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Spiritual Meaning Of A Poop In A Dream

Everyone poops, and a dream of pooping was once considered by many to be a symbol of good luck. So why associate it with bad luck? And what is the spiritual meaning of a poop in a dream? Find out more.

Dreaming that you see poop can have many different meanings. Some say if you dream of poop it means that your current life situation isn’t as good as you hoped, while others claim it indicates a new friend’s arrival or a possible trip to a new place. Little is said about the spiritual meaning of a poop in a dream. If in your dream you see poop, here are some things to consider:

Churchgists will give you all you ask on spiritual meaning of a poop in a dream, What does it mean when you dream about poop?, Unexpected Wealth and Rewards and so much more.

Spiritual Meaning Of A Poop In A Dream

Poop dreams are often a symbol of spiritual release. Pooping/seeing poop is a sign that your problems, though messy, are out in the open. In several cultures, poop dreams are a sign of prosperity. Seeing an animal’s poop in your subconscious is a good omen of upcoming wealth.

A poop in a dream is not always a good sign.

It can be a sign that you are feeling insecure about something, and it is your body’s way of telling you to be careful. It could also mean that you are being too critical of yourself or others and need to relax more. However, if the poop is coming out of someone else’s body, it could mean that you feel like they do not respect you enough or do not respect themselves enough.

The spiritual implications of this dream are that you may be feeling insecure about something in your life right now. This insecurity can come from feeling like people around you are disrespecting you or themselves. If this is the case, then try to think about why this might be happening and how to fix it—or move on if it isn’t worth fixing!

A dream about poop is often a sign that you are feeling overwhelmed or that you are not properly taking care of yourself. It can also mean that your body is trying to tell you something about the foods that you are eating.

If you dream of sitting on the toilet and pooping, it could be a sign that you are trying to get rid of something in your life. Perhaps it is time for a change!

If you dream of pooping in public, this can indicate that there is something in your life that needs to be addressed with caution. Be careful with what comes out of your mouth!

What Does It Mean To Clean Poop In A Dream

Disgusting as it is, dreaming of poop is one of the most common dream events. Various analysts and dream books associate poop or fecal matter with riches and coming into unanticipated wealth. 

But is that all there is to it? No!!! The stinky waste also symbolizes emotional baggage and negative feelings that do you no good. 

To interpret your dream more accurately, dig into the poop dream symbolism and a collection of common scenarios.

What does it mean when you dream about poop?

Unless you detest money, rewards, and gains, you have no reason to be repulsive of poop dreams. Despite its sight and stinky odor, in reality, poop in dreams is often auspicious, though not always. But don’t get your hopes up yet because they may also stand for diseases.

So, you just had a poop dream, and the mere recollection of the scenario makes you lose your appetite! But what if we say there is a bright side to the stinky waste you saw in your dream?

Though disgusting, poop is as common as any other dream theme. It is, in fact, one of the most common things anyone could see in a dream.

Interpretations may vary, depending on the dreamer, the settings, and the elements present in the dream. But generally, poop dreams point to money, unexpected wins, improvements, success, psychological baggage, and aspects of your personality you find sickening.  

Be it human’s or any other organism’s, poop or excrements do no good to bodies. So, when you dream of taking a dump, it could stand for the excretion or cleansing of negativity, toxic people, and unhealthy obsessions.

Better yet, a poop dream could stand for a fortune or an inheritance out of the blue! Something you had not expected. But these dreams also have their stinky and unpleasant sides. Sometimes, they could point to your repulsive personality. 

Now, for a detailed interpretation, have a look at the most generic symbols associated with poop.

Unexpected Wealth and Rewards

Poop dreams are closely associated with unanticipated gains. You might have invested time and effort in tasks or projects.

Chances are, you did it without expecting anything in return. But out of the blue, you may receive a reward, making you thrilled and excited. The beautiful side of this dream is it will instill in you the belief that Good breeds Better!

On the other hand, you might also receive an inheritance or a fortune from a person or a source you least expected. 


Most poop dreams revolve around money and material gains. When you dream of the waste, you may stumble upon a fortune. 

But note this too. Fecal matter is an unpleasant sight to encounter- be it in dreams or waking life. Its unpleasantness could point to wealth you have acquired through dirty or illegal channels.

Perhaps you detest how you generate your income. Or are you involved in an activity that is not socially acceptable?


Sometimes, fecal matter in dreams can symbolize your strong-headedness and obstinacy. Perhaps you trust none but yourself.

Despite repeated advice and guidance, you tend to pay no heed to the words of others. Instead, you will likely do whatever you want, even though it means deconstructing societal norms. 


Though most of the dreams associated with poop point to wealth and gains, some scenarios hint at illnesses that could be trivial or dead serious, according to the dream plot. 

