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spiritual meaning of a blue moon

What is the spiritual meaning of a Blue Moon? In New Age spirituality and astrology, there are two meanings for a blue moon. First, every blue moon can represent renewal or a cycle closing and beginning again. It’s all about cycles.

The spiritual meaning of a blue moon is reflective in its very definition. It represents a rare appearance of the second Full Moon of the month, commonly referred to as a Blue Moon. While this definition may not seem relevant to everyday spirituality and practices, there’s more to this ancient belief than meets the eye.

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According to the ancient practice of astrology, a blue moon is a rare event. It’s a full moon that occurs twice in one month, and it’s also called a second-full moon.

The blue moon has spiritual meaning in many cultures around the world. In some societies, it’s believed that when a blue moon occurs, it signals the end of an era or cycle.

In other cultures, people believe that when a blue moon appears in the sky, it means there’s something magical about to happen. Some cultures even say that if you look at the blue moon on its own without any other light in your eyes, you’ll see your future spouse!

For still others, the blue moon represents hope and promise for what lies ahead after being trapped in darkness for so long.

A blue moon is a rare phenomenon. It occurs when there are two full moons in a calendar month, and it happens roughly once every 2.7 years on average. The last time we saw a blue moon was in July 2015, and the next one will be December 2020—so you’ll have to wait quite a while to see this celestial phenomenon again!

The term “blue moon” has its roots in Native American folklore, where it was used to describe an ill omen—typically an event that brought bad luck or misfortune to those who witnessed it. It’s also been said to mark the death of a king or other royal figure. But despite its history of bad luck, there are many spiritual meanings associated with this type of moon.

In Christianity and Islam, for example, a blue moon represents peace and harmony among peoples. The Islamic faith uses a blue moon as an opportunity for special prayer or reflection about your life and your relationship with God—and Christians often use this time as well as an opportunity to pray for peace on Earth or ask for forgiveness from someone who wronged them.

In Buddhism and Hinduism, blue moons are associated with spiritual cleansing rituals and peaceful meditation practices; they

spiritual meaning of a blue moon

Get ready for some rare and one-of-a-kind lunar magic, as the full moon rising on August 22 is the second one in a row to take place in the sign of Aquarius — which gives us double the opportunity to make good on our summer goals. The August 2021 full moon (aka the Sturgeon Moon) will inspire us to embrace our individuality and make necessary adjustments to support our personal intentions. Ultimately, the spiritual meaning of the Sturgeon Moon helps us to align with the abundant and nourishing energy of summer.

Full moons in astrology are the energetic highpoint of our monthly lunar cycle, so they tend to bring about an overload of emotional climaxes, personal illuminations, and natural conclusions. Because feelings and situations often come to a peak during full moons, they’re great for exhaling anything that’s no longer serving us and making room for fresh energy in our lives. The August 2021 full moon is extra special, as it’s the second full moon in Leo season — making it an astrological blue moon. We usually only have one full moon in Aquarius each year, so the spiritual meaning of the full blue moon relates to revisiting the rebellious and unconventional themes of last month’s big lunation, and finding fresh ways to engage with our friends and communities.

Understanding the spiritual energy of the full moon can help us to get in tune with nature’s cycles and set more cosmically aligned goals for ourselves. Get the scoop on the August 2021 full moon meaning and how to use its vibes to your advantage.

The spiritual meaning of the full blue moon is about embracing authenticity.

What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of August’s Blue Moon?

The annual full moon that takes place in August is sometimes called the Sturgeon Moon — a traditional nickname that’s based on the fact that giant sturgeon fish were plentiful (and therefore easiest to catch) at this point in the summer. So naturally, the spiritual meaning of the August 2021 full moon symbolically aligns with the bountiful and feast-worthy vibe of the Sturgeon Moon’s origin story. Now’s a time to embrace a carpe diemattitude when it comes to manifesting your intentions and confidently capitalize on the double Aquarius blue moon magic.

It’s important to note that August’s full blue moon takes place during the final hours of Leo season 2021, acting an emotionally-charged finale. This full moon is taking place at the 29th degree of Aquarius, which is critical point known as the anaretic degree in astrology. Each zodiac sign is made up of 30 degrees (0–29), so any time a planet reaches a sign’s final degree, its energy will be bursting with an eager and excitable sense of anticipation for what’s ahead. With the full moon peaking at this significant degree, we’ll all be buzzing with the cumulative energy of the past month’s journey — and we’ll have a chance to find some closure on whatever themes arose for us during July’s full moon, too.

How To Work With The Full Blue Moon Energy

With the Sturgeon Moon rising in the realm of air sign Aquarius, we’ll all want to indulge our most innovative ideas and find creative ways to express our individuality. Aquarius energy is about setting ourselves apart from the crowd and marching to the beat of our own drums — but it’s also just as much about using our unique quirks and weirdness to build a sense of camaraderie with others. By aligning with the spiritual meaning of the August full moon, we can break free of outdated traditions, make adjustments to the rules we choose to follow (and the ones we want to break), and revisit the plans we made earlier in the summer with a more fearless and forward-thinking perspective.

The term “once in a blue moon” refers to how infrequently we have two full moons during a single month or astrological season, so don’t sleep on the mystical magic that this powerful lunation has to offer. The full blue moon’s spiritual meaning will illuminate our hopes and wishes for the future, so it’s a great time to meditate on your personal intentions. Perform a simple full moon ritual by getting yourself in a peaceful zone, visualizing the future you want to create for yourself in detail, and then setting a solid step-by-step plan to get you there. Aquarius is a fixed air sign, so its focused and intellectual vibe will imbue us with steadfast determination while also activating our creativity.

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