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Prayer to the Moon Vanara Instrumental

The waning of the moon means the moon is decreasing in size, amount, intensity, or degree; decline and moving from the full moon towards the new moon to approach an end. It means a gradual decrease in magnitude or extent; decrease, lessening, drop off, a change downward. This period the moon goes from full to dark. The visible surface of the moon decreases.   

Immediately after the full moon, the moon starts waning. The period of the waning moon lasts about 14days. At the peak of the waning moon, the moon is known as the “waning crescent moon” and it looks like the letter “C”. This is the time witches cast spells that banish, get rid of, destroy, send away, reduces, release, reverse, and carry out a lot of divination. The enemy uses this to reduce people in so many ways and take away their glory. The enemy of your destiny will not succeed in taking away your glory in Jesus name. You will not diminish. You will not expire. Your glory shall not fade.

It is a time for strategic intercessors and the church of Christ to frustrate the spirits and altars that demand sacrifices at this time. I command the fire of God to burn down all the witches covens and shrines in Jesus name. Amen.

These prayers should be made at the 6pm watch. The angels sent by God to destroy the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah entered the city the previous evening at the gate of the new day from 6pm and met Lot at the city square (Genesis 19:1). The spirits that want to bind our cities to strange altars during the moon phases or other special occasions start entering the city at the eve of the day at the 6pm watch.

I am a little bit of an astronomy geek; not enough that I’ve taken to learning the complex math behind it, mind you, but enough that I know a bit about the phases of the moon.  Contrary to popular belief, the moon does not mirror the movements of the sun through the sky; predictably rising at sunset and setting in the wee morning hours.  Actually, during the course of a month the moon is eager enough that it will sort of “lap” the sun – by the time the new moon comes around, it’s actually rising at sunrise and setting at twilight!

I think this is the reason that a night-time prayer to Mani never worked for me.  Half the time, He just wasn’t around when I was trying to address Him.  Inspired by the structure of Raven Kaldera’s Moon Phase prayers, I decided to write a set of mini-devotionals to Mani that could be said at anytime I spotted Him, day or night, with hints to help me remember when to go looking.

One of the things I love about blogging is sharing my love of music. Music is one of the most powerful forces in the world, and it can be used to bring people together or tear them apart. It’s been used as a weapon by conquerors throughout history, and it’s also been used as a tool for peace and unity.

While there are lots of songs out there that will make you want to dance, this particular song has a very different effect on me it makes me want to pray. This instrumental piece is called “Prayer To The Moon Vanara,” and it was written by composer [composer name]. The title is derived from Hindu mythology: Vanaras were monkeys who lived in Kishkindha (the monkey kingdom) and helped Rama rescue his wife Sita from Ravana. In the story, they helped Rama build an army to battle against Ravana and defeat him.

This new way of honoring Him has been very effective – I find myself much more aware of the actual lunar cycles, rather than just conflating He and the Night together.

public domain
Crescent Moon, public domain

First sighting
Hail to Mani, sliver of silver,
glimpsed in this liminal time
as the light of day is dawning (or waning).
You who rise with your sister
and follow Her to your silver-gold home.
On this night (or day) of all nights,
look down on me with blessings just beginning.
Hail to Mani, brilliant sickle of the sky.

Hail to Mani, silver crescent,
beautiful jewel of the morning (or evening),
hanging in the cerulean sky.
You who grow greater each rising,
and later each day, heavy with light.
On this night (or day) of all nights,
look down on me with blessings growing.
Hail to Mani, brilliant sickle of the sky.

First quarter
Hail to Mani, now half full,
half of the day and half of the night,
God of the spaces in-between.
You who are highest as the day wanes,
Half in light and half in dark,
On this night (or day) of all nights,
Look down on me with blessings budding.
Hail to Mani, half-full light of the sky.

Hail to Mani, beaming silver,
growing great in the darkness,
shining among the stars.
You who grow greater each rising,
and later each day, heavy with light.
On this night (or day) of all nights,
look down on me with blessings blooming.
Hail to Mani, gleaming globe of the sky.

Hail to Mani, shimmering silver,
flooding the dark night
with white light blazing brilliant.
You who appear in the evening,
whole and holy on the horizon.
On this night (or day) of all nights,
look down on me with blessings full and finished.
Hail to Mani, perfect pearl of the sky.

