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Secret Sister Gift Ideas For Church

There are many secret sister gift ideas that can be purchased online. You don’t have to spend a fortune. The secret sister reveal should appear unexpected and fun at the same time. It is something that will keep her guessing, revealing more about you along the way. Secret sister reveal gift ideas are a great way to celebrate your secret sister and all the years you’ve spent bickering about the same topics! Whether you’re searching for secret sister gift ideas, or just want to buy a gift for your best friend, we have some great ideas to help.

Secret Sister Gift Ideas If you’re looking for secret sister gift ideas, here’s some neat ideas for inspiration. Secret Sister Gifts Are Cool! Everyone wants to know about their sisters. They love being with them and spending time with them. You could make a holiday or birthday surprise by giving something that your sister will enjoy!

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Secret Sister Gift Ideas For Church

You’re looking for inexpensive secret sister gift ideas? Are you stuck in a creative rut and want some ideas to take your mind off it? I’ve got you covered. Secret sister gift ideas is what every sister wants to know about. If you are thinking of giving some friendship gifts, then this can be the place where you get it.

My sister’s birthday is coming up and I don’t know what to get her. It’s sort of difficult because she has everything! She loves shopping, traveling and spending time with her friends. So what do you get for a perfect sister who already has everything? You need to find the perfect secret sister gift so that she doesn’t know what will be under the Christmas tree next year! I have some ideas for creative secret sis gift ideas that are sure to delight her — at least until you tell her!

Secret sister gift ideas for church is an answer to the need of good quality and inexpensive secret sister gift ideas list. Secret sister reveal gift ideas are sometimes difficult for people because there are always various things depending on their age, gender, etc and time between them. However, this website is dedicated to all owners of secret sister reveal gift idea with full dedication in providing real value to their families by offering high quality and affordable secret sister reveal gifts ideas.

Secret sister gift ideas are a fun way to show your sister how much you care. There are many different secret gift ideas depending on the group and the occasion. It can be tricky to find a great secret sister gift but it’s not impossible. Here is a list of some great cheap secret sister gifts for any occasion.

Forget about spending lots of money on a secret sister gift. Here are some cheap and economical secret sister gift ideas. Whether you’re shopping for your little sister, or secret sisters from past years, this list can help you come up with the perfect present!

Secret Sister Gift Ideas for the Naughty and Nice Sisters in Your Life! In this article I’ll share with you the top secret sister gift ideas for all those days when your sister has been naughty, or nice. You’ll be surprised how cheap and easy it is to get a gift nobody would guess was from you.

Secret Sister Gift Ideas for Church can be a bit of a challenge to find. So many things to think about and so many factors to consider. If you are going to surprise your sister with a gift, then you want to make sure that it’s both memorable and meaningful.

Secret Sis Gift Ideas for Church is a list of Christian gifts for sisters. Secret Sis is a term that refers to a female friend in the Christian faith who does not have her own commitment to Christ. I have gathered some of the best gift ideas to buy your secret sister so you can take her on an adventure and have that special time with her and your church family!

Christmas is coming and you still don’t have a gift idea for your secret sister? We wrote this article so that you can find inexpensive secret sister gift ideas, super easy and quick to make. These gifts will let your families know that they are in your heart no matter what the distance. Finding the perfect secret sister reveal gift for Christmas is an exciting challenge that most people face. It’s a special day when we get to know someone better and share these new bonds with our loved ones on this wonderful occasion. Here, we provide you with amazing ideas for finding great secret sister reveal gifts as well as some helpful tips on how to choose a proper gift from our list of cheap secret sister gifts .

Secret Sister gifts are a funny way to show your love for your sister. If you find yourself looking for secret sister gift ideas, then head on over and read our list of inexpensive secret sister gifts. Whatever the occasion is, we have some great ideas for you to give that special woman in your life who truly means the world to you.

