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thank you for church donation

Did you know there is a whole industry in the world of fundraising and giving through your church? Donations are always welcome, and if you donate to a cause, you can write a letter thanking them for their generosity. The letter will let them know that they are appreciated and make them want to give more. It is a general thank you letter to everyone who has donated to your organization, but it can be considered a unique gift as well thanks to the use of their name.

  Thank you for your church donation, this money will help to keep our church running and provide God’s word to the community. In return we ask that you make a donation in your local area. When it comes to donating your money, there’s nothing more generous than the tithe. This is why I want to thank you for your tithes and offerings this year.

thank you for church donation

The Sunday you have been spending in church, your donation is going to a fund which will help the less privileged. So thank you so much for your donations and tithes that are helping us all out. We at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are grateful for your generous donation in support of our World Mission. We know that your donations will positively impact people around the world by providing clean water, healthcare and education.

I would like to thank you for your generous donation. I have received all the donations collected in your church and it is going quite well. The Sunday you have been spending in church, your donation is going to a fund which will help the less privileged. So thank you so much for your donations and tithes that are helping us all out.

How to write the perfect church thank-you letter for donations

Have you ever received a heart-felt “thank you” after giving someone a gift? Knowing that your gift was appreciated is incredibly rewarding!

Could this experience also be true for your church’s donors?

The truth is that pastors who don’t send church thank-you letters for donations miss out on powerful opportunities to model thankfulness, build ministry partners, and encourage more generosity!

Let’s explore why it’s important to send church donation letters thanking your givers, how to write them, and the best times to send them.        

Church thank-you letter for donations

The Apostle Paul set an early precedent for expressing gratitude to ministry supporters when he wrote his thank-you letters to the Philippians and Colossians. 

Today people have many options for donating to your church, including online giving through a church’s websitemobile app, and text-to-give. Regardless of how people choose to give, sending church thank-you letters for donations is an important practice for every church because it provides opportunities to:

Demonstrate thankfulness: The first benefit of sending donor thank-you letters is exemplifying a thankful heart. Your letters show that you appreciate how your givers are making a sacrifice to support your ministry.

Build ministry partners: Donor-appreciation letters allow you to tell the story of the tangible impact your ministry is making on people’s lives and in your community—all made possible by your donors’ generosity. This builds a sense of partnership between a church and its donors.

Encourage more generosity: According to scientific research, gratitude prepares the brain for generosity. Demonstrating how to be thankful for another person’s generosity actually encourages people to be more generous! For churches, this results in turning first-time supporters into repeat donors, better donor retention, and increased overall donations! 

Thank-you letters to church givers

How to write thank-you letters to church givers

Every thank-you for your donation letter should include the following seven elements in order to be maximize their effectiveness:

  1. Personalized greeting: Nobody likes getting a letter that begins generically with, “Dear donor”. Be sure to use the person’s first name in your greeting, and double-check to make sure their name is spelled correctly. 
  2. Don’t focus on the dollar amount: Donor thank-you letters can often feel transactional, like receiving a receipt that simply lists the dollar amount and date of the donation. Keep the focus on thanking your donors for their generosity. However, if your church is a 501(c)(3) organization, you can let the donor know they will receive an end-of-year statement listing their tax-deductible charitable contributions.
  3. Highlight the donor’s role: Always tie the donor’s shared contribution in the impact your church is making. “Because of you. . .” 
  4. Showcase your church’s impact: This is your opportunity to include a short statement of the practical impact your church is making on people’s lives. If the donor gave to a specific fund (e.g., missions, children’s ministry, capital campaign), be sure to share some highlights of that ministry’s successes. 
  5. Your pastor’s signature: For most churches, the pastor is the most publicly visible leader, so having their signature on the letter can create a stronger impression. 
  6. A handwritten message: When possible, including a short handwritten note in the letter goes a long way to add warmth and sincerity to your message.
  7. A self-addressed giving envelope (optional): Some churches find that including a giving envelope in these letters results in better donor retention and increased recurring giving. 

To make your letters even more meaningful, consider designing and printing beautiful donation thank-you cards to show extra appreciation. If you’re sending thank-you emails for donations, consider including a brief video from the pastor thanking church givers for their gifts.

Sample thank-you letter for donations to your church

Sample thank-you letter for donations to your church

To save your team time and mental energy, create a church donation thank-you letter template. Here’s an example to get you started!

Dear [first name],

I’m writing to thank you for your recent donation to [church name]. As pastor, I can tell you that your generosity is much appreciated, and we’ll be stewarding it to bear good fruit. 

This year our church has [include an impact statement that shares who is being helped and how. For example, how many missionaries are supported, the number of baptisms, or how programs like Celebrate Recovery or Vacation Bible School are impacting people’s lives.] 

Because our church is a 501(c)(3) organization, you will receive an end-of-year letter with your contributions in case you would like to claim them for tax-deductible purposes. 

Once again, thank you for your generosity, and may God bless you! 


[Pastor’s signature]

[Insert hand-written message. The more meaningful, the better. For example, “Beth, it was great meeting you and your family last Sunday! It really is such a privilege to serve our community through our church. Please let us know how we can pray for you, and if you have any questions or need any support. God bless!”]

When to send a church giving thank-you letter

When your donors receive a well-timed church contribution thank-you letter, they are more likely to donate again and more often to your ministry. Let’s take a look at five of the best opportunities to share your gratitude for your donors. 

  1. First-time donations: Thank-you letters for donations (or emails) should be sent within 48 to 72 hours after a first-time donation is made. 
  2. After a capital campaign or project is finished: Reaching fundraising goals is an ideal time to celebrate and send a “We did it!” letter of thanks to your donors! 
  3. Special holidays: Some donors give a bit extra (or for the very first time) during special holidays or seasons, such as Easter and Christmas. This is a great time to send a thank-you letter to your church givers with a message that is tied to the theme of that holiday.
  4. “Just because:” A great way to show appreciation to your regular tithers is to send them an unexpected handwritten thank-you letter for their generosity. This practice lets them know that you see and appreciate their ongoing support and generosity. 
  5. End-of-year: For most churches, nearly a third of their annual donations come in the month of December. Sending a church thank-you letter for donations before the end of the year is a great way to stay on their radar as they decide where to put their last minute charitable contributions. 

Exemplify gratitude while encouraging generosity

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference, like saying “thank you” to someone who gives you a gift. By sending church thank-you letters for donations, you have a chance to model thankfulness, retain more of your donors, and encourage generosity! 

Subsplash exists to provide tools to make the truth of Jesus incredibly accessible. An essential part of sharing the gospel message with more people is inviting people to support your ministry through donations. Learning to be generous and developing a thankful mindset are both important steps of each person’s discipleship journey! 

That’s why we created Subsplash Giving, the powerful online giving platform that allows your donors to give through your ministry’s website, mobile app, and text-to-give. Its powerful giving dashboard allows you to keep track of incoming donations, and provides you with the information you need to thank your donors and keep them engaged. 

If you’re looking to grow your church’s giving to help your church thrive and impact more people, let’s chat! If you’re already a Subsplash client and want to give your congregation the best giving experience, connect with your Client Success Manager, or log in to your dashboard to get started!

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