Hail to Mani, beaming silver,
great globe in the darkness,
shining among the stars.
You who leave lesser each setting,
and later each day, shedding your light.
On this night (or day) of all nights,
look down on me as troubles wane.
Hail to Mani, gleaming globe of the sky.

Let Us Pray

1.    I redeem all that has been stolen from me during the waning moon since my conception.

2.      When the moon is darkest, the kingdom of darkness programs all sorts of satanic exchange and darkness into people’s lives. With the blood of Jesus, I cancel every evil programmed into my destiny in Jesus name.

3.      I insist on the plan of God for my life, my church, the body of Christ and my nation.

4.      I deal with the clock of darkness today. I decree that this season of the waning moon will be dark and blindness to the occult and the wicked in Jesus name. Psychics, witches and wizards will be blinded until they repent of their evil doings. Amen (Micah 3: 6-7)

5.      The heavens are covered over all occult and satanic priests in Jesus name (Ezek. 32: 7-8)  

6.      The light of the heaven is withheld from the enemy today. Amen (Isa. 13:10-13)

7.      I bring judgment on the spirit of Babylon for tempering with the ordinances of heaven and not having regard for God and for the Lord Jesus Christ (Isa. 47 & Rev. 18).

8.      I pray against the records of darkness stored against us in the moon, the eclipses and the seasons in Jesus name. Amen.

9.      I command the earth to vomit out every blessing and inheritance buried in the shadow of the earth during the seasons of the moon phases.

10.  Use Psalm 91 to declare that the Lord is our shadow. We redeem all the years in which our inheritances have been hidden in the shadow of the earth and in the times of the darkness of the moon.

11.  Proclaim over your life, family and over this day (Isa. 30:26). Oh Lord heal us. As You heal us Baba make the light of the moon as the light of the sun and the light of the sun sevenfold over my life in Jesus name. Amen.

12.  May our moon shine as the sun and may our sun shine sevenfold. Amen.

13.  I decree today: the light of God’s grace will never shorten in my life. (Psalm. 19: 2)

14.  I declare over my life, family and environment (Isaiah 60:20)

15.  Ask the Lord to train your hands to war against those who make invocations and incantations at the gates of this day (Psalm. 144:1)

16.  Oh God train my fingers to battle against all demonic accomplices of the enemy in Jesus name.

17.  Proclaim the words of (Psalm. 144: 5-8)

18.  I declare that whatever satanic enterprise has been done to bring deep  darkness over my life and this nation this time of the year will not prosper.

19.  I command the nights in this season of the waning of the moon to take instructions at my bidding and the biddings of only the sons of God and the righteous, so that “our  sons may be as plants grown up in their youth, our daughters may be as pillars sculptured in palace style, our barns may be full, supplying all kinds of produce, our sheep may bring forth thousands and ten thousand in our fields, our oxen may be well laden, that there be no outcry in our streets in Jesus name. Amen (Psalm. 144: 12-14)  

20.  The darkness of the nights in the year are usually the time when strange children do havoc in the nations (1) To destroy lives; (2) Engineer burglaries; (3) Aggravate revelries; (4) Pollute the atmosphere with sexual promiscuity; (5) And every abominable practice undertaken under the cover of darkness.

Ask God to rescue the land from the “hand of strange children whose mouth speak vain words and whose right hand is a right hand of falsehood (Psalm. 144: 11). 
21.  Oh God grant me longevity of years and strengthen me to fulfill your purpose for my life.

22.  I root out the spirit of premature death in my family.

23.  I bind the forces that hinder me from finishing Godly assignments committed into my hands.

24.  I destroy the covenants of the grave, the power of the grave and the strangulating influence of gravestones.

25.  I re-enact the covenant of life and peace over my life, family, ministry and nation.

26.  I declare that as the moon is waning so shall the influence of the power of  darkness diminish in my life and environment.

27.  I proclaim the words of (Psalm. 121:6)  

28.  I employ the ministry of the blood of Jesus to terminate every  handwriting of wickedness programmed against every area of  jurisdiction in the sun, moon and stars.

