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Spiritual Meaning Of Alligator Pepper

Alligator pepper: it’s weird, darn hard to spell, and also known as a Cayenne Pepper. But that doesn’t tell us much about what it is or where it comes from. Let’s look at the spiritual meaning of this mysterious little red pepper. Today, we will discuss the spiritual meaning of alligator pepper, how to pray with alligator pepper for money and spiritual meaning of alligator pepper in dream. The alligator pepper is a spicier strain of peppers that grows from the rainforest. It is a good option for those who are seasoned pepper eaters because of its extremely spicy nature and strong smell. Yet, even with its powerful punch, it can also be used as a very flavorful additive for cooking other dishes.

The alligator pepper is quite high in Vitamin C, linoleic acid, and capsaicin which makes it beneficial for health. The spiritual meaning of alligator pepper is a strong one, and it can be used to balance the heart chakra. The alligator pepper, also known as the alligator chili, is a chili pepper that has a deep and spicy flavor. It was named for its resemblance to an alligator’s head. The fruit looks like a large green bell pepper; however, it gets its name from its spiciness, which is similar to that of a habanero or jalapeño. The plant is native to South America, but it can now be found in many areas across the world.

In Chinese medicine, alligator peppers are often used as a remedy for indigestion and heartburn due to their ability to balance stomach acids and reduce inflammation in the body. They are also said to help with headaches and migraines due to their analgesic properties. Those who suffer from high blood pressure may find relief from this spicy fruit as well. The alligator pepper is a rare, fiery chili that comes from India and is used in Indian cuisine. Its name may be derived from the fact that it resembles an alligator’s head when dried, or perhaps because it’s so hot that it can give you a burning sensation in your throat like an alligator bite. It’s used as a garnish for Indian dishes, and it can be used to add a kick of heat to just about any dish.

You may find it hard to access the right information on the internet, so we are here to help you in the following article, providing the best and updated information on spiritual meaning of alligator pepper . Read on to learn more. We at Churchgists have all the information that you need about spiritual meaning of alligator pepper .

Secrets of Alligator Pepper, Spiritual Benefits and Uses

It is possible to be reminded in dreams of this pepper to reestablish a connection with one’s origins and to honor the knowledge of one’s ancestors.

Moreover, the dream protective properties of alligator pepper may grant you the spiritual fortitude required to surmount obstacles and repel detrimental forces in your existence.

Consider the dreamlike manifestation of the spiritual significance of alligator pepper a chance for personal development and revelation.

When examining the symbolism of dreams, it is essential to acknowledge that the representations of tangible objects in dreams, such as alligator pepper, frequently possess profound meanings associated with the subconscious.

Potential reflections of your innermost thoughts, anxieties, aspirations, or even facets of your cultural heritage may be found within these symbols.

The designation of alligator pepper, a spice that is indigenous to West Africa, may imply a correlation with cultural legacy, customary practices, or a shared sense of self.

When deriving meanings from dreams, it is advisable to incorporate personal experiences and emotional responses. As an ingredient with recognized medicinal properties, alligator pepper may represent healing or indicate a need for spice or revitalization in one’s life.

From a critical standpoint, it is critical to situate these symbols within the narrative of your life in order to decipher their distinct significance.

Alligator Pepper transcends its fruity nature. It is a spirit as well as unfathomable marvels.
Alligator pepper possesses the ability to repel negative energies and vibrations. It prevented and diverted evils in equal measure.

Alligator pepper can obliterate and nullify the effects of charms when used in isolation from other ritual objects.
Its presence alone is capable of performing the marvel.

Alligator pepper, in its capacity to preserve, possesses destructive potential. It is capable of taking a life.
Indeed, alligator pepper holds a significant position in the realm of spiritual assignment. It is the only germ in spiritualism capable of purifying humans simply by being introduced into the body.

Typically, we consume food and liquids during our dreams, only to awaken to a disappointing day and disappointment.
Applying alligator pepper as soon as you awaken will effectively thwart the attack.
Cobwebs inevitably obstruct the view, even on Broadway, where one might encounter them, causing disillusionment.