Disgraceful Habits and Obsessions

Dreaming of waste may also be throwing light on the habits and obsessions you are ashamed of. It could be anything from unhealthy and dirty obsessions to gambling and impulsive shopping.

Now you might be wondering why your dream points to those deeds. Simple! Perhaps you think you have kept it well-hidden when in reality, everyone around you is already much aware of it. 

For instance, when you dream of pooping in your pants, you can pretty well hide the view from all, but what about the odor? It’s a given that everyone around you will get the smell, and eventually, the truth will come to light. 

Feeling Blocked

Sometimes you may have dreams of passing hard stools or a dream of being constipated. It is a strange dream, no doubt.

But what could it stand for? According to interpreters, dreams of constipation could mean you feel clogged and obstructed. Perhaps a few hurdles are preventing you from reaching your potential.


Sigmund Freud relates dreaming of poop with anxiety and depression. Perhaps the past few days or months have been too hard on you, and you are now mentally tired and listless.


Though not commonplace, poop dreams are also symbolic of envious feelings. For instance, in the dream books of Freud, pooping inside pants points to jealousy getting between partners, thus creating a conflict.

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Dreaming of Poop : Different Dream Types & Their Interpretations

1. Dreaming of a pile of poop

Undoubtedly, in this dreamscape, the pile of poop stands for a fortune. You may chance upon an unexpected wealth. Maybe you will start reaping the benefits of your hard work. 

In short, success and progress await you.

2. Dreaming of fresh poop 

The dream indicates you are in a good state. Your career, relationship, and life, in general, are how you want them to be, and you wouldn’t change them for anything in the world.

3. Dried excrement in a dream

Do you wish to change some aspects of your life? Dried poop in dreams usually points to changes you pine for.

4. Dreaming about getting the stinky smell of poop

It stands for an opportunity you are yet to notice. Don’t fret yet because, as per the narrative, you will spot it pretty soon.

However, there’s no telling how trustworthy the opportunity is. If your intuition finds it shady, you must let it pass by. Be that as it may, don’t strike it off at first glance because it could even turn out to be your golden ticket to success.

Here, the key lies in how you perceive your dream event. Were you disgusted and even nauseous by the smell? If so, dig more into the opportunity before you make your final call. In case you were not much disturbed by the odor, grab the chance, it’s probably your route to a bright future.

5. See someone pooping in a dream

Have you lately taken advantage of someone’s disadvantage? Back then, when the incident happened, you might have overlooked the consequence of your actions. Now, as per the dream, your shameful deeds have come to light, and you cannot help but feel disgraced.

6. Defecating in your dream

Strangely enough, to dream of yourself defecating implies brainstorming. Possibly, you have assembled your thoughts, ideas, and resources to create something big. Around this time, various opportunities will pass you.

But they will not make themselves noticeable to you. Probably, they would come to you disguised as something else. The key is to be attentive and not evaluate matters at face value.

It could also stand for cleansing and getting rid of negative emotions and feelings that make you feel inferior to others.

7. Defecating heaps in a dream

Poop, in large quantities, in this scenario symbolizes the piling up of problems.

8. Dreaming of defecating a lot but with difficulty

You could be pushing yourself harder than you should, making yourself stressed and fatigued.

9. Dream of defecating in nature

It is a good sign. You will finally be able to heave a sigh of relief as you get rid of your financial difficulties.

10. Dreaming about pooping in your pants

For the longest time, you have wished to get rid of something from your life. It could be an unhealthy habit, a toxic partner or a relationship, or a job that isn’t worth much. It could also mean leaving your present city for another. That wish seems to be finally working out. What you have been pining for is soon to be a reality.

In all likelihood, you have a few unhealthy habits and obsessions. And you seem to be aware that they are nothing to be proud of because the dream indicates you do all you can to keep them well-concealed. 

In the same dream, if you went miles to hide the fact that you pooped in your pants, it points to expenses and investments you are ashamed of.

11. Recurring dreams of defecating in your pants

It reflects your inefficiency when dealing with issues. Apparently, you often lose track of your actions while taking care of them, which leads to more chaos and confusion. Those recurring dreams might have a solution for you if you know which task to prioritize.

12. Pooping in your undergarments in a dream

Perhaps you have failed to achieve your goals. That might have caused you to lose faith in your capabilities. Ultimately, you seem to have started hating yourself, your potential, and everything about you. 

But are you aware that you are unintentionally debasing yourself further? The more you label yourself as a failure, the more you will keep away from the society of successful people, hence limiting your room for growth.

Snap out of your illusion and do what you need to do!

13. Dreams of taking a dump without your clothes on

Have you in the past few days put yourself to shame? Did you let your attitude and recklessness give yourself away? That is what the dream is indicating here.

14. Dreaming about pooping on yourself

The dream points to the gains you acquired through shameful, unfair, or immoral means.