Every secret sister has their own way of choosing a gift and we’ll tell you the best secret sister gift ideas list. Secret Sister is the best sisterhood on earth, so take a second to thank her for being there in your ups and downs! There’s something about a sister that makes us want to give them something special so they can love us back. It’s important to make sure she knows how special she is and how much you appreciate her while keeping your gift budget in mind. This might be tough as it can be hard to find high quality gifts at an affordable price. That’s why we’ve created this list of secret sister gift ideas you can pick from or customize yourself.

How to Be a Great Secret Sister

Secret sister programs, often connected with churches, charity organizations and moms’ clubs, provide an entertaining, low-stress way for participants to support and encourage each other. Sending a greeting card every month plus a special something to your secret sister graciously fulfills the basic guidelines for gentle, routine, one-way communication. But with just a little extra planning, plotting and pizzazz, you can turn the secret sister experience into a joyful era of caring and support for someone who doesn’t even know who you are.

Make It Personal

The questionnaire your secret sister filled out to join the program is full of hints, so you don’t need to become an incognito stalker to personalize cards, gifts and notes. Is her favorite color yellow? Next time you’re in the home improvement store, pick up several of the complementary paint chip cards in shades of that color to give with a quick note about how the cheery tones reminded you of her. Is her birthday in the fall? A week or two before sending a traditional greeting card, slip a few autumn-colored leaves in an envelope. Add a note about what a lovely season it is for a birthday plus a quote, like Albert Camus’ “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” If you’ve become secret sisters through a women’s ministry group, occasionally let her know she’s included in your prayers.

Stay the Course

The initial excitement of undercover friendship can wane after a few months. Avoid leaving your secret sister out in the cold by making a personal commitment to carry on through the entire year, or whatever time period your group has agreed upon. Enter a “to do” alert on your calendar for each month throughout the year, plus an alert for your secret sister’s birthday and any other important dates you want to acknowledge. Buy a box of a dozen pretty cards and write her name on the envelopes as a way to reinforce your dedication. If you move away or are unable to continue offering behind-the-scenes support and secret friendship for some other reason, contact the secret sister program leader and ask for a substitute to take your place.

Secretly Saying “I Care”

Little presents like a coffeehouse gift certificate, an inspirational book or a pair of cute socks will give your secret sister a boost, especially when they’re unexpected. Kind words, funny stories and uplifting comments are just as important. Some secret sister groups put a limit on the amount of money to be spent. Homemade goodies and inexpensive items with simple wrapping and a handwritten note speak just as loudly as more glamorous gifts. Jot “Wishing you sweetness and warmth” on a notecard and tie it to a packet of hot chocolate mix with a pretty ribbon to make a quick, low-cost pick-me-up for your secret sister in winter. Clip interesting articles from magazines, write down a silly joke you heard and make copies of a beautiful sunrise or flower pictures you took to share. Always sign “From Your Secret Sister,” but take care to leave no clues that could lead to your identification before the designated time.

The Big Reveal … and After

Your secret sister will find out who’s been quietly supporting her, cheering her on and covertly communicating with her at the program’s year-end event. These are traditionally scheduled around Mother’s Day, the winter holidays or another natural break in the organization’s calendar. Make the event extra special for her with one final gift that’s meaningful and memorable, such as a fancy picture frame, a festive basket of spa products or a living plant for her garden. Take selfies together and ask a fellow participant to take a more formally posed photo so that you can both have a copy. Let your no-longer-secret sister know when you’re available for in-person get-togethers and phone conversations because she’s become an important part of your life.

Gifts For A Church Secret Sister

In a Secret Sisters program, women in a workplace, club or church choose a card with another member’s name and place a gift or special card in a common area for their secret sister periodically throughout the year of the program. Many groups suggest inexpensive items throughout the year, with a more significant gift at the time of revealing who you are to your secret friend.

Follow a Theme

Choose one of the interests your church friend has written on her secret sister card. Give gifts that follow the theme of that interest throughout the gifting time period. Alternatively, follow the theme of church itself. Christian music or films, plaques and pillows printed with Christian phrases, Christian-themed collectible figurines and even everyday items with Christian phrases printed on them will delight your secret sister.

