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Prayer For The Music Ministry

There are tons of reasons to join the music ministry, but there are a few things I’ve learned along the way that have helped make it all a bit easier.  I hope these tips help you as you too serve in the music ministry of your church.

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Prayer For The Music Ministry

Dear Lord, we come before you today to ask for your blessing on the music ministry of [name] and [name]. We know that the soul-satisfying work they do is the result of their own passion and hard work. But we also know that this ministry would not be possible without your guidance and protection.

Please grant them wisdom in their decisions as they lead others in song, comfort them when they struggle with doubt or self-doubt, and guide them when they are unsure of where to turn. And please bless all those who have been touched by their ministry, especially through [describe a specific type of person or situation]. In Jesus’ name, Amen

Almighty God, we pray for the music ministry at [church name]. We ask you to bless them today as they lead us in worship. We ask that you would guide their hands and their hearts as they play and sing.

We pray for those who will sing today that your Holy Spirit will give them strength and confidence. May they be filled with joy as they lift up your name with their voices.

We also pray for those who will play instruments that your Holy Spirit will guide their fingers as they press down on the keys or strum a chord. May they be filled with joy as they bring life to the music you have given them to create.

We pray for those who will lead us in worship today, that your Holy Spirit will give them wisdom and insight into what songs to choose and how best to lead us in song. May they be filled with joy as they bring praise to You through song!

The music ministry at [church name] has been a vital component of the church. Through their song, they have been instrumental in helping others worship and celebrate with us. Their songs have guided us in worship as well as given us an enjoyable way to connect with God through song.

The music ministry at [church name] is a group that provides music in the church service. They are available whenever the church has music, usually during a Wednesday night service, and either lead worship, sing, or play instruments.

The [church name] Music Ministry is a team of talented musicians who partner with the church to provide musical opportunities for your congregation. It’s our goal to express God’s love through the creation of music that moves your heart and soul. From praise songs and original choruses to more traditional hymns and anthems, the music ministry at [church name] provides a wide variety of music for you to enjoy holding space in your life as you celebrate together.

Following the advice of [superstar musician] and [superstar musician]

Dear [list name of owner],You have a passion for teaching, so we’re thrilled to bring you the opportunity to become an in-demand instructor.

To bring you the best results, we advise you to use this template when seeking new clients.

As we begin our worship, please join us in inviting God’s presence into our hearts and lives.

The central goal in our planning is to make it as easy as possible for you to sing praises to God through the music. We want your worship experience to be a true focus of the service, with singing always being a part of it.

We are a church reaching out to our community to love and serve. We warmly invite you to come see what God is doing.

Prayer Thanking God For Music

Dear Lord,

We lift up the music ministry to you. We pray for their health, their peace, and their happiness. Thank you for the gifts that you have given them. We ask that you would use them for your glory and for the good of all who hear their message. We pray that they will be encouraged by your Spirit to continue doing what they do best, bringing joy and praise to those around them. Amen

Dear Lord,

We pray that you would continue to bless the music ministry at [church name]. We know that God has given us this gift as a way to worship and serve him. We ask that you would help us use our talents to bring glory to your name and spread your word. We pray that you would continue to bless the music ministry at [church name], and keep them safe from harm. Amen

Dear Lord,

We thank you for the gift of music. We pray that you will use this music ministry to bless your church and those who listen to it. We ask that you would give the musicians the ability to play with a pure heart, and help them to remember that their purpose is to glorify you. We ask that you would give us the strength to stand up for what is right in front of us and speak truth into every situation.

Give us wisdom in all things as we strive to serve others with our talents, but also let us be humble enough to know there are many things beyond our control. Help us understand that while music can bring joy into our lives and those around us, it should never be used as an excuse for selfishness or prideful behavior. Let us remember always that the true purpose of music is not our own pleasure, but rather to bring glory and honor unto You! In Jesus’ Name we pray! Amen

Lord, we lift up the music ministry at [church name] to you today.

We pray that they will be faithful and diligent in their service to you, that they will study and learn more about your word so that they may lead others into a deeper understanding of you and your plan for humanity.

We pray for all those who serve in this ministry—those who sing, those who play instruments, and those who lead in song—that they will receive strength from you and continue to grow in their faith as well as their talent.

And we ask that you continue to bless this ministry with opportunities to serve others through music; that you would provide them with opportunities to minister through their talents; that you would give them clarity for the songs they are called upon to write or perform; and that you would provide them with wisdom when selecting the appropriate songs for each occasion.

Dear God,

We thank you for the gift of music and praise. We especially thank you for the music ministry at [church name]. We ask that you bless their work so that they may share their gifts with others and bring joy to their community. We also pray for those who are in need of healing and comfort. Please comfort them with your loving arms and give them strength to carry on. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen

Inspirational Prayers For Artists

Fine arts performers—visual artists, actors and actresses, spoken word artists, musicians, and dancers—are cultivators and curators of the myriad gifts of God! Through skill and dedication, these talented individuals offer their gifts to educate, challenge, inspire, and to enentertain yet, theaters are empty, art galleries are closed, concert halls are silent, and stages are struck. Today we offer “A PRAYER FOR…FINE ARTS PERFORMERS” as they wait out the coronavirus with the world, their creative crafts bottled up and their livelihoods suspended.

1 Peter 4:10:

“Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift you each received.” 

Let us pray:

Creative One, God of manifold grace: we rejoice that we are made in your image and instilled with your creative energy and power. We thank you the artists among us who steward your gifts through visual and aural expression for the sake of human inquiry and the exploration of divine beauty. Uphold fine arts performers and all whose livelihoods are entwined with the call to create, to paint, to play, to move, to act. Give purpose and meaning to these wonder-workers in the days of cancelled rehearsals and classes, suspended performances, and closed venues. Bless these, your stewards, and keep them in your grace in these trying times. This we pray in gratitude for your gifts poured out among your people. Amen.  

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