Spiritual Meaning Of Alligator Pepper

The Alligator pepper is a medicinal natural substance that is mostly used in Africa and especially Nigeria.
Many people find it difficult to know what is very important in the diet because they do not know its functions. In this article, I shall tell some of the usefulness of Alligator pepper and the shortcomings if you mistakenly misuse it.
The following are the importance of Alligator pepper that is fondly called Atari in the Yoruba language.

Spiritual Meaning Of Alligator Pepper In Dream

1. Treating wounds and burns with Alligator Pepper

Aframomum melegueta is rich in a high fiber, which ensures the fast regeneration of tissues and wound healing. In addition to fiber, Aframomum melegueta has a high amount of tannin that treats burns, heals wounds, and eases the pain of inflamed mucous membranes, therefore, reducing inflammation. The plant can also be used in treating gastrointestinal disorders such as ulcers, diarrhoea, stomach pains, and intestinal worms.

2. Alligator Pepper Use To Maintaining blood sugar:

Atare as the Yoruba commonly knows it, is also used to lower blood sugar and keeping the blood sugar level using the amino acids that are present in it.

3. Addresses erectile dysfunction with Alligator Pepper

Alligator pepper and erectile dysfunction is another point of interest. A small portion of the spice can go a long way in ensuring you have a delayed discharge and hence one can last longer during sex.

4. Alligator Pepper Helps in weight loss

This spice also increases thermogenesis, which is the process of heat production in warm-blooded animals. The increased heat stimulates brown tissue adipose and increases energy expenditure in men. Therefore, the combination of those processes leads to weight loss.

How could mint leaves help you to lose weight?

5. Alligator Pepper Boosts libid0

In addition to these medicinal properties, it is a strong natural aphrodisiac that stimulates sexual desires and maintains high stamina. Among women, it works on their libido and makes them more sensitive to touch during sexual intercourse as the nerve endings are stimulated more.

Other benefits of Alligator Pepper also include:

In Senegal, seeds of Aframomium melegueta are mixed with salt and rubbed to the interior of the mouth as a treatment for sleeping sickness.

The extract from the alligator pepper plant is analgesic in nature and is, therefore, used to relieve pains in the joints, teeth, stomach, rheumatoid pain, and arthritis.

The leaves from its plant can also be used in treating and preventing malaria. As such, it is a better alternative for quinine.

The juice from the fresh leaves staunches bleeding.

In addition to that, the spice can help in treating infectious skin diseases such as measles, chickenpox, and smallpox.

Alligator pepper also has antimicrobial properties, which prevent serious illnesses such as staphylococcus.

It also helps in easing menstrual cramps that ladies go through while menstruating.

Okro and male fertility: what’s the effect?

Is alligator pepper good for a pregnant woman?

Despite having many positive uses, Alligator pepper can have negative effects on pregnant women. One of the effects is that it might discontinue pregnancy during its first trimester. That impact was proven when an experiment was carried out on a set of pregnant female rats that consumed the alligator pepper while the control experiment was a set of other rats that did not consume it. The first set of rats did not give birth to a litter while the second set gave birth to a litter.

Lactating mothers should also stay away from Aframomum melegueta as it reduces the secretion of prolactin, which is a hormone that stimulates milk production after childbirth.

Uses of alligator pepper

1. Alligator Pepper Eliminated chest worm:

Chest worm is often noticed when one is mostly feeling constant vomiting and for one to treat it Alligator pepper one would to keep eating raw Alligator pepper both money and night.

2. Alligator Pepper use for Clear Vision:

If one is having problems with his or her vision, one can get plenty of locust beans with a bunch of Alligator pepper and slice some pumpkin leaf, if it is available roasted fish it will also do.
The constant eating of this combination. Promotes a clear vision, especially in ageing people.

3. Alligator Pepper Use for clear Sore Throat:

Those suffering from sore throat will consider Alligator pepper as the remedy.
Such people can get and remove a bunch of Alligator pepper and put it all in a container add dry gin to it. 1/2 of a little is ok in the morning and night.
4. For Erectile dysfunction in men:
Note: This will require extra narration, but one contact the writer.

How to pray with alligator pepper for money

In Yoruba cosmology, there is nothing that the elders will prepare that Alligator pepper won’t be added to it, all these will require extra lecture.

A typical example of this can be observed if one can chew 9 seeds of Aligator pepper in the early morning without talking to anyone, whatever prayer you said during that time will come to pass.

