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Spiritual Meaning of Hibiscus

Hibiscus plants help maintain the vitality and energy of life. The flower carries onceness and unity in love. Its meaning is as varied as its colors. Continue reading to learn about the Spiritual meaning of hibiscus, hibiscus flower biblical meaning and the symbolism of hibiscus.

Hibiscus is a symbol of the divine feminine, and it’s associated with goddesses such as Aphrodite, Venus, and Ishtar. The flowers are often worn during rituals or ceremonies that honor these goddesses.

In some parts of Africa, hibiscus is believed to have magical properties and is used for protection against evil spirits. Its leaves are also sometimes used in medicine to treat headaches and fevers.

Hibiscus: A Symbol of Hope, Love, and Connection Hibiscus plants commonly known as Mallow, Hawaiian hibiscus, or China Rose). The hibiscus flower is a symbol of marriage and love and affection. 

The Hibiscus is a very sensitive plant. It is beautiful and unique. The Hibiscus, unlike the rose or red poppy, has no thorns and is quite delicate in its depth of beauty, color and fragrance. In every country where it grows, it is held sacred by the natives as a symbol of sweetness and grace as well as to the great life power that resides within all of us called love. The Hibiscus is a perennial shrub that can be grown outdoors or in a pot inside your home. They are tropical plants so they require moist soil wi…

symbolism of hibiscus

The hibiscus is a beautiful flower that is known for its vibrant color, but it has many other spiritual meanings as well. It’s a symbol of beauty and love, but it also represents freedom and strength.

Hibiscus flowers are usually white or pink. They have five petals and grow on tall stems with large leaves. The flower itself has several layers of petals that are all connected by a center calyx (a cup-shaped structure).

The hibiscus flower has several spiritual meanings that symbolize love and beauty. The hibiscus is often associated with weddings because it’s one of the most popular flowers used in bouquets at weddings. Some cultures believe that when a bride wears a hibiscus flower in her hair on her wedding day then she will never be without love or happiness in her life.

The hibiscus flower also has many spiritual meanings related to freedom and strength because it grows so fast in tropical climates such as Hawaii or South America where people often live far from civilization but still need food supplies from other areas of the world like California or New York City.”

Hibiscus is a beautiful flowering plant that is commonly used in tropical areas as an ornamental plant. The hibiscus flower has long been a symbol of beauty, strength and love. It is also believed to have spiritual meaning for people who practice Wicca.

Wiccans associate the hibiscus with their goddess Brigid, who was associated with fire, water and healing. The blooms of the hibiscus are often considered to be like flames or tongues of fire because they are so brightly colored and they tend to open up at night. It’s also interesting to note that the hibiscus blossom contains five petals and five sepals, which makes it a quintessential symbol of balance within nature itself.

spiritual meaning of hibiscus

It could be your daily life or some romantic scene in a movie. Weather grown beautifully on a bush or decorated in the hair of a young girl. You must have seen this common Hibiscus flower. The flower has cashmere-soft petals elegantly cupped with long stamens popping out from the centre. This non-scented flower grows on bushes with dark-green pointed leaves. For your sursurprise, this common grower has a set of not so common cultural symbolism related to it. Generally, the Hibiscus meaning includes elegant female beauty, youth, and positivity. This is related to the short life span, softness, and elegance of the flower. Interesting? Let us dive deeper into the fascinating depths of the Hibiscus flower meaning.

Classification and History of Hibiscus Flower

Hibiscus meaning

The plant belongs to the genus of the same name and the family Malvaceae. The name Hibiscus is derived from the Greek word ‘ hibiskos’. This name came from the Pedanius Dioscorides, a famous botanist, author, and a doctor in the Roman armed force. The origin of the flower is quite dubious. However, according to a popular unofficial school of thought, it is an Asian native plant.

Hibiscus Meaning

Without any further discussion, we are now moving towards the Hibiscus flower meaning. These flowers generally symbolize young women. The cashmere surface and delicate outlook of the flower finely depict the elegance and innocence of young girls. Moreover, these flowers usually last for about a day. This short life span of the flowers denotes young age and beauty. However, different cultures associate different meanings with the flower. Let us have a look at some of the famous cultures;

China: Chinese people associate the Hibiscus with fame, glory, and wealth. Moreover, they present it to both males and females. A person giving hibiscus to another is actually admiring an already famous person. In addition, it also means to wish success and glory for the receiver.

Korea: Koreans consider it as a sign of Mortality.

Malaysia:  Malaysians take it to depict vitality. Moreover, just like Korea, they use it as a sign of national currency.

North America: This flower is considered a sign of the beauty and elegance of women. North Americans associate it with a desirable and perfect wife. So, next time you want to show your love and admiration for your wife, don’t forget to present some well-packed Hibiscus Flowers.

