminder to reflect on⁢ one’s actions ‍and make amends where needed.

Interpreting ‍dreams in Islam is a complex matter, and seeking​ guidance​ from knowledgeable individuals, such as scholars or ‌imams, is​ advised to gain ⁣a more​ comprehensive ⁣understanding of the dream’s spiritual ‌meaning.

Biblical Meaning of Lightning In Dreams

Lightning strikes are a symbol for sudden change, and the spiritual meaning of lightning strikes in dreams is one of enlightenment.

When you dream of lightning striking, it means that you are going through some sort of awakening. You may be waking up to a new reality, or opening your eyes to a part of yourself that has been hidden. The spiritual meaning of lightning strikes in dreams can also mean that you need to get rid of what is holding you back from moving forward in your life. You may be getting ready to make a big change or transition, so be mindful about what is going on around you during this time.

Lightning strikes in dreams have a spiritual meaning.

In the dream world, lightning represents enlightenment. It’s a symbol of clarity and understanding. It means that something you’ve been struggling to understand is about to become clear. The more lightning strikes you see, the greater your understanding will be when you wake up.

Lightning also represents rapid changes in your life, but not necessarily bad ones. These changes may be positive ones that bring clarity and understanding into your life as well as new opportunities.

If you see lightning in your dream and it isn’t striking anything else around you, this could mean that something significant is going to happen in your life soon—something that will change your life forever.

Spiritual Meaning of Lightning Strikes In Dreams

If you slept after a heavy rain or listened to the electricity, then the dream of lightning is usual. But if this is not your case then, lightning in your dream has a tale to tell.

Lightning is most commonly intimating about a change (sudden change) that is about to happen in your life. Maybe you need to get rid of some relationships, like some toxic friends, or to create space for new friends and other arrivals. The change can be destructive as well. 

More often lightning dreams are alerting you to the upcoming danger or existing danger you are not aware of. 

Sudden, unexpected, and shocking are some lightning dream meanings. Continue reading to take deeper exploration of your dream.

Lightning Dream Meaning- General interpretations

Dream of lightning signifies destruction, sudden changes and shocking events in one’s waking life. It is also considered as a sign of protection for upcoming problems. 

Lightning flashes are a symbol of unexpected events and sudden shock in a dreamer’s life. This might reflect your emotions that are highly effective. The dangerous and powerful effects of lightning at the same time represent the ability to get more ideas and inspiration soon. 

Its dream has a lot of different meanings associated with your life which is based on various aspects of life, emotions, situations and concerns. Being a strong and valuable symbol it has different symbolism as per perspectives.

Let’s dig deeper into the general meanings of lightning that evolve with the situation.

1. Destruction and rapid changes

Lightning represents destructive nature but this destruction is not always a bad thing. It hits anything when it occurs but not only destroys good things, however, it destroys bad things in your life as well. This destruction of something represents making something in a better way in your waking life. 

The fall of something happens to rebuild it in a better way. The dangerous strike of lightning signifies a shocking turn in your life. It says something surprising is happening in your life and a sudden change appears that you were not expecting. 

When something sudden happens in life, it symbolizes the subconscious acknowledging shock in waking life. 

2. Energy and inspiration

Electricity and lightning are interrelated to each other that contain power and energy. The powerful and important part of healing rituals is used in a positive way. Its positive sign can be related to creation and improvement, not always to destroying things. 

Energy of lighting symbolizes positive energy in your life to perform a task or project which brings success. If you get stuck in lightning in a dream then it tells about the sudden light of inspiration and moderation. 

You will have a realization about the problems in your life and how to find the solution for these. Perhaps a new exciting and creative business idea to meet the goals. The lightning in your dream represents many signs but fortunately most of them are positive ones.

3. Awareness and renewal

The dream of lightning also represents awareness. Sudden and unexpected events in your dream signal you to pay attention to it. If your eyes dream of something when the lightning occurred then consider this sign as an important part when interpreting the dream meaning. 

Something in your life is really essential but if you are not paying attention to it then this dream is prompting you to attend to the necessary things. If you get struck by lightning to something physical in your dream, it represents something good in your life you need to repurpose and rebuild. 

There is something no longer persuasive in your life but can benefit you from a new perspective. Some sort of your belief and rule system that you’re holding on needs to retreat or re-examine. 

4. Pressure and tension

As fast it comes, the faster it goes. Lightning appears fast and disappears as quickly. If you are witnessing this dream then it symbolizes you have something detailing inside you. Or, even the situation of life when the tension is evolving. 

