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Prayer For St Agatha

“Prayer For St Agatha” is a‍ sacred prayer that is addressed ⁤to Saint Agatha, the patron saint of those suffering from breast cancer and other⁢ afflictions related to the breasts. This prayer is particularly meaningful to those undergoing medical ​treatments, seeking healing, or‌ coping with the pain and fear associated with breast-related illnesses.

The prayer‌ begins by acknowledging the presence and power of Saint Agatha, who is believed to intercede on behalf ‍of those who call upon ‍her in times ​of need.‌ It emphasizes her status as a‍ faithful servant of God and a symbol ‌of endurance, courage, and strength. Followers of Saint Agatha often turn to⁢ her

St. Agatha, a revered Christian saint, is known for her unwavering faith, martyrdom, and her patronage as the protector of those suffering from breast cancer and other diseases. Devotees often turn to her for strength, guidance, and healing. One way to seek her intercession and connect with her spiritually is through the powerful prayer of St. Agatha.

February 5th is the memorial of St. Agatha, patroness of Sicily, the land of my grandparents, and one of the patrons of my parish.

Because of the tortures she endured in martyrdom, St. Agatha is also patroness of women who live with diseases of the breast. Fr. Paul Zalonski has a deep devotion to the third-century martyr. He sent me a prayer card with the saint’s image on front and the following novena on back. Pass it around. Think of it as a deeply traditional version of the pink ribbon.

O glorious Saint Agatha, through whose intercession in Christ I hope for the restored health of body and soul, hasten to lead me to the true Good, God alone. By your intercession, O blessed Agatha, may I ever enjoy your protection by faithfully witnessing to Christ. You invite all who come to you to enjoy the treasure of of communion with the Holy Trinity. Moreover, if it be for God’s greater glory and the good of my person, please intercede for me with the request of [mention request here].

Saint Agatha, you found favor with God by your chastity and by your courage in suffering death for the gospel. Teach me how to suffer with cheerfulness, uniting myself to Christ crucified with a simplicity and purity of heart. Amen.

Saint Agatha, eloquent confessor of Jesus Christ as Savior, pray for me.

Saint Agatha, the martyr who says to Jesus, “possess all that I am,” pray for me.

Saint Agatha, concerned with the welfare of all God’s children, pray for me.

Saint Agatha, pray for me.

The prayer of St. Agatha is a solemn and heartfelt supplication, expressing a deep connection with the saint and a sincere request for her help and protection. It is a way for believers to connect with her spiritual presence and invoke her intercession in times of need.

“O St. Agatha, who withstood the unwelcome advances from unwanted suitors, and suffered pain and torture for her devotion to our Lord, we celebrate your faith, dignity, and martyrdom.

Protect us against disease and calamity, and be our intercessor before the Almighty. In your own steadfast, unwavering faith, inspire in us a similar devotion to God.

O St. Agatha, we humbly implore your powerful intercession. (Mention your request here.) May the Lord grant us the strength to overcome our trials and tribulations, and may we find solace in your unwavering faith.


This powerful prayer is a reflection of St. Agatha’s own courage and faith. It is often recited by those seeking her help in times of personal struggle, particularly those facing health issues or difficulties in their relationships. The prayer serves as a reminder of the saint’s resilience and unwavering devotion to God.

What is the Novena Prayer for St. Agatha?

A novena is a nine-day prayer or devotion that is practiced by many Catholics and Christians. Novenas are often offered to saints, including St. Agatha, as a means of seeking their intercession and guidance. The novena prayer for St. Agatha is a special way to connect with her over a period of nine days and to deepen one’s faith in her intercessory powers.

Here is a novena prayer to St. Agatha that can be recited over nine consecutive days:

“O St. Agatha, who bore witness to your faith in Christ through your martyrdom, we turn to you in our times of need.

During these nine days, we implore your intercession, knowing that you are close to the Lord and that your prayers are powerful.

St. Agatha, patroness of those who suffer from breast cancer and other illnesses, we ask for your help in our physical and spiritual afflictions. Please hear our humble petitions and present them to our Heavenly Father.

(Mention your specific intentions here.)

May we find strength and healing through your intercession and may our faith be deepened as we contemplate your example.


This novena prayer is a way for devotees to express their trust in St. Agatha’s intercession and to seek her help over an extended period. The nine-day duration allows for a more profound connection with the saint and provides time for reflection and spiritual growth.

What Are the Miracles of Saint Agatha?

Saint Agatha, whose life and faith continue to inspire many, is associated with several miracles and wonders attributed to her intercession. Her legacy is filled with instances where she has been a source of hope, healing, and protection for those who turn to her in times of need.

  1. Healing Miracles: St. Agatha is most well-known for her association with healing, particularly for those suffering from breast cancer and other diseases. Many individuals have reported miraculous healings and recoveries after seeking her intercession through prayer.
  2. Protection from Calamities: Devotees believe that St. Agatha provides protection against various calamities and disasters. Her intercession is sought during times of natural disasters, accidents, and other life-threatening situations.
  3. Intervention in Relationships: St. Agatha is also known for her role in helping mend troubled relationships. Believers often pray to her for guidance and assistance in resolving conflicts and restoring harmony in their personal lives.
  4. Comfort and Solace: People who are enduring emotional or spiritual turmoil often turn to St. Agatha for comfort and solace. They find her a source of strength and a reminder of the importance of unwavering faith.
  5. Spiritual Inspiration: St. Agatha’s life story and martyrdom serve as an inspiration to countless individuals who seek to strengthen their faith and devotion to God. Her example of unwavering faith in the face of adversity resonates with many, leading them to deeper spiritual commitment.

These miracles and the countless stories of St. Agatha’s intercession have made her a beloved and revered figure in Christian tradition. Many continue to find hope and inspiration in her life, and her legacy endures through the faith of her devoted followers.

What Do You Pray to St. Agnes For?

St. Agnes, like St. Agatha, is another Christian saint whose life and example have inspired countless individuals throughout history. She is celebrated for her purity, faith, and unwavering commitment to her beliefs, even in the face of adversity. Devotees turn to St. Agnes for her intercession in various aspects of life.

  1. Purity and Chastity: St. Agnes is often invoked for purity and chastity. Those seeking to maintain their moral and spiritual integrity, especially in the context of relationships and their commitment to God, pray to St. Agnes for guidance and strength.
  2. Protection of Young Girls: St. Agnes is regarded as a protector of young girls. Parents may pray to her for the well-being, safety, and moral development of their daughters.
  3. Help in Matters of Love: St. Agnes is also associated with matters of love and relationships. Couples facing challenges in their relationships may seek her intercession for guidance and reconciliation.
  4. Strength in Times of Persecution: Just like St. Agatha, St. Agnes faced persecution for her faith. Believers facing religious persecution or discrimination may turn to her for strength, courage, and protection.
  5. Spiritual Growth and Devotion: St. Agnes’ unwavering faith and martyrdom serve as an inspiration for those seeking to deepen their spiritual commitment and grow in their relationship with God. Many pray to her for spiritual guidance and growth.

St. Agnes is considered a source of strength and inspiration for those who wish to lead a virtuous and faithful life. Her intercession is sought in various life situations, emphasizing the importance of purity, integrity, and unwavering commitment to one’s beliefs.

In conclusion, the powerful prayer of St. Agatha and the novena dedicated to her are meaningful ways to seek her intercession and connect with her spiritually. The miracles associated with her life and the devotion to St. Agnes showcase the enduring impact of these two remarkable saints on the lives of those who turn to them for guidance, inspiration, and healing.

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