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Spiritual Meaning Of Helicopter

Helicopters are used for transportation and for rescue operations in case of emergency. They are also now being used as tourist attractions for sightseeing. Let us examine the word helicopter from a spiritual point of view.

The helicopter is a symbol of the divine Spirit. In Hinduism and Buddhism, Lord Krishna is often seen riding on a chariot drawn by white swans, which are symbolic of the sound or vibration of the Divine Word. The white swans are said to represent his feminine aspect, for in Sanskrit the masculine and feminine (known as Shiva & Shakti) aspects of divinity are symbolized by pink and green, respectively. The word ‘white’ is symbolic of Truth; blue is indicative of spirit or sky-clad Lord. The blue-green color of Krishna’s clothing indicates that he is connected with heaven and earth, hence comes the saying, “He rode upon a white horse” (Krishna page 140).

Spiritual Meaning Of Helicopter

The helicopter reaches high off the ground thus bringing you closer to God. You will also be provided with better sight connecting you towards your intuition. The helicopter also gives the dreamer the ability allows you to escape difficult situation that they are facing.

Helicopter is a famous word. It refers to a fast-flying aircraft. Initially, it was called as the “rotorcraft”, but it was changed later. This term was assigned in the year 1942, when Russian inventor Igor Sikorsky developed it.

Why Do I Keep Seeing Helicopters

The helicopter represents the spiritual journey.

The helicopter is an aerial vehicle that has the ability to hover, fly backwards and forwards, as well as ascend and descend.

The helicopter is a symbol of grace and lightness of being.

A person who feels they are stuck in a rut or repeating old patterns may benefit from using the helicopter as a reminder that they are capable of flying higher than they have been before.

The helicopter is a symbol of freedom, knowledge, and growth.

The helicopter is a symbol of freedom because it’s able to fly over any obstacles in its way. It can easily go where it wants, when it wants.

The helicopter is a symbol of knowledge because it has been around for so many years and has helped humans discover more about the world around them.

The helicopter is a symbol of growth because it allows people to see things from a new perspective. When you fly in one, you get to see things from high up above ground level and get an entirely different perspective on how things look in reality versus how they look on the ground (or how you may have seen them before).

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Dream Of Helicopter Landing

If you had a dream about helicopters then you should not worry about it because these kind of dreams are a good sign.

Helicopters represent luck, wealth, they are signs of your improvement and happiness.

Your subconscious is showing you that you are ready at this moment for everything you worked hard for.

You have found your way in life and you are making right decisions that will guarantee your success.

New habits, new mind-set you already figured that out perhaps in the past you were in a bad place and you got sick of it so you want to become something in this world.

If you were surrounded by the wrong people you figured it out and now you are making your circle healthier filled with people who have visions and ideas.

The world is yours and you are starting to realise that while others are drinking, partying you are working hard now so you can relax later.

These dreams are a reminder for you that everything is going in the right direction in case you think otherwise.

Of course helicopters in a dream could be a reflection of a helicopter you saw in a movie or somewhere but in most cases they do have an important meaning for you.

It is important to remember the details and to know the difference between these dreams.

Helicopter in a dream could be shaped in a lot of ways, maybe it is flying or on the ground sometimes even colours are important.

So if you want to know the true meaning try to remember how did that helicopter appear in your dreams.

And to know the true meaning you have to know about your situations in life that could be a reason of this kind of a dream.

helicopter in dream meaning

The Most Common Dreams About Helicopters

Dreaming about helicopter crashing and falling to the ground- Classic movie scenario, this kind of a dream where a helicopter crashed and is falling down from the sky indicates some unexpected changes in your plans.

This could be related with your personal life or your career, plans you have made are now falling apart and changing your future.

Perhaps you were engaged and planning on a wedding and suddenly your partner breaks up with you or cheats on you so you think your life is falling apart but you are not seeing the good side it could be that you were planning the future with that person because you were getting along well so it was comfortable and safe but your true love is still out there and you are meant to be.

Or you were planning on getting that job position you craved for and worked hard for and now someone else got it, maybe it is good because it requires sacrifices that would ruin your life.

You are learning about sudden changes and you are not embracing them and your mind knows you should.

Always remember that you cannot control anything in this life.

Dreaming about helicopter shooting and attacking you or someone else- This could be scary for the dreamer and the meaning behind is not good it is more of a warning sign to watch your back.

Reason behind this dream could be that you are feeling scared and unsafe because of something or someone.

Threat could be real or maybe you are overthinking it.

But of course you should take this dream seriously and be careful, this could be a sign for you to change your environment and start somewhere fresh and safe.

Dreaming about running from a helicopter that is chasing you- If you had a dream where you are being chased by a helicopter could mean that you are feeling like you are suffocating right now in your life.

The reason behind that is that others are trying to make you do something you do not want to do, they are setting expectations for your life and your character which is not alright.

For example your parents are intruding in your life and judging your choices not intentionally or your partner is not patient with you and doesn’t support you.

