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Prayer To Angel Lailah

Lailah is one of the two angels whose prayers ascend to Allah without any intermediary. The name Lailah is known to everyone, but few know her true identity. Lailah (Arabic: ليلة) means night. She is an angel who is also known as the Patroness of Pregnant Women. She is represented by the Moon.

Prayers are the way to the heart of God. Prayer not only helps us stay in touch with God but also makes us closer to each other. If we pray for our friends and family, we can be sure that there is someone who is always praying for us. Here Prayer To Angel Lailah – one of many reason why it’s great to believe in prayer.

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angel lailah in the bible

The Angel Lailah or Layliel is the Guardian Angel of Children from ages 13 and under. She cares for the innocent souls who have not yet been corrupted by worldly things. All children have a guardian angel of their own, but Lailah is especially watchful over this age group according to the divine authorities. She often has been confused for the Tooth Fairy at moments of pain when children lost their teeth. She came to provide comfort. However, the true tooth fairy is a demon projection created by man himself. This is an interesting subject to go into, but later. For now, Lailah is a Guardian. That is her heavenly calling. Therefore, she would not so much as be considered as an angelic. The word “Angel” is derived from the word angelos which meant messenger. These species of beings were created as a part of the heavenly hierarchy’s order. Messengers are the lowest of this order for sure. You can read more on the Hierarchy at Angelic Hierarchy for more. I for instance act as a Messenger but am of another part of the order when at home in heaven.

Lailah herself is a virtue. Her calling in heaven is to provide a virtue of our heavenly mother, but she also acts as a guardian angel on Earth. She can be seen in a low soft white glow with yellow around the outer layer of the orb, and a soft yellow center, at times of her passing through to watch over the children. She watches especially when the children sleep. Often when babies are infants they are caught staring at some invisible presence. That would be Lailah that they are seeing. She is also present at hospitals and births to ensure that the baby is safely delivered into this world, and provided protection from disease of illness that can be caught in hospital settings.  She works under the Archangel Jophiel and sometimes can be borrowed for tasks by Amaitiel. What sort of tasks? Jophiel being the messenger of Beauty can send Lailah on missions to show beautiful women humility. She also can send Lailah on missions to ensure that baby girls will find beauty within and not just care about without, as they are growing up. She is also sometimes found working in match making, for a man to find a woman beautiful in order for them to connect as they are destined to in their soul contract.

Amaitiel will use Lailah for tasks such as heralding in the Spring or new births and sometimes they have been confused withone another, that many simply call one or the other when it is one individually. I stometimes do this at times too, when speaking of Amaitiel, I will reference Lailah as she fills in for her from time to time. They are in fact two different souls though. Lailah has a small legion, but when she does work in any one of her roles, she does it gently and with love, but with a courage. Lailah’s messages are always concerning the inner child, when for an adult. She wants to help heal people who can not let go of their inner child or hide within it due to trauma in their past. She often works with Angel Muriel as an equal on those missions.

Lailah is also a fertility and conception spirit, because she works in match making and marriae, she often helps in assisting true love to conceive a child. If you want a child and you are with your true love, than call on her for assistance in conceiving. She will help. I also privde spells for this too, undewr higher orders or energy work and magic. Please go to, Spiritual Services. to obtain one. As an incarnated angel myself, I have my callings too. one day I will do a blog on it. I consider myself humble though, which is why I never did one yet.

Lailah’s numerology is 43, or 7. This is because she works in this number with other angels who represent the masculine and feminine. Seven is the number of completion because it holds the 3 of the male trinity, mind, body, and spirit. But it also holds the 4 of the female energy of mind, body, emotion, and spirit… She looks after male and female children, works with male and females in their inner child work, and she intervines in match making with the male and female lovers in the world.

Her stone is Yellow Calcite Spar. This stone provides protection and strength as well as working well with male or female energy as yellow is neutral. It also helps in providing clarity to those who are deeply seekin within, due to the warmth of it, it enhances self confidence and self love. The clear prismatic quality of this stone helps to assist in inner reflection work, for yourself and for couples. Her animals are the Goose and the White Stallion, and the white stag. She is found in Norse mythology under the name of Frigg. This would be the Goddess of fertility, marriae, true love, birth, and beauty. The Norse often worked with many souls from the heavenly order, and whom they worked with, they attributed to as a God or Goddess, placing them in their own pantheon. It is interesting to compare them.

Lailah is a beautiful angel always here for anyone who needs her, especially children and lovers’.

what is the angel prayer

Angel Lailah, I need to talk to you. I really don’t know what to do next with my life and I’m worried that I’m wasting my time. There is so much to learn in the world and a lot of it is not easy. I know that you sometimes get confused about what is what, but sometimes can you give me a clue so I can understand? You are always there for me helping me out and guiding me even though you appear like the most beautiful woman on earth. Do you want me to do something with my life? I don’t know where to go after university and everyone gives different advice so it’s hard to decide.

Dear Angel Lailah,

I pray to you today because I am having trouble with my marriage. I don’t know what to do or how to fix it. I want to make it work but I’m not sure if it’s even possible anymore. My husband is working so hard and at times seems not to care about us anymore. He wants me to be a stay at home mom but we can’t afford that now and there are no jobs available here in our area. He doesn’t seem to understand that money isn’t everything and that I need time for myself as well as time for him and our children.

I have been praying for guidance from above on this matter but nothing seems to be happening or changing any time soon. Please help me Angel Lailah!

I am writing to you today to ask for your help in my life. I feel like I have been struggling with some things lately and I know that there is more for me out there in the world. I want to find happiness and my purpose in life but sometimes it’s hard to see how things are going to work out. I can’t wait any longer though because time is slipping away from me and I need to make a change soon if I want to see it happen in this lifetime.

So please, Angel Lailah, guide me on my journey and help me find what I’m looking for.

I pray to you tonight. I pray for my family and friends, that they may be protected from harm, and that their needs may be met. I pray for those who are in need of healing—their physical and emotional wounds—that they may find comfort. I pray for myself, that I may be strengthened in my resolve to fight against the injustice of this world and that I may give comfort to those who are lost or alone.

Fill me with your strength so that I can fight against all that is evil in this world. Give me courage when my heart is heavy, confidence when my mind is troubled, and peace when my soul is restless. Let me be a light in the darkness for all those who need one, so that they may see the path before them clearly again. Amen

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