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Spiritual Meaning Of Onions In Dream

Looking for the Spiritual meaning of onions in dream, red onion dream meaning and dream meaning of giving someone onions? You are in the right place. The onion is a symbol with universal meaning, and as such, its spiritual significance in dreams should be universal. The onion possesses many layers of skin, much like we, as humans, wear many masks. In dream interpretation, the onion symbolizes the facade that we put on for others and exposes our true selves, or multiple layers of lies.

Dreams in which onions are featured have a rather mysterious and powerful meaning. Onions have a deep, long-lasting effect on the subconscious when they appear in dreams. According to ancient writings, whoever dreams of eating an onion has meaningful and important work to do.

Spiritual Meaning Of Onions In Dream


Some people believe that dreaming of onions has symbolic and spiritual meaning. If you dream about eating an onion, it may be that your subconscious is encouraging you to keep working on your difficult projects. Similarly, a dream about cooked onions can show that you’re making progress in business and financial pursuits.

A dream about having onion breath is believed to indicate that you are a healthy person, are going to experience good fortune, and may even run into a lot of money.

The Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About Onions

Many people believe that dreams hold symbolic and spiritual meanings, offering insights into our subconscious thoughts and emotions. Dreaming about onions is thought to hold particular significance, with different interpretations depending on the context of the dream. Here are some spiritual meanings associated with dreaming about onions:

  • Encouragement to persevere: Dreaming about eating an onion may be a metaphor for tackling difficult projects in your waking life. Just as an onion can bring tears when cut, the dream could be a message from your subconscious to keep pushing through challenges and obstacles.

  • Progress in business and finances: A dream about cooked onions is believed to signify advancements in your financial and business pursuits. The warmth and aroma of cooked onions could represent growth, success, and prosperity on the horizon.

  • Health and good fortune: Having onion breath in a dream is considered a positive sign, indicating good health and potential for good fortune. In some cultures, the pungent smell of onions is associated with cleansing and purification, suggesting that you are on the path to overall well-being.

  • Wealth and abundance: Running into a lot of money in a dream after dreaming about onions is often interpreted as a symbol of abundance and prosperity coming your way. The layers of an onion can symbolize unlocking hidden riches and opportunities in your life.

  • Biblical Perspective on Dreams and SymbolismThe Bible is rich with stories of dreams and visions that hold spiritual significance. In Genesis 28:10-22, Jacob dreams of a ladder reaching to heaven, symbolizing divine connection and guidance. This story highlights the idea that dreams can serve as messages from God, offering insights and direction for our lives.

    Similarly, the story of Joseph in the book of Genesis illustrates the importance of interpreting dreams. Joseph’s ability to interpret Pharaoh’s dreams leads to his rise to power in Egypt, showcasing the power of dreams to offer prophetic insights and wisdom.

    Onions Symbolism and Spiritual Meanings

    1. Divine Healing

    Onions are a symbol of a positivity and healing.

    Onions were consumed by ancient athletes to boost their stamina and endurance, a habit that Roman soldiers eventually adopted while marching across Europe.

    Onions were useful for treating ailments like dysentery as well as relieving tooth pain and promoting sleep. Even in the Medieval Era, onions were considered a valuable medicinal plant for treating headaches and preventing hair loss.

    2. Protection

    The onion has a protective symbolism. They are thought to ward off evil spirits, sickness, and even serpents.

    While in modern times people may scoff, the onion’s metaphorical meaning has deep connections to the idea of protectiveness.

    Onions, like their relative, garlic, are antibacterial and have excellent antiseptic properties.

    The onion’s pungent smell, which puts many food lovers off, simply contributes to this sense that they may ward off spirits.

    3. Complexity

    ‘Complexity’ means that something has many features and elements to it. An onion is emblematic of this.

    For example, people say “an onion has layers” that can be peeled back one by one. Each time you peel a layer, you find another underneath. This has become seen as a metaphor.

    Famously, Shrek (from the film Shrek) states: “Ogres are like onions. They have layers.” Here, he meant that he (the ogre) was a complex person. It takes time to get to know him and “peel back the layers” of his personality.

    4. Current Problems

    Some believe that dreaming of an onion means you’ll have to deal with a difficult problem.

    Unfortunately it’s not easy to say what that problem may be. It may indicate that misfortune is coming your way, or that you have a difficult essay to write for school.

    You may have to put off long-term goals and commitments that you had hoped to complete to focus on the problems in front of you right now. Be calm and positive even though it’s hard to accept the new situation at first.

    5. Emotions and Mood Swings

    Onions represent multiple emotions and mood swings. The emotions we experience are similar to the layers of onion skin. When one layer is peeled back, another may be seen beneath it.

    Similarly, to how you get wet eyes when you chop an onion, even if you are in a pleasant and happy mood, if you dream of cutting an onion, it may mean you are experiencing a variety of various emotions and moods in your everyday moments.

    When something positive happens in your life, you may be excited about it at the time, but you may get disinterested in it the next instant. Try meditating and bringing your thoughts back into balance.

    Furthermore, onions have the ability to make you cry. You could have some painful recollections from your past that bring tears to your eyes. It is acceptable to recall those recollections from time to time, but refrain from succumbing to them.

    6. Jealousy and Envy

    Onions can also be a symbol of jealousy, resentment, and envy.

    Seeing someone else cut onions a lot is a sign of jealously and resentment. Someone in your friends circle has accomplished all you’ve wished for.

    Someone else may be in a position to get the career of your dreams or the relationship of your dreams. You may be envious of them.

    On the other hand, an onion-cutting incident in a dream that leaves you in tears could indicate that someone else is envious of you. Journal and mediate to find the true meaning.

