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St Bridget Prayer For 12 Years

Unveiling‌ the ‍Power of St Bridget Prayer For 12 Years

Connecting with the Divine through St Bridget Prayer

Many faithful believers seek spiritual growth and guidance ‍through⁢ the powerful St‌ Bridget​ Prayer For 12 Years. This prayer⁢ is said to​ have been revealed to St Bridget of Sweden by the Blessed Virgin Mary, and it is believed to bring profound blessings and ⁤protection to those who recite it faithfully.

Below is the original version of the St ‍Bridget ⁢Prayer For 12 Years:

St Bridget Prayer For 12 Years:

  • O Jesus, now ‍I wish to pray the Lord’s Prayer seven times, doing your​ heart the⁢ honor of meditating on it with my tongue‍ for⁣ the Father reinstated it in your heart with such burning love ⁤for ‍us.
  • Next I pray seven Hail Marys, while I reflect on the joy those prayers provided⁣ you in ‌the temple through your dear mother, whom you did use as ⁢a priest.
  • Finally, I recite the​ Glory be to the‍ Father seven times, because‍ it pleased you⁣ in your ascension to grant ⁢her that glory.

Unveiling the Power of St Bridget⁤ Prayer For ‌12 Years

1.​ Prayer for Strength and Guidance

Dear Lord, ‍grant me the strength and guidance​ to faithfully recite the St Bridget Prayer for 12 years.⁢ Help me to stay⁣ committed and focused⁢ on the power of this ‍prayer,⁣ and may it bring⁢ me closer to You each day.‍ Amen.

2. ‌Prayer for Healing and Renewal

Lord, I pray that by ⁣reciting the St Bridget​ Prayer for 12​ years, I may experience healing and renewal in my mind, body, and spirit. May Your divine light shine upon‌ me and bring restoration to every part of my being. Amen.

3. Prayer for Protection and Blessings

Heavenly Father, as I embark on this journey of reciting the St Bridget Prayer for 12 years, I ask for Your protection and blessings to surround⁤ me. Shield ‌me from harm⁣ and bestow ⁣upon⁣ me Your abundant grace and favor. Amen.

4. Prayer for Wisdom and Discernment

Lord Jesus, grant me wisdom ​and‌ discernment as I delve​ into ‌the mysteries⁣ of the St Bridget Prayer for 12 years. Help me to‌ understand ‌its teachings and apply ‍them to my life for spiritual growth and enlightenment.⁤ Amen.

5.‌ Prayer for Faith and Surrender

God of mercy and ⁤love, instill in me unwavering​ faith and a humble spirit ⁤as I commit to reciting the St Bridget Prayer ​for⁣ 12 years. May⁣ I surrender myself completely to Your will and trust ​in Your divine ‌plan for my life. Amen.

Connecting with the Divine through St Bridget Prayer

The St Bridget Prayer For 12 Years

1. First Prayer

I believe in You, O Eternal Father, through the Blood of Jesus Christ. I beg⁢ You to ask ⁤Your Divine Son to grant me the conversion of sinners.

2. Second Prayer

I believe in You, O⁢ Eternal Father, through ⁤the merits⁣ of Jesus Christ, and in this‌ faith I ask for‍ the salvation of souls.

3. Third Prayer

I cast‍ myself at Your feet,⁣ O my Lord and God, and beg You to grant​ me the grace of perseverance.

4. Fourth⁣ Prayer

By the love which You⁣ bore ⁣for Saint Joseph, I beg You to grant me the grace to love You always and to act by love in​ all ‍my actions.

5. Fifth Prayer

Through the intercession of the Most‌ Holy Virgin Mary, I ⁣ask You to grant ‌me the grace to never offend You ​again and to die in the grace of⁤ Your Holy Love.

Remembering Matthew 7:7 – “Ask,⁣ and it will ⁢be given to you;⁢ seek, and you will ⁢find; knock, ‍and it will be opened to you.” Let us​ call upon ‍the Divine through these prayers seeking guidance, conversion,⁢ and⁣ grace.

Embracing ‍Spiritual Growth⁢ with​ the St Bridget ​Prayer For 12 Years


St. Bridget of Sweden was a powerful mystic who received visions of Jesus and Mary. To embrace spiritual growth, you can pray her famous Prayer for 12 Years,‍ which consists of 15 Our Fathers and Hail Marys ‍each​ day for a year. This prayer is said ⁣to bring many blessings and graces to‌ those who are ‌faithful to it.


