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St Charles Borromeo Prayer For Obesity

As the world continues to grow fatter, we are all looking for ways to shed those extra pounds. But what if I told you that there is a way to lose weight and keep it off, without even trying? You might think that this is too good to be true, but it’s not.

The secret lies in prayer.

If you have ever struggled with your weight or wanted to lose some pounds, then I highly recommend praying the first st charles borromeo prayer for obesity. It’s an old Catholic prayer that has been used for centuries by people who want to lose weight, get fit, or just feel better all around.

One of the hardest things about maintaining a healthy lifestyle is that it’s not just about what you eat or how much you exercise. It’s also about your mindset. You need to be able to make peace with yourself, love yourself, and believe in yourself—even if you’re not where you want to be yet. And that’s where prayer comes in!

Churchgists will give you all you ask on St Charles Borromeo prayer for obesity, St Charles Borromeo prayer for obesity introduction and so much more.

This blog is dedicated to helping people understand how prayer can help them reach their goals, whatever they may be. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, improve your health, get over an addiction, or just feel better about yourself, we hope this blog will help guide you on your journey.

St Charles Borromeo Prayer For Obesity

This prayer is a good guide for anyone who wants to lose weight, either for health reasons or just to feel better about themselves.

Saint Charles Borromeo, I seek your intercession to assist me in my desire to lose excess weight from my body. You were not only known for your humble and selfless service of leadership among the faithful of the plague-stricken country of Milan.

Patron Saint Of Weight Loss Prayer

The prayer is:

Here is the prayer:

“LORD, I give You my body and soul. Keep me safe from all harm and prepare it for heaven. I solemnly promise to do everything in my power to lose weight, even if this means avoiding sweet foods, standing up straight, or taking more walks around the block. In Jesus’ Name we pray.”

“Holy St. Charles Borromeo, Patron Saint of Dieters, we’re asking you to help us with our weight loss efforts.

I call on St. Charles Borromeo, patron saint of dieters, to help me with my weight loss efforts. I pray that you would assist me in resisting temptation and ask for the intercession of your prayers.

I ask for the strength to resist temptation and guidance from God as I embark on this journey toward health and wellness.

I also ask for your intercession with others who may be involved in my journey toward health and wellness – family members, friends, medical professionals or anyone else who can support me in my efforts to lose weight

We are tempted by food and our will power needs extra help.

Food can be a temptation, a distraction, a reward, a comfort and an emotional crutch. It is easy to overindulge in food and worse still it is hard to break the habit of overindulgence once you begin. The Lord has provided us with the Eucharist as our daily consumption of Christ so that we are not dependent on food or other things for our nourishment but rather we depend on Him alone.

You must never forget this!

We are not able to do this alone.

If you’re struggling with your weight and you want to lose some pounds, ask for help.

Ask for strength.

Ask for guidance.

Ask for help from a higher power to help you with your weight loss.

Please intercede for us and ask God to grant us the help and strength we need.

Dear St. Charles Borromeo, we ask for your intercession in asking God to grant us the help and strength we need. Help us to realize that our willpower is limited and that sometimes it is necessary to rely on God’s grace. Help us not to be discouraged when our efforts fail because they are often not enough. We ask that you give us the strength needed to fight against temptation and sin; help us remain strong even when our bodies feel weak. We pray for health of body so that we may better serve others; grant us this same grace as well as wisdom in making decisions about our dieting habits and food choices.



Amen, a short prayer that expresses a wish or request, is often used to close a prayer. Amen may be said at the end of a sentence that begins with “We’ll pray for you” or “May God bless you.” Amen is also used by itself as an exclamation of agreement with something that has been said or done, similar to “Yeah!” or “All right!”

This prayers can be a guide for anyone who wants to lose weight for health reasons or just to feel better about themselves.

This prayer is for anyone who wants to lose weight. Whether you are overweight or just want to feel better about yourself, this prayer can be used as a guide.

It’s important to note that there are many different types of weight loss programs, and not all of them will be compatible with everyone. For example, someone who is trying to lose weight may not be able to follow a diet plan because they have food allergies or other medical issues. However, regardless of whether you can follow this particular plan or not, there are many other options available for those looking for ways to lose weight.

Patron Saint Of Weight Loss Prayer

PRAYER. Saint Margaret, saint of weight loss, I humbly ask for your assistance in helping me resist temptation and make healthy physical and spiritual choices. You had the willpower to follow God’s virtuous path, and I pray that you might show me the way to inner peace, health and happiness. Amen.