Examine what is causing pressure in your life and try to do your best in order to let off some of them. This tension and pressure make your life and task tougher then you have to work on it to cut off and make your performance better.

5. Explosive emotions

Lightning in your dream signifies your emotions and feelings that create an exposure inside. You need to express these explosive emotions to calm down your inner self. If you don’t address these inner states of emotions or situations in a timely manner then you have fear of ending up with a syndrome. 

The sudden appearance of lightning seems quite explosive and destroys whether it’s hitting something or not. Express the unexpressed emotions and not let this explosion happen.

6. Wrath of God

In multiple religious and spiritual beliefs, lightning is considered as a wrath or anger of the divine. This dream symbolizes that the Almighty is not happy with your actions since you are doing something against the belief. 

You might have taken a rejected path and have involved yourself into sinful and wrong activities. Therefore, this dream vision is a warning to abandon the wrong path as soon as possible and get back to a righteous lifestyle. Otherwise, you will get stuck with bad luck and divine’s anger.

spiritual meaning of being struck by lightning in a dream

Have you recently dreamt about lightning and interpreting its meaning? Are you wondering if your dream is related to your emotions and recent state of mind and your ultimate reactions to various situations of life? 

Then, in this section we will understand the multiple meanings of this dream vision and their interpretations according to waking life situations. So, let’s take a look. 

1. Lightning strike dream meaning

If you dream about striking lightning then it signifies something uneventful and unexpected situations will happen in your life very soon.

You will find yourself in such circumstances or situations you were not expecting. Moreover, impossible turning points or turn of events in your life might be possible. 

2. Struck by lightning dream meaning

Seeing the dream of being struck by lightning is considered a negative sign. It signifies arguments or conflicts that arise with your family members, friends or colleagues. You should pay some attention to your attitude and behavior and control your words in upcoming days in order to avoid any conflict. 

However, sometimes it is also considered as a positive symbol that symbolizes sudden admiration or inspirational insights related to something in your life. You might be solving any problems and the solution is near to you. 

3. Dream of lightning striking a tree

Seeing this dream symbolizes getting stuck in misfortune in real life. However, this dream also signifies that your relationship will start growing with new emotions and affection. You might be insecure about the safety or health of a loved one. 

4. Thunder and lightning in dream

Dreaming about thunder and lightning represents good omen which is ideal for upcoming days to make right decisions. That’s why you have to make the right decisions on your own and learn about the business. Thereby don’t leave everything on your luck. 

5. Seeing lightning dream meaning 

This simple dream of seeing lightning contains both negative and positive effects in one’s waking life. In this matter, some situations will improve and others might face difficulties. It’s a warning to change and behave with maturity, otherwise results might be contrary to what you are willing to achieve. 

6. Dream of lightning and fire

Having this dream represented as a symbol of clash in future events or business. However, such a situation will not last long and will end soon since there are many ways to avoid any soreness. It tells the feelings that if you are having a situation of inconsistency then you should sort it out as soon as possible.

7. Dream of lightning and thunderstorms

Dreaming about lightning and thunderstorms represents that you will soon get rid of all the worries, stress and anger you are experiencing. These are bothering you in your daily tasks and causing multiple problems. 

Basically, it says that stress is causing such a situation. However, the other meaning of this dream is that someone will come into your life or you will meet someone soon who will help to improve your life. 

Moreover, you should remember that you have to change your attitude and accept help from others. In general, it says that you are going through a situation of changes. It depends on you whether you want to stay in the storm and move towards calm.

8. Dream of lightning in the sea

Having this dream vision depends upon the state of water. In general, if you are seeing a lightning strike in murky sea then it represents the health and financial situation that will come into your life and people will get aggressive. 

The storm will pass and you will be able to find a way, so don’t panic. On the other hand, if the sea is calm and bright then it indicates that good luck will be with you in upcoming days. You should keep your eyes on the signs that can affect your life.

9. Dream of lightning at the distance

If you are seeing the lightning from far, then it’s a symbol of good luck. However, the results depend upon how you act. If you are dreaming the flash from a distance then you should prepare the plan for future acts because you are prone to have problems. 

It would be better if you keep yourself calm in order to smell the danger around you and be aware. 

10. Red lightning dream meaning

Dreaming about red lightning symbolizes loneliness and sadness. You should recognize the actions you have in the present and how they can change your life situation. It tells that you need someone else who allows you to know yourself. 

11. Blue lightning dream meaning

This dream vision is associated with spirituality. Moreover, it signifies that you should coordinate your life, go for religious guidance, find peace within yourself whatever is the situation you are having at that moment or undefined results. 