Candy Messages

Determine the type of sweet or diabetic treats your secret sister enjoys. Draw or print from your computer a candy bar wrapper with a Bible verse, or print a poem or verse to staple to a bag of unwrapped candies. Consider adding a note to a treat item that incorporates that item in the note. For instance, write “You are a stick-to-it-tiveness kind of lady” on a pack of gum, “Star of a friend” on a bag of star chocolates, “When things get hot, give prayer a shot” on a bag of cinnamon hot candies, “You are special in God’s heart and mine” for candy hearts or “You are beary special” for gummy bears.

Meaning of Name

Buy or make a plaque or bookmark with your secret sister’s name printed on it. Look in a baby name book or online to discover the meaning of her name and print that onto the item, as well. Most books and online sites also give variations of a common name to help you match your friend’s name as closely as possible to the original name’s meaning. You may also consider asking a family member how your secret sister got her name, which will make the plaque or bookmark especially thoughtful and treasured.

Scriptures and Devotions

Purchase a wall calendar that includes a Bible verse for each month or a desktop calendar that features a verse for each day. Some calendars include devotional thoughts, as well. Consider a journal with scriptures and devotional thoughts for each day to allow your secret sister an opportunity to write her personal thoughts or prayers in a journal. Books of Bible promises, devotional thoughts or scriptures for a certain time in a woman’s life or based on a particular theme will also make an appreciated gift.


Give your secret sister a cross necklace, earrings or lapel pin. Consider a charm bracelet, necklace or key chain as the first gift you give your friend. Then, each gift throughout the time period can be a different Christian symbol charm to add to the jewelry chain. Think about Christian symbols such as a cross, a dove, the Bible, a heart and the Christian fish.

Secret Sister Gift Ideas List

Secret Sister gift exchanges are popular in a variety of women’s groups, from Bible study groups to play groups. They work well at Christmas time and near Valentine’s Day but also work any time of year. Finding Secret Sister gifts that are nice without spending a lot of money is often challenging. Gifts that are useful or inspirational yet inexpensive make the best options.

Cookie cutters work well for nearly any occasion. Look in the baking section of craft or kitchen stores for individual cookie cutters. You’ll find a variety of seasonal cookie cutters as well as general themes. Choose one or two cookie cutters fitting of the occasion. For example, if you’re having a Valentine Secret Sister exchange, choose a heart and a cupid cookie cutter. Tie the cookie cutters together using curling ribbon. Print out your favorite sugar cookie recipe on a recipe card or decorative paper. Attach the recipe to the curling ribbon. Another option is to make a batch of the cookie dough. Wrap it in colorful cellophane, and include the baking instructions.


Free samples of products are available in a number of places. Discount stores and bulk club stores, such as Costco, often pass out samples for different products. Many companies offer free samples. Collect the free samples if you know a Secret Sister exchange is coming up in the group. Another option is to head to the travel toiletry section of your favorite discount store. Select a few different products, and place them in a decorative bag for a pretty presentation.

Painted Flowerpot

Terra-cotta flowerpots are available at craft stores and garden centers for very low costs. Choose a flowerpot and tray in any size. Paint the pot to match the gift-giving occasion. One simple way to add decorations is to use stencils to add images to the flowerpot. Sponge painting with two different colors is another simple option that anyone can handle. Add a packet of seeds inside the pot to round out this Secret Sister gift.

Handmade Cards

Handmade cards bring a bit of cheer to the recipient’s day. Craft stores sell blank cards perfect for this type of craft project. You can also purchase plain card stock and fold your own card. Choose decorative scrapbook papers to add personality to the card. Cut a piece of paper the same size as the front of the card to create a background. Add cutout letters and images, stickers and other scrapbook embellishments to dress up the cards. Look through the craft supplies you already have to find inexpensive embellishment ideas.

Pampering Items

Pampering products always work well as gifts for women. Instead of buying high-end pampering products, look at dollar and discount stores for inexpensive lotions, bath salts, fingernail polish or pumice stones. You can also mix your own bath salts and sugar scrubs to save more money on the gift. For a basic sugar scrub, mix 1 cup of white sugar and 1/2 cup of olive oil. Add essential oils for scent in the sugar scrubs.

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