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Churches that keep saturday sabbath

The Lord’s Day, also called the Christian Sabbath or the Sabbath, is a day of rest and worship for followers of Jesus Christ. It is observed on the first day of the week, Sunday. When you search for “Which churches keep saturday sabbath” you get over 3.7 million results. If your search has led you to this page, perhaps you are wondering about Saturday worship in a Christian church for yourself. In light of these statistics, it is evident that many people are searching for churches that keep Saturday as the Lord’s Day. I am sure this same search goes on in many other parts of the world where Christianity is also strong.

For the Christians who are seeking a good church, it’s best to find one that keeps Saturday Sabbath. It brings us into right understanding with God and His word. The Bible talks about the fourth commandment, which we have kept for hundreds of years.

Keeping the sabbath holy, rather than doing what most churches do and keeping their members enslaved to the work on Sunday, is a sign of somebody who is truly saved. This blog post has information about some churches which keep Saturday as the true Sabbath

Churches that keep Saturday Sabbath

-A church that keeps the Saturday Sabbath is a church that follows the Old Testament law, which states that God’s people should rest on the seventh day of each week. This is why some churches choose to worship on Saturdays instead of Sundays.

-This means that these churches teach their members to keep the Sabbath day holy by refraining from work. They also teach about the other Old Testament laws, such as worshipping God in spirit and truth (John 4:23), loving one another (1 John 3:11), and keeping kosher foods (Leviticus 11).

-Some of these churches include Seventh Day Adventist and Jehovah’s Witnesses.

There are many churches that keep Saturday as the Sabbath. These include Seventh-day Adventists, the Church of God (Seventh Day), and the Worldwide Church of God.

In addition to observing the Sabbath on Saturday, these churches also follow a number of other practices:

-They do not celebrate Christmas or Easter

-They do not observe birthdays or Mother’s Day

-They do not permit women to wear jewelry or makeup

-They avoid tattoos or body piercings

-They refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol, and using drugs

Saturday Sabbath-Keeping⁤ Churches Near ⁣Me

If ‌you are looking for a Saturday Sabbath-keeping church in your ⁢local area,​ you may be delighted to⁣ know that there​ are⁤ several ‍options available. The following list‍ provides⁢ some examples of churches ​that prioritize the observance of​ the Sabbath:

  • The Seventh-Day ⁢Adventist Church
  • The⁤ United Church of God
  • The Church ⁣of God ⁢(Seventh⁢ Day)
  • The Worldwide⁢ Church of God
  • International Christian Embassy Jerusalem

These ⁢churches, along with many others, genuinely believe ‌in the sanctity ⁤of ⁢the ⁢Sabbath as a day of rest and ‍worship. They hold their ⁣services on Saturdays, following ⁤the ‍Biblical commandment to ⁢”Remember the Sabbath day, ‌to ​keep it holy” (Exodus 20:8).

List of Sabbath-Keeping Churches

If you are seeking a broader list of ​Sabbath-keeping churches beyond those mentioned in ⁤the previous paragraph, ⁢here are some‌ additional denominations and organizations that observe the Saturday ‌Sabbath and maintain their faith based⁤ on biblical principles:

  • Church‌ of the⁣ Nazarene
  • Free Seventh-Day Adventist Church
  • Worldwide‍ Church of God (Restored Church of God)
  • Church of God General Conference
  • Independent Seventh-Day Baptist Church
  • Church of⁣ God (Sabbath‌ Day)

These churches ⁤and organizations emphasize the significance of⁤ the Saturday Sabbath, teaching their congregations to dedicate⁤ this day to worship, rest, and spiritual nourishment.

Pentecostal Sabbath-Keeping Churches

While most​ Pentecostal churches observe Sunday as their primary day of ⁤worship, there are a few Pentecostal ⁣movements that⁢ observe the Saturday Sabbath. Among them⁢ are:

  • United Pentecostal Church International
  • Pentecostal Assemblies of the World

These⁣ churches combine Pentecostal worship practices⁢ with‌ the observance of the Saturday⁢ Sabbath, emphasizing⁤ the ‍importance⁤ of both the Holy Spirit’s‍ work and ‍the biblical command to keep the Sabbath day ⁣holy.


Q: What religion goes to church on Saturday and doesn’t⁢ eat pork?

A: The Seventh-Day Adventist Church is ​an example of a religion ​that‍ attends church ‌services on Saturday ⁣and adheres to dietary restrictions‍ that ⁣include abstaining from consuming pork. They base their beliefs on biblical teachings found in ​Leviticus 11:7-8.