15. Dream of defecating in your bed

The dream vision points to a humiliation you had suffered lately or is likely to, in the foreseeable future.

Poop on your bed or bedroom also points to trouble brewing between you and your partner over money matters.

16. Dream of defecating in a bucket

It is reflective of your sincerity, determination, and perseverance while chasing your dreams. Remember the saying,’ Nothing worth having is ever easy, and all the best things in life are the result of pain‘. Things and people worth having aren’t easily attainable. 

If you face challenges while pursuing your life goals, it may not be a consequence of your lack of talent or potential. Remember, challenges crop up not to break but to test you and make you stronger.

17. Dreaming of emptying bowels in a toilet

As indicated by the dream, you have a heap of negative pent-up feelings and emotions. It might have taken a toll on your mental peace and health because the dream event reflects your desire to get rid of the negativity you have accumulated.

It could also mean you have a well-balanced, harmonious life and many other things to be grateful for.

Some interpreters have an alternate view on this. According to them, it symbolizes how honest of a person you are. The bigger the dump, the greater are your morals and virtues.

18. Dream of Defecating in a public toilet

It is an auspicious dream. It foretells overall success but specifically finance-related.

19. Dream of pooping in a public toilet with undivided cabins

It could mean you are comparing your riches and wealth with others. In the same dreamscape, if you feel embarrassed of defecating before others while they do the same, the wealth you have acquired so far possibly comes through an illegal channel. 

20. Dream of defecating in the open

Shortly, you will see an exponential rise in your finances. You will, as indicated, won’t keep mum but let people know of the wealth you have acquired.

That being the case, a few might approach you for help. If this does happen in your waking life, you shouldn’t question why. It’s because they know you got money!

The dream is also reflective of you and your personality. Perhaps you find the ordinary boring, and anything that binds you to standard norms suffocates you. You yearn to be the center of attention, and you don’t mind doing outrageous things and breaking the rules to receive the spotlight.

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21. Dream of defecating on the road

You could be repenting a deed you committed recently. Now that you look back and think about it, it embarrasses you, and you seem to be quite disturbed by it. 

The dream indicates you to take a step forward and apologize to the person concerned if you genuinely feel sorry. Without a doubt, you cannot undo the deed, but you can try to lessen the harm for the sake of your relationship with that person and your mental peace.

22. Dreams where you felt embarrassed taking a dump in public

The dream indicates the wealth you have acquired. But there’s also a hint of you not being content with your achievements. Could it be that you got them through immoral or illegal means? 

23. Someone stopping you from taking a dump in your dreams

It could stand for a threat or even an attack from someone.

24. Pooping and cleaning up in a dream

You have problems in your life, but they will not upset you for long as you will solve them one after the other. 

On the flip side, if you take a dump and leave it as it is, it could mean you are inviting a massive issue by collecting trivial ones. 

25. Pooping snakes in a dream

Defecating snakes in a dreamscape is associated with cleansing. Do you have people in your circle who are not to your liking? Do they give you bad vibes and make you feel inferior every time you meet up? Or are you entangled in a toxic situation that drains you? 

The dream indicates you are on your way to getting rid of toxicity from your life. The dream scenario encourages you to let go of all that makes you feel small.

26. Defecating a fish in a dream

If you ever get into a conflict, hear both sides of the story before siding with anyone. The dream implies you may end up supporting the party that did wrong. 

If you are sick around the time you see this dream, it could mean your situation will get worse. 

27. Passing poop with worms in a dream

The dream stands for the release of negative emotions as well as other problems that stress you.

28. Pooping a piece of rope in a dream

In all probability, an event has tarnished your reputation badly, and you are making attempts to clear your name. But there is a twist in the plot. There is a bright side to the trouble- you will realize who your real friends are and who are under masks. 

The rope stands for social ties, and the spectacle of eliminating a piece of rope means you will discard some social relationships that were under pretense.

29. Dreams of constipation

The inability to poop in your dream stands for mental blockages and insecurities when expressing your opinions in public.

Are you too careful when it comes to spending money, to the point that you refrain from investing in basic household needs? You may have your reasoning for your spending habits, but some may take you as a Scrooge. It’s likely your dream wants you to see if you can try spending more whenever the time is right. 

For instance, treat yourself once in a while to good food instead of gulping down cheap, ready-to-eat store foods. Not only will you feel good, but your well-being will improve too.

Is someone stopping you from moving ahead? Perhaps he/ she hates to see you rise. You can also take this dream as a premonition to a betrayal because the person withholding your progress could be someone you trust.

Moreover, constipation in a dream plot could also mean you have overlooked a business opportunity.

30. Dreams of suffering from diarrhea 

Whatever you do goes unappreciated! It could indicate your work environment or even your domestic sphere. These incidents could have been happening for a long time, and with frustrations building up inside you, you might be longing to let all of it out. 

