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Was Denzel Washington Blind in the Book of Eli

Yes he was blind. He was practically feeling his way around using his other senses. One way you can discover this. There was a dead man hanging that dropped as he entered.

Was Denzel Washington blind in the book of eli? This might be something that you have asked yourself or at least thought about. There are many theories that talk about Denzel’s character in this movie and his eyesight during the events of the movie.

Was Denzel Washington completely blind for his role as “Elijah”?What does Denzel Washington look like to you? Maybe you can picture him in the movie, The Book of Eli. I’ll give you a second. What did he look like? Did you envision him with his eyes open? Did he look blind to you? Did you notice anything odd about this movie in terms of Denzel’s appearance? Did it look like he was wearing contacts or something? Let’s explore that.

Denzel Washington is blind. That film was infamous for a lot of things, from Gary Oldman’s performance as the bad guy, to Mila Kunis’ impressive cleavage baring top, but did you know that Denzel was actually blind?

was denzel washington blind in the book of eli

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