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Prayer For Protection For My Son

To have a son like yours is a blessing from God. If you’re asking for prayers, you probably already know how important it is to ask God to watch over and protect your son. It is important to pray for your son, whether he is a teenager trying to find his way or a toddler learning to express himself.

As a parent, prayer should be your first resort, not your last resort. Even though your son will have to deal with temptations, pain, and disappointment, we serve a mighty God who can give him the strength and courage he needs if you ask! If you want to pray some powerful words over your son, here are eight of them. In this post, you’ll read about catholic prayer for my son protection, and prayer for my struggling son.

Prayer For Protection For My Son

I pray with all my heart that my son will grow up to be a good man. But he is only a child now and needs protection from the evils in this world. Dear God, please protect him from harm and evil. Please protect him always!

God our Father,

You are the creator of the universe, and we are grateful for your love. You know us better than we know ourselves, and it is in that knowledge that we can trust you to protect our loved ones from harm. Please watch over my son as he travels home from school today. Please keep him safe in his car and out of harm’s way on the road. Help him be aware of any dangerous driving conditions that may be present so he can avoid any accidents or other potential dangers on his way home. Please let him arrive safely back at home tonight so that we can all enjoy another evening together as a family again tomorrow morning!

You are the source of all life and goodness,

You are the source of all life and goodness. You are love. You created us, and we are truly blessed to have been created in your image. We know we can always turn to you for guidance and protection, because you will never leave us.

You gave us this world that we live in today—a world filled with so much beauty and opportunity—so that we could enjoy it with all our senses, but most importantly with our hearts.

You spoke through prophets throughout history to teach us how to live righteously and honorably by loving one another as you do: with compassion, empathy, kindness…

and Your love never ends.

The love of God is everlasting. His love never ends. He has loved you since before time began, and He will continue to love you until the end of time.

Jesus Christ died on the cross for you and me, so that we could have access to His mercy and grace—even when we don’t deserve it! He is our Savior because He loves us unconditionally; even though we are sinners in need of forgiveness, He still forgives us anyway!

Pour out Your blessings on me today,

  • Pray for protection of your child.
  • Pray for guidance and wisdom.
  • Pray for protection from evil.
  • Pray for your child to have a good life, and be protected from the storms of life, that he or she might be preserved through them all; that he or she may never know the sorrows or sufferings which many bear in this world, but walk in peace and joy before Thee all their days; and when they come to die, find rest at last in Heaven through Jesus Christ our Lord!

so that I may always be ready to follow your will wholeheartedly.

God’s will is for you to be happy. God’s will is that you remain healthy and safe. He has given you a purpose and a reason to live, which means He wants what’s best for all of His children, including me and my son. In the same way that I need to remind myself daily not to forget those things that are important in life (like eating), it’s also important sometimes for me not to forget why we pray and ask for protection in our lives.

So as we approach this upcoming New Year, let us remember what we are asking of God when we pray every day: help us remember how much He loves us; help us care about one another like Christ cared about others; strengthen our faith so that we can have peace despite adversity or challenges; and lead us toward eternal life with Him through Jesus Christ!

Help me to protect my son from all harm and evil,

Dear God,

I pray for your assistance in protecting my son from all harm and evil. This is not easy for me to do, but I know that prayer is powerful and can help me to be a better parent, as well as a better person. Help him to grow up into a strong man who will make the world a better place. Thank you for hearing me and answering my prayers!


as I would wrap up a fragile gift.

As I would wrap up a fragile gift, so you protect your child.

The more you wrap him in your love and prayers, the safer he will be on his journey through this world.

For in the end, it is not what we have done that defines us; rather, it is who we have become as a result of our actions that holds true merit.

Give me the wisdom to guide and nurture him as he is growing up.

Lord, please open my eyes to the wisdom that I need in order to guide and nurture my son.

As he grows older, give me the strength and courage to do what is right. Help me face challenges with confidence and trust in your guidance.