31. Passing blood with stool in a dream

The dream points to a few problems you need to look into immediately. If they go unattended, you, your career, your life will be in chaos. According to the dream, your family and near ones might get dragged into the mess.

Defecating blood also stands for exhaustion.

32. Dreaming of a bird taking a dump on you

Birds taking a dump on you symbolizes success in your ventures. Now, this isn’t anything new, as bird droppings are often associated with riches, even in the real world.

33. Dreaming of splashing poop all over yourself

The dream hints at a person who is, probably, green with envy with your achievements. If jealousy gets the better of him or her, he/she will try to sabotage you, which is what the dream foretells. Though the possibility of you escaping his/ her intended harm is bleak, you should try to keep yourself aware of the happenings around you.

34. Dream of cleaning poop

In all likelihood, you will get in trouble in the coming days. Whether the problem has anything to do with you or not, offer to help out. Otherwise, that problem may end up as yours. As the dream indicates, someone made the mess, but it’s you who need to clear it. 

Some interpreters associate cleaning poop- be it with your bare hands or a rag with improvements in your domestic sphere or acquiring money without much effort.

35. Cleaning someone else’s poop in a dream

You will get busy cleaning up a mess you did not create.

36. Cleaning cat poop in a dream

It’s good to be on the safer side and not have blind faith in people. But that is not to say you must always be skeptical of everyone. The dream indicates you need to make adjustments. Not all people around you deserve your skepticism. Carefully evaluate who has been with you during your lowest moments and learn to trust those who deserve every bit of it.

37. Vomiting poop in a dream

Eventually, you have figured out the problems that have been troubling you for a long time. 

38. Playing with poop in a dream

The dream reflects the responsibilities you need to accomplish in the coming days. Do you take life a little too seriously? It is good to have life goals and objectives but try to incorporate fun in your life once in a while. Because as you might be already aware, All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Playing with poop in a dream also reflects your anxiety in the real world.

39. Rolling on shit in a dream

It symbolizes a celebration.

40. Dreaming of swimming in shit

The dream foretells a luxurious life, which lacks nothing but peace. As per the scenario, your way of acquiring wealth is corrupted, to begin with, which is why you have no peace despite your efforts.

41. Dreaming of sleeping over crap

The dream marks the beginning of a bad phase. Watch out for anything that may cost your reputation. 

42. Dreaming of throwing away fecal matter

Pay close attention to your spending money. Your extravagance may get you into trouble if it goes unchecked.

43. Throwing poop at someone in a dream

Someone may humiliate or abuse you over a matter. It could also be that someone is taking advantage of you.

44. Dreaming about someone throwing waste at you

Your subconscious is probably warning you to pay close attention to how you treat people. You seem to have an attitude and personality that is not very appealing.

They might have caused you a handful of relationships, and if you don’t get serious about fixing your personality traits, you might soon have nobody to call a friend.

45. Dreaming of a monkey throwing poop at you

If you are in business, do you have customers you cannot tolerate? If you have any, a monkey throwing poop at you means they will give you money.

46. Digging up cat poop in your dream scenario

A person you dearly love has stabbed you at the back for a reason unknown to you. Probably, the betrayal has left you shattered. And the spectacle of you digging up cat poop symbolizes your desire to dig into the facts that led to the breakdown.

47. Dreaming of poop inside your ear and cleaning it

You might literally get ganged up by some people for your snobbish and stuck-up personality. Perhaps you have a way of criticizing others while trying to make yourself look good.

In some worst cases, you might have even blamed someone for a blunder you committed. The dream indicates that people around you have had enough. At least, be responsible for your flaws if you wish to build healthy relationships with others.

48. Dreaming of a diaper with poop in it

It reflects your commitment towards the welfare and security of your family, especially your young kids.

49. Feces on the wall in a dream

Somebody’s carelessness will lead him/ her to waste a handsome amount on something. And you will be smart enough to grab the opportunity to earn some good quick money.

50. Dreaming of your car loaded with shit

Perhaps you feel devalued and unappreciated in your waking life. Before you blame others and yourself, ask yourself if it is the consequence of the path you have chosen for yourself. 

51. Dreaming about your house covered with excrement

Problems and more problems are making their way towards you. The dream is not to scare you off but to make you aware and prepared.

52. Coming into contact with poop in your dreams

Perhaps, you are not too proud of yourself. Do you think you have a personality that is not too appealing?

53. Dreaming of poop that smells real bad

According to the dream, your relationship with one or a few people in your life is too tense. If careless and impulsive, you might even fall out with those people.

54. A lot of poop in a dream

It stands for good luck concerning your profession and love life. There’s also an indication that you will receive a fortune.

55. Dreams of poop everywhere

Here, poop stands for money and material gains. Therefore, you can interpret this dreamscape as having more money than you would need.

