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Prayer To Guardian Angel Seheiah

Angels are always everywhere around you. They are watching over you and leaving signs of their presence in your daily life. That does not, however, mean that they will always interfere in your life without a request from you. Sometimes, they hold back their assistance and wait for you to recognize that you need it. In such instances, you might be stubborn or contrary. You might even become bitter. Why else, after all, would your angels have abandoned you? Do not despair. You have not been abandoned by your angels. They are still with you. They are simply waiting for you to reach out to them and request their help. If you feel like your angels have been less than helpful recently, stop and consider your own actions. Have you actively reached out to try and contact your angels? Have you asked them for their help, or have you simply expected them to step in to fix your problems while you remain oblivious to their presence? If you have not done your part, start doing it now. Use these six prayers to activate your angels and bring their heavenly guidance and assistance into your life.

When Will My Prayers Be Answered?

Praying together strengthens our relationship with God and with each other. Our marriage will swiftly crumble if we never communicate with one another or give each other a chance to be heard. God’s power is equally effective. Our fellowship with God deepens as a result of prayer and other forms of connection.

I plan to cleanse that group by heating them to the same levels at which precious metals are refined. When my name is called, I shall come. If I can say, “These are my people,” and have them respond, “The LORD is our God,” then I have achieved my objective. (NLT) 13:9 – Zerubbabel

You can have anything you want if you keep in touch with me and let my words enter your own essence. (NLT) John 15:7

The Lord commanded us to make intercession. Because God commanded it is one of the most simple reasons to pray. Discipleship requires a life of obedient service to God.

“Remain vigilant and seek divine intervention. If you don’t, you’ll give in to temptation. Thought and emotion are on board, but the body can’t keep up. Matthew 26:41, New Living Translation

Then Jesus used a tale to impress upon his followers the need of persistent intercession. (Lucas 18:1)

And always, ask for everything you want, whenever you want, in the Spirit. Keep this in mind as you continue to pray for the saints and watch over them. (NIV) Quote from Ephesians 6:18

Why Bother If I Can’t Pray?

When you don’t know what to say in prayer, the Holy Spirit will show you what to say:

The Spirit strengthens us when we are feeble. When we do not know what to pray for, the Holy Spirit prays for us. Whoever examines our hearts knows the thoughts of the Holy Spirit, for the Spirit intercedes on behalf of the righteous in accordance with God’s will. New International Version (NIV): Romans 8:26-27

guardian angel prayer for adults

Some angels have specific areas in which they specialize. St. Michael the Archangel, for example, is known for being an expert in protecting Christians against evil, temptation and harm. As such, when you need protection Archangel Michael is a good angel on which to call. This could be protection from physical harm or from mental or spiritual attacks. The classic prayer used for calling on St. Michael is, “St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly host, by the power of God, cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.” Even if you do not anticipate going into a traditional, physical battle, you can likely think of times when you were “battling” against a backstabbing coworker, lying neighbor or two-faced friend. Michael can still help protect you in those battles if you are willing to reach out to him and ask for his assistance in weathering the storm.

Reach out to your guardian angel.
angel watching over
You may have connections with a variety of angels, but your relationship with your guardian angel will always be special. They are, in many ways, yours and yours alone. As such, the two of you will be close to one another spiritually. When you need help from angels, your guardian angel is the best place to start seeking assistance. Reaching out to your guardian angel should be easier than activating any other angel. After all, your guardian angel is special for you.

To reach out to your guardian angel, you can use a prayer of your own making, or you can use a traditional, pre-written prayer addressed to guardian angels. One of the most popular versions of prayers to guardian angels is, “Angel of God, my guardian dear to whom His love commits me here, ever this day be at my side to light and guard to rule and guide. Amen.” You can use this prayer wholesale, as a basis for your own or create something entirely new. It is up to you.
Seek out a human angel.
Female Angel
It is no mistake that people sometimes talk about others as if they were angelic. They might actually be a human angel or an angel in disguise. The Bible describes how none other than the Archangel Raphael once disguised himself as a human being and traveled with Tobit for weeks without anyone noticing that something was amiss with this stranger. Your friend that seems to operate on a different and more divine wavelength than everyone else might not secretly be an archangel on a holy mission, but they might have their own set of angel wings. They are also sometimes exactly what you need. Humans are very good at ignoring even the most flagrant of signs from God and angels. As such, the best person to help you is sometimes another human, or at least, someone who appears to be nothing more than another mere mortal regardless of their true nature.
Ask God to send you the right angel for the task.
Archangel RaphaelPublic Domain
God has endless numbers of angels at His command. He also knows exactly which angel is the right one to help you in your struggles. You may be calling on Archangel Michael to help you and protect you, but protection may not be what you need. You might actually need guidance or healing. In that case, when you ask God to send you the proper angel, you would be more likely to receive a visit from Archangel Raphael whose very name means “God heals” or “healing power of God.”