Again if you get a bunch of Alligator pepper, kill an Agama lizard, cut the head of the Agama lizard and put it in a pot, put the bunch of Alligator pepper in it, and burn it up till it turns to blackish powder.

The powdery stuff will be used for incision in some of the body, which will prevent STDs during sexual intercourse, it will also give man premonition against a woman that is placed under an oath or thunderbolt.

The shortcoming of Alligator pepper:

It is considered that there is nothing on earth that has advantages that won’t have disadvantages.
The only thing that everyone’s to avoid about Alligator pepper is that when making use of it, one must be careful because one must not fall on the ground if it falls it must be pick immediately because if one temple on it will cause serious internal body sickness, so let’s be careful with it.

Alligator pepper is the perfect spice for anyone who wants to add a little bite to their life. It’s not just heat—it has a unique flavor that will make you think of sunshine, even when it’s cold outside.

Alligator pepper is also known as the “cayenne pepper of the south.” It’s a naturally occurring plant that grows wild in Louisiana and Texas and can be used as both a spice and a medicine. Its seeds are often ground into powder form, which can be taken internally to treat stomach ulcers and heartburn. The leaves can be consumed externally as an anti-inflammatory treatment for arthritis and other joint pains.

The alligator pepper plant has been used by Native Americans since prehistoric times. When Europeans came to America, they were amazed at how natives could eat so many hot peppers without getting sick and figured out how to cultivate them for themselves!

Benefits of Alligator Pepper, Social and Medical Uses

Benefits of Alligator Pepper

Benefits  of Alligator Pepper are numerous. This material attends to many of alligator’s benefits and its uses both socially and medically.

Definition of Alligator pepper

Alligator Pepper, with the botanical name Aframomum melegueta, is a popular reddish coloured herbaceous perennial plant when fresh but brown when dried. Alligator pepper originate from Western African countries like Nigeria, Liberia, Cameroon, Cote D’ivoire, Togo, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Gambia. Alligator Pepper belongs to the zingiberaceae family or the ginger family and it thrives mostly in swampy habitats especially in the West African coasts.

Alligator Pepper is a very significant fruit in Western African countries as it holds a very symbolic spiritual, traditional and religious significance. Alligator Pepper is used in traditional settings especially for marriages, burials, family meetings, etc.

Uses of Alligator Pepper

Alligator pepper is used for various purposes. However, here is a list of its core uses.

1. Social and Ceremonious Use of Alligator Pepper

In various parts of Africa, alligator pepper, known as ósè ọ́jị́ in Igbolan erie in Urhobo all in are used in naming ceremonies, presented to visiting guests, and for other social events with kola nut along with bitter kola. The Urhobo people present and eat the alligator pepper together with kola nuts. In virtually every Urhobo ceremony, alligator pepper and kola nuts are presented to guests at the top of the agenda and prior to any other food or entertainment.

2. Alligator Pepper for Prayers and Libations

Prayers and libations are made together with kola nuts and alligator pepper in core African traditional activities. It is always said that he who brings kolanut brings life. Hence, Kolanut along with alligator pepper are good in the prayer process.

3. Alligator Pepper for spiritual purposes

Alligator pepper have a list of spiritual uses that are discusses in this material. Kindly scroll to the relevant subtopic to get the list of spiritual uses for alligator pepper.

4. Treating Wounds and Burns

Alligator pepper is rich in high fibre, which helps in fast regeneration of tissues and wound healing. …

5. For health benefits
6. Boosts libido
7. Helps in weight loss
8. Maintaining blood sugar

What is the Medicinal Value of Alligator Pepper

The benefits of alligator pepper are many. However, let us discuss few of the benefits of alligator pepper.

1. Consumption of Alligator Pepper

Alligator Pepper is primarily an edible fruit. It is peppery and does not satisfy hunger. Consumption is mostly done ceremoniously. More percentage of persons who must have consumed Alligator Pepper may have done that ceremoniously.

In African traditional settings, Alligator Pepper is served along with kolanuts, bitter kola, etc and moved around or placed on the table for interested persons to pick up. The skin is torned apart, revealing the peppery seeds which are picked for consumption.

Elders are mainly in category of persons eating Alligator Pepper in African communities although young ones also participate in the consumption.

