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Spiritual meaning of black lava rock

What is the spiritual meaning of black lava rock? Experience the black lava stone benefits and lava stone bracelet benefits below. Black Lava Rock is a spiritually beneficial black volcanic rock. It is fossilized lava and it is called Black Lava Rock because of the way it looks. The lava solidified within rock fissures, cracks or porous spaces in the rock formations of its ancestral land mass in order to create this beautiful black rock. what does black lava rock mean? what does a black rock symbolize?

Black lava rock (also spelled black lava rock or black lave rock) is a stone from the island of Thira (Santorini) in the Aegean Sea which has been adopted as a symbol of faith by millions of Christians around the world. According to them, it’s the only remnant of St. Helena’s miter and represents how that piece of stone was used by Jesus Christ as his seat when he visited the island before his crucifixion.

what does black lava rock mean

The spiritual meaning of black lava rock is that it represents the power of forgiveness.

Black lava protects you from outside energies and helps you feel grounded by providing stability. It can help you see the bigger picture, and it gives you a sense of empowerment.

It also represents your ability to rise above challenges, so if you’re going through a difficult time, keep this gem with you for strength.

black lava stone benefits

Black lava rock is a stone of protection, grounding, and strength. It can help you feel more secure in yourself and your surroundings, giving you a sense of peace and calm. Black lava rock can help you feel grounded if you are feeling ungrounded or off-balance. Black lava rocks are great for people who spend too much time on their phones or computers, as they are natural detoxifiers.

Black lava rocks can be used to remove negativity from your life. They are believed to absorb negative energy and release it into the earth when they are thrown into the water (or other liquid). This makes them useful as an aid in spells and rituals aimed at removing negativity from your life and your space.

Black lava rocks are also said to be helpful in keeping away bad luck and evil spirits. Because black lava rocks absorb negative energy and return it to the earth, they can be used to protect yourself from negative influences by using them in ritual practices or spells where you want to keep something bad away from you or remove something bad from your life entirely

spiritual meaning of black lava rock

Conceived in the womb of Mother Earth and birthed through fire, lava stone meaning is twofold. On the one hand, Lava Stones offers raw assertive energy and passion, and on the other, practical restraint and balance.

This paradox of energies makes it the ideal companion stone for coping with modern-day life’s fast-paced competitiveness, while remaining calm and focused.

Wondering why you see so many people wearing lava stone bracelets? Let’s explore all there is to know about this fascinating rock! 

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Lava Stone & Lava Crystal Origins

Lava rock is what’s left behind after a volcanic eruption. As molten lava flows from the depths of a volcano over the earth’s surface, it immediately begins to cool, shifting from a liquid to a solid. The solid rock left behind is very porous because it is formed from the fiery, bubbling, swirling, moving streams of the lava flow.

Basalt, or lava stone, is one of the most common rock forms found on land and oceans. Currently, lava rock is estimated to cover 8% of the earth’s entire surface. It’s a fine-grained volcanic rock formed of mainly pyroxene and plagioclase minerals.

For the most part, it’s an extrusive rock pushed out of the earth’s crust by volcanic activity; however, the formation can be intrusive too, forming in small bodies such as igneous dikes.

Lava Gemstone History

Most lava stone is colored in shades of grey and black, but basaltic cinders are sometimes red, taking their hue from oxidized iron minerals present in the lava flow.

Although all lava rock is ancient in its origins, having formed in the earth’s core over millions of years, not all deposits on the surface are necessarily old. Volcanic activity is ongoing, and eruptions frequently happen.

On average, it’s estimated that around 50 to 70 volcanoes erupt annually, with some individually erupting between 60 to 80 times each year.

lava stone bracelets

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Lava Stone Benefits, Properties, Spiritual Meaning

The two prime elemental energies in lava rock meaning are earth and fire. At their extremes, the one is calm and steady, while the other is unpredictable and destructive.

Of course, extremes seldom last long before balance gets restored and energies return to their midpoint, but it gives you an idea of how lava stone is infused with both seemingly opposite primal powers.

Lava is porous as well, which means it can absorb energy and fine matter, such as liquids, oils, and aromas. We can use this property in cleansing rituals as a fragrance holder by soaking essential oils into stones and wearing lava stone jewelry to absorb the negativity we pick up.

Since ancient times, people have mined lava stones and have benefitted from lava stone meaning for thousands of years. Early human settlements in areas that have volcanic activity cherished lava rock for practical and magical purposes.

It was used to make beads, vessels, dye pigments, and for cooking in the home. Ground finely, lava stone makes an excellent stain to color fabric, pottery, furniture, walls, and face and body paint.

Lava Stone Metaphysical Properties

It also can withstand very high temperatures and retains heat for a long time. When a raw lava rock is heated through, thermal inertia within releases heat evenly and gradually. This makes it ideal for slow cooking and keeping food warm, and that’s how many ancient people prepared meals – on hot lava stones.

In ceremonies and rituals, lava stone was used mainly for protection and courage. Ceremonial artifacts, including beads, masks, animal carvings and vessels made from lava rock have been unearthed from archeological sites across the globe—some of them dating back to over 8 thousand years ago.

From these examples, it’s clear to see the duality of gray and black lava stone meaning, and it certainly didn’t escape our early ancestors. Even though it has practical, useful purposes, it’s profoundly spiritual as well.  

lava stone bracelet

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Lava Stone Chakra & Lava Stone Healing Properties

Lava stone resonates with the root chakra or Muladhara. The first of the seven main chakras within the body, it’s situated at the base of the spine. It’s a masculine energy associated with Taurus and Cancer zodiac signs and is aligned with planet Earth.