12. Yellow lightning dream meaning

Yellow lightning is a symbol of happiness that gives you the vibes of being a cheerful and grateful person to everyone around you who cares and helps you.

Moreover, dreaming this vision means you are achieving something really important but it’s not possible without others’ help. 

This dream usually appears when you are a boss and have a business where success is related to your employees or team members. 

13. Dream of lightning and water

Dreaming about lightning and water symbolizes both negative and positive effects. If the water is calm then it represents luck while restless water signifies bad luck such as separation from something special or financial loss. It determines your future when appearing in dreams. 

14. Someone being struck by lightning dream meaning

If you see this dream vision of someone getting struck by lightning shows difficult situations can build up between you and someone close to you. That person may blame you for wrong things that are happening in both of your lives. 

15. Dream of lightning striking your partner

If you dreamt about lightning getting struck by your partner, then it represents having some issues with your partner in terms of physical nature. These issues can happen due to the arguments that you both had recently. 

Moreover, there can be lack of trust, respect on one side and sometimes due to physical injuries. Eventually, you and your partner are not sexually attached. 

16. Dream of lightning striking your home

Having this dream of lightning strikes your home is a symbol of bad omen that can cause a lot of damage. This dream signifies some conflict or argument will happen in your family with long lasting and negative effects. 

17. Dream of lightning striking above your head

When you dreamt about lightning striking over your head then such a dream is considered a good sign. It indicates economic gain in the near future which doesn’t require a lot of effort from your end. Joy and happiness will be with you for an extended period of time. 

18. Being in a place where lightning strike in dream 

If you are dreaming about lightning striking somewhere at the place but doesn’t harm you then this dream indicates beautiful love will come into your life soon and sweep you off your feet. And this situation might be love at first sight.

19. Dream of lightning striking some object near to you

When you dreamt about lightning striking some object near you making you terrified and shocking shows that being hurt or unexpectedly surprised by the information or news someone close brings to you soon. 

20. Dream of lightning illuminating someone else

Such a dream indicates someone is gossiping about you. It might say that someone is trying to ruin your reputation by spreading rumors and fake news about you. Moreover, someone is creating lies and backbiting behind your back. 

21. Dream of lightning illuminating your body

If you dream about lightning illuminating your body then it is considered a bad symbol. You might despair and be disappointed with something. It also signifies getting some bad news instead of good news that you’re expecting.

22. Fire caused by a lightning dream meaning

Having this dream vision signifies that you will have someone special soon who will gradually become an important part of your life. This situation arises due to sharing some uncommon circumstances with that person. 

23. Seeing lightning in a dark sky in dream 

If you dream about seeing lightning in the dark sky then such a dream is considered a bad sign. This represents misfortune and difficulties in your life which are unable to resolve. You are able to find the solution to the problems which are too hard and worrying you so much. 

This dream can be a signal to your business struggle and get tricked somehow, especially in the case of money. You should take care of other people’s actions and the things they are saying to you because it can be a lie. 

You might have some heavy loss in the near future that leads to difficulties and depression. 

24. Dream about lightning striking during a storm

When a lightning dream strike appears during a storm, it indicates a powerful and important energy that is going to release in your life. This might symbolize the destruction of important things bringing a lot of fear in your waking life. 

25. Dream of lightning damaging something

Dreaming about lightning is damaging something that symbolizes not having clear vision or being distracted by someone or something else. Therefore, you might be thinking of someone special that doesn’t allow you to think about anything else in your life. 

26. Dream of lightning damaging some object

If you dreamt about lightning damaging some object then it represents falling in love with someone which makes you forget all the responsibilities in your life. 

Such a dream is a signal to get out of that situation and get back to responsibilities and obligations with other people. This way you won’t be sorry for causing problems like this. 

27. Being blinded by lightning dream meaning 

Dreaming about getting blind by lightning means some new and exciting opportunities coming your way. You will get a lot of benefits from this opportunity in terms of both financially and socially. 

28. Dream about lightning coming from clouds

If you are having this dream then good luck will be with you soon. It brings prosperity and happiness in the near future. You will get rid of your financial and other difficulties. 

Good days are coming your way with no worrying situation. Moreover, it can also symbolize that your past is haunting you and you have to deal with it confidently. 

29. Dream of lightning at night

If you see lightning in the night time then such a dream is a representation of bad luck that you are going to experience. Your planning is going to end and you won’t be happy about this. However, instead of despairing about the situation you should find possible ways to get rid of this difficulty. 