Some authors asserts that both the leaves and seeds are also used for garnishing salads, preparing assorted dishes like stew, pepper soup, chicken and lamb dishes etc.

The peppery and pungent flavour supports dishes and makes them spicy. For the purpose of cooking, alligator pepper can be substituted for grains of paradise, black pepper or black cardamom and piper guineense.

2. Alligator Pepper as Treatment of Gastrointestinal Disorders

Alligator pepper seed extracts can also be used for the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders like diarrhea, stomach pain, intestinal worms and ulcer.

3. Alligator Pepper as Anti-oxidizing Properties

alligator pepper

The seeds of Alligator pepper are excellent source of phytonutrients such as alkaloids, terpenoids, flavonoids, tannins, saponin, cardiac glycosides and phenolic compound.

They give protection against allergens, viruses, microbes, platelet aggregation, ulcers, tumors and hepatotoxins in the body. This suggests why it is commonly used in folk medicine for preventing and tackling intestinal problems.

4. Antimicrobial Properties of Alligator Pepper

Alligator pepper seed extracts have properties such as antimicrobial which is due to its phenolic compounds that are used as disinfectants.

Various studies indicate that Aframomum melegueta extract have a broad spectrum, hence, have inhibitory effect on the development and growth of bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhi and Klebsiella pneumonia.

5. Alligator Pepper for Wound Healing

Alligator pepper seeds can be crushed and grinded and applied for preparing concoctions for treatment of wounds.

Alligator pepper has been reported to contain a high amount of tannin which is very effective for treatment and healing of wounds, treating burns and soothing inflamed mucous membrane.

6. Anti-inflammatory Properties of Alligator Pepper

Alligator pepper seeds have anti-inflammatory properties due to its constituent of gingerol that inhibits the leukotriene and prostaglandins synthesis. It can protect the body against inflammation.

7. Aphrodisiac Properties of Alligator Pepper

Numerous studies shows that the alligator pepper is aphrodisiac in nature, hence, it can be used for stimulating libido.

8. Alligator Pepper as Dermatological Care

Alligator pepper can be chewed and blown on surfaces of infectious skins diseases such as chickenpox, measles and smallpox.

9. Analgesic Properties of Alligator Pepper

The aqueous extract of alligator pepper is analgesic in nature and therefore, can be used for relieving and alleviating pains such as toothache, joint pain, stomach pain, rheumatoid pain and arthritic pain.

10. Stimulating Properties of Alligator Pepper

Due to the stimulating properties and peppery pungent taste of alligator pepper, it is usually chewed as a stimulant to keep the body warm and alert.

11. Alligator Pepper for Malaria Treatment

Alligator pepper leaves can be used for preparing herbal medicines for preventing and treating malaria.

12. Digestive Properties of Alligator Pepper

The seeds of alligator pepper can also prevent constipation and bloating because it aid easy digestion of food.

What is the Side Effect of Alligator Pepper?

Side effects of alligator pepper are very few. Perhaps, that is why some authors believed that there are no side effect for alligator pepper. Below are the side effect of alligator pepper.

1. Miscarriage as a Side Effect of Alligator Pepper

Inegbenebor, Ebomoyi, Onyia and Amadi (2009) studied “Effect of Alligator pepper (Zingiberaceae Aframomum melegueta) on first trimester pregnancy in Sprague Dawley rats” and found that ingesting large amount of Alligator pepper poses health risk to women in their first trimester of pregnancy.

2. Reduced Breast Milk Production as a Side Effect of Alligator Pepper

A study by Uloneme, Ihemelandu, Anibeze and Ezejindu (2014) on “Effects of Alligator Pepper (Electtariacardamomum) on Prolactin Secretion in Lactating Sprague Dawley Rats” were in agreement that lactating mothers should avoid the use of alligator pepper in higher volumes because it can reduce the prolactin secretion. Prolactin is a hormone released from the pituitary gland that stimulates milk production after childbirth.

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3. Allergic Reactions as a Side Effect of Alligator Pepper

Anaphylaxis has been reported with some spices in very extremely rare cases. The reactions have been consistent with true allergy. Digestive problems can be a symptom of a reaction and can also include hives or swollen airways. Severe reactions can be life-threatening. Individuals allergic to spices should avoid alligator peppers.