Fill my heart with a mother’s love for my son,

You can pray for your child.

Prayer is a powerful way to affect change and bring about the presence of God in our lives. Praying for protection, love and guidance will help you find peace when life gets hard. You don’t have to be religious or even believe in God to pray; all you need is an open heart and mind! We’ve written some examples below so you can get started right away:

Prayer: Dear God, thank you for watching over my son as he grows up in this world full of trouble. Please protect him from those who wish him harm and give him strength when he struggles with his emotions. Heal any wounds he has suffered in his short life so far so that he may be free to pursue his dreams without fear of failure or ridicule from others who lack empathy towards those different from themselves (or whatever). Please guide me on how best I can raise him into adulthood with kindness towards others—because ultimately we’re all just trying our best here on Earth! Thank You Father above all things good!”

so that he may always know how much I love him.

Dear God,

I pray that you will protect my son from all harm and keep him safe in his life.

I pray that he may always know how much I love him.

Help me to show him this love by the way that I live my life.

As he grows older, help him to develop his own sense of self-worth so that he doesn’t depend on others for it or try to earn it through material possessions or accomplishments but rather knows that his worth comes from within himself.

Prayer has the power to protect your child

Prayer is a powerful weapon that can protect your child from evil. It can also help you grow as a parent, find peace and overcome obstacles. When we pray together, we are strengthening our family bonds with God’s grace and love.

  • Pray for protection: “Dear Lord, please protect my son/daughter from all forms of harm and danger.”
  • Pray for guidance: “Dear Lord, please guide me in the right direction so that I may raise my child with wisdom and compassion.”

Catholic Prayer For My Son Protection

I am a mother of five boys and I need some help with the prayers. I want to make sure that each one of them is protected. Please pray for my son today. He needs all the prayers he can get.

How to use this tone of voice? This friendly tone is perfect for when you want to say something in a nice way. It’s also great if you’re writing an email, blog post or social media update from a personal perspective—telling people about yourself or your family members, sharing what’s going on in your life, etc.—because it doesn’t sound overly formal or stiff.

Pray for Divine Guidance.

As you begin this prayer journey, it is important to remember that God loves you, and He wants to guide you in all aspects of your life. He wants to help with every decision that comes up, as well as provide peace and understanding. Your faith in Him is what will enable you to succeed.

Pray for Forgiveness and Repentance.

  • Pray for Forgiveness and Repentance.

Prayer is not just a way of asking God to do something, but also a way of expressing love and thanksgiving to God. It is important that you make time to pray regularly, especially when you feel stressed or overwhelmed. The most effective prayer is when you ask forgiveness from God, repent and ask Him to forgive your sins; this will help protect your son from evil forces and people who want him harm.

When praying for someone else who has done something wrong or hurtful, it’s important that we forgive them as well so that our hearts are free from resentment towards them (see Matthew 6:14-15). This will only cause more problems in the long run when we harbor resentment towards others because they did something wrong against us; instead we should pray for their forgiveness instead (see Nehemiah 9:17-19).

My Prayer to St. Raphael the Archangel of Healing and Marriage.

Dear St. Raphael, I place my son in your care. Please watch over him as he journeys through life and guide him to make wise choices for his health, marriage and family.

Please provide comfort to our family during this difficult time of loss, especially my mother who has lost her husband. Please help us get through the grieving process so that we can all come together again as a family when it is time for us to be together again.

I ask this through Christ Jesus our Lord who lives and reigns with You in the unity of the Holy Spirit forever..

My Prayer to St. Jude, Patron Saint of Lost Causes

I pray to you, St. Jude, Patron Saint of Lost Causes. I humbly ask for your prayer for my son’s success in school. He has been struggling with math and science classes, but he is determined to learn and succeed at them this year. Please help him stay focused on his studies so that he can graduate from high school ready to take on the world!