    Spiritual Meaning of Eating Onions In Dream

    Interpreting symbolism and spiritual meanings is subjective and deeply personal. The symbolic meanings listed in this article are examples of potential interpretations, but might not be true for your situation.

    Make sure you meditate and journal about your vision. Reflect on what you saw and think about what message you think is relevant to you and your life right now.

    This doesn’t mean choosing the message you want to hear, but the one you think you need to hear at this point in your life. Only you can decide which meaning is the right one for your situation.

    Onion Dream Meanings

    Some people believe that dreaming of onions has symbolic and spiritual meaning. It’s hard to interpret dream symbolism. So, the below are subjective examples only, and may not be right for your situation.

    As noted above, meditate and journal on the situation to try to find the correct meaning for yourself.

    Dream Meaning of Giving Someone Onions

    Onion DreamMeaning
    Someone handing you onionsThis may be a sign that you are acquiring the ability to succeed.
    You are planting onionsThis may indicate that you are attempting to make your adversaries’ environment uncomfortable.
    Growing onions in a fieldThis could denote financial stability and the ability to fulfill your goals.
    The fragrance of an onionSome folklore states that the fragrance of onions brings curses onto a person.
    You are eating an onionThis may be that your subconscious is encouraging you to keep working on your difficult projects.
    A dream about cooked onionsThis can show that you’re making progress in business and financial pursuits.
    A dream about having onion breathThis could indicate that you are a healthy person, are going to experience good fortune, and may even run into a lot of money.

    Onions are a popular symbol in dream interpretation.

    Onions have been used as food and medicine for thousands of years. They are a staple in many cuisines, but they also have spiritual significance. Onions are associated with tears, sadness, and grief.

    In dreams, onions can signify deep sorrow or regret. The dreamer may be experiencing feelings of sadness or grief that they are unable to express openly. Onions appear in dreams when we need to release something from our lives—a person or situation that has caused us pain—and start anew.

    The spiritual meaning of onions can be good or bad depending on how they’re used in the dream. If you see an onion as a gift or edible food, it means you will receive good news soon. If you see one growing in your yard and decide not to pick it because it’s not ready yet, then this is a sign that you should wait before making any big decisions about your life right now (or at least until the next time you dream).

    Red Onion Dream Meaning

    Onions in dreams symbolize the process of purifying yourself. It is a sign that you are in the process of cleaning out your life, especially when it comes to unhealthy relationships, habits, or situations.

    Onions are also related to the idea of being able to see through things, which can be a helpful metaphor for working through something difficult and coming out on top in the end.

    When you have an onion dream, it could mean that someone is trying to deceive you or cover up their true motives for doing something. This can be seen as a warning from your subconscious mind that you need to be careful about who you trust or what you believe.

    Onion Dream Interpretation


    Dreaming about onions shows certain aspects of your life that need care. Onions have layered skin, and this indicates that you need to peel them. Psychological assistance is critical to living in this period filled with pressure.

    Red onions also show that many problems are present. Some of the difficulties can come from your childhood, which makes you face issues in the present. Besides, dreaming about onions also announces stress and other disturbances due to jealousy from other people

    When you peel the onion, you may feel sore in your eyes if you don’t wear glasses. Shallots show many problems that come from yourself, and you are handling them properly. That’s why you need to learn to manage differently.

    When you dream about onions, this also shows bad, unfavorable energy around you. It is time for you to focus on your next step and take the time to get through it slowly.

    However, the meaning of dreams will depend on what you see while you sleep. Not all plans about onions indicate bad news. You have to go further to dig about your vision.

    Dream of seeing lots of red onions

    If you dream about large amounts of red onions, this symbolizes that you have friends who are trying to get you into trouble. Someone evil lurking and trying to make you fall for jealousy.

    Dream of peeling red onions

    When you peel an onion and you cry, it indicates emotional problems and a bad mood. Even though you are currently in a good mood, it will turn into sadness.

    On the other hand, if you see someone cutting red onions and it makes you cry, this dream signifies that that person is jealous of you. The dream of cutting red onions also shows that you need to do your best to study the current situation.

    Dream of buying red onions

    If you dream of buying red onions, this signifies fast healing. Someone near you or maybe your friend will recover from the disease as soon as possible. Conversely, if you sell red onions, this indicates that you will give up something or someone that affects you in a wrong way. It will make you float in the act of evil and cause adverse consequences.

    Dream of eating onions

    When you dream of eating red onions, this symbolizes that you will overcome all of your current challenges very well. The dream also shows progress in the business that you have been in so far. What you do will pay off, and this is the time to enjoy it.

    Conversely, if you dream of eating onions but don’t enjoy them, someone is trying to send lousy energy towards you. However, you don’t need to worry because you have strong protection to ward off bad energy.

    If you eat onions and get bad breath, it shows that you are in good health. This dream indicates that you are currently powerful to reach the goals you desire. This dream tells you about luck and material wealth.

    Dream of onion peels

    When you dream about onion skin, this indicates that you will face an unpleasant situation. This picture is characteristic of the difficulties and worries in the financial sector.

    Dream of cooking onions

    When you dream of cooking red onions for dishes, this shows the desire to change your life into something more interesting. You may feel monotonous with your life today. Now is the right moment to carry out your plan.

    Dream of an onion plant

    If you dream about onion plants on a plantation, this signifies others’ evil and jealousy towards you. But you don’t need to worry because you will succeed in what you want.

    Dream of a big red onion

    When you dream of red onions in jumbo size, this signifies strength and calm. This dream shows that many things make up your experience. Therefore, you need to learn as much as you can about all the challenging aspects. The experiences you go through are the best teachers for you.

    Dream of harvesting shallots

    If you harvest red onions in a dream, this shows that most of what you crave will come true. This dream also indicates a loyal friend who will always be with you and help you realize your expectations.

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