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Santa Muerte Prayer for Court

The Santa Muerte prayer for court is a great way to get the upper hand in your case. It has been used by many people and they have all had good results with it. If you want to win your case, then you should try this prayer out.

There are many different types of court cases that can be won with this prayer. It will work on any type of court case, so you do not need to worry about whether or not it will work for your case. The best part about it is that it does not cost anything, so there is no reason why anyone would not want to try it out.

To achieve this, you must have a strong desire to be free from the clutches of the law. Your desire must encompass your business dealings, clients, families, and all of your workers or employees. You must include all of these factors into your prayer against the law. It is believed that the Santa Muerte prayer for court will protect you from the clutches of the law if you offer prayers to her in the right manner. While offering this prayer, you can bring an offering to her temple, or burn black candles as spiritual camouflage, which will blind the eyes of the law and prevent them from becoming fixated on you.

Santa⁤ Muerte‌ Prayer for Court

Santa Muerte Prayer for Court

Prayer 1

Oh Santa Muerte, protector of the vulnerable and defender of the oppressed, I come before you with a heavy heart as I face the challenges of the court. Grant me strength and courage to navigate the legal system with integrity and grace. Protect me from falsehood and deceit, and guide me towards justice and truth.

Prayer 2

Most Holy Death, I humbly ask for your intercession in my court case. Help me to speak with clarity and wisdom, and grant me favor in the eyes of the judge and jury. May your divine light shine upon me, illuminating the path to a fair and just resolution.

Prayer 3

Beloved Santa Muerte, I place my trust in your loving embrace as I face the uncertainties of the court. Surround me with your protective energy and shield me from harm and injustice. Grant me the strength to persevere in the face of adversity, knowing that you are always by my side.

Prayer 4

Oh Sacred Lady of Death, hear my plea for guidance and support in the courtroom. Fill my heart with peace and confidence, knowing that you are watching over me with love and compassion. Let your divine presence be felt by all who are involved in my case, leading to a resolution that is just and fair.

Prayer 5

Holy Santa Muerte, I seek your protection and blessing as I go through the legal process. Grant me clarity of mind and strength of spirit, so that I may face the challenges ahead with dignity and grace. May your divine guidance lead me towards a favorable outcome in court.

Prayer 6

Most Merciful Santa Muerte, I call upon your powerful presence to help me in my time of need. Give me the courage to stand up for what is right and the wisdom to make sound decisions in the face of adversity. Let your light shine upon me, guiding me towards a resolution that upholds justice and truth.

Prayer 7

Santa Muerte, patroness of those in distress, I lift up my voice to you in this moment of trial. Protect me from harm and guide me towards a positive outcome in court. May your divine intervention bring peace and resolution to the legal proceedings, leading to a just and fair result.

Prayer 8

Oh Holy Death, I seek your divine presence as I navigate the complexities of the legal system. Grant me the strength to face my fears and the confidence to speak the truth with conviction. May your powerful energy surround me, guiding me towards a successful resolution in court.


“The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.” – Psalm 9:9

Santa Muerte Prayer For Court

Offering prayers to Santa Muerte must be done following these processes:

  • Your desire must be clearly stated out. This is common in every religion. Therefore, if you are going to offer prayers to Santa Muerte, your desires must be stated out in your mind. This desire will help you to become more focused as you channel your spiritual energy in prayers to Santa Muerte.

    In addition to this, your desire will open up your imaginative powers to create the image of how you desire your life to turn out while praying to Santa Muerte. Therefore, the most important step in this section is a strong desire. Once you have gotten your desires sorted out, the following processes will follow.
  • Light candles according to your desire. What you desire will lead you to light the perfect color candle. You must ensure that the color of the candle agrees with your desires. 
  • Have an image of the Santa Muerte and begin to chant your prayers to the image with the candles burning and releasing smoke. You can also burn incense.

The following process will invoke the spirit of the Santa Muerte, which will grant you all the desires of your heart.

Dear Santa Muerte,

I come to you asking for your intercession in my court case. I am being sued by the owner of a local diner that I had an altercation with. I tried to pay for my meal with a $5 bill and she refused to accept it because she said it was dirty. When I offered to buy some napkins from her, she said that would be extra. When I told her that was ridiculous and I would not pay extra for something so small, she called the police on me because she thought I was threatening her.

I know this is not your fault and I am not seeking revenge—just justice. Please help me win my case so that the owner of the diner does not get away with this injustice!

Dear Santa Muerte,

I come to you today for help in my court case. I need the judge to rule in my favor. Please help me by making them see my side of things and give me what I deserve from this person who has wronged me. Thank you for your help!

Santa Muerte, I ask you to help me in this court case.

I know that there are many people who are not on my side and they will be trying to convince the judge that I am guilty.

I know they think they have a good case, but I also know what really happened.

Please help me to speak clearly and persuasively so that the judge sees the truth.

Please help the judge see the truth and understand that it was not my fault, but rather someone else’s.