Many people tend to overlook the importance of the base chakra in favor of the higher, more spiritual ones. Unfortunately, this is a costly mistake because no one chakra is more important than another, and if the root is energetically weak or blocked, it negatively impacts all the others.

The Muladhara plays an essential role in our daily lives. It’s the foundation of our earthly existence and ensures our basic survival and continuation of life. Visualize yourself like a tree – with a weak root structure, you’d fall over and be sick all the time. That’s why it’s also known as the root chakra.

Lava stone can help us strengthen our connection with the earth by grounding us and keeping us in touch with the present moment. Often we’re anchored in the past or projecting ourselves into the future, neither of which add value to our lives. Value is found in the present moment, which is the only place we can make any real impact.

When the root chakra is in alignment, we feel safe and secure. We make practical decisions, have realistic expectations of ourselves, and have enough confidence to explore new options. All of these are necessary for personal growth and survival.

When the root chakra is blocked, or out of alignment, we feel insecure and fearful. Worry can quickly overwhelm us, and soon, anxiety and depression can set in.

Lava rock jewelry

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what does a black rock symbolize

Let’s see if your root chakra needs some extra love. Do you…

  • Feel cynical about life
  • Harbour negativity towards yourself or others
  • Fear that you won’t have enough money
  • Feel insecure and suspicious of others and life
  • Have inexplicable underlying anxiety
  • Continually feel you’re in survival mode
  • Have difficulty concentrating
  • Find it hard to make decisions
  • Have low self-esteem and confidence

Apart from grounding us and fortifying our connection with the earth, lava stone helps us heal. You can use it during meditation, prayers, and rituals, and by keeping lava stones as companions.

lava stone jewelry

Wearing a lava rock necklace or lava stone bracelet creates a strong bond between you, so you can draw on its energy whenever you need it.

  • Use lava stone for…Accepting loss or death
  • Overcoming failures
  • New beginnings
  • Releasing the past
  • Courage to move on
  • Calming emotions
  • Overcoming fear
  • Rational thinking
  • Realistic expectations
  • Reinventing yourself
  • Slowing a racing mind
  • Enhancing creativity
  • Improving communication
  • Strength and protection
  • Grounding and balance
  • Purification and cleansing
  • Improving libido
  • Supporting fertility

Healing with lava stone can be a fast or slow process, and it can help you overcome many struggles on your life journey. The contrast within lava stone meaning makes it the ideal companion to wear throughout your life.

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Beads and jewelry made from lava stone have been found on diggings at ancient sites, and today they’re still as popular as ever.  

One thing’s for sure, lava beads meaning draws people in. Let’s find out why…

Beads made from lava stone have a distinctive appearance. While they feel smooth, their surface is dotted by countless tiny holes caused by bubbles in the molten lava. This gives each bead a unique look, much like a human fingerprint; no two lava beads are the same.

men's lava stone jewelry

They’re also very lightweight, which means they don’t feel heavy or get in the way when worn on the body.

Another attraction is that they retain heat. If you remove your lava stone necklace or bracelet, it will hold your body heat for longer than other stones.

Your body heat is your energy, so the warmth in the beads is the energy transfer between you and the lava rock bracelet or necklace. Even when removed, that connection isn’t broken.

People wear lava rock beads for many different reasons, some just to stay grounded, focused, and calm in this often stressful and ever-changing world. Others wear them for healing and recovery from sickness or a tragic life event. And others still, to relieve stress, anxiety, and a racing mind.

That’s the versatility of wearing lava bracelets and necklaces. Their many benefits and properties mean they can be used for various purposes as your life changes. Lava stone is no single-skilled rock!

While its porous appearance makes it look beautifully unique, its permeability has numerous other benefits. Firstly, they absorb negative energy from and around you, but they don’t retain it. Their earth and fire energies transmute the negative into neutral energy, and then it gets released.

The same absorbent properties can be used for making lava stones more potent by combining them with the energy of other gemstones and spiritual symbols. Choosing something else that has significance to you, too, can make your lava bracelet meaning more potent.

Lava beads

lava stone bracelet benefits

Black lava rock is a symbol of rebirth. It’s also a symbol of strength and courage. The meaning has to do with the way lava rocks are formed: when volcanoes erupt, they can be very destructive and cause a lot of damage, but the lava itself is actually a sign of rebirth because it creates new land over the course of thousands of years. This helps people to feel better about the fact that their lives are changing, even if it seems like they’re losing something important in the process.

People often use black lava rocks as a reminder that even though things seem bad right now, there’s always hope for change. They can also help you keep going when things around you seem overwhelming.

Final Thoughts About Lava Stones

Truly a rock of the earth, lava stone is as much a part of us, as we are born of the earth. The human body is matter, the same matter that exists everywhere else in nature and Earth.

Looking at it that way, how can you not have a lava rock companion or two?

Nothing naturally occurring is there just for the sake of it. Everything has purpose and meaning, just as you do.

If you need some support throughout the day, are facing a life change, battling with low self-confidence, or anything related to the Muladhara, lava stone meaning is here to strengthen, balance, and support you.

Karma and Luck recognizes the journey each lava stone has made to come into this world. Much like humankind, each rock is unique and has its own journey to birth and eventual fruition. 

We want you to experience the benefits of lava stone to the fullest; that’s why we use only authentic stones crafted by hand with love and purpose by artisan jewelry makers.

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