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prayer for our kids

The Best Prayers For Our Kids: a blog around the best and worst times to pray for our kids.

The humble persistence and pleading supplication of the widow in Jesus’ parable (Luke 18:1-7) is an inspiration.

This contradicts the common belief that when we recite a novena, we are giving up (rather than competing for) power. As the saying goes, “never fail” is a claim made by some novenas if the instructions are followed to the letter.

Irrational though it may be, you should disregard such suggestions (which are typically made anonymously). Even if you pray for nine days, Providence won’t change its mind. No matter how many days we spend in prayer, our words will not change the future.

Instead, God wants us to succeed at the tasks He has set before us. We need do nothing more than pray to show how seriously we regard prayer.

Even yet, you shouldn’t discount the power of praying a novena. These prayers, like all sincere ones, are answered. The results of a novena prayer might be nothing short of miraculous in some cases.

Even if you don’t put too much stock in the “guaranteed” promises made by some novenas, the fact that millions of people claim to have seen results from this method says it’s at least worth a go.

Dear God,

We come before you today with a prayer for our children.

We ask that you bless them with the strength and courage to overcome the obstacles they face. We pray that you would protect them from the forces that seek to harm or destroy them, and we ask that you help them always remember their value as individuals made in your image.

We ask that you instill within our children a desire to treat others with kindness and respect, and to show empathy for those who are less fortunate than they are. We also pray that you would help us teach our children these things as well as we can so that they grow up into adults who are capable of living out these values in their own lives.

Help us be good parents to our children so that they will grow up to be good people who make the world a better place by what they do and say every day of their lives. Amen

As a Guide, I Pray

God’s desire to lead us is a central theme throughout the Bible. Because of His great love for us, He seeks our ultimate good and is eager to demonstrate it to us. It’s easy to lose sight of the good things in your day as it goes on. Start your day off right by praying for inspiration:

God help me, I have no idea what or who I’ll encounter today. Yet I know that You are my stronghold and my rock. You protect me and support me like no other. I need today to be anchored in You. Today, I want to learn how to trust in You and make decisions based on that trust. I need Your truth to guide my steps, not my emotions. Help me see every challenge as a chance to witness Your handiwork and share Your glory with others. Amen.

A Blessing on the Family

Pray together as a family every morning to set the tone for the day. You and your loved ones would benefit much from hearing these lines read aloud and having an early understanding of our schedules. Put your faith in God for everyone. Pray that God would strengthen their faith and bring them closer to him or her. Praying together first thing in the morning is like a workout for your soul. Having these details ironed out will give everyone a clearer sense of what to expect and provide them the skills they’ll need to face the new day. Begin your day with this prayer for your loved ones:

Please accept my gratitude for the blessing of friends and loved ones. One of life’s greatest pleasures is keeping them close to my heart. To God be the glory; they are deserving of all Your blessings. Please accept my apologies in advance if I make any mistakes today. Amen.

A Career-Related Prayer

In everything, including your work, let God’s priorities be determined by Christ and the apostles. Have you given your work, and your career, over to God? Do you depend on God for guidance and strength every day while you go about your work? Pray every day for clarity about God’s will for your professional life. Start your day off right by saying a prayer for your professional success before you dive into your work.

Please bless me with success in my career, God. I appreciate your reliability in helping me make a living. Please keep me safe at work today and make sure no one gets hurt so we can all go home to our families. It’s because of my profession that I’ve been able to provide for my loved ones. I appreciate all that you’ve provided for me. I ask that You protect me as I go to and from work today, and that You use me in whatever way You see fit for Your glory. Amen.

An Invocation of Fortune

Our Heavenly Father has blessed us with innumerable amazing chances. It’s crucial that we maintain a state of readiness at all times in order to recognise God’s call. When chances like this present themselves, we don’t let them pass us by. Pray for luck with this morning invocation:

Lord, I pray that today I would give my whole heart and soul to You, so that You might do whatever You will with me. I ask that You open doors for me to share my gratitude to You with others. Please grant me the wisdom to choose my words carefully. Help me to have the courage to share the good news of salvation. I ask that the seeds You give me the opportunity to sow bear fruit. The cross has changed my life, and I pray that my gratitude for it spreads like wildfire today. Amen.

An Invocation of Happiness

Being happy is as easy as breathing. It stands to reason and makes perfect sense. Our heavenly Father watches over this planet, so we can relax in it. Despite widespread aspiration, lasting happiness often proves elusive. Because the moment we allow ourselves to experience the grace of contentment, it is snatched away and replaced by unhappiness. Pray for happiness to kick off your day:

I ask God to help me keep my mind on Him today. I ask that You will help me learn to be content no matter what comes my way. Please strengthen me so that I can remain upbeat and optimistic throughout the day, even if difficulties arise. In my joy, I shall bring praise to You, Lord. I hope that whatever I do brings glory to You, Dad. Amen.

One of the most optimal times for a divine encounter is first thing in the morning. If you aren’t already doing so, start praying as soon as you can after waking up. When you begin your day with God, you take His presence with you. Have a wonderful day and a safe trip.

Dear God,

Please protect our children, and help them to be safe and happy. Keep them from harm and guide them to make good choices. Help them learn from their mistakes so they can grow into good people. Give them confidence in themselves, so that they are able to do whatever it is that you want them to do. Thank you for giving us the gift of our children, who we love so much!

Dear God,

We come before you today to ask for your help in guiding our children. We know that they are not just ours, but yours too. We have seen the ways in which you have blessed them with talents and gifts, and we pray for continued guidance as they use those talents to their best ability.

We know that there will be times when we feel like we are failing our children. If this happens, please remind us that you are always with us and always willing to help.

Please give us the strength and wisdom to teach our children well and guide them on the right path. Help us never to be afraid of letting them make their own choices, even if those choices are not what we would choose for them. Help us to trust in your guidance so that we can trust our children as well.

Dear Lord,

Please watch over our children. Keep them safe and healthy, and help them to learn how to make good choices. Please give them the wisdom and the strength to say no to things that are bad for them. Please help us as parents to be able to guide our kids in the right direction when they’re young so that they can grow up into good adults. And please bless us with many more years together as a family. We love you! Amen

Dear God,

We pray for our children. Please bless them with a strong mind, a healthy body, and the wisdom to know what is right. Give them strength in times of trouble, joy in times of happiness, and love in all things. Grant them the courage to stand up for what they believe in, and the wisdom to know when it is time to give up on something that cannot be fixed.

Please protect them from harm’s way as well as from the temptation to sin or do evil in any form. We pray that you will help them see their purpose in life, so they may fulfill their destinies with honor and integrity.

Bless us with understanding so we may raise our children well. And please keep us close together as a family—not just physically but spiritually as well.