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How To Become A Pastor In Winners Chapel

How To Become A Pastor In Winners Chapel: In this article, we’re going to talk about how you can become a pastor in Winners Chapel. Get the how much does it cost to become a pastor and how to become a preacher without college answers below.

Just as any other job, becoming a pastor requires some sort of training and education. You cannot just walk into a church and start preaching at people without any formal training or preparing yourself for the role that you will be taking on. There are many different ways to become a pastor, but this article will look at the best ways for you to become one in Winners Chapel. Have you ever wanted to be a pastor? You can be! Each church in Winners Chapel has their own evangelist and the ministry works together to support the work of God in many different ways. The key is to step out in faith, believe and be available to God’s timing.

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How To Become A Pastor In Winners Chapel

Christianity is a religion that has leaders, and these leaders are called ministers. It is believed that ministerial work is a work that a man must be called into. If any man is not called into the vineyard of the Lord Jesus and he forces himself into the work, he is bound to make mistakes. Ministers are mostly called Pastors by the public, although there are other offices apart from a pastor, which are Apostles, Evangelists, Teachers and Prophets. Before anyone wants to become a pastor, he must be called, especially if he wants to go into full time ministry. Some were called to be under someone, receive some training from the person and then later break out to start their own churches.

One man that has trained many pastors in ministerial work is Bishop David Oyedepo. Bishop Oyedepo is a Pastor, a Bishop, a businessman, a proprietor (Of Kingdom Heritage Schools and Covenant University) and also an author.

He is the General Overseer of Living Faith Church. Bishop Oyedepo himself always claims that the General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God is his spiritual father. Bishop Oyedepo started Living Faith Church aka Winners Chapel in the year 1981 in Kaduna, but he later moved to Lagos, the former capital of Nigeria in 1989 to start a new branch of the church, after he claimed that he received instructions from God to reach out to the people of Lagos.

That is the place that Living Faith aka Winners Chapel Headquarters, Canaan Land is situated currently, and from there it has spread out to other areas of the Country ad the world at large. They host their Shiloh yearly, every December from Canaan Land in Lagos. Bishop Oyedepo has trained many ministers of God throughout his 30 years plus in Ministerial Work. Also Bishop Oyedepo is extremely rich, allegedly the richest minister in the Africa at the moment. In this article, I will be showing you his most reputable trainees that broke away from his Winners Chapel Church, and are still doing well doing well. After these men broke away from Oyedepo, they still flourished in Ministerial works and flourished also, even in riches.

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Pastor

1. Pastor David Ibiyeomie

Pastor David Ibiyeomie was a devout member of Winners Chapel. He shared a strong bond with Bishop Oyedepo while he was in the church. He even met his wife, Peace Ibiyeomie, while he was still at Winners Chapel. He later broke away from Oyedepo and began his own church. Till today, he still acknowledges Bishop Oyedepo as his spiritual father.

Pastor David Ibiyeomie is the presiding pastor of Salvation Ministries. Salvation Ministries is a very successful and fast growing church and it has many branches nationwide that it calls Satellite Churches. Its headquarters is in Port Harcourt. They always host their annual program, 5 Nights Of Glory, every January. As of this writing, they are building a 120,000 auditorium, set to be the largest in the world. Pastor David Ibiyeomie is also one of the richest ministers in Nigeria at the moment.

2. Bishop Irabor Wisdom

Bishop Irabor Wisdom is the Presiding Bishop of Answered Assembly International, Warri, Delta State. He met Bishop Oyedepo on September 1995 and enrolled into his Bible School in March 1996, graduating from it with flying colors. He later presided over many branches of Winners Chapel nationwide. He last presided over Winners Chapel branch in Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State before he claimed that God called him into his present Ministry. His church is one of the fastest growing churches in Delta state and he is one of the fastest growing young clergies in Nigeria. Am saying this because he was made a Bishop in 2017, just a few years after he left Winners Chapel in 2013. He is doing well in Ministry.

3. Pastor Dele Bamboye

Pastor Dele was also one of Bishop Oyedepo disciples and was once a pastor in Winners Chapel. He was once a resident pastor of the Port Harcourt branch and even served as a resident pastor in its headquarters. He broke away from him and began his own church. His church is called High Flyers International.

4. Pastor Korede Komaiya

Pastor Korede Komaiya is a renowned pastor that is simply known as Pastor KK was once a residential minister that worked with Bishop David Oyedepo in Winners Chapel. He was very close to Bishop Oyedepo. By and by, after learning all that he needed to learn from Bishop Oyedepo concerning Ministerial Work, he founded Master’s Place International in Warri, Delta State. The church always runs 6 services on their Sunday programs. Pastor Korede Komaiya is doing well and he always honors Bishop David Oyedepo till date.

So there you have it, Bishop Oyedepo is a rich minister of God and he even owns a private jet. The men that he trained have turned out to be rich ministers too. None of them have ended up badly.

How To Become A Preacher Without College

If you want to become a pastor in Winners Chapel, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Read the Bible. This is the most important step. You must read the entire Bible cover-to-cover at least once.
  2. Be born again. You can’t be a pastor unless you’re born again. The only way to be born again is by accepting Jesus Christ as your personal savior and asking Him into your heart.
  3. Take part in a Bible study. There are many different types of Bible studies you can take part in, but they all work towards the same goal—helping you understand God’s word better so that you can apply it to your life and ministry more effectively!
  4. Attend an orientation class or seminar on how to become a pastor in Winners Chapel! These seminars are free for anyone who wants to attend!

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  1. Your article did not describe “HOW” to begin the process and arrive at finally becoming a pastor in Lfc… I mean step-by-step guide. This article is merely an introductory statement; nothing more.

    Nice welcome address though. I appreciate it.

    1. Hi Erinmola, if you wish to become a pst in lfc, you have to locate a station and become a member of the local assembly. there are three basic bible school you must attend, BCC, LCC, and LDC, at the completion of the bible school, you can go and ask your station pst for the next step to take toward becoming a winners pst. mind you, you must have worshipped with them for minimum of three years. thank you so much and I hope this is helpful.

  2. Benson Guantai Mucheke

    In my lifetime I have been a Catholic, full of rituals and liturgies ,but when I started attending winners chapel , I discovered lots of spiritual nourishment in worship – praise, thanksgiving and prayer and strict adherence of preaching from the scripture – and I got grounded in the biblical foundational spiritual truth.

  3. I ve been following Dr David Oyedepo for a long time now. Apparently I’m saving as a resident pastor is in one of the churches in Phc . I once saved in winners chapel. I love everything about this church.

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