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Dream About Helping A Pregnant Woman

A dream about helping a pregnant woman is a sign that you need to be more involved in family and social issues. It is also a reminder to consider your health, especially if there is any risk of complications.

Todays dream example is about helping a pregnant woman. I am going to use the empathic mood method and tell you how to perform a psychological analysis of your dream to better understand it’s underlying meaning.

Opposite of my first dream about me being pregnant, I’m not a woman but I’m helping this woman giving birth? It was just so weird. But at the same time there was something weirdly touching about it.

Dream About Helping A Pregnant Woman

In my dreams I’ve helped many pregnant women. They’re joyous and grateful. The women I’ve helped include tall ones, short ones, skinny ones, as well as heavy ones. Some have had one child; others have had several children already. One time someone’s husband even helped instead of me, it was a much older person and sensation. Another time, a pregnant woman was very young. I’ve helped each woman in their own way, though not always sure at first what was the best way to help them in the moment.

Everybody dreams. I am pretty sure it is a human trait. We dream about many things and situations in our lives. The dream does not necessarily have to make sense, some are imagined or about real life situations that happen in your life. And also happens that sometimes you dream about something or someone without even knowing who is it or what the situation means.

Dream about Helping Pregnant Woman states a personal transformation or a new stage in your life. There is a situation which you need to approach with openness. You need to look at things from a different view or approach your problems from a new angle in order to successfully move forward. Your dream suggests a new found flare in your life. Your family is important to you and in your decision making.

Help in your dream suggests your habit of making demands on people and controlling situations around you. You may be experiencing feelings of guilt with something that you have done. You are feeling invaded, that your space is being crowded into and that you are being suffocated. The dream is sometimes uncertainty and confusion in your life. You need to accept and love who you are, even your flaws or shortcomings.

Pregnant dream is an indication for chaos and disagreements. Someone may be sucking away your energy and resources. You are being put though a test. This dream suggests disappointments occurring in your life. You need to look at various sources to attack a problem.

Woman in this dream is a sign for a different side of a person when they are angry. You are putting up some sort of protective layer or emotional barrier. You are feeling a lack of love. This dream signals your outlook. You have some repressed aggression or rage at yourself or at someone.

Help and Pregnant is a sign for your willingness and ability to explore and navigate through your emotions. You are being pressured to make an important change or choice. Someone is very in touch with his/her sensitivity and emotions. Your dream refers to a reminder that you will eventually get to where you need. It is time to let go of the past and move on.

Dream About Helping A Woman points at innocence, playfulness and mischievousness. You are headed in the right direction. You are enjoying the results of your labor. This dream refers to a positive turn of events. You are on a spiritual quest.

Dream About Pregnant Woman is an indication for renewal and new beginnings. You are on the right path. An emotional issue is eating away at you. The dream denotes spiritual and creative energy. You need to look within your own self and your inner strength.

Dream about Helping Pregnant Woman expresses an outward display of strength, triumph and power. The path that you have chosen for yourself can easily be altered. You will struggle fiercely and courageously to realize your highest ambitions and greatest desires. The dream expresses your determination, direction and goal. You are having difficulties expressing your thoughts and ideas.

Sometimes, dream about helping pregnant woman stands for your outlet for your aggression and anger. It is time to walk with your head held high and stop being ashamed. You are trying to hide under a hard shell. The dream is a clue for death, doom or rebirth. Someone is being obedient toward you.

I had a dream about helping a pregnant woman. I was standing in the middle of the street and there were two men standing on either side of me, each with a gun pointed at my head. The pregnant woman was walking towards us, but she kept turning around and going back to where she came from. This happened over and over again until finally I yelled at her to stop running away and come towards me.

She did as I said, but just as she got close enough to touch me one of the men who was holding a gun pointed at my head shot her in the stomach and killed her instantly.

I woke up crying because it felt like this dream was a warning for what was going to happen in real life if I continued living the way that I was living at that time in my life.

This dream is about helping a pregnant woman. You are in a city and a pregnant woman approaches you. She is bleeding, and she looks very weak. She tells you that she is going to die because she cannot find medical help.

She then asks if you would help her deliver the baby so that it will survive.

You agree, and take her to a safe place where she can deliver the baby in peace. The baby survives, and the woman says thank you before leaving with her newborn child.

Seeing A Pregnant Woman In Your Dream

What does it mean if you keep seeing someone pregnant in a dream, as in seeing someone else pregnant?  Symbolically speaking, pregnancy means something is developing.  Psychologically speaking, that something is in a state of potential.

Think of seeing someone pregnant in a dream as a symbolic pregnancy in your unconscious.  It’s a pregnancy in a part of yourself of which you are not necessarily aware.

Some of you may be looking like that thinking face emoji –  – wondering what the heck that means: a pregnancy in a part of yourself of which you are not necessarily aware.

I chose the first image because I think it’s helpful for describing what I mean.  Think of it as an image for the psyche.  Let’s say the conscious ego is the sun in the image.  The sun is often a symbol for the principle of Consciousness, but here I mean ego-consciousness.  Everything in the white part of the image is what you know already.

The pregnant woman is encapsulated in darkness, meaning she is in the unconscious part of your psyche.  Consider her as that unknown part of yourself. She could be a shadow for a woman or an anima for a man.  That woman is that part of yourself who is carrying a potential of which you aren’t aware.

