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Spiritual meaning of bobby pins

I have always been curious about the meaning of bobby pins. What do they symbolize, what are they a metaphor for….I’ve even attended a few weddings where the bride and grooms both wore bobby pins in their hair. Clearly, they must mean something! That got me thinking – what is the spiritual meaning of bobby pins?

Bobby pins are small and seemingly unimportant items that people often overlook. However, in the spiritual world there is a deeper meaning to Bobby pins. This article shines light on the spiritual meaning of bobby pins and what true Christian spirituality teaches.

Spiritual Meaning of Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are a common sight in most women’s hair. They are small, metal clips that help to hold a person’s hair in place. These clips can be used for many different reasons, but they often serve as a way to keep long hair out of the way while someone is working or performing. The bobby pin is named after Robert Burch, an African American inventor who invented the device in 1909.

The bobby pin has been popular throughout history and across cultures, but there are many spiritual meanings associated with these small clips. They were used by women during World War II to hold up their hair under helmets when they worked in factories, and today many people still use them to keep their hair out of their faces while performing tasks like driving or cooking dinner.

In addition to being useful tools in everyday life, bobby pins have also been used as a symbol of good luck and protection against evil spirits. In some cultures they have been used as amulets or talismans which protect against negative energy or evil spirits while keeping positive energy close at hand. Some people believe that wearing one will bring them luck when they go out on the town or meet new people at parties or social events

Bobby pins are a powerful symbol of strength and freedom. They can be used to secure your hair, but they can also hold up your entire life.

You can use bobby pins to tie your hair back when you want to let it loose, or you can use them to hold a whole new style in place. You can use bobby pins for practical purposes or for aesthetic ones—it depends on what you need at the moment.

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, try using bobby pins as a reminder to let go of old habits that aren’t serving you anymore and embrace new opportunities that might be lurking just around the corner. If you’re feeling stressed out by something like work or school, try using bobby pins as reminders that there’s nothing holding you back from doing what makes you happy except yourself!

Chances are, we have all seen a bobby pin. Whether you know this hair device by the name ‘bobby pin’ or in the United Kingdom, ‘kirby grip’, the object is the same. This has been a fashion tool for woman since it became popular in the 1920’s when the ‘bobbed’ hairstyle was sweeping the world by storm. Usually these small pieces of plastic, also made out of light metals and wood, are used as a way of keeping the hair out of your face. It is mainly used to fashion one’s hair in a particular style that normally the hair would not stay in place. It is a healthier and more natural way to get the look you want without the hassle of using hair spray or other hair styling substances/products. For anyone that has longer hair, especially women, the bobby pin is a must have device to carry on you at all times.

You never know when you will need one, and since they are so small and sit so subtly on the head, they tend to fall out quite often. Because they fall out of hair if not worn properly, or perhaps they just get loose and fall out, they are sold in bundles instead of buying just one every time. Normally these bobby pins will match the color the individuals hair so that the bobby pin is not as visible. Lately however, it has been a trend to show the bobby pin visibly.

Not only have people been making it obvious they are wearing bobby pins, they even take multiple bobby pins at once and decorate their hair with them in a sort of pattern or design. Some of these designs the bobby pins are constructed in make a lot of sense as to them being sturdy enough to not fall out of the hair, other designs however are just for show. Using bobby pins to hold and secure hair accessories is another popular use for the device. Head accessories such as bandanas, headbands, and even religious caps such as the kippah, the brimless hat worn by those in the Jewish community, are seen being held on with a bobby pin or two.

What true Christian spirituality teaches

Bobbie pins have always been a mystery to me. Sure, they keep your hair in place and get the job done. But there’s so much more to bobby pins than the everyday uses we’ve come to know and love. Throughout history, we’ve discovered that bobby pins hold some spiritual meanings, too (like their uncanny resemblance to unicorns…no, I’m not kidding). So next time you reach for that little plastic jewel, consider these possible meanings…

Bobby pins have many uses, anywhere from clipping your hair back so it does not get in your eyes and face, to lock picking a locking mechanism on a door. This can be said about the tattoo as well. Whatever the bobby pin means to you, is all that matters. If you are looking for a certain example or reason to get a bobby pin tattoo, the symbolism and meaning are all within yourself. Down below are examples of other peoples bobby pin tattoos, the reasoning for getting a bobby pin tattoo, placement, and different designs.

Marking Your Territory

Marking your territory with bobby pins is something that some girls have been doing for quite some time. You may ask yourself how a bobby pin could possibly do such a thing. The answer is simple. Say you have a date with someone, in this instance a girl is on a date with a guy. The girl is a brunette and carries brown bobby pins with her, not only to keep her hair back and in style, but to place one of these bobby pins inside the man’s residence she is at. If this said girl finds a bobby pin inside the residence of the guy she is pursuing that is not her own bobby pin, she indicates this as the man having multiple partners, or even cheating on the individual if they are already in a relationship.

Although it sounds like a long shot, this technique has been proven to work and has even helped a few others get out of a sticky relationship they no longer should be in. this is just one example of why someone may get a tattoo of a bobby pin. It is a sort of a good luck symbol and a sort of secret warning in plain site not to be tampered with. Since this design is so simple, it can virtually be tattooed anywhere you would like. Popular places have been on the side of a finger and on the wrist.

Behind Ear

A tattoo of a bobby pin behind the ear is not only a great place to get this tattoo, but it can have its own simple meaning as well. If you have long hair, this tattoo can be especially unique in a sense that you are able to hide the tattoo all together if needed and/or wanted to. The original idea of the bobby pin was to have it be blended into the hair color, in example, a brown bobby pin would go with brunette hair. The tattoo of the bobby pin behind the ear however is basically the exact opposite of this. When the hair is down, the bobby pin is not doing its purpose because the hair is not pinned up. When the hair is pulled back and pinned up, the tattoo is visible. This could indicate that you have a bobby pin in your hair for it to be up like that, the tattoo sort of displaying this. If you are one that has an addiction to bobby pins, this idea is perfect for you.

X Marks the Spot

If you want a bobby pin tattoo, or even already have one, what is holding you back from getting another bobby pin, or two for that matter? Nothing is, that’s what. If you decide on having more than one bobby pin tattoo, something to consider would be to get the bobby pins in a design such as an X. Two bobby pins interlocking each other to form an X is both a cool image and thought provoking. If you do not want the X symbol for whatever reason but still want two bobby pins, having them stacked on top of each other in a parallel line to each other is another option. This design can be done in a couple of different ways. You can either have one end of one of the bobby pins facing opposite directions as they are in the parallel line, or you they can be facing the same direction. This tattoo can also be done just about anywhere you would like because it is such a simple design. Most often, all of these bobby pin tattoos are done in just black ink.

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