29.  I command heaven to declare the glory of God over the land and sea.

30.  I declare that all the nights in this year will speak the words that are in line with my prophetic  proclamations.

31.  I command the nights not to receive instructions from witches and wizards from today.

32.  Instruct the earth and say: O earth, earth, earth, hear the word of the Lord, thus says the God who stopped Nimrod from accomplishing his mission, write men and women all over the world who have begun any rebellious work in families or in nations or promoting lesbianism and homosexuality, abortion etc a people who will not complete that work in the name of Jesus (Jer 22:29-30).

33.  Pray that the heavens over this nation will pour down righteousness and the earth on which the nation is located will open and bring forth salvation unto the nations (Isa 45:8).

34.  The occult uses the crescent moons as spiritual sickles for harvesting the gains of the righteous that are ignorant to enrich the wicked (Rom 12:19). Pray that the Lord, to whom the righteous belongs, will repay the occult for this wickedness in Jesus name. Amen.

35.  They use it also for their demonic strength and fortification with intense enchantments. Every child of God must enforce (Num 23:23). To nullify every demonic enchantments. Instruct the sun, moon and stars to declare (Num 23:23) from the rising of the sun to the going down of the same, the same way they declare the glory of the Lord (Ps 19:1-6).

36.  The ability of the enemy to use his agents to cheat the ignorant in the body of Christ is greatly enhanced when his victims are ignorant. Pray for the ignorant that God in His mercy will help each of them in their peculiar difficulty to find their way out of ignorance (Ps 32:8).

37.  For the renewal of your strength and fortification continuously pray through (Isa 26:3-6 & Psalm 46:1-3).

38.  Pray that today and throughout this year, the occult will fall into every pit they dig with their tongues for the righteous (Pro 28:10; Ecc 10:8).

39.  Ask the Lord to locate every word proclaimed, declared, uttered, spoken against the righteous into the heavens and the earth and into any part of creation; pray that the blood of Jesus will cancel and blot them out so there will be no record of any unrighteous or bitter words against the righteous. Declare the enchantments of the occult nullified and blotted out in the heavens by the blood of Jesus (Col 2:14).

The Earth’s moon has long been regarded and revered throughout the course of human history and by cultures across the world. References to the moon also appear throughout the Bible, including the Old Testament books studied by Christian, Jewish, and other spiritual practitioners in the western traditions.

Still, many who ascribe to these faiths, particularly Christianity, do not always recognize the significance the moon has in their beliefs historically. Nor do they recognize how the moon can be a vital tool in their spiritual practices even today.

Setting aside the more paganistic aspects of direct worship of the moon itself, Christians and other spiritual individuals can utilize the moon’s energetic influence to grow closer to God.

The following six points illustrate why God has gifted the moon to humanity as an eternal guide and how we might use the moon to enhance rituals of prayer.

Prayer to the Moon Vanara Instrumental

Prayer 1

May the gentle light of the Moon Vanara Instrumental guide me in times of darkness, illuminating my path with wisdom and grace. Let its celestial music soothe my soul and bring peace to my troubled heart.

Prayer 2

As I gaze upon the moonlit sky, I offer my gratitude to the Moon Vanara Instrumental for its healing presence and divine protection. May its ethereal energy surround me like a protective cloak, shielding me from harm and negativity.

Prayer 3

In the stillness of the night, I pray to the Moon Vanara Instrumental for clarity of mind and spirit. May its mystical vibrations open my heart to receive messages of love and guidance from the higher realms.

Prayer 4

With each phase of the moon, I invoke the power of the Moon Vanara Instrumental to manifest my deepest desires and intentions. May its sacred frequencies amplify my intentions and bring them to fruition with divine timing.

Prayer 5

Under the silver glow of the moon, I surrender my fears and worries to the Moon Vanara Instrumental. May its celestial energy transmute my anxieties into peace and fill my being with a sense of calm and serenity.

Prayer 6

As I connect with the mystical energy of the Moon Vanara Instrumental, I invoke the presence of my spirit guides and angels. May they surround me with their love and protection, guiding me on my spiritual journey with grace and ease.

Prayer 7

In the sacred silence of the night, I offer my prayers to the Moon Vanara Instrumental for healing and renewal. May its celestial frequencies purify my mind, body, and spirit, restoring balance and harmony to every aspect of my being.