Is Alligator pepper used in spiritualism?

Yes. Alligator pepper is used for spiritualism. In fact, some folks call alligator pepper ‘spirit’ itself. aside it its medicinal components, alligator pepper is also regarded as a special spice possessing magical properties and also believed to have great value for spells for rituals as well as divination to determine various things such as love, guilt and good luck. Please, see the next subtopic too.

Does Alligator Pepper Have Spiritual Powers?

Spiritual Uses of Alligator Pepper

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Alligator Pepper?

Spiritual Implications of Alligator Pepper

Alligator pepper have various spiritual uses most importantly in Africa. Below are some spiritual practices of alligator pepper.

1. Openng of Alligator Pepper Behind You

Before you can open an alligator pepper in some places, you have to take it behind your back. The reason is that alligator pepper is believed to be a spirit by those who held such belief. It is believed alligator pepper as a spirit forbids certain things to remain effective.

Those who held this believe say that to open an alligator pepper, take your two hands behind your back and use your fingers to break it open. Then bring your hands to your front and then pour it into a plate.

2. Alligator Pepper Not to be Crossed Over by Women/Men

Some Africans believe that you should never keep alligator pepper where a man or a woman can cross over it, especially women. This is because women might be menstruating, and this affects the effectiveness of the alligator pepper.

3. Storage of Alligator Pepper

Alligator pepper also have storage beliefs for the purpose of keeping it effective. Aside from not keeping it in paths where people will trespass on it, it is also advised that alligator pepper can be stored under earth in a coo dry place.

It can also be kept under trees. This according to its believers is to keep its effectiveness. Else, one might be praying with it, not knowing its effectiveness has been diminished during storage.

4. Disposal of Alligator Pepper After Use

After praying with Alligator Pepper and circling four times around your head, believers says that one should be careful where you drop it. This is to ensure that a woman does not cross over it where it is kept.

This is because if a menstruating woman crosses over it, it renders it ineffective and all your prayers with it becomes useless.

5. Alligator Pepper and the Wind

It is believed that once the alligator drops on the ground and toches the soil, it becomes a medicine. It communicates to earth (soil) your prayer intentions and they start working towards perfection of your prayer intentions. It is also held that as the wind blows, it interacts with earth, communicating intentions. As the air carries it, it transports it across the sun, the waters, the earth, the trees in the forest and the heavens.

6. Alligator Pepper and the Leaves

The belief is also held that if the alligator pepper drops on top of leaves, the leaves shows it to the sun and communicates to the sun that this is a message from earth, which the wind brought forth. The sun now carries the message and communicates them to the waters, telling it all things being said and for them to start working towards perfection. You now see how all these things work together.

So, whenever all these things are happening in the spirit and a woman crosses over the place where you dropped the oseoji anytime, be it in 2, 5- or 10-months’ time, all the ritual prayers begins to reverse. Therefore, be careful where you drop your oseoji after prayers.

7. Alligator Pepper as a Sign of Respect

Traditional African beliefs are also held that chewing alligator pepper and bitte kola elicit respect when speaking publicly. It was said that if eaten before and during speaking, no one dares to underrate you. It was recommended to always carry alligator pepper and bitter kola along for public occasions.

8. Expelling the witchcraft spirit by using anointed olive oil, alligator pepper and salt

Alligator pepper also called the “water of the spirits”. Just as it is hard to cook without water, so also most spiritual works involve the use of the wonder plant alligator pepper.

9. Baby Welcome Initiation

New born babies in Yorubaland culture are given a taste of alligator pepper immidiately after their birth as part of the cultural baby-welcoming procedure.

Other Spiritual Uses of Alligator Pepper

1). You can use alligator pepper to make prayers for favour.
2). The cure of spiritual sicknesses/diseases.
3). Alligator pepper is used to stop evil attacks & witchcraft activities.
4). You can use it to bless or curse someone (note ,you are not expected to use it for evil purposes.)
5). You can use alligator pepper for gun free protection.
6). It is used to stop bad dreams.
7). You can use it to detect poison.

What is Alligator Pepper Called in Hausa?

The name of alligator pepper in Hausa is called Chitta but has been used variously and spelt differently. Below are the variations in spellings of Alligator pepper in Hausa.