If you keep asking for help but your problem simply continues to plague you, turn it over to God. Ask God to send the right angel to your side and enable you to recognize their presence in your life. Once you know they are there, thank both the angel for coming and God for sending them.

Read the signs angels send you.

Have you ever turned the house upside down looking for something that was right in front of you? You go through every drawer in your closet hunting desperately for your watch only to look down after 15 minutes of frantic scrambling and see that you have been wearing it the whole time. Similarly, you might have searched everywhere for your keys which you did not notice were the only thing on the table by the door. This same phenomenon can occur with angels. You might be desperately searching for some angelic assistance, but you have completely ignored the signs and suggestions that the angels in your life have left you. If you cannot seem to find an answer or any help, pause and look around you to see what answers might be sitting right in front of you. Pray for clear sight so that you can see what signs the angels have left you, and if that fails, ask your angels to be overwhelmingly obvious. Sometimes, you need a neon sign instead of the subtleties that angels tend to use.

Try to solve it yourself.

Sometimes your angels appear to have abandoned you because they are waiting for you to try and solve the problem yourself. This is not something that anyone enjoys, but even angels practice tough love on those occasions that you really need a kick in the pants. Do not think that this means the angels have abandoned you to flounder helplessly. Even when your angels are making you solve something yourself, you are not alone. They are there with you and will help you if you truly need it. They will not, however, complete the task for you. If you feel like you are sinking, know that the angels will keep your head above water. They will not let you drown, but you are responsible for swimming to shore. If you can tell that your angels are present and listening but they seem to be holding back on open assistance, it might be a sign that this is a problem you need to face down yourself.

Angels are always there for you, but sometimes you need to reach out to them rather than waiting for them to come to you. They are always happy and able to help, but if it seems like they have been silent for too long, you need to make sure to invite them into your life and ask for their assistance. That may be all you need to do to earn some heavenly guidance and assistance in your life.

prayer to guardian angel before sleep

According to the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church, every person has a guardian angel who protects you from birth from physical and spiritual harm. The “Guardian Angel Prayer” is one of the top 10 prayers young Catholic children learn in their youth.

The prayer acknowledges a personal guardian angel and pays homage to the work that the angel does on your behalf. It is expected that a guardian angel keeps you safe, prays for you, guides you, and helps you through tough times.

At first blush, it seems the “Guardian Angel Prayer” is a simple childhood nursery rhyme, but its beauty is in its simplicity. In one sentence, you ask for the inspiration to be receptive to the heavenly guidance you get through your guardian angel. Your words and your prayer combined with God’s help through his emissary, your guardian angel, can get you through times of darkness.

The Guardian Angel Prayer
Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom His love entrusts me here, ever this day [night] be at my side to light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen.
More About Your Guardian Angel
The Catholic Church teaches believers to treat your guardian angel with respect and love while having confidence in their protection, which you may need throughout your life. Angels are your protectors against demons, their fallen counterparts. Demons want to corrupt you, draw you toward sin and evil, and lead you down a bad path. Your guardian angels can keep you on the correct path and on a road toward heaven.

It is believed that guardian angels are responsible for physically saving people on earth. There have been numerous stories, for example, of people being rescued from harmful situations by mysterious strangers who disappear without a trace. Although these accounts are chalked up as stories, some say it proves how important angels can be in your life. It is for this reason, the Church encourages you to call on your guardian angels for help in our prayers.

You can also use your guardian angel as a role model. You can imitate your angel, or be Christ-like, in things you do to help others including those in need.

According to the teachings of Catholicism’s saintly theologians, every country, city, town, village, and even family has its own special guardian angel.

Biblical Assertion of Guardian Angels
If you doubt the existence of guardian angels, but, believe in the Bible as the final authority, it should be noted that Jesus made reference to guardian angels in Matthew 18:10. He said once, which is believed to be a reference to children, that “their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father who is in heaven.”

Other Children’s Prayers
In addition to the “Guardian Angel Prayer,” there are a number of prayers that every Catholic child should know, like the “Sign of the Cross,” the “Our Father,” and the “Hail Mary,” to name a few. In a devout Catholic household, the “Guardian Angel Prayer” is as common before bedtime as saying “Grace” is before meals.

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