30. Being stricken by lightning dream meaning 

Seeing yourself being stricken by lightning is a symbol of negative situations that will happen in your life. You might get stuck in between two people and it’s hard to get out of this. However, it’s quite difficult to choose between these two people because both are important and the decision has to be made. 

If you are not able to find the solution to this situation then talk to someone who is close to you.

31. Being afraid of lightning dream meaning 

If you get afraid due to flashes of lightning in your dream then it’s a representation of something that is currently failing and you are making all the efforts to fix these things. 

Ensure to organize the time for everything in your life and make space for everything that is important to you. You might be focusing on multiple things which leads you far behind the important things in life. 

32. Dark green lightning dream meaning 

Appearing dark green lightning in your dream represents a sudden change in your life caused due to your selfish nature and someone else’s ignorance. On the other hand, green lightning also represents someone who is powerful, gets embarrassed and takes fast action to correct the situation. 

33. Dream of lightning hits the person you know

If you see the dream of lightning hitting someone you know in real life symbolizes that his life will be changed in terms of finance, success or even relationships.  

34. Dream of lightning hitting building 

If the building gets hit by lightning, then this dream vision is considered as a warning. Generally, the dream interpreter says that you should be aware of some information and you need to gather it. If lightning hits the ground near you then it tells you that you will receive some good news soon. 

35. Bad weather with storm and lightning dream meaning 

Dreaming about bad weather with storms and lightning represents some storm or difficulty that will come in your life. You might not like these changes but this will bring diversity to your life. 

36. Blinding flash of lightning dream meaning 

If you see a blinding flash of lightning just near to you is a symbol of unexpected joy and happiness that is in your way. 

37. Lightning illuminating everything around you in dream 

When lightning illuminates everything near you with bright light and it flashes in the night sky, then it interprets contradictory feelings in real life. it will be impossible to say no to a person whose words are offending or share the news that can leave them in a painful state. 

38. Dream about lightning between two clouds

If you see lightning between two large clouds on a clear and high sky then it symbolizes the meaning of bad luck that will happen to you for a long time and you need to deal with it in order to come out of these situations. 

39. Dream about lightning rod

If the lightning strikes the lightning rod in your house that signifies the mistake you probably make in future if you are taking the advice of your loved ones seriously. 

40. Lightning causing interference to radio in dream 

If the lightning causes interference to radio or television broadcasts then it tells that you are doing someone’s work intentionally without any remuneration from that side. 

41. Ball lightning dream meaning 

If you see a ball lightning come into your house then it’s a symbol of family happiness. Moreover, if it hits something then it symbolizes love and prosperity. When a ball lightning causes fire in your house then it signifies your loved one will fall ill. And if lightning kills someone then it symbolizes trouble in your family. 

If you see the lightning ball and get scared of it then it signals a romantic relationship. While if you touch it and not getting hurt then it represents meeting an authoritative person. 

When the lightning ball gets hovering the sea says you need to solve others problems. To get shocked with its appearance is a symbol of continuous failure. 

42. Hiding from lightning dream meaning 

If you dream about hiding from lightning then it means that conflict will arise between you and your boss. You are able to finish the assigned task therefore you will face your superior’s anger. Your excuses are not very understandable and will not ease anybody. 

Boss will advise you to take the responsibility and work on time. Otherwise, you will transfer to a worse position or get fired from the company. 

43. Dream of conjuring lightning

A dream of conjuring lightning represents that you are examining your luck. You might be arrogant which will get you into a lot of trouble. There is a possibility that you will not have important happenings in your life which are creating problems that you will regret later. 

You need to deal with the circumstances and not again challenge your destiny. 

44. Other people hiding from lightning dream meaning 

If you see that someone else is hiding from lightning then it represents doing someone else’s work. There is a chance that your colleagues are not skilled enough to finish one project and everyday work will fall upon you. 

Later you will realize that having a large array of skills can be double-sword at some point of time. 

45. Other people conjuring lightning dream meaning 

Seeing this dream means someone who is really arrogant will meet you. A person is trying to humiliate you and minimize your success. 

You have to put such situations aside for a while, you should tell in a polite yet clear manner that you have more reasons to be arrogant as compared to them. However, it’s up to you how to act upon it. 

46. Flash of lightning illuminating in the dream

Having this dream is considered as a negative symbol. It symbolizes disagreement or disloyalty. Probably someone close to you is hurt by your words or actions. There is a chance that you will hear bad news which was not expected. 