Some other sources have also translated alligator pepper to be Barkono Mai Laushi
Ose Orji or okwa in Igboland, Nigeria
Oburo; ata; ata-ire.” in Yorubaland, Nigeria

What Is Alligator Pepper Called In Igbo?

In Igboland, alligator pepper is called ósè ọ́jị́. It is the major of alligator pepper to be eaten with kola nuts when presented to visiting guests, naming ceremonies, and for other social events.

Where Can I Get Alligator Pepper for Sale?

Alligator pepper are often sold in the local markets, street stores and sometimes hawkers. For instance, in the Ughelli main market, there is a dedicated line for sales of alligator pepper along with kolanuts, bitter kola, etc. It is from a place like these that local store owners get alligator pepper for resale in the streets.

Some Hausa persons also carry alligator pepper on their head and hawk in many places in Nigeria. If you are unable to get alligator pepper from a local purchase, you can visit any shop near you and make request for alligator pepper. If that is still impossible, then contact our office here in Bayelsa, Nigeria for purchase and waybill. A well packaged alligator pepper can stay for a long time.

How to Use Alligator Pepper

There is no specific alligator pepper dosage. Unless otherwise for a particular use, alligator pepper can be chewed without recourse to dosage. In its core traditional usage, alligator pepper has been used to chew kolanuts. However, if you have a specific use for alligator pepper, kindly refer to the physician or trado-medicalist for guidance.

Some alligator pepper prescriptions may be 5-7 seeds grounded with required addictives. But that will be strictly for specific use and prescription.

How to Use Alligator Pepper for Erectile Dysfunction

Alligator pepper has been found to cure erectile dysfunction and this is particularly another point of interest. A small portion of alligator pepper spice can go a long way in ensuring that you have a delayed ejaculation, therefore, one can enjoy sex and last longer.

Can Alligator Pepper Increase Manhood?

Alligator pepper is another 100% natural product that is promising in resolving erectile dysfunction issues and delayed ejaculation. A concoction of alligator pepper has received a United States (U.S.) patent as a potent aphrodisiac. It was found that alligator pepper can be more effective when mixed with bitter kola, kola nut and piper guineense (Uziza in Ibo). A research proved that this combination has the potency to “turn on” male rats.

Alligator pepper is also effective for women’s libido tretment and helps women to be more sensitive to touch. Alligator pepper also regulates lubrication and increases sexual desire in less than three days.

Alligator pepper also works on men’s erectile cycle. With a proper use of alligator pepper , you can expect a better quality erection with easier, longer, and harder erection. Faster recuperation time, assist in delaying ejaculation, sexual vitality and preserve a healthy prostate.

Does Alligator Pepper cure infection?

Yes. The extracts of alligator pepper seeds has been used for the treatment of infectious diseases, prevention of infections and treatment of wounds.

A study carried out by Funmilayo and Oluwakemi (2020) on “Antimicrobial Activities of Aframomum Melegueta (Alligator Pepper)” attempt to ascertain the efficacy of alligator pepper extract in the prevention of common germs causing disease which include Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus cereus, Salmonella typhi , Escherictaia coli and klebsiella pneumonia.

These includes germs that causes blood infections, pneumonia, food poisoning and other deadly diseases.
Findings indicates that the seed extract of alligator pepper inhibited the growth of all the bacteria tested; suggested that alligator pepper extract has broad spectrum in activity (acts against a wide range of disease-causing bacteria). Please, refer to the link below to read more.

Is Black Pepper Same as Alligator Pepper?

No. Black pepper is not the same as alligator pepper. Black pepper has the botanical name Piper nigrum while alligator pepper has the botanical name Aframomum melegueta. Black pepper is a flowering vine in the family Piperaceae.

Black pepper is cultivated for its fruit known as peppercorn. Black pepper is usually dried and used as a seasoning and spice. However, alligator pepper is a popular reddish coloured herbaceous perennial plant when fresh but brown when dried.

Alligator pepper originate from Western African countries like Nigeria, Liberia, Cameroon, Cote D’ivoire, Togo, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Gambia. Alligator Pepper belongs to the zingiberaceae family or the ginger family and it thrives mostly in swampy habitats especially in the West African coasts.