Please also pray for my grown son who has fallen out of contact with God due to his anger towards Him after losing his job last year. He has become bitter about life and spends all day looking at pornography sites online instead of going out into the real world where he might meet someone who could be a great friend or girlfriend someday soon! Please help him find healing through Jesus Christ so that he can move forward with confidence instead of fear; may he find peace within himself again before long so that he doesn’t do anything stupid such as hurting himself or others around him while being unable to control his feelings like now…

My Prayer of Gratitude to St. Michael the Archangel

St. Michael the Archangel,

defend us in battle; be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God thrust down to hell Satan and all evil spirits who wander through the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

The Most Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit – One God Forever and Evermore!

A Litany for Guidance Through Difficult Times

In the spirit of healing and good things to come, I pray that you find peace and forgiveness in your heart. Amen.

A Litany for Guidance Through Difficult Times

  • Prayer for Guidance: God, help me find my way.
  • Prayer for Strength: Lord God, give me strength so that I may stand strong through this trial.
  • Prayer for Wisdom: Oh Lord Jesus Christ! Grant me wisdom in all things so that I might walk the right path through life’s trials and tribulations.
  • Prayer for Courage: Help us to have courage as we face our problems head on with faith and confidence in You, O Lord!

A Prayer for Peace of Mind

A Prayer for Peace of Mind:

Dear Lord, thank you for another day of life and opportunities. Please help me to be a source of peace and comfort to others today. Let me not be too quick to judge or criticize, but rather let my actions show that I am willing to listen, learn and grow from each experience with those around me. May I find strength in You so that my words may have an impact on those who need them the most. In Your name we pray, Amen!

Prayers are an ancient way of seeking God’s help and protection

Prayers are an ancient way of seeking God’s help and protection. These prayers can be said at any time, especially when you want to ask forgiveness from God or you need his protection.

Prayer For My Struggling Son

Having prayed for my son to come out on top, I know that he will.
I ask You, Lord, to be my son’s Counselor and Guide. He has a lot of problems and is having a hard time. Assist him in dominating the domains where he lacks discipline and structure. Keep him away from people who would bring out the worst in him. Assist him in making good decisions and escaping the consequences of his poor choices. Amen.

A Prayer for Relief from Sadness
I beg You, O Great Healer, to free my son from his depression. Bring peace to his jumbled mind and inspiration to his bleak outlook. Inspire him to take part in life and the things he used to enjoy again. Get him some good sleep, but don’t overdo it. It is my prayer that he finds comfort in knowing that You love him, and that his sadness and hopelessness are replaced by joy. Calm his nerves and get him back on track with his work. Amen.

To God be the glory, as we pray for our son as he faces difficulties at school.
I pray that You, God, the Rock and the Shield, will give my son the strength and courage he needs to succeed in school and the protection he needs from harm. Assist him in maintaining a level of concentration necessary for learning and remembering what he is being taught and assigned. I pray that he finds instructors who can accommodate his needs and encourage him to reach his full potential. Assist him in forming positive relationships with his fellow students and protecting him from bothersome individuals. Amen.

Birthday Blessings for the Son
I ask you, the Author and Perfecter of our faith, to shower your favor upon my son on this, his birthday. I pray that this coming year will be one of resolution for the problems he’s been facing. On his birthday, may he take on the world with self-assurance and the ability to solve problems. I pray that he grows up to be wise beyond his years and triumphant in everything that has tested him so far. Amen.

Confession and Prayer for Addiction Recovery
Savior, Lord I plead on behalf of my son, who has been fighting drug addiction for a long time. Inspire in him a yearning to escape this mortal coil. Help him find the strength to free himself from the chains that have ruined his life and career. Help him find a program and a community that will give him a fighting chance in this ordeal. I ask You to free him permanently from his drug addiction. Amen.