And please help me to stand up for myself and make sure that justice is served.

Dear Santa Muerte,

I ask that you help me in my court case. I am not guilty of this crime, but the police and courts are trying to convict me. Please help me be victorious in court so that I can return to my home and family as soon as possible. Please help me win this case.

Thank you,

St. Death, I turn to you with my plea.

My case is in the hands of the court, and I need your help.

St. Death, come to me with your shield and sword.

Protect my case from the judge’s wrath and bring justice for us all.

1) Santa Muerte’s Prayer for Protection from the law

“Holy Death, hear my prayers for your help to come to me, I ask for your protection in this difficult situation I’m going through.

You know the pain I’m in! I have a very difficult problem (talk about the problem with the law), I know you will solve it.

Blessed Holy Death, I ask for your great support, I sincerely ask you, don’t leave me alone now because that’s when I need you most.

My white girl, guide me along the way!
Go ahead of me so I can put aside all the evil, now all doors will open for me thanks to your mighty hands! You can help me, keep bad vibes away from me and my problems will disappear.

Holy Death, free me from the problems that afflict me, for the love I have for you, help me at this time. It’s a very difficult situation, but I trust you, I know this will fix it.

Holy Death, come to me with your strength and wisdom, grant me with your power the solution of this problem, (talk about the problem with the law).

So be it.”

You can become invisible to the law through this prayer. Whenever you are on the wanted list of the law, it is time to look up to Santa Muerte for protection. 

To achieve this, you must have a strong desire to be free from the clutches of the law. Your desire must encompass your business deals, clients, families, and all of your workers or employees. You must include all of these factors into your prayer against the law.

It is believed that the Santa Muerte will protect you from the clutches of the law if you offer prayers to her in the right manner. While offering this prayer, you can bring an offering to her temple, or burn black candles as a spiritual camouflage, which will blind the eyes of the law from becoming fixated on you.

2) Santa Muerte Prayer for Self-Protection: for beginners

“Dear Death of my heart, don’t forsake me from your protection.

Oh Most Holy Death, I invoke you so through your image you may free me from all danger, material or from bewitch- ment and through this sacred flame you may purify my body from all disgrace and malediction and that in turn love and abundance may come.

So be it.”

There are times to be defensive. This desire will come when you have a premonition of a potential threat coming at you in the future. If anyone has come to threaten you at one time or the other, it is time to protect yourself. 

As a Santa Muerte devotee, you have an advantage because the Santa Muerte is a very strong defensive spirit, which protects its worshippers from harm. Therefore, by offering self-protection prayers to Santa Muerte, you will invoke her spirit, which will create an aura of black spiritual cloud around you for protection.

It is believed that this cloud cannot be seen with the physical eyes. However, it will shield you from harm, and also instill in you the courage to fight back at anyone who tries to come against you. 

Therefore, you should expect to become bold against danger whenever you offer the Santa Muerte prayer for self-protection.

3) Santa Muerte Black Candle Prayer

“Santisima Muerte, La Blanca, with your very presence you can break all hexes and evil spells.

We ask, oh Holy Mother, that with your scythe you separate from me (or for whom you are praying) that which crosses, that which causes illness, and that which is unclean.

Purify me (or him/her), oh Miraculous Muerte, by the great power, which God has given you. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


The black candle prayer is used for protection against enemies. Therefore, you can combine this prayer with the Santa Muerte prayer for self-protection. The black candle is believed to release a strong protective aura around you, which will make you invisible to the evil eye.

This is strong protective prayer. The Santa Muerte spirit will be invoked as you burn the black candle while praying. Therefore, you should never doubt the power of this prayer. The Santa Muerte is believed to be very protective of her devoted worshippers. This is why the black candle prayer is an effective prayer for protection.

Whenever you feel confused and scared because of the dangers at work, in your relationship, or in your business, it is time to offer the Santa Muerte black candle prayer. This prayer will refresh your soul and shield you from every harm that has been targeted towards you.

In addition to this, it will make you invincible to attacks; that is, you will not be affected by the attacks of negative people.

4) Santa Muerte Prayer for Strength against Enemies

“Ladyof de ath
Skeletals pirit
Most powerful and strong,
Indispensable in the moment of danger,
I invoke you certain of your bounty.
Beg to omnipotent god,
Grant me all I am asking for.
Make repent all his life
The one who harmed me or gave me the evil eye
And may it turn against him right away.
For the one who deceives me in love
I ask that you make him come back to me
And if he does not listen to your strange voice
Good spirit of death,
Make him feel
The power of your scythe.
In games and in business
My best advocate I name you
And anyone that comes against me
Make him a loser.
Oh, Lady of Death, my protecting angel, amen!”

When you feel overwhelmed because of the attacks from various angles, it is time to offer the Santa Muerte prayer for strength against enemies. The Santa Muerte prayer for strength against enemies can be offered alongside every other prayer in this article.

Therefore, there is no need to separate these prayers whenever you intend to offer all of them.