56. Poop stains in a dream

It could be that you regret committing some mistakes in a recent event. This dream vision is your cue to lessen some of the damages. If you think an apology could help to some extent, you should go ahead! 

57. Dreaming about feces in mouth

It foretells health-related issues in the coming days. Excrements in the mouth are also closely related to the wealth acquired through disgraceful activities. 

For instance, you might have taken a fortune as a bribe from one of your clients. Though none were with you when you received it, people and authorities may probe into the matter. If that happens, you would be in serious trouble.

58. Poop/ poop stain on your clothes

You will chance upon the dark secret of a friend or an acquaintance. It will leave you disturbed and asking yourself hundreds of questions related to the supposed-to-be-private-matter. Your friend, on the other hand, wouldn’t be aware of what’s happening.

59. Excrement stuck to a piece of cloth

Financially, now is a good time for you. Likely, you will stumble upon a fortune. Or you will figure out a new source to generate hefty income.

60. Dreaming about poop on your bed

Poop on your bed- regardless of the exact spot hints at trouble concerning your love relationship. Though not limited to, it could be that the problem is a result of financial difficulties.

61. Dreaming of feces on the floor

Feces on the floor is an indication of your envious feelings for others’ success. According to the plot, you are so occupied studying others’ achievements that you have overlooked what you can do.

The dream scenario encourages you to look within your potential and see which skill or talent can be instrumental for your growth. Take this chance to work for your success instead of watching other people succeed!

62. Taking poop inside the house

In all likelihood, you have a streak of good luck supporting you whatever you pursue around this time.

63. Stepping on poop in a dream

The dream of stepping on poop carries positive messages for you, especially if you struggled to clean your soiled shoes.

If you are riding through hard times, it is even worth celebrating. Your dark days will soon come to an end. At any minute, you might receive a piece of news that will eliminate the financial problems you are facing at present. 

Another point your dream wants you to note is to listen to yourself and your intuition. Make the right choices according to how you see fit and don’t let others decide for you.

According to some analysts, it could also mean you will unexpectedly get lucky in your business ventures.

Many dream books associate stepping on shit with a long life full of contentment.

Stepping on human poop could also symbolize what you did wrong by judging work from the first impression.

You likely got into a job with no expectations of profiting from it. But as time passed, you may have realized that you have greatly wronged the job and how much it can change your bank balance. 

The dream could be teaching you a lesson- nothing is impossible provided you work sincerely and put in genuine efforts. Money earned! Lesson learned!

64. Dream of seeing someone else step/fall on human feces

First, ask yourself a question. Is there something you have always wanted to do? Perhaps the fear of failure stops you from turning your dreams into a reality. If your answer to the question is a big yes, the dream event is a good sign. 

Deeds, not words! The dream wants you to stop wishing and start acting. Push your fear and insecurity to the backseat and let reality decide the fate of your goals.

65. Stepping on animal poop in a dream

Someone around you is certainly in a bind. The excrement in your dream stands for the unpleasant situation that person is in. The act of you stepping on it could be interpreted as you stepping in and helping him/her resolve the matter or minimize the damage to some degree.

If you step on animal poop, it means you are giving sound financial advice to a person. Undoubtedly, it will help him/her come out of the hole they are in.

This dream plot could also mean you will receive an unexpected reward for something you have done. Unquestionably, it is a dream encouraging you to give your best in areas you feel passionate about without expecting anything in return. 

66. A dream of stepping on someone else’s stool and sitting down

This dream vision is an ill omen.

67. Stepping on dog poop in a dream

Likely, you will receive help and assistance from your friends.

68. Dreaming about stepping on cat poop

If you dream of stepping on cat poop, it could be a warning as the dream points to the plots and tricks set up by your ill-wishers.

69. Wiping poop off from a pair of shoes

You will earn less than you could around this time. But still, it is a good dream because the small amount is not because you lack talent and capabilities! But because you stick to your principles and refuse to indulge in shady activities, despite the promise of a hefty sum.

Eating Poop in a Dream

70. Dreaming of eating poop

Eating poop in a dream is generally a negative sign. Your reputation might suffer on account of an incident that happened years back. It could also be a consequence of a disgraceful deed you committed recently.

The situations that would lead to your deterioration could be any, but one thing is sure. The dream is a warning! If you have a secret you think no one knows about, do what you can to destroy it before you lose everything.

It also points to other difficulties that have nothing to do with your status. According to the dream, you may have or will soon get into a circle that is not happy with your success.

They may try to get into your way and ruin everything you have built so far. All you need to remember is people will say what they have to say. You have to be wise and listen to only those who serve you well.

If you are a pessimistic person, who always sees the glass as half empty, your perspectives may be the blockages to your growth. You can try looking at matters from various angles because we are not always correct!