Hawaii: In Hawaii, people consider it to depict power, respect, and hospitality.
According to tradition, the relationship status of a woman is shown by the side of the ears a woman wears.

Singapore: People call it ‘Bunga Raya’, meaning the ‘flower of celebration’.

Victorian Era: The Victorian era simply used the flower to symbolize and admire the delicate beauty of a female.

Hibiscus Flower Spiritual Meaning

  • The Hibiscus flowers have a whole ‘story’ of spiritual meanings and use. Let us have a deeper look into it.
  • Hibiscus flowers are generally known to repel negativity and the evil eye.
  • Ancient peeps used to carry a pack of dried petals for attracting good luck, love, and a soul mate.
  • The flower has specific importance in sorcery and witchcraft. Wizards and witches use it to attract love, lust, and meaningful dreams.
  • Psychics believe that putting some dry petals in a bowl helps in visualizing the future. In addition, they consider it helpful to attract good spirits.
  • Another Hibiscus meaning is to attract blessings for a married couple. For this reason, people widely use them in wreaths for marriage ceremonies.

Colors and Hibiscus Meaning

Hibiscus meaning

These beauties exist in different colors in nature. You can find them in almost all the major shades with a specific symbol associated with each of them.

White Hibiscus

The White Hibiscus definition includes purity. It is also associated with the beauty of honest women.

Yellow Hibiscus

The yellow Hibiscus meaning is joy, good luck, and sunshine. Getting it as a gift shows good wishes for your happy and successful life.

Pink Hibiscus

The color of love and friendship depicts the same in the pink Hibiscus meaning. This flower is to express the feelings of friendship and all kinds of love.

Red Hibiscus

Want to show your passionate love and admiration? Besides many other options, you can simply send some red hibiscus flowers.

Purple Hibiscus

The mysterious and classy purple color depicts the same for the Hibiscus. The Purple Hibiscus symbolism includes knowledge, mystery, and higher levels.

Some Interesting facts about the Hibiscus Flower

After getting a detailed insight about the Hibiscus meaning, it would be great to know some interesting facts about the plant.

  • The plant grows in the form of trees or large-sized shrubs which can reach up to 15 feet in height.
  • These beautiful silky flowers are a source to attract hummingbirds and butterflies. So, if you want to see these beautiful fliers in your yard, think about planting some hibiscus bushes.
  • This flower has some importance at the state level as well. It is the unofficial national flower in Haiti.
  • Yellow Hibiscus species, ‘Hibiscus brackenridgei’ was declared as the official flower of the state of Hawaii in 1988. Moreover, a red Hibiscus species, the ‘Hibiscus kokio’ was the former official flower of that state.

Common Names of Hibiscus Flower

Hibiscus meaning

The Hibiscus Rosa-Sinesis has many common names including sorrel, rose mallow, and China rose. In Asia, this flower has a unique status. On one side it is sometimes known as the shoe flower because of its usage as a shoe polisher. On the other hand, the worshippers in India use it in their worship to please their goddess. Still with us? Let us learn more!

Importance of Hibiscus Flower

This evergreen bush of warm and tropical regions has a number of uses;

  • The most common use is in the treatment of headaches, swellings, colds, and venereal diseases.
  • Moreover, the flower is helpful for women in treating constipation, menstrual cramps, and inducing short-term infertility.
  • This flower attains a prominent position in the beauty industry and is used for hair and skin care.
  • Another popular use is in cuisines. A number of soups and curries use the flower as the main ingredient. Its petals are dried and used for making teas. They have a specific tangy taste. Moreover, these teas are helpful in mood-boosting and treating high blood pressure. One famous use of these teas since ancient days is as an aphrodisiac. To your surprise, Ancient Egyptians knew it as a drink to arouse sexual feelings. So, there was a ban on unmarried ladies to consume this tea.

hibiscus flower biblical meaning

The hibiscus flower is a symbol of power, wisdom, and beauty. It is also believed to have mystical properties that can help you achieve your goals.

The hibiscus flower is associated with the Virgin Mary and her purity, which makes it an appropriate gift for Mother’s Day.

In the Bible, the word “hibiscus” (or its equivalent) appears in three different places: Song of Solomon 4:14, Song of Solomon 7:1 and Song of Solomon 8:7. The first reference is as part of a description of how beautiful a bride is on her wedding day; the second reference refers to a woman’s hair; and the third reference talks about how red lips are like hibiscus flowers. This has led some scholars to believe that there may be some kind of connection between these verses and the fact that hibiscus flowers are bright red and often used as decorations around Christmas time (which was originally celebrated as an ancient festival honoring Christ).

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