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Hi, I’m LDS and I’m writing an email to my existing clients. I’d like to ask them if they are interested in reading the Book of Mormon. I don’t know how to do this over email though because it is such a long book. Is there a good way I can suggest reading it?

You’ve probably heard a lot about the Book of Mormon, even if you haven’t read it. It is an ancient book that was written by prophets on the American continent. It’s a religious book of scripture containing God’s revelations to these prophets written on gold plates. It is the centerpiece of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which is commonly called Mormonism. There are many stories and teachings in it that can help you improve your life and draw closer to God.

It’s been a great to have you as part of this Sunday School class. If you missed any of our classes, you can still find the notes and links to everything we talked about on the church website at . Thank you for your great comments and questions that make class participation so much fun. I’ll be sure and send an email when we start again in the fall.

read the book of mormon

Book of Mormon



The Book of Mormon testifies of the truthfulness of the Bible and of the divinity of Jesus Christ. It concerns several very small groups of people who left the Holy Lands and ended up in what is today known as the Americas. They had the scriptures that had been written by the time they left (about 600 BC for the primary group) and they were led by prophets, who received continuing revelation concerning God and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

After the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, He visited these people, who had been waiting for His arrival. He helped them to organize their church and ministered to them for several days. The record of this visit is a powerful testimony that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the entire world, not just a small portion of it. It also proves His divinity, since it would have been impossible for Him to visit them otherwise. The Book of Mormon is a second witness of Jesus Christ that has changed millions of lives.

This site, which is by ordinary, unofficial Mormons, will introduce you to the Book of Mormon. You’ll learn what the book is about, who the heroes and villains of the book are, and how Mormons view the book. You’ll also learn a little about the basic beliefs of the Mormons along the way. We’re excited to share with you a book that has changed our lives.

The Book of Mormon is considered by Mormons to be a companion to, not a replacement for, the Bible. Mormons—a nickname often used to refer to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints—believe in, revere, and study the Holy Bible, using the King James translation. Although there is a “Mormon” version of the Bible, it is the same unchanged King James translation used by millions world-wide. The “Mormon” parts are the parts that were not original—the footnotes, chapter summaries, and study aids.


Yes. In fact, the articles on this website will be more meaningful to you if you read the book while you study. You can read the book free on the Internet—no registration or personal information required, listen to it read aloud, or request a free print copy be delivered to you by a missionary.

Read the Book of Mormon free online. (This page also includes the Bible and other scriptures used by Mormons.)

Download a free Book of Mormon for your mobile device.

Listen to the Book of Mormon in audio.

Invite a missionary to bring you a free print Book of Mormon and share a brief message about it.

FREE 90 Day Book Of Mormon Reading Challenge Printable

October 9, 2018·By: Marissa Farnsworth·10 Comments

Hey all! It’s Marissa from Prickly Pear Design Co. and I’m back today sharing a FREE 90 Day Book of Mormon Reading Challenge printable.

Our recent General Conference was filled with the spirit and lots of divine instruction. If you had the chance to listen to President Nelson’s talk during the Women’s General Session you’re aware that he gave us quite a few assignments that will help us be the Women of God we are meant to be.

His challenge during the Women’s session included:

  1. Participate in a 10 day fast from social media.
  2. Read the Book of Mormon between now and the end of the year.
  3. Establish a pattern of regular temple attendance.
  4. Participate fully in Relief Society. 

He promised us that our efforts in this area would help us shape the future and change the world; as well as support our part in the gathering of Israel on both sides of the veil. With that said, it’s time to get to work ladies!


How to Use the 90 Day Book of Mormon Reading Challenge Printable

This 90 Day Book of Mormon Reading Challenge printable is perfect for tracking your reading progress and can also be the perfect little something to drop by to your ministering sisters and invite them to take the challenge and read along with you.



Download the 90 Day Book of Mormon Reading Challenge Chart Full Page Here

Download the 90 Day Book of Mormon Reading Challenge Chart 5×7 (two to a page) Here

If printables aren’t your thing, you can use this handy digital spreadsheet on the device of your choice. This digital version includes both the checkboxes and the reading assignment as well as a date column so you can easily check out the assignment for any given day.

Access the Digital 90 Day Reading Challenge Chart Here

If you’re not starting on October 1st, no problem. You can adjust the dates in the digital file easily – I show how to do it, along with how to copy the file for your own use, and share it with others in this video.

Be sure to make a copy of the spreadsheet and save it to your own Google Drive so that the master stays clean for others to use. Not sure how to do that? Check out the how to video here.

Now lets get to reading the Book of Mormon ladies so we can receive the blessings promised that will help us change the world!

Marissa Farnsworth

Marissa Farnsworth




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    1.  SHEENANOVEMBER 7, 2018You are very welcome.REPLY
  2.  DEBBIE S.OCTOBER 10, 2018I have been trying to download the printable but it says” blocked-plug in”. What am I doing wrong?REPLY
    1.  SHEENANOVEMBER 7, 2018Hi Debbie. Sorry about that. If you’re still wanting the tracker just shoot me an email and I will get it to you ([email protected]). 🙂REPLY
  3.  ASHLEY ZIEGLEROCTOBER 10, 2018This is a cute little tracker!REPLY
    1.  SHEENANOVEMBER 7, 2018Thanks, Ashley. 🙂REPLY
  4.  REBECCA CASPEROCTOBER 12, 2018I am trying to access the digital form, but I keep getting an error saying “This item was not found or you do not have access to it.” Am I doing something wrong?!REPLY
    1.  SHEENANOVEMBER 7, 2018I’ll double check the link. Sorry about that.REPLY
  5.  CHANDAOCTOBER 12, 2018Thank you!! I love you incredible talented women and all your hard work you are willing to share.REPLY
    1.  SHEENAOCTOBER 17, 2018You are very welcome, Chanda. 🙂

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