Prayer 8

Under the watchful gaze of the moon, I lift my voice in praise and gratitude to the Moon Vanara Instrumental. May its divine energy uplift my soul and inspire me to shine brightly like the stars in the sky, reflecting the beauty and brilliance of the cosmos.

“Then God made two great lights: the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night. He made the stars also.” – Genesis 1:16

1. See moon phases as bonus intercessions from the celestial Creator

God created and oversees the entirety of the universe, including the moon and stars and distant planets beyond Earth. While we humans may feel dominion over the earth we can see and touch, the moon and other celestial bodies stand for something larger and beyond our own limited human knowledge and capabilities.

As a rule, Catholics do not worship Mary, mother of Jesus, or the saints as they do God, but rather pray for and through their intercession. Arguably, so too can other parts of God’s creation perform similar roles in guiding our prayers and intentions.

And the moon may be one of the most powerful pilots of prayer that God has gifted humanity.

Historically, the moon is associated with feminine aspects of the self, particularly emotion, intuition, and the deeper, unseen parts of our being. In many western religious traditions, Mary symbolizes the divine feminine. Thus, Christians can also look to Mary as a guide — “the woman in the moon,” so to speak — while using this celestial body to hone and strengthen prayers and intentions.

2. Knowing moon phases guides your prayers and intentions

As the moon travels around the rotating Earth, its shape and illumination change to reflect its position between our perspective on the planet and the sun. A complete moon phase or lunar cycle, also referred to as a lunation or synodic period, lasts about 29.5 days, or just under one calendar month.

Within that approximately one-month cycle are four basic phases defining the sunlit portion of the moon during that time. Defining the start and end points of phases are the more widely recognizable aspects of the moon, such as the full moon, new moon, and “half” moon.

A typical lunation progresses as follows:

[New moon] → waxing crescent → [First quarter moon (“half” moon)] → waxing gibbous → [Full moon] → waning gibbous → Third quarter moon (“half” moon)] → waxing crescent → [New moon]

For millennia, ancient and modern cultures look to the moon and its changing phases to guide various tasks, activities, and religious rituals. This wealth of knowledge and experience can also empower practitioners of any spiritual doctrine, from Christianity and Judaism to atheism and agnosticism.

Let’s focus on two of the most powerful times of the moon cycle to provide examples for how the moon can strengthen prayer rituals for any spiritual practitioner. Research online and at your local library for more information on other moon phases and their symbolism (or check back here for future articles).

3. Plant the seeds of new beginnings with the new moon

During the new moon, the enlightened face of the moon remains hidden. In this gentle darkness, we can pull from ourselves our deepest desires and intentions for how we might improve our lives and strengthen our spiritual connection with God.

New moons signify the start of a new moon cycle. The energy of this moon can guide your prayers toward fresh starts and new beginnings for yourself, loved ones, your congregation, or anyone else you hold in your intentions.

At this time, the key is to consider what you would like to manifest in your life, in both the near and distant future. Then direct your prayers and intentions toward the great manifestor, God the Creator, to assist you in lighting the way on your path toward successful attainment of these goals and aspirations.

As the moon gradually brightens between the new moon and full moon, God continues to illuminate the changes needed within and without yourself and your surroundings. Then it is your responsibility to act upon what God reveals to make way for these intentions to become manifest in your daily life.

At this dark and mysterious time of the moon’s cycle, look to Jesus for faith and hope in the rebirth of yourself each month. This doesn’t have to be a massive overhaul of your schedule, hobbies, or personality as a whole.

But fulfillment comes from focusing on at least one positive change, however small it may seem, that you can manifest in your life. Then look to Jesus, Mary, and the saints as an example of following through on what God illuminates to you as the days and nights progress.

4. Look within for spiritual guidance during the full moon

The full moon represents the symbolic and energetic qualities of power, amplification, illumination, and action, as well as enhancing intuition and insight by diving deeper into the subconscious.

They say the laws of nature given to us by God are written on our hearts. This makes the illuminating full moon one of the best times of the lunar cycle to peek inside at what those deep inner messages might be telling us.

The full moon signifies a time of harvest, or reaping what you’ve sown, since setting your intentions for manifestation during the new moon.

