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Prayer To Eshu

Elegua one of the main Orishas of the Yoruba pantheon, this saint is known for being the owner or lord of the roads, that is why the believers of santeria or rule of Osha and Ifa, use their prayers and prayers to earn their please, in the company of your blessings. Its invocation is essential to officiate at any ceremony, therefore, having full knowledge of its prayers is practically mandatory for all followers of this religious culture. Read on for information on morning prayer to olodumare, Prayer To Eshu and african prayers for protection.

How do we pray to Eshu?

Eshu is the trickster. The one who helps you when you’re in trouble, but also the one who gets you into trouble in the first place. He’s often associated with Ogun and Obatala, because they all represent aspects of the divine that we don’t always want to acknowledge: violence, anger, and chaos. But these are also powerful forces that can be used for good—they just need to be balanced with love, compassion, and justice.

So how do we pray to Eshu? It’s all about balance. If you’re feeling angry at someone or something, ask Eshu for help working through those emotions so that you can move forward with peace in your heart. If someone has wronged you and you find yourself getting bitter about it instead of forgiving them—ask Eshu for help letting go of those negative feelings so that they don’t fester inside of you and poison your own mind and spirit.

Prayer is a tool for communicating with God—and if there’s anyone who knows how to use words as weapons or tools for good or bad…it’s Eshu!

Oriki Eshu

There are a variety of reasons why praying to Elegua can be very beneficial in our lives. Among them we have:

Elegua is the energy that gives opening, the essence that allows the beginning of things, the first step for the works to be successful spiritually.
Due to his virtue as a Divine messenger, invoking him is essential so that our requests are heard by Oloddumare (God) and the rest of the Orishas.
There is no doubt that Elegua’s intervention in our lives can considerably benefit the development of our affairs.
It is essential to have the sympathy of this Orisha, since that prevents it from interfering negatively in our situations.
By having power over the roads, it is capable of promoting both benefits and harm in any matter, regardless of its nature.
He is an excellent protector of the dynamic harmony between the spiritual and earthly planes.
It has the appropriate wisdom to resolve any conflict, because it has full knowledge of what is happening in all areas of existence.
How to pray to Elegua?

The Orisha Elegua is prayed with a clear mind, with fresh thinking and explaining specifically what is being requested. Always maintaining respect in his presence. Faith cannot be lacking when invoking this Orisha, and something very important is that his prayers and offerings must be offered standing up and never on his knees.

What is this Orisha asked through in his prayers?

The habit of praying in any religion is of the utmost importance, since this act makes us connect with God or the deities, of which we are believers. Prayers are common in Santeria, with them we can invoke the Orishas to make different requests such as: for economic development, win a lawsuit, defeat enemies or ask for love. Also, there are prayers with which the favor of the deities is requested in order to dominate a person.

In the case of Elegua, most of the invocations, prayers, and prayers are used to ask him to open the roads and thus give us economic opportunities, get a job, and improve luck. In addition, through the prayers of praise we appease the revolutionary nature of Elegua and keep its energy in our favor, or simply, without disturbance.

How to Summon Elegua?
How to Summon Elegua?
Generally, when we are going to make an offering, sacrifice or requests to Elegua, it is done as follows:

First we approach the throne or space where Elegua lives. Generally, she stands behind the door. In front of her or Ota’s foundation we hit the ground three times and begin the invocation with the following prayer:

«Eshú Elegua, Awo oni bode babamí, dacomo omó, dacomo afefa, ogüedé mefa, ogüedé ilú, azorán llamacotiti cocoribilla».

Eshú, Elegua, my father, the only and greatest goalkeeper, stand up straight, you gave six gold coins for six bananas to save a town, and you stood up firmly, doing little by little until you won, please come and listen to me.

After this, two candles are lit and placed in front of the Orisha, brandy or gin is blown three times, epo (corojo butter) is spread while the requests are told.

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Prayer to Elegua
«I invoke the guardian spirit of the roads, Elegua.

Blessed Orisha owner of the keys of destiny. Tireless messenger who watches over the sacrifices made by the living and the dead. You know everyone and everything that exists between Heaven and Earth.

Pleading before you I call you to help me in all my vicissitudes.

Your name I cry three times so that your mercy may be the talisman that leads me to success.

Elegua blessed, come to my call.

Elegua blessed, listen to my request.

Elegua blessed, open my ways.

Three times I call you, three times I ask you, by the power of the messenger all doors will open for me. There will be no enemy that can attack me, because Elegua has to confuse my opponents and they have to lose themselves in their own paths of betrayal and evil.

Skillful warrior that with your powerful Ashé you escape from any setback, emanate your virtue on my ori so that I can also escape dangers and adversities.

You who are everywhere, know everything and hear everything, warn me opportunely when the evil hour approaches, so that I can avoid premature death, disease, calamity, revolution, chaos, and desolation.

Warrior of the red and black armor, lend me your shield to protect me from the attacks that my opponents plan against me, free me from envy, gossip and defamation.