47. Lightning illuminating your room in dream 

When you dream about lightning illuminating your dream suggests that one of your loved ones will get into trouble. They might invest money in something which is not profitable and ask you to give some money in order to survive. 

There is a possibility that your younger member of the family will do something really embarrassing in public and this will make you ashamed to not leave the house for some time. 

48. Flash of lightning illuminating the whole city in dream 

Having such a dream represents that your secret will come out in public. You are hiding something for a long time because you’re feeling guilty that this action will become the talk of the city.

You probably fear that you will make people distance from you and will change their opinions about you. 

You are quite afraid of this action but able to solve it one way only. Therefore, you should talk to someone who is trustworthy and can help you to ease out and suggest what to do next. 

49. Dream of lightning waking you up

If the light appears from lightning wakes up in a dream, then it represents your alertness is restless.

You might give some acts you are not proud of. Your loved one is getting offended or hurt and you haven’t apologized. Moreover, you might be hiding something from your friends or close ones. 

50. Dream of lightning followed by thunder

This dream vision is a symbol that you should learn the importance of setting your priorities. You are probably dealing with a lot of things in your life and not having enough time to devote your attention to big problems. 

In order to solve this problem, you can hand your work to someone else or pass some of your responsibility to your family members or colleagues at work. 

51. Dream of lightning raging behind the clouds

Dreaming about lightning piercing through the clouds means that the upcoming periods will be peaceful. This is the time to get rid of your financial worries or business issues and sit back to see the results of your hard work and effort. 

You might realize that it will be worth enough for your family and you will achieve peace at that time. This way you will be able to buy anything for yourself or for loved ones. 

Additionally, if you see the dream of black lightning among dark clouds then it indicates difficulties and troubles will be with you for a long period of time. 

52. Recording lightning dream meaning 

If you see the dream of recording lighting which lasts really short is a symbol of a success to get the chance to record on tape. 

When you are quite effortless to do this perfectly in your dream then it means that you will get some excellent opportunities for business which you have to recognize and take the best out of it.

This dream also signifies progress in your career and the improvement in your financial situation as well. 

53. Photographing lightning dream meaning 

If you see the dream of rightly capturing the lightning in the night sky then it represents that one of your loved ones will get a piece of land, property or inherit land.

This says that your relative might leave a piece of land for you and this can be your family members or in-laws. 

54. Dream about painting lightning

If you dreamt about painting lightning on canvas or a piece of paper, then it means you will achieve peace.

You might have problems in your life and stress is affecting your mental and physical health in a negative way. In this situation, you have to find ways to relax and rest. 

55. Dream about seeing lightning first and thunder after

Seeing lightning first then thunder in your dream represents you will receive some warnings about upcoming dangers or shocks. Look out for the warning signs in the waking life which might be a sudden shock changing shortly.  

56. Thunderbird dream 

Seeing a thunderbird in your dream symbolizes power, spiritual stability and happiness. You will absorb the shock that comes your way in the near future. 

57. Hearing big thunder and no lightning in dream 

If you hear the sound of big thunder without a lightning bolt then it symbolizes certain warnings about events in the near future.

However, you are not likely to get affected when such an event occurs. You should try to not take any stress and make you worry with the warning shots. 

58. Lightning with heavy rain in dream 

Having such a dream is an indication of hearing or observing some unpleasant news which results in anger and grief. 

59. Dream about lightning bolt

Seeing lightning bolt which is out of your control is a representation of destruction. These forces are destructive in nature and might land on you as well. However, take the possible precautions to minimize your risk of getting struck by these forces. 

You should protect yourself in bad times and experience pleasant weather weathering the storm. 

60. Rainbow with lightning dream meaning 

Dreaming about a rainbow with lightning is an unpleasant view to witness but this is considered as a positive sign wholesome. This indicates that things are now settling down and you can utilize these times to complete your desired task or working on a problem to find its solution. 

On the other hand, this dream also is a symbolism of being cautious and independent. The danger is still around and a small negligence can bring the storm of problems. 

61. Casting a lightning in dream 

This dream vision is a symbol of magical powers or some kind of possession over the elements of your efforts to sort out problems and improve different aspects of your life. 

Your speed and accuracy of your casting make you successful and capable of moving your efforts forward or you can depend upon luck to see you through.

62. Directions of lightning in dream 

Different directions or positions of lightning strike in a dream vision symbolizes multiple meanings. If a flash of lightning is going towards the south direction it indicates a harbinger of difficulty and misfortune which suggests solving any risk in near future. 