Sometimes people try to change your life because of selfishness, jealousy or sometimes they do not have a hidden agenda they are just trying to help you.

Anyway this dream is a message for you to just do what you want to do, yes you should consider what others are telling you but just follow your dreams that is the only thing that matters so don’t stress yourself out.

Dreaming about traveling in a helicopter- Interesting dream that is connected with your vision about life.

If you had a dream where you are on a helicopter and you are traveling and exploring this actually means that you are thinking about more opportunities that life can bring to you.

Your perspective is clearer and you are open-minded about changes so this is a dream with a good sign for you.

The world is filled with chances and you are realising that and that will change your life in a positive way.

Dreaming about you riding a helicopter- If you had a dream where you are in control of flying a helicopter it indicates that you are going after your goals and dreams.

Perhaps it is a shaky ride that requires your full attention and it does have a lot of risks that could be fatal you are brave and going forward.

Speed doesn’t matter, only thing that is truly important is your strength and will to achieve something big.

This dream is a sign that you are on the right track and that you should keep going.

Dreaming about landing a helicopter- This kind of a dream indicates you doing something you never thought you were capable to do.

But in other cases this could mean that something is going to end soon.

This is not a bad sign it is a sign of change and peace, maybe you are retiring or finishing school maybe even a relationship that was great but wasn’t meant to last .

Or for example you are in the same city that was great and full of exciting moments but now it is time to move somewhere else in order to make more memories.

It could also be a sign of a break for you, something will end but only temporarily and later it will find a way back to your life.

Dreaming about jumping off a helicopter- For most people their biggest wish is to jump from a plane or a helicopter, it is something unpredictable and exciting which fills you up with adrenaline of course for others it is the most stupid thing people do.

It is risky, at any moment something could go wrong if you have a parachute it may not open or if it requires a rope it may not be tied to you very good and then you die.

When thinking about what could go wrong we lose hope and we lose that sense of what could go right.

If you had a dream where you are jumping off a helicopter it means that you are going to do something unpredictable and that you are going to risk a lot but is going to end well.

You will realise that playing safe is not an option so you will do a lot of risky things in order to win or to make some kind of a compromise.

If you are in a certain position in a job where it all depends on you then you have to be innovative in order to keep the company going.

Dreaming about helicopter exploding- Dream where you see a helicopter explosion could mean that you are in some kind of dangerous territory.

Your enemies are probably plotting something against you.

Improvement and success you achieved is making people really jealous so they naturally wish for you to fail to lose everything.

World is filled with people like that you can’t really change everyone but what you can do is to be careful and alert keep things to yourself and keep your privacy away from others.

This is a sign for you to trust only yourself in order to keep your achievements and dreams, sometimes the closest people could be plotting something against you so watch your own back don’t expect others to watch it for you.

Dreaming about military helicopter- This kind of a dream is not really good or bad sign.

When you have a dream about a military helicopter it indicates of your need for others in order to resolve some issue from your life.

Perhaps it is issues in your relationship and you are relying on others to fix it for you or perhaps it could be something related to work, school whatever it is that occupies your time.

If you rely on others to resolve your problems, how will you know what you want and how will you grow as a person?

This means you do not have courage to face your own problems so you need others to find a way but the real problem starts when they resolve something for you and it ends up going wrong.

No one can make your life easier than it is and that is a message from your subconscious.

Dreaming about a helicopter in your house- This could refer to miniature version of a helicopter, it could be a model or a toy or maybe you literally dream about full sized helicopter in your home.

This is a sign of a conflict in your head about your decisions.

Family is supposed to be our number one priority but sometimes you should make decisions by yourself.

You should listen to your parents or siblings  when they are expressing their opinions and giving you some advice but that does not mean that you are obligated to follow their rules for the rest of your life or that you should plan your life according to their desires and thoughta.

This situation is hard for you and you are stressing yourself out of your mind.

A dream like this is a sign to stop and decide what you want they love you and they will support you no matter what you decide to do.

Dreaming about low flying helicopter hovering- This kind of dream represents pressure that you feel that is caused by some person or something else.

You are feeling pressured and the most common reason behind that is expectations from others.

Someone may put you through a tough time to see if you are worthy of something, perhaps if you fail you will lose a lot so you are working so hard and at the same time you are being careful with your mistakes you can’t afford them right now.

Dreaming about a new helicopter- New is always better, this could connect with you.

Dreaming about a new helicopter means that you are going to change and become a new person.

Your old habits will die, maybe you will even change your hair or style whatever it is you are going to be unrecognisable in a good way.

Your life has a lot of opportunities that you are going to use and overcome so this is a really positive sign for you.

Dreaming about a small helicopter- If you had a dream where you see a small helicopter this could mean that you are way up in the clouds and not standing firmly on the ground.

A dream like this is a sign for you to get yourself together, in your head you have a lot of different scenarios that are not likely to happen realistically.

This could be one of your ideas for you job  or school and you are not looking for resources and a plan to make that happen you are just thinking about what you want without even trying to realise what is in your surrounding.

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