Owner of the container where the sacred medicine is kept, heal my natural illnesses, heal my spiritual illnesses, free me from spells, witchcraft, curses and pestilences. Protect me from the witches of the night and from the dark spirits that roam the world causing the perdition of men.

I praise the spirit of the divine messenger, root of all things, knower of knowers. You who transport the sacrifice, without you nothing would make sense because you are the balance that maintains the harmony of all existence.

Small and large at the same time, there is no creature that can resist your enchantments. Guide luck and blessings to the entrance of my home, so that three times I knock on my door, health, intelligence, abundance, good offspring, happiness, the defeat of wars and enemies, and stability and firmness settle in my house in all my affairs.

Elegua, powerful saint, orient my head so that I connect in the right direction towards my destiny and so I can live on this Earth all the triumphs that I have come to seek. Never abandon me to my fate, because you are my guide and the light on my path.

I greet and thank the spirit owner of the roads, we your children in the world offer you our respects and ask for blessings by putting our lives in your hands. Father of mysteries, bring me good fortune always working in my favor and positively authorize all my offerings. Ashe to Iban Eshu.”

Prayer to Elegua to Open the Roads:

At some point in life we ​​have all gone through some negative stage, in which we see that things do not flow in a correct way, we are stagnant, or we cannot get out of the crisis.

This is the moment, in which we go to the foot of Elegua to ask it to open the paths for us, and to be able to achieve that development or that opportunity to be able to progress and improve our luck and quality of life.

Elegua being the Orisha owner of the paths and doors of destiny is the one who can unlock our luck.

There are different reasons why we can have the roads closed, witchcraft, lack of ebo (sacrifice), debt to a deity, contraction of the Ori, curses, among others. Although any of these Osobos exist, there is nothing that Eshu Eleggua cannot achieve, that is why by attending to its foundation we can pray this prayer to open the paths:

«Eshu Elegua, you who are the balance, you who helped Oshe Tura in times of need to bring the rain, help me to achieve my goals, do not allow any curse to block or hinder my path, I ask that my destiny be prosperous, since my paths will be open if that is your will.

Take away from my mind any bad decision I can make, close the door of what I did not agree with, remove from the hands of my opponents the keys of the setbacks that could cause me.

My father, master and lord of the roads, take absolute dominion and control of all my paths, supporting me in good and freeing me from evil.

I trust that you will guide me through the correct steps with which I will find resources to stabilize my health. Your wisdom will lead me along the paths in the direction of success, where there will be no obstacle that stands in the way permanently and from which I will always save myself, because you, my father Elegua, are my path, and the key that opens the door. to my happiness. Ashe to Iban Eshu.”

If Elegua is pleased with the attention received, prosperity and improvement will be remarkable. You can accompany these prayers with an offering or adimu, we recommend that you place three fried fish with corojo butter and honey.

Prayer to Elegua for money
Prayer to Elegua for money
Due to the virtue that Elegua possesses of being the owner of the roads and Divine messenger, his ability to solve economic and money matters is widely known. Here is a prayer with which we can request the intervention of the Orisha in financial matters:

“I invoke and greet the spirit of the roads, Elegbara.

Great Orisha messenger, today I implore you to become my guide during each work day. Be you who influences my activities, so I can make the best choices.

Blessed Father, money behaves elusively with me, resources do not flow in the right way, but with your help I will remain firm despite being in the midst of adversity, because you will turn everything negative in my favor.

I beg you to share your generosity with this devotee of yours who today requires your three gold coins to prosper (make request).

Elegua, I am certain that nothing is impossible for you, therefore, today I implore you to take me by the hand and walk by my side, multiply all the coins you can obtain one by one until you achieve good fortune. With your blessing I am victorious. Ashe»

Short prayer to Elegua
Short prayer to Elegua
«With the blessing of Olofin, Olorun and Olodumare. I ask for the blessing of my father Elegua. Owner and guardian of the keys to all roads, every day of my life I implore your mercy and your company. Protect me from walking on dark paths full of setbacks and osogbos, rather, push me along the paths of good, those that forge my good character and lead me to fulfill my destiny successfully. Ashe to Iban Eshu.”

Long prayer to Elegua
«I praise and respect the spirit of the Divine messenger, Eleggua.

We all know that you, father, are the strong man of the drum.

Your power is infinite, only you are able to grant the knowledge that helps transform.

We his children and followers pay tribute to him by calling him by his mighty names.

Are you the serpent that throws stones out of heaven.

Elegua is the magnificent king who lives in the house of Ketu.

The man in the great mist. You guide us to face the light.

The spirit of Elegua is the one that always opens the way for us, even from the sky. Do not stop opening my paths as you have always done.

I respect you and will always respect you.

I praise you and I will always praise you.

The day you arrived was the day good fortune traveled from heaven to earth.

I beg you today and always assist me Divine messenger (make request).

Elegua is the father of all offerings with the life force.

I beg you today and always assist me Divine messenger.

It is you who dance like the immortal in this and in the realm of the Ancestors.

It is Elegua who enforces the Divine, you reward us with kindness for each sacrifice.

Our sacrifice will be received thanks to you. Elegua does justice with each of our sacrifices.