A lightning strike to the east or west direction predicts lucky circumstances will arise soon, therefore, you should look at the advantages of this fortune.

Seeing a bolt of lightning to the north signifies multiple obstacles in your path that need to be diminished before you are making progress towards your life goals. 

This indicates focusing your attention on the difficult areas before looking back to the big picture.

63. Dream of lightning falling into the sea

This dream vision is a symbolism of accepting and knowing the inner emotional war and its power. You should pay attention to the mystery of unconscious and deep energies which are settled down. 

64. Dream of lightning illuminating sea

Dream about lightning illuminating the sea is a symbol of awareness, clarity and lighting with comparison to the emotions which are being experienced. It also represents the feelings towards someone. 

65. Dream of lightning from a clear sky

This dream is a sign of shock and sudden event. Considering a positive meaning refers to the unexpected and pleasant things as well as new things coming.

66. Being chased by lightning in dream 

If you are being chased by lightning in the dream then it symbolizes being threatened and chased by the problems and bad behavior of others. You might fall prey to troubles and not be willing to accept the uncomfortable truth. 

67. Lightning and earthquake in dream 

It symbolizes the truth of sudden, violent and destabilizing events that break down on behalf of your behavior and safety. 

68. Killed by lightning in dream 

If you get struck and killed by the lightning then it indicates life changes. This can be arises through the expression of situations within self which were not revealed previously. 

The power of lightning represents powerful drives such as sexuality which might be destructive. The suppression of yourself feels like death or something which is not fully alive. 

69. Seeing a bright flash of lightning in dream

This dream is a symbol of short-term happiness, sudden shock and unexpected joy in your life. It can be a bad sign as well which symbolizes loss, difficulties and trouble in business. 

70. Days of lightning dream

If the dream of lightning appears on Wednesday then it indicates that you should keep your words in control otherwise it can lead to conflict. While on Thursday this dream symbolizes that you keep your strength in check which helps to keep yourself. 

Biblical meaning of lightning in dreams

The Bible often mentions any natural disasters such as thunderstorms, lightning or earthquakes. According to Christianity and the Bible, lightning is a symbol from God to illuminate the earth and generate different events such as rain or earthquake in negative aspects. 

They also mentioned that God’s anger generally appeared through Storm and lightning. The Bible has interesting interpretations of this dream based on different aspects. Let’s explore deeper.

1. In biblical instances, lightning symbolizes great changes when lightning appears which has both positive and negative effects. It’s a symbolism of the power of God to convey the people.

2. In Christianity, lightning in your dreams is considered as a symbol of questionable ways since you are involved in things that are against the faith. 

3. Christian scholars also signify this dream as a string of emotions and powerful reactions. 

4. This dream may appear because you are showing off your great power in an abusive manner and also making positive changes with this.

5. In the Bible, it means you are experiencing short term joy in your life because the flashes of lighting happen so fast and disappear as quickly.

Spiritual meaning of lightning

Dream interprets believes that lightning in dreams is a sign of spiritual awakening. It is a signal from your spirit to coordinate your life, explore your religious beliefs and bring peace within yourself. 

You should pay attention to the unexpected and unwanted events of life since they are an indication of spiritual growth. Additionally, it also means you are discharging your tension somehow. The lightning flash represents the holy spirit to enlighten something. 

Islamic interpretation of lightning in dream

According to Ibn Sirin, lighting in the dreams is full of treasure and people will have benefited from it. According to Islamic interpretation, this has various dream symbols such as treasure, bad contract, right path, love and mercy. However, their right interpretation of dreams depends upon different dream scenarios. 

Lightning Dream meaning- The ugly and the good

Dream of lightning symbolizes both bad and good signs. Let’s have a look.

The good signs of lightning are:

  • New ideas
  • Transformation
  • New beginnings
  • Good changes
  • Power
  • Relationship goals
  • Purity
  • Opportunities
  • Wealth and prosperity
  • Awareness 

The bad signs of lightning are:

  • Disaster
  • Threat
  • Danger
  • Destruction
  • Suppressed emotions and desires
  • Stress
  • Difficulties
  • Illness
  • Injury
  • Unpleasant events
  • Shock 

Psychological interpretation of lightning in dream

As per Psychologist, you are more likely to have this dream about lightning arriving from sky, if you are having any of these factors:

1. Struggling with repressed emotions

2. Happiness for a short duration

3. Small improvements or stages of good luck.

4. The happening of unexpected events and changing your life.

5. Having strong emotions about a situation or person.

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