Finding the strength and courage to face your enemies is possible by offering prayers to Santa Muerte for strength against the enemies in your life. Therefore, it is time to become spiritually sensitive and take action.

It is time to offer prayers for protection and it is time to offer prayers for strength. It is time for you to spiritually prepare yourself for every attack that will be staged against you in the future. Whenever you begin to feel the sting of defeat, it is a sign from the universe that you are under spiritual attack, and you need to pray for strength against the enemies around you.

It is time to look up to Santa Muerte for strength by offering prayers to her.

5) Santa Muerte daily prayer for spiritual protection

“Santa Muerte, La Blanca,

Most Holy Death of the White Robe, eldest of the Three, you who sit at the right hand of God, hear our prayers.

You who grant the peaceful death of old age and heal the sick, through the great power, which God has given you, we ask you to remove all sickness from our lives.

Niña Blanca, with your holy scales, bring balance to our bodies, minds, and souls and protect us from all illness.

Santa Muerte La Blanca, Holiest of Archangels, cover us with your pure robe, we pray.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


If you are going to enjoy spiritual protection from the goddess, you must practice the habit of praying to her daily. This is what several devotees of Santa Muerte practice, and you must incorporate it into your devotion as a beginner.

Learning the simple basics of prayer might be difficult at first, but as you constantly offer prayers to Santa Muerte, it will become easy for you to do it the right way, and get the best result.

The daily prayer for spiritual protection will constantly keep you away from danger zones, which might hurt your life, business, or relationship. In addition to this, the Santa Muerte prayer for spiritual protection will protect your soul from becoming possessed by negative influences.

Everything that needs to be protected in your life will be positively affected by offering the Santa Muerte daily prayer for protection.

Do you need daily protection because of your job?

The daily Santa Muerte prayer for protection will keep you off danger zones, and protect you from becoming a victim of negative situations and circumstances.

It is time to pray.

The secretive and sinister ‘cult’ challenging the power of the Catholic Church

Santa Muerte Mexico ritual religion

During one of Pope Francis’ speeches on his landmark trip to Mexico earlier this year, he issued a cryptic admonishment. In an address to Mexican bishops, the pontiff said that he was “particularly concerned about those many persons who, seduced by the empty power of the world, praise illusions and embrace their macabre symbols to commemorate death in exchange for money.”

For those outside of Latin America, the pope’s reference to a secretive “cult” that venerates Santa Muerte, or “Saint Death,” is likely to escape notice. But to the 10 million to 12 million adherents in the region, the pope’s criticism of Santa Muerte, which has challenged the influence of the Catholic Church, was clear.

“As esoteric as [devotion to Santa Muerte] seems, it is very practically oriented,” Andrew Chesnut, the Bishop Walter F. Sullivan Chair in Catholic Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University and author of “Devoted to Death: Santa Muerte, the Skeleton Saint,” told The National Catholic Review.

Santa Muerte, and the people who worship her, are much maligned, often associated with the region’s narco underworld. But the reality, like faith, is more complex.

Santa Muerte likely originates from Europe, arriving in the New World with Spanish conquistadors.

By the 18th century, Catholic leadership realized that the reaper figure had become a venerated figure among indigenous people. The church elected to destroy Santa Muerte shrines, and the sect faded from public view until the mid-20th century.

By the 1980s, members of drug cartels and other criminal groups in Mexico had embraced Santa Muerte.

Santa Muerte had a revival in 2001, when, according to AFP’s Laurent Thomet, a woman called Dona Queta “brought her skeleton out in the street in Mexico City’s rough neighborhood of Tepito.” People soon flocked to the shrine.

“The heart of her faith is in Tepito,” writes journalist Ioan Grillo, “a crowded quarter [of the city] that dates back to before the Spanish conquest … There is also a never-ending collection of Santa Muerte memorabilia in stalls and entire shops devoted to her.”

“Ecatepec is the birthplace of Santa Muerte,” says Brother Parka, a 58-year-old Santa Muerte spiritual guide, referring to a heavily populated municipality north of Mexico City. “We had to build the National Congregation of the Santa Muerte because the cult has grown so much, it is immense.”

Mexican news site Animal Politico wrote in mid-February:

[Brother Parka] insists that Ecatepec is the place with the most devotees in Mexico for two reasons. The first is obvious: Ecatepec is the most populated (and perhaps the most overpopulated) municipality in Latin America, with more than 1.5 million inhabitants. And second, “because here the people have faith and are in need of believing in something,” Brother Parka says.

Especially since the municipality accumulated a total of 354 homicides in 2015 alone, according to Mexico’s National System of Public Security.

In addition, Brother Parka points out that Ecatepec is the nerve center of a “Santa Muerte corridor,” which runs from the Line 2 of the Metro in this Mexico State municipality through several colonies in Mexico City where the cult is also deeply rooted, like Morelos, Peralvillo, Santa Julia, and the neighborhood of Tepito, which is also a bastion of the Muerte.

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