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Scavenger Hunt Ideas For Church Youth Group

One of the best scavenger hunt ideas for youth groups is an indoor church scavenger hunt. If your youth ministry has been using fun photo scavenging games, this is a great way to have a new outdoor church scavenger hunt idea that’s different from the old ones. This game idea comes from the same mind who created some of the most popular Scavenger Hunt games online. The first thing that caught my attention was the fact that it’s based on a simple wedding photo scavenger hunt idea but with a twist: you don’t ask for ‘hard’ information; instead, you need to find a certain number of photos on any social network with tags related to your family name or something else, which will make it easier for everyone.

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Whether you’re looking for a church scavenger hunt idea for youth group or church scavenger hunt for children, we’ve got you covered. Browse our list of scavenger hunt ideas, organized by age and religion. Our own youth group members have tested and approved each scavenger hunt craft. And scavenger hunts make it easy to spend a lot less time doing stuff than would otherwise be required in order to complete the tasks. Here are some ideas you could use:

Scavenger Hunt Ideas For Church Youth Group

Church scavenger hunt ideas are always a big hit! And the best way to make your youth group scavenger hunts more fun is by adding an element of competition. But really—who wouldn’t love a church-based scavenger hunt?

Scavenger hunts are a great way to keep your youth group entertained and active. For example, if your church is large and consists of many age ranges (like middle school, high school and college), then you can divide the room into levels for different parts of your church curriculum or activities.

Church Scavenger Hunt Riddles

It is about mystery. Most of all, it is about fun. In the case of Christian scavenger hunts, it is also about learning. The ideas listed here require the use of digital cameras and the ability to print pictures from them when the kids return from their journey. Other than that, all you need is a group of excited teenagers and adult chaperones to ensure their safety.


1. Where is God?

The challenge is to find someone with the name Jesus, Emmanuel, Immanuel, Son, or Father. Once the teens find him they must obtain proof with an envelope or postcard. If they can’t find an actual person with the name, teams can search through someone’s phone book and then ask permission to cut the name out of it. They can also visit a local Catholic parish to find a priest with the official title of Father.

2. Here’s Your Sign!

The youth put their digital cameras or cell phones into action to find this item. They must search for signs that contain the title of a Bible book. Ruth Street, Genesis Video Games, and New Revelation Hair Salon are just a few of the signs they may see along the way. To make this harder, you can single out a particular book name they must find.

3. Things You Find in the Bible

This treasure is listed twice on the team lists. The goal is to see who can bring back the smallest cross. It can’t be cut out of paper. It is fitting that they are in competition to see who can retrieve the largest cross on their hunt as well.

Instruct the teams to gather three items that they would find on Noah’s ark. It can be toy animals, an olive branch, hay, or anything else they come up with. Jump to the New Testament and see if anyone can come back with a crown of thorns, a purple robe, and dice.

The youth can’t leave out the last item on the list. They must find and bring back a lamb or a sheep. Most teens will turn into stuffed animals. Kudos to the brave souls who can bring back a living, breathing sheep.

4. Paper Trail

Send the youth in search of church programs. They must find 10 programs from 10 different congregations. Another paper item includes old-fashioned tracts. See if they can obtain five tracts or pamphlets that teach people about salvation or other Christian messages.

5. Riddles

Consider using riddles instead of actual listed items. For instance, you can send the youth in search of the light that guided the path of the wise men. You can instruct them to bring back leftovers from the feast shared among the 5,000 that Jesus miraculously fed. While they may not actually be able to bring back the Star of Bethlehem, they can bring back a star decoration or toy. The same goes for the meal. Bread will suffice since fish may prove just a tad smelly.

