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Prayer for sister health

Ah, prayer. It’s the easiest thing in the world to pray, but sometimes we feel like we’re praying to a brick wall. We pray and wait for a response. Finally, we get frustrated and ask ourselves: Why hasn’t God answered my prayer? This is a very common thing among Christians, but Christian Bale does an outstanding job at describing what an effective prayer really looks like in this video.

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Prayer for sister health

Dear God,

I pray for my sister’s health. Please give her the strength to fight this illness. Let her know that you are with her through this difficult time, and help her to know that you will be there to support her when she needs it most. Thank you for keeping my sister safe and well. Amen

Dear God,

We come to you in the name of your son, Jesus Christ. We ask that you watch over our sister [name] and her health. Please give her the strength she needs today to face whatever challenges she might face.

Please let her know that we are here for her and will support her in any way possible. We pray for her healing and wellness, now and always. Amen

Dear God,

We pray for the health and well-being of our sister [name], who is currently experiencing a difficult time.

We ask that you bless her with patience, peace, and grace as she moves through this trying time.

Grant her the strength to get through each day, and guide her in choosing the best course of action for herself and her family.

Bless us all as we journey together through these trying times, amen.

Dear Lord,

Please help my sister get better. She has been sick for a long time, and it’s hard to see her suffer. Please give her the strength to keep going and help her feel better soon. Amen

catholic prayer for my sister

Dear God,

Please heal [sister’s name]’s body. She is in a lot of pain and isn’t able to get out of bed. She has been sick for so long that she doesn’t know how to deal with it anymore. Please help her feel better so she can enjoy life again!

Lord, thank you so much for what you’ve given me. I feel blessed for the life that I have and the people you’ve placed in it. I know that you are always looking out for me, supporting me, and guiding me in the way you want me to live.

But today, Lord, I am not coming to you for myself. Today I come to you for my sister. She is one of the most important people you’ve placed in my life, and today I lift her up to you for blessings.

Lord, you have given me a sister who is my biggest support. I ask, Lord, that you protect her heart from those who would come against her. I ask that you bless her to be kind and intelligent.

I ask that you give her strength to stand against those that would try to hurt her by leading her down darker paths. Lord, I ask that you give her a bigger heart for you, making her more sensitive to your voice and discerning in her decisions.

I also ask, Lord, that you bless the two of us together. I ask that you allow us to get along more often. I ask that you build up our relationship and help us avoid the arguments that tear so many siblings apart.

Lord, I ask that you give me kinder words to say to her. I ask that you give me more patience to deal with her, and give her more patience with me. Lord, I ask that you allow us to work through our differences in ways that draw us closer together.

And Lord, I ask that you grow her into a woman of God. I ask that you guide her footsteps toward a bright future full of love and hope. I ask that you give her friends that support her and protect her. I ask that you give her a career and a family that will be as satisfying to her as it is to you.

Lord, there are few people in my life as precious to me as my sister, and I want all the best for her. No matter how many times we may argue or annoy one another, there is no other person I want close to me. She is my sister, and I love her. So I offer her up to you for your blessings. I offer her up to you so that you place your hand on her life. I just ask for blessings for her.

Thank you, Lord. I know I can do nothing without you, and I am grateful every day for that. You continue to place people and situations on my heart, and I will continue to ask your blessings for them. Thank you for all you do for me, even those things I cannot see. In your holy ​name I pray, Amen.

prayer for my sister for strength

Heavenly Father, thank You for my sister. I am thankful for the bond we have and the ways we share our joys and concerns with each other. I lift up this precious sister. Please cover her with Your hedge of protection. Please fill her with the peace and comfort only You can provide. Thank You, Father, Amen.

Father, You have blessed me with a sister. We have cried together. We have laughed together. We continue to learn from each other. Even though we don’t live close to one another, we are bonded forever. Whether we talk every day or not, the love we have for each other grows and strengthens through You.

I thank You that when I need my sister, she is ready to listen and comfort me. I pray I am always available when she needs me. Please bless my sister and remind her of the love You have for her. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Heavenly Father, Thank You for my family. Thank You for my sister. I am comforted to know I can contact her at any moment, and she will be ready to listen and comfort me. She is a woman of God. She shares her heart and soul with the world, in hopes of drawing others closer to You.

I lift up my sister to You and ask You to protect her physical, mental, and spiritual health. I pray she will know how her words and actions have allowed me to find a closer relationship with You. Help my sister to know she is loved and cherished. Amen.

Dear God, Thank You for my sister. We don’t live in the same area and it’s sometimes hard to travel to visit. I pray that my sister and her husband are healthy and happy.

Please show them how much they are loved by You. Allow their days to be filled with peace and joy. Give them opportunities for laughter and to grow closer to You. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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