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Assistant General Overseer RCCG is an online platform committed to establishing direct communication between the general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God and its millions of members worldwide! It is a digital town square which provides a medium for members to interact with the general overseer via live video.

There are opportunities for men’s ministry, women’s ministry, and youth ministry. There is also a department for music groups and choirs. Find out more about this ministry of the General Overseer in charge of these ministries.

Assistant General Overseer RCCG

The Assistant General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has said no matter the challenges facing the church, it will not relent in its efforts to reach out to the people and spread the gospel.

Speaking at a service on Sunday, Pastor Adeboye said that despite the fact that some Christians were not ready to accept God’s call on them, they would be left behind when Christ returns.

He said: “There are many who are not ready to receive anything from God but we will not relent because we know that if you don’t go, you will be left behind. We know this.”

“We have been sent here by God to fulfil His purpose and we will never relent in whatever He wants us to do.”

The cleric also urged Christians to pray for leaders in their various ministries so that they may be able to perform their duties effectively.

The Assistant General Overseer is the direct assistant to the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. The assistant general overseer reports directly to the general overseer, and is responsible for carrying out all official duties of the office. This includes overseeing all matters related to public relations, including media appearances, as well as maintaining a healthy relationship with other departments within the church structure.

The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), founded in Lagos , Nigeria, is a Pentecostal megachurch and denomination. Enoch Adeboye, ordained in 1981, is the General overseer (most senior pastor). The Lagos church has an annual attendance to the church of 100,000.

Rev. Josiah Olufemi Akindayomi (1909โ€“1980) founded the RCCG in 1952, after his involvement in other churches. Rev. Akindayomi chose the next General overseer, Enoch Adejare Adeboye. Enoch Adeboye was a mathematics lecturer at Lagos University, Nigeria, as he entered the church in 1973 at the time. Adeboye initially became one of the interpreters who translated the sermons of Akindayomi from Yoruba into English. He was ordained a pastor of the church in 1975, and the posthumous reading of Akindayomi’s sealed pronouncement formalized his appointment as church leader (General overseer). Redeemed Christian Church of God Bible School was established in 1990.

Here is the list of members of the governing council of RCCG

1.Pastor E.A Adeboye

The Ministry’s General Overseer is Enoch Adejare Adeboye. In 1973 he entered the Redeemed Christian Church of God and was ordained a church pastor in 1977. He became church supervisor general in 1981, and the church, which was not well known before Adeboye became general supervisor, currently has several branches in more than 196 nations worldwide. Pastor Adeboye said that his goal is to place a church in developing cities within five minutes ‘walk and five minutes’ drive away.

2.Pastor Joseph O. Obayemi

Pastor Joseph O. Obayemi is the national overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) and pastor in charge of the family of the overcomers, Region 2. He was the special assistant to the general overseer on Finance and the head of the house fellowship’s board of governors prior to his appointment to the post of national overseer.

3.Pastor J.F Odeshola

Pastor E.A Odeshola is the assistant general overseer in charge of administration and personnel and as such is highly regarded as the organizational fulcrum of the ministry. He is also the pastor in charge of Region 1, the church’s regional headquarters. Pastor Odeshola, a professor of divinity with trinity International is a qualified Engineer before he went into full time ministry .He has been in the ministry for close to 40 years.

4. Pastor. E. A. Odeyemi

The Shepherd. E. A. Odeyemi is the Regional Pastor and Assistant general overseer for education and training (NR). Since 1988 he has worked with Christ the Redeemers and has a wealth of experience in administration, youth ministry, training and development over a period of three decades. He was previously a pastor responsible for the central African region until he was appointed to Abuja.

5.Pastor Peter Amenkhienan

In the RCCG, Peter Amenkienan is the assistant general overseer responsible for young adults and youth. He is based in Nairobi Kenya, and is coordinating the Mission ‘s eastern African regions. University of Benin’s chemistry degree. He holds an M.A. in Business Management and a B.A. in Theology. Prior to responding to the appeal, he held several senior management positions in different private sector conglomerates in Nigeria. Pastor Silvia Sola Amenkienan is married

6.Pastor Abraham A. Haastrup

Senior Assistant General Officer of the Australia & Pacific region of the Church, pastor Abraham Adewole Haastrup (Since 2010). Pastor Haastrup once managed the mission’s human resources. He’s married Jane Adesola Haastrup. Pastor (Mrs.)

7 .Pastor Dele Olowu

Currently, Pastor Dele Olowu is assistant general overseer and coordinator of the continental Europe affairs of the RCCG. Until 1995 he received invitation from the United Nations to work on a governance program in Ethiopia, he was a professor at the University of Ife. Dele Oluwu came to the Netherlands in 1995 to work in the Institute of social studies in the Hague, after working with academia and then in development with the United Nations and the African Development Bank .. He noticed a surprising lack of active churches in the region while working there and he started to plant parishes.

8. Pastor Joseph Adeyokunnu

Pastor Joseph Adeyokunnu is a professional accountant with more than 35 years of experience. He holds both an MBA and an MBA in Finance. He was previously the ministry ‘s finance owner prior to his being promoted to the position of ministry treasurer.

9.Pastor Ayodele Samuel Adeloye

Pastor Ayodele Samuel Adeloye is the Deputy Church Overseer and Pastor responsible for South Africa1 in Zambia.

10.Pastor Remi Akintunde

Pastor Remi Akintunde is Asia’s Deputy General Overseer and RCCG Asia Region Pastor 1. For over 40 years he has served in the ministry. The special helpers of the general supervisor are the following in hierarchy:

Conclusion is an attempt by the ministry of public enlightenment to reach the untapped world hinterlands with the gospel of God, thereby deepening the commitment of members and making them appreciate church activities more.

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