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Native American Prayer For Death Of Animal

Native Americans have a special way of praying to their creator, asking the creator to give them what they need. This creator is the one and only giver of life. When an animal dies and becomes food, it is essential to sing a great song in its honor so that your creator can see that you are giving thanks for this gift, and so he will recognize you as a respectful person.

I am a Native American who has been living in the modern world for quite some time. I have learned that most of the prayers we use today are not really prayers, but rather songs, and they don’t really work very well on their own. This is why I decided to write my own prayer for the death of an animal, so that you can use it instead of your regular one.

The reason why this prayer works so well is because it uses elements from many different cultures and religions, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism. The prayer also uses elements from Native American culture as well as other cultures from around the world.

Because these different cultures are all combined together into one prayer, it means that when you use this prayer instead of your regular one, then it will work better than any other type of prayer out there today!

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O Creator of all things, we pray for the death of this animal. We ask that you help us to see the signs around us that this creature is ready to depart from our world. Help us to be open to these signs and trust them.

We ask that you give us the strength to accept this loss with grace and gratitude, knowing that our connection with this animal has brought us many gifts. We trust in your promise that all things come from you, and return to you in their time. We are grateful for all we have received, knowing it comes from your hand.

We pray for this creature, who has shared their life with us on Earth, that they may find peace and rest in your arms when it is time for them to leave this world. May they pass from one life into another without pain or sorrow. Amen.”

Short‍ Native American Prayer For The Dead

Native American cultures have rich traditions and practices when it comes to honoring the dead. One of the common ways in which Native Americans remember their departed loved ones is through prayers. These prayers are heartfelt expressions of grief, love, and hope for the one who has passed on to the spirit world. Below are six prayers that can be said for the dead in Native American traditions.

Prayer 1:

Great Spirit, hear my prayer for the one who has journeyed beyond this world. May their spirit find peace and light on their path to the other side. May they be surrounded by the love and protection of our ancestors as they make their way to the spirit world. Let their soul be at rest and free from pain. Aho.

Prayer 2:

Creator of all things, we lift up our prayers for the one who has left us. May their spirit be received with open arms by our ancestors and guided to the place of eternal rest. Grant them peace and comfort as they make their journey to the spirit world. Help us to remember them with love and honor in our hearts. Aho.

Prayer 3:

Spirit of the Earth, we ask for your protection and guidance for our beloved one who has passed on. May their soul find solace and healing in the spirit world, surrounded by the beauty and peace of your creation. Let them know that they are loved and cherished, both in this world and the next. Aho.

Prayer 4:

Ancestors and guardians of the spirit world, we call upon you to welcome our departed one with open arms. Guide them safely to their place among the stars and help them find their way to eternal peace. May their journey be smooth and their heart light as they transition to the next life. Aho.

Prayer 5:

Sacred Fire of purification, cleanse the spirit of our loved one as they make their way to the other side. Burn away any darkness or sorrow that may linger in their soul, and surround them with your healing light. May they find renewal and strength in your flames, and be reborn into a new existence of peace and joy. Aho.

Prayer 6:

Stars above, shine your light upon our departed one and guide them on their journey through the night sky. Lead them to the place where all spirits dwell in harmony and love, and let them know that they are never alone. May their soul be filled with the eternal brightness of your presence, and may they find rest in the shimmering heavens. Aho.

In times of grief and loss, it is important to find solace in the knowledge that our loved ones who have passed on are at peace in the spirit world. As the Bible tells us in Revelation 21:4, “He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” Let us take comfort in these words and continue to pray for the souls of the departed, knowing that they are in a better place.

Native American Prayer For Death Of Animal

The settler mindset is that we should be thankful only for the food before us. We can also be thankful for the companions beside us, and then even more broadly to thank all life, as well as the Death that will eventually come for us all.

Native American cultures have a deep respect for the natural world around them, including animals. When an animal is killed for food, clothing, or any other purpose, it is common for Native Americans to offer a prayer for the death of the animal, expressing gratitude for its sacrifice and honoring its spirit.

Here are 6 Native American prayers for the death of an animal:

Prayer 1:

“Great Spirit, thank you for the life of this animal that has given itself so that we may nourish our bodies. May its spirit find peace and continue to live on as part of the circle of life. We are grateful for this gift.”

Prayer 2:

“Creator, we offer our thanks for the life of this animal and ask that its spirit be carried gently into the afterlife. May we always remember the sacrifice it has made for us and honor it in our hearts.”

Prayer 3:

“Sacred Mother Earth, we give thanks for the gift of this animal and ask that its spirit be welcomed into the spirit world with love and peace. May its sacrifice not be in vain, but serve to nourish and sustain us.”