71. Dreaming about eating your poop

The dream is reflective of your strong-headedness. Most of the time, you do things as you see fit and pay no heed to the advice and guidance given by others around you.

It could also mean you are a pessimist who anticipates the worst in any situation.

72. Dreaming about eating cat poop 

The dream implies someone will possibly bring up a matter that happened ages ago to start a fight or an argument with you.

Poop on your Body Parts in Dreams

Though feces on the body sounds disgusting, it is generally an auspicious dream. Gains, specifically concerning finance, is written in the stars. 

73. Dreaming of feces smeared over your body

You will soon be on a ride towards success and prosperity. 

74. Smearing poop on yourself in a dream

You will probably take on new roles and responsibilities to multiply your income. That may be what the matter looks like on the surface, but you should remind yourself that those roles may give you back a lot more than material gains. Perhaps, they will take you one step closer to a better life.

Whatever it is you are getting yourself into, keep your family in the loop, especially if you smeared yourself with the poop of someone else.

Another interpretation of smearing waste on yourself is that you are the blockage to your success. To be precise, your lack of will, self-confidence, and procrastination stands between you and your dreams. 

75. Smearing poop on someone else in a dream

Imagine smearing waste on someone in real life! You would need unwavering courage and would be prepared mentally for a backlash. Similarly, smearing feces on someone in a dream event means you would do anything to protect your people.

You may get into trouble, you may get humiliated. But as long as you can be with them, you are ready to face any challenge.

76. Dreaming of others smearing poop on themselves

You could fall out with your friends over a matter. It could also be with your colleagues.

77. Dream of getting feces on your hands, accidentally

You have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to switch your present career with something else. Out of the blue, someone may come to you with a great offer. It could be someone you know or even your parents, whose income just escalated.

78. Dreaming of poop all over your hands

If you dream of getting poop all over your hands, it symbolizes relationship-related trouble. 

It also stands for an unpleasant task or a responsibility you have taken up. 

79. Touching poop in dreams

It generally symbolizes a metamorphosis. Here, excrement stands for the toxic people, activities, and others you want to dispose of. Finally, you have come to terms with yourself that you need to strike them out from your life before letting them damage you.

The scenario may also be a reflection of your personality. Do you criticize others for the mistakes you made?

You likely take pleasure in shifting the blame to others when it was wholly your fault. If this is you, your behavior could be because you are afraid! So, you take the easier route and dump the unpleasantries on others!

80. Holding poop in your hands

Have you made any investments lately? The dream implies investments made around this time would prove beneficial for you.

Holding poop or anything dirty in our hands is abominable. When you dream of such an event, it may signify that you are compelled to take on tasks and responsibilities that do not interest you.

81. Dreaming of wiping poop off you

You may get into a situation where you need to express your opinion on a matter to someone you do not trust. The incident will leave you vulnerable.

Poop in the Bathroom: Different Scenarios

82. Dream of a filthy toilet with excrements splattered around

The dream points to problems concerning your personal life. Waste is supposed to be flushed through, not splattered around. Here, the excrements symbolize your private life coming out in the open. Incidents and matters, which are too intimate for the public ears, are exposed for all to hear and gossip.

The dream also stands for a constant battle between your logical and emotional sides.

83. Flushing poop in your dream

The dream brings a positive message. You will soon let go of all the burden and negativities which have cost you many sleepless nights. But for that to happen, you may need to spend some money.

84. Unable to flush excrements in a toilet in your dreams

Negative emotions and baggage have gotten too much that you are on the brink of having a breakdown. 

85. Dream of poop in toilet 

This dream has several interpretations, and most of them convey negative messages. Expect your situation to deteriorate in the coming days. It could also be that you are receiving threats from a person. 

86. Dream about toilet overflowing with poop

You have money flowing in. Interestingly, what you are going to get around this time is unexpected money. Your hard work and efforts have nothing to do with it. 

But before you let excitement hit you, you should know that an overflowing toilet also has several other interpretations. According to your present financial situation, the dream could also symbolize a financially challenging phase.

It could also be reminding you to flush down your negative thoughts and claim your peace back. Another reminder- take better care of your health!

87. Falling into a toilet bowl and getting out of it in a dream

If you dream of the above spectacle, chances are, you would soon hit the jackpot.

88. Dream of poop in a sink or tub

Soon, you may receive some amount as tax returns, only if you work hard enough to claim it. 

Dreaming of Your Feces

89. Dreaming of your poop

Times are going to be hard with regards to finance. Either there will be a decline in income, or you will suffer unexpected losses. There’s also an indication of others borrowing from you. 

Are you working hard to achieve something? Seeing your dump could also mean you are curious to know how far your efforts have brought you and where you stand in terms of your growth.

90. Picking your shit in a dream

The spectacle of picking up your feces foretells good fortune, especially concerning finance.