Indoor Church Scavenger Hunt Riddles

You know the importance of helping youth get to know each other and keeping them busy and entertained, but planning a church youth group activity every week or month can be challenging. Youth want something different and like to stay active, but new ideas are not always easy to find. Scavenger hunts are versatile, so they can be done inside, outside, or even within the community or neighborhood. And now, making scavenger hunt clues is easier than ever with Riddle Me. Here are some ways to make your church scavenger hunt a success:

  • Have your riddles and clues use the scriptures. Bible verses can be included in the riddles so they can put an entire verse at the end, or simply about the topic you’d like them to research and study. This lends well to having an activity and a lesson and helps to reinforce the lesson ideas.
  • Use the riddles as a service scavenger hunt. If you live in a neighborhood that’s friendly, or with lots of church members nearby, have the youth go to houses and ask for service tasks, like mowing the lawn, washing windows, or taking out the trash. Then they can take pictures of themselves performing the project. This task also helps them learn the value of service and enables them to get to know the community members.
  • Collect items for the local food pantry through the use of a scavenger hunt. Have them collect specific canned items to donate to a local food pantry.
  • Involve the church members by having them carry or hold the next riddle. To get the riddle, they must learn about that person.

No matter how you choose to use Riddle Me, be sure to follow the activity with a great snack and time to relax and talk about their adventures.

(Note: Riddle Me isn’t set up to do all of the above activities mentioned.) Some would require customization on your part.)

How about making a church scavenger hunt to help church youth groups have fun? Church scavenger hunts can be fun for youth groups to do together. When your youth group is out there doing photo-scavenger hunts, they are having fun and learning. And that’s what it’s all about!

Scavenger hunts are a great way to get the group together. You can use them for church activities or even a family get-together. These ideas for scavenger hunt ideas for church youth groups will help you make an activity your friends and family will love.

Indoor Church Scavenger Hunt

Have you ever had trouble coming up with ideas for a scavenger hunt? So, here are 12 scavenger hunt ideas for church youth groups that you can use to get the whole group moving. You could have a photo scavenger hunt or a puzzle or word search scavenger hunt that requires kids to look at pictures, solve puzzles or find hidden words in the Bible. There are endless possibilities, as long as you involve your kids in any way possible!

Have you ever been in a youth group or church but couldn’t find the person you needed to see? A scavenger hunt is the best way to find lost people! I created this scavenger hunt for church events to help people get around so they can go to a meeting without getting lost. There are different types of scavenger hunts depending on what kind of group you have and what kind of age.

Scavenger hunt ideas for church youth groups can be fun, challenging and beneficial to the youth. A scavenger hunt is a great activity that fosters teamwork, leadership and poise. The activity will help your kids learn important life lessons while having fun at the same time. Scavenger hunt rules are simple: The participants must follow directions, although they may deviate if they wish to do so.

Scavenger hunt ideas for teens and churchgoers of all ages! This week, I thought we’d take a break from the regular meetings and do something different for our church scavenger hunt. So, here are some of my favorite scavenger hunt ideas for local churches. We had a blast coming up with these, and I know you will too!

A scavenger hunt can be a lot of fun for your youth group, especially if you give them a theme. Church scavenger hunts for adults are also a great way to keep everyone busy and active. Use these ideas to help grow and nurture your church’s relationship with God.

Church youth group scavenger hunt ideas can be found in this guide for church youth groups. This time of year is full of fun activities for youth groups, such as pep rallies, winter carnivals, and more. While there are many other activities you could do with your youth group, scavenger hunts are definitely a fun activity that helps kids practice their teamwork skills while having lots of fun at the same time!

Are you looking for fun, inexpensive and non-invasive ways to engage your youth group? Here are some ideas of top scavenger hunt ideas for church youth groups.

Scavenger hunt activities for church youth groups are a great way to help your members keep their minds off the real world and busy with fun tasks. This can be done both indoors and outdoors, so there’s something for everyone!

There’s no need to spend hours on a long list of items. The scavenger hunt for youth groups should be quick, easy and fun for children. Check out these ideas to help you get your youth group organized quickly!

A scavenger hunt is a fun activity that is great for waking up the congregation. Here are some ideas to help you get started. Who doesn’t want to win some prizes and enjoy the game?

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