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Rccg Doctrine On Marriage

In brief, we must answer this question: What is the doctrine of marriage in RCCG? In order to answer this question, let us read and understand the different vital points which are outlined in the official teachings of RCCG on marriage.

In matters of marriage, there is no provision for divorce. One marries in compliance with God’s laws and scripture, and should remain in good conscience in the relationship until the end of one’s days. In the matter of adultery, Adulterous partners are to be excommunicated from membership in the Redeemed Christian Church of God imediately. A common-law wife is also not recognized as a legitimate wife; neither are relationships outside of marriage. Looking at; RCCG Courtship Proposal Format, RCCG Pre- Marital Counseling Classes – General Rules.

Rccg Doctrine On Marriage

The doctrine of marriage is a topic that has been hotly debated by many Christian denominations.

The Redeemed Christian Church of God is one of the largest and most influential churches in Nigeria. It has over 10 million members throughout the world, including 1 million members in the United States alone.

The RCCG teaches that marriage is a sacred union between one man and one woman, who must be legally married to each other in order for the union to be recognized by God. They also teach that divorce should only be allowed under extreme circumstances (such as abuse), and that remarriage after divorce should not be allowed.

The RCCG Doctrine on marriage is based on the Christian Bible, specifically the book of Genesis and the book of Ephesians. In Genesis, God created two individuals to be husband and wife (Genesis 2:18). In Ephesians 5:22-23, Paul writes that husbands are to love their wives as Christ loved the Church. From these verses, we can see that God intended for men and women to marry each other.

The RCCG Doctrine on marriage also states that marriage is a union between one man and one woman who are free from any sexual impurity. This means that both parties must be single before they can get married. The RCCG Doctrine also discourages divorce except in cases where one partner has committed adultery or fornication.

The church condemns premarital physical intimacy between intending couples. The Bible deems it sexual immorality. The church abhors marital separations and divorces. The Bible says marriage is for better and for worse.

RCCG Courtship Proposal Format

1. Pray to receive a leading to a particular brother or sister
2. Once you are sure you should go and discuss with your parish pastor first
3. The pastor would pray and invite the brother or sister in question for discussion/ counseling
4. The mentioned brother or sister would be counseled to seek the face of God concerning a life partner
5. The pastor may not disclose the name of the brother or sister that came with the proposal
6. If the mentioned brother/ sister comes back with a leading to the person that came with the initial proposal, the pastor would arrange to bring the two together for prayers so that their courtship could start formally
7. If you are led to a person outside “your parish or church’ you must discuss with your parish pastor first
8. The parish pastor would then write on your behalf to the pastor of the sister in question
9. It is not acceptable in the church to start proposing marriage to any sister in the church without discussing with your parish pastor
10. No courtship should start without the formal approval of your parish pastor
11. No courtship relationship must break without formal discussion with your parish pastor and marriage counseling committee
12. All brethren in courtship must pass through the marriage counseling course before wedding

RCCG Pre- Marital Counseling Classes – General Rules

1. All couples –in – courtship must successfully finish the compulsory intending couples counseling classes before wedding day
2. The church would not participate in the wedding of any couple who fails to complete the programme, no matter where the wedding is taking place
3. Any couple who wants to get married must have been in courtship for at least six (6) months before the church can approve of the wedding
4. Couples should not fix their wedding dates until they have obtained clearance from the Marriage Counseling ministry
5. Wedding dates are tentative until the Area Pastor receives the final Confidential report from the Marriage Counseling ministry on such couples
6. Couples should confirm their proposed wedding dates with the Area pastor after their confidential reports have been forwarded, before printing their invitation cards
7. Invitation cards and wedding programmes must be cleared by the coordinator of Marriage Counseling ministry before printing
8. The wedding programme should conform with the standard wedding programme of the church
9. If you are marrying someone from another church, your spouse must obtain a letter of introduction, duly signed, from his/her church. The letter must also confirm that such a person is fit to be joined by the church
10. Spouses residing outside town must see their counselor, at least, three times before the wedding day
11. The engagement list must be presented to the Marriage Committee of your parish for counseling/ clearance before the wedding/engagement ceremonies
12. Couples must obtain Marriage Clearance Certificate from the Local Government Marriage Registry. This certificate must be presented to the Marriage Committee at least, one week before the wedding date. (Note: A twenty – one (21) working day notice is required by the Local Government before the issuance of such certificate)
13. Couples must obtain written consent to their relationship from their parents before the church could join them
14. The wedding gown/dress of the bride and the chief bride’s maid must be presented to the Marriage Committee for fitting and inspection, at least, two weeks before the proposed wedding date
15. Pre- wedding church rehearsals are compulsory for the couple, bestman and chief bride’s maid
16. The couple must arrive at the church on the wedding day, at least, 15 minutes before the scheduled time of commencement of wedding service
17. Couples must get their wedding Bible ready. The word of God is what the church uses in joining a couple in marriage
18. No wedding shall be conducted on the Saturday of Annual Convention in August as well as the Saturdays of Annual Go – A – Fishing programme during Christmas and Easter
19. Pre – marital sexual relationship is sinful, hence it is highly prohibited by the church. Confirmation of being involved in sexual relationship automatically cancels the involvement of the church in such wedding
20. Pregnancy test would be conducted on the bride in less than one week to the wedding date. Any bride found to be pregnant would automatically be disqualified from having her wedding in the church; Co-habiting as husband and wife or relating sexually after traditional wedding or engagement is not for those wishing to solemnize their marriage in the church; otherwise the church wedding would be called off.

Our marriage was a covenant that started in heaven. When we married we either made the marriage covenant with God, or the marriage covenant with our partner. For a man it is normally only with his wife, not with any other woman. For a woman a woman it is normally only with her husband and no other man. Christian couples who have kept on making the marriage covenant till they die will obviously have eternal lives as husband and wife living in paradise.