In addition, the full moon is all about letting go or releasing that which does not serve our spiritual growth. If you’ve felt the call to release harmful habits, addictions, relationships, or possessions, now is the time to make room in your heart and soul.

God’s presence is massive and takes up as much space in our lives and souls as we allow. And that’s not just space in our external environments, our homes or schedules, but internally too — in our thoughts, emotions, and deepest inner being.

Mindfully release during the full moon whatever does not align with your spiritual purpose and ascent. This facilitates our ability to more efficiently harvest and wholly delight in what we’ve been working to achieve in our daily lives, with God’s help.

When the moon is full, we can also strengthen our connection to Mary, Mother of Jesus and, by extension, all creatures of heaven and earth.

For many cultures throughout the world, the full moon celebrates the mother aspect of the divine feminine. Any intentions prayed for through Mary’s intercession and the rosary enjoys an extra boost at this time.

5. Astrological signs of the moon phase can also influence intentions

This point may feel more heretical to Catholic readers, but consider this: Catholics pray through the intercession of the saints without actually deeming them “gods” in their own right. In a sense, this hierarchy of intercessions offers an enhanced pathway for prayers and intentions to the one true God, or Source, in the highest.

Similarly, pagan cultures may direct their intentions and prayer rituals to a hierarchy of godly beings. They may pray to one god or goddess for a successful harvest and another for the birth of a child. But in many of these cultures still resides some form of a “leader” god, such as Zeus in Greek mythology, who ultimately oversees all.

So, let’s ponder this comparison in the name of spiritual unity. Could it not be argued that the saints in the Catholic tradition parallel the significance of other “lesser” gods to whom non-monotheistic spiritual practitioners might pray for more specific intentions?

Taking this one step further, astrological signs generally correspond to cosmic forces and entities reflected in many of the gods and goddesses in mythology and other polytheistic and spiritual belief systems.

So in this context, Catholic and Christian readers, consider astrological signs as prayer “guides,” like the saints or seasons of the liturgical year (Advent, Lent, etc.), rather than “gods,” or false idols.

Still with me? Awesome.

That said, knowing the astrological sign that corresponds to the time of the lunar cycle can guide the substance of prayer intentions for anyone, including Christians.

And, it can even influence the specific saints you choose to pray to or through, depending on your religious beliefs.

For example, astrological signs are often associated with certain human capabilities and characteristics, such as Capricorn symbolizing responsibility and discipline. When the moon is in Capricorn, this might guide your prayers toward strengthening your work and professional life, particularly praying through St. Joseph, patron saint of workers.

Astrological signs also associate with different parts of the body. When a particular sign is present in the lunar cycle, you could pray for healing of that body part for yourself and others. Or you could pray to strengthen that body part to assist with an ongoing or upcoming task or goal.

For example, when the moon is in Taurus, which governs the neck and throat, this might guide your prayers toward saints of communication and public speaking for an upcoming speech or presentation.

Or with the moon in Leo, the lion, which represents the heart, you may focus your prayers to God that day on the healing of heart-related maladies, such as high blood pressure or heart disease.

The key is seeing astrological signs not only as a tool for fortune-telling or heresy, but simply as a way to let the stars (and saints) guide your intentions more clearly and directly to God.

And, most importantly, the lesson here is to not shun others for beliefs which ultimately may not entirely differ from your own. Sometimes it just takes looking at a spiritual concept through a different lens or perspective.

6. Recite short prayers whenever you glance up at the moon

A one- or two-line personal prayer is easy to remember and associate with different phases of the moon, even if only for the more recognizable full, new, half, and crescent moons.

Anytime you catch a glimpse of the moon, take that moment to center yourself. Thank God for the moon, this beautiful piece of creation we are blessed to look upon each night, as steady and assuring as the rising sun.

For example, when you glance up at a crescent moon, you could recite (aloud or to yourself):

Dear God, tonight’s crescent moon smiles down on me, reminding me of the joy you feel when I praise your good works and cherish your graces. Thank you for this blessing, and feel my smile radiating back to you. Amen.

The moon provides light in the darkness, as does our faith. See the moon as yet another addition to your prayer toolbox, and use it mindfully to construct a stronger and more radiant home for God to reside within you.

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