Other Poop Dream Meaning (Dreaming of Feces)

91. Someone else’s poop in a dream

The dream implies you are envious of someone else’s achievements, looks, personality, or life in general. 

92. Dreaming of a human feces

First things first, take a look at your personality. Are you an honest and virtuous person with no stain on your name whatsoever, or do you secretly agree that you are a hypocrite? In case you fall in the first category, you will soon see improvements.

You might change jobs and hence your social circle. If not your job, you will at least see a hike in your salary.

If you belong to the second category, you will lose your friends and acquaintances one after the other because of your personality. Ultimately, your loneliness and lack of support from others will drive you to a financial crisis.

Human Feces could also stand for a dilemma. Perhaps you have mixed feelings about some matter and are unsure whether to back off or move forward. 

Some analysts relate human feces with financial gain as a form of reward.

93. Baby poop in a dream

If you are starting anything new around this time- a business venture, for instance, you will have a tough time coping with it in the initial days. But as you proceed, so will your luck! You will receive heaps of help along the way, and your complications will diminish in due time. 

In short, Lady Luck favors you around this time. But hold on! There’s a warning too. Though you have unsurmountable luck to prove your worth, you may not have the same luck when it comes to poker and such. So, note that before you run off for a game!

The dream also hints at the need to be more assertive and communicate better with people.

Baby poop also symbolizes getting rewarded for your hard work and efforts. Some interpreters relate such types of dreams with neglecting responsibilities. As there are several interpretations, you need to be clear of your real-world situations before interpreting. 

You or anything in your family may acquire a hefty sum of money. If that does happen, the dream wants you to know that it is through sheer luck, and you shouldn’t let the lucky incident impact your life goals.

94. Runny stool of babies in a dream

Runny stool, especially of babies, signifies betrayal by a friend or a person you trust.

95. Dreaming of hard stools

If you passed hard stools in your dream, your offer to be of assistance to someone will be rejected. It may be related to money or even physical labor.

Animal Poop in Dreams

96. Dream of poop of domestic animals

The dream reflects your longing to sell an item you hold dear.

97. Dream of animal poop inside your house

Just when you believe you have reached your destination, your dreams often crumble and take you back to square one. It could also mean you have haters who live to see the day you fail. If the animal dump was outside a house or other enclosed areas, the dream event carries positive messages.

98. Dreaming of cow’s/ horse’s  poop

The dream foretells success and prosperity. 

100. Dreaming of dog poop

Dog poop in a dream vision is associated with success in terms of both personal and professional lives. You will have several opportunities to take a turn for the better. However, whether you progress or not depends on you. 

To make the best of those opportunities, you have to let society and the world know of your existence. Should you keep yourself glued to your familiar zone, your chances to rise would be gone before you can do anything about it.

Dog poop in a dream could also be warning you against your impulsiveness. 

101. Dreaming of the poop of puppies

Puppy poop in dreams foretells that you would babysit in the coming days. 

102. Cat poop in a dream

Undoubtedly, there are heaps of pending tasks you need to take care of. And you are not much concerned about them, as per the dream. Instead of working on them, you are pushing them away for later times.

103. Chicken poop dream meaning

When you dream of chicken poop, you can look forward to things falling to the desired spots because it stands for good luck.

104. Dreaming of rabbit poop

If you have children, dreaming of rabbit poop is auspicious. Your little ones will be lucky and blessed in the coming days.

105. Rat poop in dreams

Be on your guards because rat poop in dreams usually symbolizes robbers.

106. Dreaming of mouse poop

Your business will undergo some of the best days.

107. Cockroach poop in a dream

What’s common between the symbolism of a cockroach and poop in dreams is that both stand for upliftment and security. Therefore the dream event of a cockroach poop means you will soon meet an influential person who will help you financially.

108. Dreaming of the poop of worms

Worm poop in dreams generally symbolizes collecting and saving coins and changes.

Dreaming of Poop: Different Dreamers

109. Poop in the dream of a businessman

Did you dream of getting inside your house with poop all over your back? If so, it foretells growth and gains. Whatever domain your business is in, the dream hints at a steep rise promising you exponential wealth. 

The same interpretation is applicable if you, a businessman, dream of excretion all over your body.

110. A dream of a man defecating in a public restroom

In case you are a man and dreamt of defecating in a public restroom, it’s time you pay close attention to your health.

111. A man dreaming of taking a dump under a tree

It symbolizes unforeseen profits from a business you had expected no returns from.

112. A man pooping inside a car in a dreamscape

If you are a man and dream of shitting inside a car, it points to your potency.

113. An unmarried woman dreaming of stool

If an unmarried woman dreams of a pile of waste on her bed and has to clear the mess, it means she will marry a filthy rich man. But as the saying goes, there is nothing such as perfection. The man, though rich, will be morally corrupt. That’s a red flag!