Can Alligator Pepper Terminate Pregnancy?

Medical researchers have recommended granulated alligator pepper for safe abortions in maternal health is at risk. In a study conducted by Inegbenebor, Amadi, Ebomoyi and Onyia (2009) on Abortifacient properties of alligator pepper (Aframomum melegueta) seeds, the researchers investigated the possible abortifacient effect of Aframomum melegueta seeds.

The researchers adopted three groups of pregnant female Wistar albino rats. Group one was used as control and received no alligator pepper. Group two and group three were given aqueous extract and the granulated alligator pepper respectively.

All things being equal, the researchers recommended that if worked out in humans, alligator pepper could be utilized in fertility clinics, as a safe abortifacient if the mother’s life is seriously endangered by the pregnancy.

Can alligator pepper reduce high blood pressure?

Yes. Alligator pepper is good for the tretment of high blood pressure. studies have indicated that alligator pepper extract is safe for the treatment of hypertension. Lawal, Aderibigbe, Essiet and Essien (2007) studied “hypotensive and antihypertensive effects of aframomum melegueta seeds in humans”.

The results indicates alligator pepper potential usefulness in managing hypertension in young and elderly hypertensive patients.

Why Alligator Pepper is Good for Diabetes

Alligator pepper is one seed diabetic patients may find very useful in regulating their blood sugar levels; thus protecting them from complications of the disease such as limb amputation and blindness. Scientists have corroborated alligator pepper usefulness in lowering blood sugar under laboratory conditions.

What is Atare?

Atare means alligator pepper in Yorubaland in Nigeria. The alligator pepper have many local names, each to a particular place. Some languages like the Yoruba people even have more than one name and variations in pronounciation.

The Hausa call alligator pepper cilla, ctta or chitta; the Igbo call it Ose Orji or okwa while the Yoruba have variations such as oburo; ata; and ata-ire.

Can Alligator Pepper Stop High Prolactin?

Ibekwe (2019) studied “effect of methanolic crude extract of aframomum melegueta (A.m) seeds on selected lactogenic hormones of Albino rats”. The study founds that methanolic extract of Aframomum melegueta seed produced significant reduction in serum levels of prolactin and estradiol in both lactating and non-lactating rats.

The lowered serum concentration of prolactin in rats treated with standard reference drug bromocriptine may not be unconnected to its action as dopamine agonist which inhibits the secretion of prolactin.

What is the Common Name for Aframomum Melegueta?

The common name for aframomum melegueta is alligator pepper. Alligator Pepper is a popular reddish coloured herbaceous perennial plant when fresh but brown when dried. Alligator pepper originate from Western African countries like Nigeria, Liberia, Cameroon, Cote D’ivoire, Togo, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Gambia.

Alligator Pepper belongs to the zingiberaceae family or the ginger family and it thrives mostly in swampy habitats especially in the West African coasts.

Where is alligator pepper grown?

Alligator pepper are grown in Western African countries like Nigeria, Liberia, Cameroon, Cote D’ivoire, Togo, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Gambia. Alligator pepper seeds grows in favourably cool conditions either outdoors or indoors. Alligator pepper have more chances of survival in cooler climate.

Alligator peppers also do well in well-drained soil mix, fertile soil, such as manure and peat moss and combination of compost. Alligator pepper seeds have a very good chance of successful germination if the process is started in a location under direct sunlight that is not crowded or shaded by other shrubs or trees. The recommended period ot sow the seeds is in mid-to-late spring.

Alligator pepper plant is native to habitats that are swampy along humid areas in West African coast; mainly in Ghana and Nigeria.

How To grow Alligator Pepper

The alligator pepper germinate mainly from the rhizome. From time of propagation to first germination is about 6-8 days. Alligator pepper can be planted in garden or forest soil. Success rate is above 70% after 4 weeks.

Is Alligator Pepper Good for a Pregnant Woman?

Despite the overwhelming benefits of alligator pepper, it also have negative effect on pregnant women. Inegbenebor, Ebomoyi, Onyia and Amadi (2009) studied “Effect of Alligator pepper (Zingiberaceae Aframomum melegueta) on first trimester pregnancy in Sprague Dawley rats” and found that ingesting large amount of Alligator pepper poses health risk to women in their first trimester of pregnancy.