It is my father Elegua, the Divine messenger, the owner of the roads, you are the first I greet.

Elegua is full of profound wisdom. His voice of power, with his word and willingness I will win, so be it, so it is, so it will be. Ashe».

Prayer to Elegua to defeat the enemies:
Whenever we have a war, or conflict with someone we consider our enemy, we can ask Elegua to help us emerge victorious from any situation and thus defeat anyone who wants to harm us, that is why we can pray the following prayer:

«Oh my father, here I am your son (Full name and sign) reciting this prayer, it is not my intention to bother you, but the concern and disturbance generated by the person who goes by the name (name of the enemy) forces me to come here and beg you to help me win this war.

You who always emerged victorious from conflicts, you who with great skill were able to get out of traps and managed to be the greatest of the Orishas, ​​I ask you to get rid of my arayeses (enemies), be the one who fights my wars and Help me to defeat my enemies, so it will be because you never let me fall. Ashe to Iban Eshu.”

While praying, it is important to concentrate and visualize our enemy, also, you can write the name of the araye on ebo paper, put corojo on it, place it on the floor and place Eshu Elegua on top.

To finish, three cigars must be smoked asking Eleggua for victory in any conflict we have.

Short prayer in Yoruba language to Elegua
«Eleggua, Eshu Alaguana, Nikokoribilla, Bara Tentonú, Maniko Maniko Endolo, Iku Yeledde, Barakillelú, Eshu Afra».

Long prayer in Yoruba language to Elegua (Oríkì Elebara)

«Èsù, Èsù Elegbara, Èsù, lanlu ogirioko. Okunrin ori ita, a jo langa langa lalu.

A rin lanja lanja lalu. Ode ibi ija de mole. Ija ni otaru ba d’ele ife.

To di de omo won. Oro Èsù, to to to akoni. Ao fi ida re lale.

Elegua, ma be mi o. Èsù, ma se mi o. Èsù, ma se mi o.

Omo elomiran nor ko I know. Pa ado asubi da. I do not ado asure if wa.

Èsù Elegua ota Òrìsà, Òsèturà lorúko baba mò ó.

Alágogo ijà lórúko ìya npè é, Èsù Elegbara, omokùnrin ìdolòfin,

Ó lé sónsó sórí esè elésè. Kò je, kò si jé kí eni nje, gb’e mi.

A ki í lówó lái mú Elegua, kúrò. A ki láyo lái mú Elegua kúrò.

A sò tún – sosì lái nítijú. Èsùapata sómo olómo lénu. Ó fi òkúta dípo iyò … Èsù má se mí, omo elòmíràn ni kí o se. Ase».

Eshu, Eshu Elegua, the Divine messenger speaks with power. Crossroads man, dance with the drum.

Tickle the drum with your toe. Stay away from conflicts. Conflicts are contrary to the spirits of the Invisible Realm.

Join the insecure feet of a baby. Eshu Elegua’s word is always respected. We will use his sword to touch the earth.

Elegua, don’t confuse me. The Divine messenger, do not confuse me. Esu, don’t confuse me.

Let someone else not be confused. Turn my suffering around. Give me the gourd blessing.

The Divine Messenger of Transformation is the cornerstone of the immortals, the sacred Odu Osetura is the name by which the parents know him.

The name by which mothers know him is “the owner of the bell that causes problems”. Esu Elegua, the man of Idolofin.

He puts his foot on top of another. No one will eat, it will not let anyone eat who has not collected their food.

Nobody gets rich without first putting their part to Elegua. No one achieves happiness without first giving Elegua his share.

He belongs to the opposite side without any sense of shame, the Divine messenger, who pushes the innocent to offend others. He substitutes rock for salt. Eshu don’t tempt me, it’s someone younger than you who should tempt me. Ashe.

eshu prayer for protection

Prayer to Eshu Poster- Oriented around the ancient symbol of a veve, as imagined and interpreted by artist Eliot Alexander, the Prayer to Eshu Poster offers a prayer to the Orisha, who might also be recognized by the name Papa Legba. Representing a crossroads, wherein Eshu is a guardian and the opener of doors, the veve symbolism serves as a beacon to the loa when you are seeking to make contact with your prayers.

Use it while speaking your prayer to aid you in seeking the attention of the Orisha, and his blessing. The Prayer to Eshu Poster, written by the spiritual wordsmith Travis Bowman, reads:

First honored Opener of the Ways,
Guardian of the Crossroads,
Lord of Choice,
Trickster and Teacher,
Hermit and Handsome One
please guide me along my road.
Lead me into understanding and away from evil.
Reveal to me the secrets in myself
and in the world around me.
Help me remember the value of
the overlooked and discarded.
Show me the many angles,
the many perceptions surrounding all situations,
the Red and the Black,
so that I might choose with an agile and informed mind.
Elder and child, Mischief-maker,
Rum-drinker, Communicator,
you who are called Eshu, Eleggua, Elgoara, and Papa Legoa
I honor and sing to you.
Please open the gate,
accept my prayers,
and carry them beyond the crossroads.

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