Keep Son in Your Prayers
God of healing, I ask that You restore my son’s health. He’s been sick for a while, and I know that You can heal him completely. First and foremost, I hope that my son will make the decision to improve his health and well-being on his own. I pray that he makes the wise decision to eat sensibly and healthily. Pray that he finds time to exercise regularly and that it helps his body feel stronger. Pray that he won’t succumb to any destructive habits. May Your healing hand be upon his body as he takes responsibility for his health and takes action to better it. Amen.

Supplications for Wisdom and Perseverance
The Infinite Source of All Knowledge, May You bestow wisdom and courage upon my son. As a result of ignoring Your guidance and forging ahead on his own, he has made a string of poor decisions. I ask that You guide him in the right direction and give him the wisdom he needs to get his life back on track. Give him the resolve to always seek Your guidance and the strength to carry out Your will. Amen.

Protection Prayer
I pray that the True and Faithful God will watch over my son. I worry that he is too careless at times and ends up hurting himself. Please keep him from making any hasty decisions, that’s the first thing I ask. I beg You, Lord, to spare his life despite the many risks posed by his way of living. I hope he realizes the error of his ways and adopts a more prudent lifestyle as a result of his repentance. Amen.

A Prayer for Those Feeling Hopeless
Flow through my son, Fountain of Living Water, and cleanse him of his melancholy. As he fights against the depression brought on by his own self-doubt, your support is crucial. Support him in having the vitality and self-assurance to take on the world and complete his tasks. Help him deal with his anger and frustration in a healthy way. Encourage him to seek out positive connections with others rather than withdrawing into isolation. Amen.

A Request for Wisdom and Restraint
Lord, our Blessed Hope, we come to you on behalf of our son who has been allowing himself to be manipulated by others into making poor decisions that have led to negative consequences. Assist him in asserting himself so that he does not become a victim of manipulation. Help him connect with wise advisors and give him the willpower to act on their recommendations. Develop a strong sense of independence in him so that he can make up his own mind about his actions and not be influenced by the expectations of others. Amen.

A Request That Your Son Take Responsibility For His Health
Oh Father of Compassion, I beg You to give my son the maturity and self-control he needs to manage his own health. Convince him that his unhealthy habits of sitting around all day, eating too much, and subsisting on junk food need to change. I hope and pray that he will be able to reduce his weight to a healthy level. Assist him in picking sensible options and sticking to them. I hope that he will figure out how to relax and rest properly. Amen.

A Father’s Prayer That His Son Will Finally Stop His Substance Abuse
I beg you, merciful God, to help my son overcome his addiction to alcohol and drugs. Issues with employment have arisen as a result of these behaviors, which have led to accidents and arrests. I’m scared that another mishap or overdose will leave me permanently disabled or even dead. Father, please keep him from hanging out with people who condone or participate in his abuse. Encourage him to seek out the professional assistance he requires to end his addiction. Amen.

We ask that God protect our son from harm through prayer.
The Prince of Peace, I ask that you protect my son like a fortress. Protect him from any harm or violence that may be directed his way. I beseech You to give him the discernment to avoid harmful environments, hazardous pursuits, and untrustworthy or irresponsible friends. I also ask that you protect him from his own destructive thoughts and actions. Please keep him safe in the hollow of Your hand. Amen.

A Birthday Prayer of Blessing
Abba On our son’s birthday, I ask you to bless this year as a time of growth and change for him. Wishing him the ability to recognize the sources of his unhappiness and turn away from them. I pray that he finds his way back to You and dedicates his life to serving You. I pray that he devotes his entire being to loving and serving you. I pray that he finds the strength to control his impulses and develop a sense of purpose and motivation. Amen.

A Plea for Knowledge and Authority
Please, Heavenly Father, help my son reach his full potential. Awaken him from his slumbering pessimism. Assist him in distinguishing between fiction and fact in order to rid himself of the limiting beliefs that are holding him back. I ask that You grant him the wisdom to see the potential in his life. Assist him in recognizing his individual strengths and developing the confidence to put them to work in pursuit of his goals. Amen.

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