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Novena Prayer To Velankanni Mother In Konkani

From Vailankanni, Where Miracles Still Happen – the town of Our Lady of Good Health: A blog about this town and their miraculous healing powers.

Divine grace and mercy of Virgin Mary is filled with compassion for every human kind. Her divine love is especially for the distressed, the sick, and for those in want, she is a Mother to give care to all with down trodden look of love. Talked about; Velankanni Novena Prayer in Tamil, When does velankanni novena start.

Novena Prayer to Velankanni Mother In Konkani

Our Lady of Good Health, Vailankanni, we are grateful for your loving intercession with God on our behalf.

You are the patroness of those who suffer from diseases that have no cure. You are the patroness of those who suffer from incurable diseases. You are the patroness of all those who suffer from chronic illnesses. You are the patroness of all those who suffer from terminal illnesses. You are the patroness of all those who suffer from recurring illnesses. You are the patroness of all those who suffer from progressive illnesses. You are the patroness of all those who suffer from degenerative illnesses.

You were known as Mother Mary in your earthly life and you brought Jesus Christ into this world through your womb in a miraculous way. Now that you live in Heaven with God, you continue to be our Mother and intercede for us before God on earth. We ask for your intercession so that we may live in harmony with God’s Holy Will and be able to obey His commandments and laws without hesitation or reservation!

Our Lady of Good Health,

you are the source of all good health.

You are the one who can heal all our ailments.

Please hear our prayers and save us from all diseases.

Please protect us from all dangers, disasters and calamities.

Protect us from accidents and mishaps. Protect us from all kinds of diseases, illness and suffering.

Please keep us safe in your arms and protect us always with your motherly care.

We pray to you Our Lady of Good Health

Our Lady of Good Health,

you are the patroness of those who suffer. You are always ready to help those who ask you for your intercession.

You gave hope and faith to millions of people with your miracles. You have saved many lives in the past and still today you continue to do so.

We ask you to hear our prayers, especially during this novena, that we may receive our special favors. We thank you for all you have done for us in the past and ask for your continued help in the future. May God bless you! Amen!

Our Lady of Good Health, you are the perfect example of how God’s mercy and love are able to transform even the most difficult situations. Please pray for those who suffer from illness and disease, especially those in our community who have been diagnosed with a serious illness. May they be comforted by your loving presence, and may they experience the healing power of Jesus Christ through your intercession.

Velankanni Novena Prayer in Tamil

Velankanni is a pilgrimage site for Christians and Hindus alike. The holy shrine is located in Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu. It is one of the most visited religious spots in India and attracts thousands of devotees from all over the world every year. The novena prayers are held every year from 1st September to 8th September, which marks the birthday of Saint Alphonsa. The 9 days are celebrated as ‘Navaratri’ by Hindus, while Christians celebrate it as Our Lady of Vailankanni Festival.

Velankanni Novena Prayer in Tamil: வெளிந்தோல் நுண் ப லா க !

Velankanni Novena Prayer in Tamil is one of the most famous novenas in India. The Velankanni Novena Prayer in Tamil is said to have been started by Mother Mary herself. The Velankanni Novena Prayer in Tamil is a prayer to seek the blessings of Virgin Mary. It is believed that those who pray this novena will be granted with their wishes and would be protected from all dangers and troubles.

The Velankanni Novena Prayer in Tamil begins on the first Friday after the feast of Assumption of Virgin Mary on 15th August every year, which coincides with the holy day of Durga Navaratri Festival in India. This novena continues for nine consecutive Fridays until the following feast day of Assumption on 15th August.

This prayer has been written by Father John Romain, a priest from Pondicherry, who was inspired by the miraculous healing powers of Virgin Mary at St. Thomas Church, Velankanni during his visit there in 1810 AD. He wrote this prayer based on his experience at St. Thomas Church and published it with an intention of spreading its benefits among all people irrespective of caste or creed.

Velankanni Novena Prayer In English

When Does Velankanni Novena Start

Velankanni Novena is a prayer service that is held in honor of Our Lady of Velankanni. The novena is held annually at the Basilica of Our Lady of Health in Velankanni, Tamil Nadu, India. It begins on December 8 and concludes with a feast on December 12.

The history of the Velankanni Novena dates back to the mid-18th century when a sailor from Kerala named Kuriakose Elias Chavara was sailing from Mangalore to Goa. He was carrying a statue of Mother Mary which he had bought for his church in his hometown. While passing through Velankanni, the ship suddenly lost its anchor and drifted off course into dangerous waters. At that moment, a voice said: “O son, have pity on me! Take me out of this ship and place me on the shore.” Kuriakose carried out her request and placed her on the shore where she stood until he returned from Goa with another statue for his church. Once he reached home, he found out that it was customary for Christians living in that area to pray each year at Velankanni during this time as an act of thanksgiving for their safety during dangerous journeys at sea or other difficulties they endured during

Velankanni Novena, a prayer to the Virgin Mary, is offered at the church in Velankanni. It is a Catholic tradition that has been in practice for centuries. The Novena starts on September 15 and ends on October 4. The traditional time for this prayer is 4:00 am.

The Virgin Mary is believed to have appeared to a priest at the Basilica of Our Lady of Health (Velankanni) in Tamil Nadu, India. She is said to have cured him of his blindness and other ailments, which he had suffered for years.

The story goes that in 1652, a Portuguese ship carrying some pilgrims from Cochin was caught in a storm off the coast near Velankanni, but miraculously all on board were saved from drowning by an apparition of the Virgin Mary who appeared before them holding Jesus Christ in her arms. This miraculous rescue inspired the construction of a shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Health at the spot where she appeared. The shrine was built in 1660 and has since grown into a major pilgrimage site visited by many Christians every year during September and October.

Velankanni Novena 2022

The Velankanni Novena begins on the 14th of September, and concludes on the 23rd.

The date of the Velankanni Novena was established by St. Alphonsus Liguori, who was canonized a saint by Pope Gregory XVI in 1839.

St. Alphonsus Liguori was born in 1696 in Marianella, near Naples, Italy. At the age of 12, he entered the seminary of Saint Francis de Sales at Verona, where he studied philosophy and theology for two years. He then studied civil and canon law at the University of Turin for three more years.

In 1727, he was ordained a priest and was appointed as professor of moral theology at the University of Naples. During this time, he wrote his influential work “Theologia Moralis” (published in 1748). This book became a standard text for seminarians and priests throughout Europe after its publication in 1748 and went through many editions over 200 years until it was replaced by another work by St. Alphonsus called “Theologia Dogmatica” (published 1871).

In 1732 he founded an Oratory (group) dedicated to prayerful living dedicated to.

Help us to trust in the power of prayer, so that we may always look upon those who suffer with compassion and understanding. Help us to love each other as Jesus loves us, so that we might be instruments of peace and healing in this world. Amen!

Our Lady of Good Health, we greet you and praise you. We thank God our Father for the gift of your presence in our time. We ask that you intercede with Jesus through Mary, His Mother, so that we may receive full health of mind and body, as well as peace and serenity of soul.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen

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