Q: How many churches worship on‍ Saturday?

A: While it ​is challenging to ‌provide an exact number, there are a significant number of churches worldwide that worship on Saturday. This includes denominations such as Seventh-Day Adventists, United Church of God, and‍ Church of God (Seventh Day), ‌as well as numerous smaller and ‍independent ​congregations.

Q: Are there Baptist churches that worship on Saturday?

A: Yes, there are ​Baptists churches‌ that observe⁣ the ‍Saturday Sabbath. While the ⁣majority of Baptist ‌churches worship on Sundays, there‌ are a few Baptist⁣ denominations and independent Baptist churches that choose to honor ‌the Sabbath on Saturday.

Q: Are there ⁤non-denominational Sabbath-keeping churches near⁣ me?

A: Absolutely! Non-denominational⁢ Sabbath-keeping churches can indeed be ⁢found in⁢ many⁣ areas. These independent congregations embrace Sabbath-keeping principles and engage ⁤in worship, teaching, and fellowship ⁤centered around the observance ⁣of the Saturday Sabbath.

Q: What is the significance of the Saturday Sabbath in various ⁣religions?

A: The ​Saturday Sabbath ‍holds immense significance​ in various⁣ religions, including Judaism and some Christian‍ denominations. It​ is viewed as a day of rest, reflection,⁤ and reconnecting ‍with God, allowing individuals ‍to⁢ dedicate their ⁣time to spiritual growth ‌and communal worship.

As you​ explore the churches​ mentioned above and their‌ dedication to observing the Saturday Sabbath,‍ we⁤ hope you gain a deeper understanding of the richness and diversity that exists within religious practices.

Seventh-Day Adventists

Seventh-Day Adventists believe that the sabbath, which they call the Lord’s Day or Sabbath (Exodus 20:8-11), is a memorial of creation and a day of rest and worship. It is also an opportunity for them to remember God’s deliverance of his people from Egypt and oppression. In fact, it was actually Jesus who told His disciples to “remember” or keep holy the Sabbath (Luke 4:16).

Jesus said He came to fulfill the law (Matthew 5:17), but He also said that his followers would be persecuted because they kept what had been written in Moses’ law (John 15:25). Because Seventh-Day Adventists keep all parts of this law—like tithing, cleanliness laws and dietary restrictions—many mainstream churches view them as legalistic or extreme. That being said, some church leaders have expressed interest in learning more about how Seventh Day Adventists practice their faith so they can better serve people looking for a faith community that shares their beliefs

Messianic Judaism

Messianic Judaism is a branch of Judaism that accepts Jesus as the Messiah. It began in the early 20th century and can be found mostly in the United States, Israel and South Africa.

When you visit any Messianic Jewish synagogue, you will find many elements which resemble traditional synagogues. The services are conducted much like those at most other synagogues, with prayers being recited from a liturgy book while standing or sitting at attention (depending on how long it’s been since they last stood).

Jehovah’s Witnesses

Jehovah’s Witnesses are a Christian denomination that keep the sabbath on Saturday, believing that it is a commandment from God (Deuteronomy 5:12). They believe the seventh day of rest was given by God to commemorate his creative acts and to remind people that salvation comes through Jesus Christ.

The importance of keeping the sabbath is central to Jehovah’s Witnesses’ religious beliefs. If you are interested in learning more about this faith, you can visit their website here or reach out to one of their local churches if you’re in your area!

Seventh Day Baptists

Seventh Day Baptists are called so because they baptize on the seventh day. They are a small denomination that takes the Bible literally and believe in the Trinity, Christ’s second coming, and his atonement for mankind’s sins.

There are Christian denominations that keep the sabbath on Saturday.

The following is a list of Christian denominations that keep Saturday as the Sabbath:

  • Seventh-day Adventists
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses (who also celebrate the Last Great Day on Nisan 17)
  • Church of God (Seventh Day)
  • Worldwide Church of God (now defunct)

The following is a list of Christian denominations that keep Sunday as their sabbath:

  • Anglican Communion, Episcopal Church, Methodist Church, Lutheran Evangelical Churches in America, Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod and Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.

Some groups keep both days. These include:


You are now aware of four denominations that keep the sabbath on Saturday. You can make a choice to attend one or any of these churches based on your spiritual needs. All four denominations have their own set of beliefs and values, however, all four denominations agree that Saturday is the day to be observed as the Sabbath Day.