St Charles Borromeo Miracles

Miracles in the life of Saint Charles Borromeo

He found himself at odds with the Spanish governors of Milan over matters of jurisdictional and secular natures. It came to some pretty hard-headed confrontations. In one instance, it was only through the diplomatic resources of the Pope and Prince Philip II of Spain that a sort of peace and arbitration was executed. But then he ran into problems with the clerical communities over the same thing, jurisdictional and disciplinary authority. He was actually barred from entering a church by the canons of the Church. When St. Charles would not acquiesce, and persisted in his right to make an Episcopal visit to the Church, soldiers from one of the Spanish dukes, the Duke of Albuquerque, shot at him with a musket. Thank God for the poor aim of the soldier, or the lack of accuracy of the firearms, or the intervention of the Angels, but St. Charles was not hit. However, the Crucifix he was holding was nicked.

In another separate situation, St. Charles was in his home, praying with the members of his household, when a paid assassin shot at him at such a point blank range, it could only have been the wings of the Angels which caused the bullet to graze him slightly. The civil authorities hung the would-be assassin. We’re not sure if it was punishment for the crime committed, or for not having successfully concluded the task he had been given and paid to do.

At any rate, it became very obvious to the powers that be, that this was a man to be reckoned with. He was not about to back down from anything, when it came to his Church and his God. Also, his reputation grew outside the diocese of Milan as well. He began making apostolic trips to other dioceses, such as Brescia, Cremona and Bergamo, all to the east of Milan. He made missionary trips into the Italian and German Alps to bring the Word of God to many who were victimized by the widespread lies of Protestantism. In addition, in some of these areas which had never had anybody there to minister to them, witchcraft and sorcery were also prevalent. You must remember, this time was when the greatest spread of Calvinism took place. In his travels to Switzerland, he found that although John Calvin had died prior to this time, his heresies were firmly entrenched there. St. Charles took his life in his hands to evangelize there, but he did!

St. Charles Borromeo was considered slow of speech and pace, from what we can gather, however he ran his entire life. He burned out at an early age, forty six years old. He was on retreat, when he came down with a fever at the end of October 1584. He was brought back to Milan on a litter. Within three days, he was dead. We believe that he had done all that the Lord wanted him to accomplish in a very short period of time. Twenty six years after his death, in 1610, he was canonized by Pope Paul V.

St. Charles’s life was one of great spirituality and dedication to the Church. There were no apparitions of which we’re aware, no Stigmata. He was just a solid worker in the Lord’s Vineyard. There were many miracles during his lifetime and also which were obviously due to the intercession of St. Charles Borromeo. The most powerful miracles were those of changing men’s hearts, of defending the Truths of our Church, and bringing about sweeping reforms in our Church. He was a man of great wealth, who used his riches to benefit those less fortunate than he. He was very focused on bringing the people of God, especially those of his beloved Archdiocese of Milan, back into the fold.

St. Charles Borromeo was a majestic role model, a very special role model, a role model for Bishops and Cardinals. Everyone needs Role Models! But especially those in authority who have been entrusted by God to shepherd His children. They are answerable; because to the degree that we have been blessed, to that degree we are accountable. Possibly more than anyone, bishops and cardinals need our prayers. Pray to St. Charles Borromeo for his intercession for your bishop or cardinal. He was first and foremost a prelate and Defender of the Church. Now, as a Saint in Heaven, he prays for his fellow bishops who are called to take up his torch and Defend the Faith!

Dear Bishops of the world, your dear brother Bishop and Cardinal didn’t give in to the pressures of the day. He fought the tensions of his day; if it was not the secular government disputing his jurisdiction, it was the priesthood fighting him over disciplinary actions he was imposing, especially on those complaining that the Church’s teaching on Jesus was obsolete in their age. He didn’t bring the Church and its marvelous traditions down to the perceived levels of the people. He showed the people how they could rise to the levels of Christ. He didn’t allow his clergy to give in to the carnal desires which were so accepted at that time.

Although St. Charles found himself smack in the middle of a church, influenced by the pagan humanism and secular humanism of the Renaissance, he did not capitulate. No, St. Charles brought his clergy to the level of Jesus, in Whose Name they were ministering to the world. The Laity, the street people, the beggars, the marginalized and disenfranchised, were given self worth, not by Jesus coming down to their level, not by worshipping each other, but by being raised by their bootstraps to the level to which they were called by the Sacrifice of their Redeemer, that of giving His life for them and for us.

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