Prayer 4:

“Great Spirit, we acknowledge the life that has been taken in order for us to survive. We offer our gratitude and respect for this animal’s sacrifice, and ask that its spirit be released into the care of the ancestors.”

Prayer 5:

“Spirit of the animal, we honor your sacrifice and give thanks for the nourishment you provide. May your spirit find rest and continue to guide us in our journey through life.”

Prayer 6:

“Great Creator, we thank you for the abundance of the natural world and for the life of this animal that sustains us. May its spirit be at peace and may we always remember the interconnectedness of all living beings.”

Bible Verse:

Genesis 9:3 – “Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.”

In Native American cultures, prayers for the death of an animal are a way to show respect and gratitude for the connections between humans and the natural world. These prayers reflect a deep understanding of the circle of life and the importance of honoring the sacrifices made by all living beings.

Thank you for the food before us,

You should thank the animal, because it gave its life for you to eat. You should also thank the gods and ancestors who have given you food. Food is a gift from these people because they have taken care of us for generations.

We give thanks for all animals, such as deer, fish, bear and buffalo that are hunted for food. It is our responsibility as humans to honor their spirits by eating them with respect and gratitude.

Thank you for the companions beside us,

  • Thank you for the companions beside us,
  • Thank you for the friends that we have made.
  • Thank you for the companions beside us,
  • For they are our teachers and our guides.

Thank you for life within us,

While you’re still in the process of wrapping your head around this, take a moment to think about the animal that has just died. It’s at peace now, and so should you. Thank it for giving its life so that you can live another day. Thank it for giving its death so that you have food for another meal or companionship over the next week.

Thank the animal for all that it has done for you and then let go of any bitterness or guilt that might be lingering inside of yourself right now. Once again: “Remember these things!”

Thank you for death above and around us.

Thank you for death above and around us. Thank you for the living who feed the earth and offer themselves to be eaten and recycled into new life. Thank you for those who die so that others may live, and those who live so that others may die. All things are connected in your web of life, and the cycle of death is as natural as it is sacred.

This can be used as a blessing at any meal, whether you’ve hunted or gathered your food yourself or bought it in the supermarket.

This prayer can be used as a blessing at any meal, whether you’ve hunted or gathered your food yourself or bought it in the supermarket. In fact, this is an excellent way to use all of those leftovers you have in the fridge!

It’s good manners to give thanks before eating, but they’re also important prayers that help us feel connected with our food and its source.

Thanking an animal for giving its life so we can eat is one way of showing respect for other living things on Earth; another way is to show gratitude toward our fellow humans who provide us with food and shelter.


The next time you are making a meal, take a moment to remind yourself how grateful you should be for the food that’s on your plate. It’s easy to forget these days that food doesn’t just appear in front of us like magic; it is earned or bought with money we’ve worked hard for. But whether you’re buying your food from a shop or gathering it from nature yourself, saying this prayer can help remind you of how lucky you are to have the sustenance human beings have been eating for thousands of years.

how to honor a dead animal

There’s nothing that can truly prepare you for the loss of a beloved pet. Whether they pass away suddenly or as a result of old age, saying goodbye to your best friend can be one of the most painful moments you’ll experience in life.

Though you’ll always have memories of your time together, you might also find a special way to honor your pet immediately after their death, or for years to come. Celebrating your pet’s life can be an important part of the healing process and helps keep the special love you shared with them alive.

Seven ways to memorialize your pet

Bucket of tennis balls in memory of dog

1. Commemorate with others

When coping with the loss of a pet, it can be helpful for some pet parents to lean on their family, friends, and community.

  • Consider hosting a memorial service for your pet — a time for you and those closest to you to share memories and say a final farewell. If you have your pet’s remains, you might bury them or spread their ashes during this time as well.
  • For something a bit more unconventional, reflect on your pet’s favorite activities. Did your pup love to chase tennis balls at the local dog park? Supply the park with a bucket of balls in honor of Fido. Was your cat obsessed with glitter balls? Donate a bundle of your kitty’s favorite toy to a local animal shelter in their memory.

2. Create an outdoor memorial

Did your pet love to sunbathe in your backyard or lounge in the grass near your garden? Consider creating a special place outside in their memory. Put their name on a garden stone and add it to your garden, plant a tree in their honor, or have their name engraved on a bench. If you keep your pet’s remains, you can also bury them in your yard and mark their resting place in one of these ways.

3. Preserve their paw print

Though it’s hard to think of this in advance — or you may simply not have the opportunity — you might try to capture your pet’s paw print either in ink or with a simple salt dough. You could keep the print in a box with other mementos, use it to create custom artwork or a tattoo, or turn the dough print into an ornament. Many veterinary clinics also offer this service when it’s time to say goodbye. Animal Humane Society’s end-of-life services, for example, include a card containing your pet’s paw print.