“As the deer pants for ​streams of water, so my soul ⁤pants for you, my God.” – Psalms 42:1


St. Bridget‍ Prayer For 12 Years:
– Say 15 Our Fathers and Hail Marys each day for a year.
– Meditate on the life of Jesus and the mysteries of the⁤ Rosary.
– Reflect on your own spiritual journey and⁣ growth.
– Seek guidance and wisdom from the Holy Spirit.
– Embrace a life of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.


By ‍praying the St. Bridget Prayer for 12 Years, you are dedicating yourself to a deeper relationship with God⁢ and⁣ a greater understanding of His will for your life. This commitment to prayer ‍can lead to profound spiritual growth and transformation.


“Draw ⁣near to ‍God, and he will ⁢draw near​ to you.” – James 4:8


As‌ you journey through the 12 years of praying the St. Bridget Prayer, may you experience a deepening of your faith, an increase ​in virtues such ​as love and patience, and a closer union with God. May this prayer be a source of strength and guidance as you seek to​ grow spiritually and draw closer ‌to the heart of‌ our Lord.

Transforming Daily Life with ⁢St Bridget Prayer ‍for 12 Years

1. “I swear by‍ Your most Holy ‌Mother that I will faithfully pray the 15 Saint Bridget prayers every⁢ day for 12 years.”

Prayer is a powerful tool⁤ that can transform our daily lives, ‌especially when practiced consistently‍ over a long period of time. Committing to reciting the 15 Saint ​Bridget⁣ prayers every day for 12 years‍ is a significant pledge that can bring about spiritual growth and positive change. Through this dedication, we invite the divine into our lives‌ and open ourselves up to blessings ⁢and guidance from⁣ above.

2. “Incline ⁤unto my aid, ⁤O God! O Lord, make haste to⁣ help me!”

Calling upon ⁣the assistance of God and asking‍ for His ‌swift intervention in times of need is a ‍practice that can greatly impact our daily lives. By reciting this ​prayer, we acknowledge⁣ our dependence on a⁢ higher power and express our trust in His ability to provide​ support and guidance in all circumstances.

3. “May Your faithful servant⁢ Bridget, who bore​ the wounds of Your⁢ Passion ‌deep in ‍her heart, obtain from⁢ You that Your love takes possession of my soul.”

Asking for the intercession of Saint Bridget, a faithful servant of God, can help us deepen our connection with​ the divine and experience‌ a profound transformation in our hearts. Through‍ her example of devotion and love for Christ, we seek to ‌emulate her faith⁢ and allow God’s love to permeate every aspect of our being.

4. “O Jesus! Creator of ⁤Heaven ⁤and Earth, be merciful unto us!”

Acknowledging Jesus as⁢ the Creator of Heaven ⁢and Earth and appealing to His‍ mercy is a humbling act that can bring about a shift in perspective and attitude.‌ By recognizing His‍ supreme authority and‍ benevolence, we ​invite His grace and⁢ compassion into ‍our lives, paving the way for transformation and ⁣renewal.

5. “Deliver ​me, Jesus, from the pain caused by the loss of⁢ temporal⁤ goods, which are vain, fleeting, and pass away. Grant me instead the necessary goods that will⁢ secure my eternal happiness.”

This prayer highlights the transient nature of worldly possessions and ⁢the​ importance of seeking spiritual wealth that will endure beyond this life. By focusing on eternal happiness‍ and the fulfilment of divine purpose, we can overcome the attachment to ⁢material things and ⁣experience a sense of true abundance and contentment.

As you ‌embark on ​this twelve-year journey with⁢ the St. Bridget Prayer,​ may you find peace, strength, and renewed faith in every step you take. May this powerful prayer guide you through life’s⁣ ups and downs, illuminating your path and bringing you closer to‌ God. Remember,‍ with patience and‍ perseverance, miracles ⁢can happen. Embrace⁤ the journey ahead with open arms, for in the midst ⁢of adversity, lies the ⁢opportunity for great transformation.​ Let the light of⁢ St. Bridget shine ⁢bright in your heart, guiding⁢ you towards‌ a life filled with love, hope,⁢ and everlasting grace.