Let’s say you have an artistic talent, but you don’t know it yet.  The artistic potential is encapsulated in that woman, that is to say, an unknown talent is encapsulated in a part of yourself which you don’t know.

You must make contact with her and integrate whatever she is in order to give birth to that talent.

seeing your unborn child in a dream meaning

You may dream about babies for a variety of reasons. If you’re already pregnant, a baby dream could be a manifestation of anxiety about giving birth or an emotional need to form a bond with the new little one in your life.

Signs In Dreams That You Are Pregnant

Whether you don’t want to bear children, deeply long to be pregnant, or don’t think much about it at all, you might find yourself dreaming that you’re pregnant. And regardless of how you might feel about reproduction, dreams like this aren’t necessarily directly related to pregnancy or fertility. A pregnancy dream might instead indicate your feelings about some other change or goal in your life. “Pregnancy dreams are typically connected to something else in your life that is in a growing and development phase,” says Lauri Loewenberg, a professional dream analyst and author. “Plans that are in the works, or maybe a degree that’s in the works, that will, when it comes to fruition, result in a new life for you.”

Loewenberg says pregnancy dreams are ways for your subconscious to communicate feelings that are harder to unpack in the waking world. “When you’re within the dream and your subconscious is in control, you’re being forced to focus on things that you might be ignoring or turning a blind eye to or not acknowledging. So the dream gives us a better understanding of our current situation by presenting it to us in a different light.”

Continue reading for Loewenberg’s interpretations of various dreams about being pregnant, and how they might relate to what’s happening in your life when you’re awake.

1. If you’re dreaming that you just conceived
“No matter where you are within [your dream] pregnancy it will directly reflect where you are as far as some kind of new growing and developing thing in your life,” Loewenberg says. “So if you’re at the point where you’re just peeing on the stick, then something is just beginning.”

2. If you’re dreaming that you’re in the third trimester 
Loewenberg says the gestation of the pregnancy in your dream is directly related to the progress of your goal or project. “If you’re at the third trimester then you’re about to come to the end of this road, and whatever it is you’ve been working on is about to come to fruition.”

3. If you dream of having “morning” sickness
While morning sickness can be a natural part of pregnancy, Loewenberg says its presence in a pregnancy dream might indicate emotional unease about something in your life that’s growing. “Something in this process of whatever you’re working on, it could even be relationship, something about it doesn’t feel right to you. So you would need to ask yourself, okay, is this just a natural process of this project, this relationship, this degree, whatever it is, or is this something unnecessarily making me feel awkward or wrong. Is there some kind of unhealthy aspect of this that I need to look at and correct?”

4. If you dream you’re pregnant with twins or triplets 
“Maybe you’ve got two things on the burner, or maybe there’s several aspects to this one thing. And so it may feel like you’re juggling a lot of things and your subconscious is relaying it to you in the form of multiple fetuses.”

5. If you dream you give birth but misplace your baby and lose it
“That would indicate that this could be a warning from her subconscious that something she’s been working on — perhaps she’s allowed to get lost in the shuffle of life. Don’t lose sight of this thing because it is something that you grew and labored over. You know, and don’t belittle its significance. Don’t lose sight of it.”

6. If you dream that you’re pregnant with an inhuman baby
“That would indicate that this new development in your life is something that seems foreign to you. It’s not something you’ve encountered before. It feels alien, doesn’t feel familiar to us. So it would be a message from your subconscious that you’d need to familiarize yourself with this new situation.”

7. If you dream your ex got you pregnant
“Dreaming of the ex is, I would almost say, equally as common as the pregnancy dream because they’re reported to me all the time. So that being said, if you dream your ex got you pregnant, that’s a very good indication that you’ve learned an awful lot from that relationship. In a sense, that relationship has allowed you to give birth to a new part of yourself. The pregnancy would represent all this new knowledge and wisdom that is growing and developing within you, thanks to that ex.”

black and white photo of a woman sleeping dreaming in bed

Photo: ioseph/Getty Images

8. If you dream that you go into labor but can’t feel pain
“When that’s the case and you don’t feel the labor and there’s no pain, it’s like one of those sayings: don’t sweat it, piece of cake,” Loewenberg says. Despite the well-documented reality that labor can be incredibly painful, it’s actually pretty common to dream about a painless labor. “Your subconscious is telling you don’t worry, this isn’t going to be painful in any way. Just finish this project, finish this degree, just get it done.”

9. When you dream you’re in pain during labor
“Here’s the thing about physical pain in a dream. When you feel pain in a dream, it’s most often connected to emotional pain in real life. So this could be telling you that this is beginning to emotionally drain you, but then again, it’s also at the very end of your pregnancy. So you know, you just keep pushing. You’re almost there.”

10. If you dream about having an ugly baby
While babies are all beautiful in their own way, you may find yourself in a dream where you’re pregnant with, or give birth to, a not-so-cute baby. Loewenberg says this type of dream can indicate that there is a new element to your life that you’re displeased about. “Your subconscious is saying, There’s an unpleasant situation that has developed in your life, but you have brought it upon yourself. You’re the one that gave birth to this.

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