Custom watercolor pet portrait

Custom watercolor pet portrait

4. Customize art or jewelry

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to personalizing artwork or a piece of jewelry in honor of a pet. Turn your favorite photo into a custom watercolor pet portrait, or have your four-legged family member’s nose or paw print engraved into a necklace. Some artists will even incorporate a portion of your pet’s ashes into jewelry or pottery. Reach out to a local artist or search an online marketplace for the right token for you. 

5. Get a tattoo

Some pet parents may choose to carry their pet with them in a more personal — and permanent — way. A talented tattoo artist can craft a custom portrait of your pet from a photograph, or replicate their actual paw or nose print if you have it on paper. Alternatively, a simple paw print with your pet’s name and/or a heart can also serve as a constant reminder of your faithful companion. You can find countless ideas for commemorating your pet on your skin with a simple image search.

Dog tattoo

Custom pet portrait tattoo

6. Celebrate their birthday or anniversary date of their passing

Whether visiting a special place frequented with a pet or simply looking back through old photos, some pet parents will commemorate their late friend’s birthday or anniversary of their passing. This can serve as a dedicated time each year to reflect and celebrate just how much your pet meant to you.

7. Give to animals in need

Honor your pet by giving another animal a second chance at a happy life. To help animals in need, consider donating to AHS in tribute to your pet. Your gift directly impacts the animals in our shelters by providing them with medical and behavioral care and helping them find the loving homes they deserve.

Saying goodbye is never easy. However you choose to honor your pet, know that your love for them will live on well past the all-too-brief time you had together. And sometimes, while the loss of one animal can cause an overwhelming amount of grief, welcoming a new one into your home (when you’re ready of course), can lift you out of sadness and remind you of all the reasons we choose to love and lose in the first place.

blessing for dead animals

Using prayers about the loss of a beloved pet during a memorial is a good way to remember a loyal and special member of your family. Write your own prayers for a dying dog, cat, or other pet, or find prayers already written that can be personalized for your pet.

Prayers for Dying Pets

If you have difficulty putting together the right words for a prayer during the trying time of losing a pet, use one of these original prayers or revise them to make them your own.

Prayer for a Dying Dog

Lord, thank you for the blessings of companionship you allowed (dog name) to provide. His attentive demeanor and patience with me daily reminded me of the care you put into providing your people with friendship from four-legged friends. Please allow his transition into the afterlife to be smooth and painless and allow him to gain the understanding that he meant a great deal to me and was very loved.

Prayer for a Dying Cat

Lord, (cat’s name) is such a gentle soul; please welcome him into your arms and onto your lap. I pray that his transition is peaceful and he feels my love for him as he goes. Thank you for allowing me the time with (cat’s name) that I had – he was such a blessing to me.

General Prayer for a Dying Pet

Lord, pets were one of your greatest creations. (Pet name) brought me so joy and love and I praise you for your wisdom in creating animals that enjoy the company of people. Thank you for the blessing of (pet name). May he go peacefully into heaven and await my eventual arrival. Please let me see (pet name) again someday at the Rainbow Bridge.

Simple Pet Prayer for Young Children

Lord, thank you for (pet name). We love him very much and we know he will soon be in heaven getting pet by all the angels. He’ll enjoy his angel wings and will probably make all the angels happy with his cuddles. Please help us say goodbye until we see him again in heaven.

Writing Your Own Pet Death Prayers

Writing your own pet death prayers can be difficult because you are probably going through a great deal of emotional pain at this time. However, sometimes, it is beneficial and comforting to write down your thoughts and feelings in relation to your faith. It can help you come to terms with what has happened and bring you to a mental place where you know that your pet is now at peace.

What to Include in Your Prayer

Writing a prayer is like writing a letter to your higher power about the loss of your pet. Here are some things you might want to include in your prayer:

  • Thanking your higher power for the opportunity to have such a lovable pet in your life
  • Recount the happy times you had with your pet
  • Some feelings you have about the loss of your pet
  • Ask your higher power to take good care of your pet and hope that your pet is finally free from pain and is happy
  • A passage from the Bible
  • Another prayer such as the “Lord’s Prayer” if you are Christian

Achieving Closure With a Pet Prayer

What is important in prayers about pet loss is that you say what you want to say to your higher power. You want to achieve closure with a prayer during a memorial and one of the best ways to do this is releasing your feelings and thoughts in the prayer. Asking your higher power to take care of your pet and thanking Him for allowing you to love such a special animal in your life, can help you find peace and comfort.

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