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Rccg Believers Class Manual

In the past, I have found it difficult to find materials online that can be used to support my faith and understanding of the Bible; especially at a place where I could understand the information. While it is great that God’s Word is accessible online and I’m so grateful for this powerful blessing, it was still difficult to navigate through some of the available Bible study material on the internet. We will provide Rccg Believers Class Manual, rccg believers class manual questions and answers and rccg baptismal class manual pdf download.

The Believers’ Class Manual is a handbook for Sunday School teachers of the RCCG. It gives you crucial counseling that you need to run a class. You need to know how to start the day, how to end your lesson, and everything in between—an invaluable resource for all those who want or need to run a well-organized and efficient class. 

RCCG Believers Class Manual

The RCCG Believers’ Class Manual is a Bible study resource that has been created to help believers of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) enhance their knowledge of the Bible. It contains a series of questions that will help the reader to reflect upon and understand the content of each chapter in the Bible.

It also contains verses and comments, along with illustrations and stories that have been taken from different parts of the Bible. The aim of this manual is to help you grow in your relationship with God by developing a deeper understanding of His Word.

This manual is for use in the RCCG Believers’ Class. It contains a variety of resources that you can use to prepare for your class, as well as additional material that you can use to teach the class.

The first section contains a list of all of the topics covered in the class, along with an overview of what will be covered in each topic. You can use this section to plan out your lessons and see how much time you need for each topic. The second section includes a list of all of the resources that are available to help you prepare for each lesson. The third section contains a list of all of the materials needed for each lesson, including: what they are used for, when they should be prepared, who should have them (if applicable), and where they should be stored until they are needed during class time. The fourth section includes answers to frequently asked questions about teaching this course, including: why it’s important to follow these guidelines when preparing classes; what happens if I don’t follow these guidelines; how often do I have to update my materials?

rccg believers class manual questions and answers


STUDY 1 (B): Understanding The New Birth

STUDY 2: Understanding The New Birth

STUDY 3: Repentance from dead Works

STUDY 4: Discovering your New self- Knowing who you are

STUDY 5: Discovering your New self – The Expectations

STUDY 6: Learning about the Bible, the Trinity and the Devil

STUDY 7: Quiet Time

STUDY 8: Teaching on Baptism

STUDY 9: Personal Evangelism

STUDY 10: Christian Conduct

STUDY 11: Christian Discipline

STUDY 12: The Biblical Fasting and Prayer

STUDY 13: Divine Healing

STUDY 14: Restitution, Moral Issues & Money matters

STUDY 14: Deliverance (Part A)

STUDY 15:Deliverance (Part B)

STUDY 16: The Second Coming of Christ

rccg baptismal class manual pdf download

RCCG Believers Class Manual is a series of books that have been written to help you grow in Christ. Whether you are a new believer or an old one, there is something in this book for you. Each book contains a chapter from the Bible and a corresponding chapter from the believers’ manual. These books will help you learn about God and how He views us. The books also contain testimonies from people who have experienced God’s amazing grace in their lives. You can use these books anywhere at any time, so get ready to grow!

The RCCG Believers’ Class Manual is a comprehensive, hands-on guide to the RCCG Sunday service. It includes:

-An explanation of each song and prayer in the service

-An explanation of what happens during each part of the service

-Translations for all songs and prayers in English and Igbo

-A list of common words and phrases used in the RCCG Sunday service

-A glossary of terms


This is a searchable, user-friendly site that makes the RCCG Believers Class manual quick and easy to find. The interface is excellent: clear buttons and easy to navigate links that make the site easy to use for any denomination. The study system is an added benefit for using the search engine.