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Prayer for protection in the workplace

Brothers and sisters in the Lord, we come before you today to ask for your protection in the workplace. As you know, our whole lives are in your hands; no matter where we go or what we do, we never stray too far from your sight. We pray that you will watch over us as we do our work and help us to always be mindful of your presence. It is only by your power that we are able to perform our duties. So by your grace, keep us safe and guard us from all harm so that your good gifts will continue to be offered up to you through our hands each day.

Prayer for Protection at Workplace: What to do if someone is cursing at you. How to cope with workplace bullying.

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Prayer for protection in the workplace

Dear Lord, I pray for protection at my workplace. I pray that no harm come to me or anyone else who works in this space. Please help us to remember that we are here to serve our customers and clients, not to be served by them. Protect us from the temptations of greed, gluttony, and envy. Help us to protect our minds from the distractions of the internet and other technologies so that we can stay focused on our work. May we use our time wisely and in ways that bring honor to You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

Dear Lord,

We pray for safety and protection at work. We ask that you watch over us and guide our actions so that we can perform our duties with diligence and without harm. Please give us the strength to work hard, but also to remain calm when things get hectic. Help us be mindful of what we’re doing and whether or not it could cause injury to ourselves or others. Thank you for your guidance and protection in this matter, dear Lord. In Jesus’ name, amen!

Dear Lord,

We come before You today to ask for Your protection at work. We know that the workplace can be a scary place, and we are grateful for the opportunity to work hard and provide for our families. We ask that You give us the strength to persevere through the challenges of our jobs, so that we may continue to provide for our dependents. We pray that You will bless our employers with wisdom and understanding as they manage their organizations, and that they will find ways to make their employees feel safe. We also pray that You will bless our coworkers with kindness and gentleness so that we may work together in peace. Finally, we pray that You will help us remember where true success lies: not in money or prestige but in living a life of service and charity toward others. This is our hope in You alone; this is what we ask in Jesus’ name. Amen!

Dear Lord, please protect me at my workplace. Please keep me safe from harm, and guide my hands to do only good. Help me to be kind and loving to everyone I meet during the day, and let me find the strength to forgive those who are unkind to me. And please, dear Lord, give me the patience to deal with all of this! Amen.”

Dear Lord,

We pray that you will protect our workers as they go about their daily duties. We ask that you be with them as they walk in unfamiliar places, and bless the hands that build the products we use here on Earth.

We ask for your protection over all of us here at [company name], and for your continued guidance as we strive to do our best every day.

In Jesus’ name, amen

Dear Lord,

I pray that you protect me at work today. Keep me safe from accidents, both large and small. Help me to remember to be kind to my coworkers and bosses, and let me work hard toward the goals of [company name].

In Jesus’s Name, Amen

Dear Lord,

Please watch over me as I go to work. Please help me be safe and make it through my shift in one piece.

Thank you for your love and protection, Amen

prayer for protection from enemies

Prayer for protection from enemies

God, hear my voice. Lord, listen to my prayer.
Save me from my enemies and their evil ways.
Help me to recognize their bad intentions.
Do not let the false and hurting words of them touch me.
Protect me from devastating enemies’ actions.
Please don‘t let evil destroy and triumph over my life.
God, I can rely only on you this hard hour and only you can save me.

prayer for protection from evil at work

Prayer for Protection from Evil

Our loving Heavenly Father, I pray that you protect my family and me from all the evil, as well as from those who would like to harm us. Guard us, and also protect us from all the evil that surrounds our lives. We hope you give us your shield of safety and security, so please place guards at our home door. Father, please keep our hearts fearless and fill us with your peace, which surpasses all our understanding. Thank you for being our refuge and strength. You are the omnipresent help in difficult times. In your faithfulness, we will not be afraid of all the world’s dangers. Stay with us wherever we go and keep us in your loving hands. I pray in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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