114. Defecating in a public toilet in the dream of a woman

If you are a woman and defecated in a public toilet in your dream vision, you would likely be insulted for something. Now, the dream encourages you to be strong and not pay heed to the opinions of others. 

Poop Dream Meaning: Colors and Interpretations

115. Brown fecal matter in a dream

It stands for wealth, stability, and prosperity. In all likelihood, your subconscious is letting you know that you would get lucky and wealthy soon.

116. Golden/ yellow feces in a dream

To dream of yellow feces stands for wealth and prosperity.

117. Strange-colored poop

The dream foretells conflicts either with your family or friends. It may also happen at your workplace. Take the dream as a cue and stay away from anything that looks troublesome.

Spiritual Meaning of Poop Dreams

Spiritually, pooping or taking a dump is associated with releasing negative energies and emotions. 

Biblical Meaning of Feces in a Dream

Christians believe that dreaming of poop is a message from the spiritual world asking the dreamer to go through a cleanse. Have you done something morally wrong to someone? You can ask for forgiveness.

Of course, in most cases, the deed cannot be undone, but a genuine apology may help you regain the affection and trust of the person you had wronged.

Similarly, if you have any pent-up negative feelings against anyone for whatever reason, learn to let them go.  

Poop Dream Interpretation in Islam

According to the cultural beliefs of Islam, poop in a dream stands for money. Whether it implies spending, receiving, or wasting depends on each dream context. For instance, poop in solid form foretells spending or investing a hefty sum for your health.

Korean Poop Dream Interpretations

According to Korean culture, poop dreams convey positive messages. They associate such dream scenarios with finance and obstacles. Firstly, a poop or fecal matter in a dreamscape could mean you will acquire a hefty sum. Though not limited to, you may hit the jackpot and win a lottery. 

In the second case, they associate the body waste with the obstacles that stand in your path. It could be your shy personality, procrastination, or anything else that obstructs you from moving forward. So, they believe that dreaming of poop cleanses your path in the real world.

Why Do You Dream About Poop

  1. The first thing to ask yourself when you have poop dreams is whether you felt the need to go to the bathroom when you woke up! In this case, you can leave the dream narrative as it is because it most probably has no symbolism.
  2. Dreams about poop are also commonplace for people who have digestive issues. Should that be the case, the dream plot could be highlighting the need to take better care of your health. 
  3. If you do not fall in either of the two categories stated in points 1 and 2, your dream calls for an in-depth study and analysis. To start on a positive note, poop in dreams signify money, wealth, and financial gains. Though how you got hold of the money is questionable in many cases. 
  4. Do you indulge in shameful and immoral activities to earn money? Literally, you find yourself dirty.
  5. Have you been spending a lot, even beyond your means? Or have you been hoarding money and starving yourself of the goodness of life? As you know, neither of these is advisable for a balanced life.
  6. You are green with envy of someone else’s success. You might ask, so what’s the dream trying to tell me? Your dreams about crap want you to know that you may have the capabilities to do great things like the person you are envious of. Only, you are too focused on analyzing others’ lives that you seem to have forgotten your life goals.
  7. You might have been too easy and too good to be true. In return, people often put you in crappy situations, such as making you take the fall of trouble they created or letting them dump responsibilities on you when you are least prepared.
  8. You might have been rewarded for some activities though you did them out of genuine affection, without expecting any return.
  9. You are full of anguish, resentment, and negative feelings to the point of breaking down, and you longed to share them with someone.

When Do Poop Dreams Carry No Meaning

Not every dream scenario is symbolic and needs in-depth interpretations. 

For instance, if you have digestive problems and bowel-related issues, you might have poop dreams from time to time. Also, if you feel the urge to hit the bathroom after you gain consciousness, remember that your dream event reflects that urge. 

Points to Note Before You Interpret Your Poop Dream

  1. Waste of animals is usually associated with a person you know or will encounter soon.
  2. While a dog poop may symbolize a close one, a cat could represent a woman or a girl you know.
  3. Farmers utilize cow and horse poop as manures to enhance the quality of the soil. Accordingly, the poop of a cow and horse is associated with prosperity and growth.
  4. Though it sounds dirty and insignificant, the types of fecal matter play a vital role. For an accurate interpretation, recall each element as minutely as you can. 

Closing Thoughts

If you are disturbed that you were dreaming of poop, you have nothing to fret about lest you consider money and materials as dirty and stinky assets. Most of the time, dreaming of poop means money, unexpected gains, and fortune. 

But each interpretation will differ according to the situation of the dreamer. Just because your friend dreamt of poop and got a hefty bonus doesn’t mean the same will happen for you.

Contrary to your expectations, you may end up losing a similar amount to a fake or shady deal. So, the key is to consider each aspect before coming to a conclusion and not deciding on a dream interpretation just by taking a glance at it.

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