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Prayer For My Son In Jail

Dear God,I am writing you this letter to ask for your guidance and help. I am having a very difficult time because my son is in jail. I tried to be the best parent that I could be. I taught him right from wrong, but being young he picked the wrong and was sent to jail.

Please join me in remembering our loved ones any time of the year.    (Name) , my son I appreciate the fact that you have been struggling for a time and I have always been there for you.    As I reflect on what life is like without  you, it brings me a sadness that I will never forget no matter how long goes by. Sometimes people make mistakes and we must show them love, kindness, support and hope as they work through their problems and struggles while raising them in the love of God. With all of my heart, your brother    (Your name).

Prayer for Jail Release

Prayer For My Son In Jail

Dear God,

I pray to you today. I pray that you will watch over my son in jail, and bless him with the ability to grow strong and learn from his mistakes. I pray that you will show him how to be a better person, and how to make the most of his time in this place of confinement.

I pray that you will lift him up and bring peace into his heart. I pray that he will find love and comfort here, so that he may become a better man than he was before.

Please protect him from harm in this place of confinement, and give him the strength to survive this difficult time in his life. Please help him make the most of this opportunity to grow as a person and learn from his mistakes.

I pray these things in your name, amen.”

Dear God,

I pray for my son [name] who is in jail at the moment. I ask that you lead him to be a better person and help him to see that he has to make some changes in his life so that he doesn’t end up back in jail again. Help him to find a job and start saving money for a place of his own. Help him to stay out of trouble.

And God, please help me as well. I need your guidance and strength as I go through this difficult time.

Father, we pray for our son who is in jail. We pray that you will watch over him and protect him from all harm. We pray that your love and mercy will be felt by the other inmates and guards, so that they may be able to show love and kindness to our son. Father, we pray for those who have been accused of crimes but have not yet been convicted, that they may receive justice. We pray for their families, that they may know peace and comfort during this difficult time. Father, please give us wisdom for how to handle this situation at home, so that we can help our son navigate through his trial with grace and humility. Our dear Savior Jesus Christ has suffered much more than anyone else could ever suffer or endure–even death on a cross–so he can help us through these difficult times as well! Please give us strength as we go through this trial together as a family. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen

Dear God, I come to you today in prayer for my son [name]. He is currently serving time in your name at the [jail name]. Please give him the strength to endure this difficult time, and please provide him with the guidance he needs to make better decisions in the future.

It is my hope that you will help him find his way back to me and our family after this sentence has been served. I ask that you watch over him and protect him from harm, both physical and emotional.

I thank you for the many blessings you have bestowed upon us, especially our son. We love him very much, and he means everything to us. Please let him know how much we are thinking about him during this difficult time.

Dear God, I am writing to you today to ask for your help. I need prayer for my son [name], who is in jail right now. He has been there for over a month, and I am worried about him.

He is only nineteen years old and just got his first job at a fast food restaurant. He was making good money and had the opportunity to advance into management positions. But he got fired when he was caught stealing money from the register and using it to buy drugs.

He’s not a bad kid—he just made some bad choices, and now he has a criminal record that will follow him around for the rest of his life. But he doesn’t deserve to be in jail! He needs help getting out as soon as possible so he can get back on track with his life and get himself back on track with God too!\

Dear God,

Please watch over my son while he is in jail. Please keep him safe and protect him from harm. Please let him know that we love him and we are praying for his release. Please grant him many years of freedom and happiness on earth.

In Jesus’ name, Amen

Dear God,

I am writing you this prayer for my son, [name]. He is in jail. He is in jail because he has two previous charges for burglary and assault. He has been in jail for a few weeks and I want to ask you to let him know that you are with him and that you love him no matter what he has done in his past. I want him to know that he can change his life if he wants to and that there are people who will help him do it. I also want you to give me strength as I deal with this situation, so that I can keep my faith and be there for my son when he gets out of jail.

Thank You for hearing my prayer.

Prayer For My Son Protection

Father God, truly only You know how these men and women feel at this time. We cannot know exactly what they are living through right now. The world seems to be getting more dangerous every day Lord, and maybe for these men and women who might live with that fear. In Your sovereign providence, it pleased You to call out some of these in their darkest hours, and to become new creations in Christ (2nd Cor 5:17); to a new life in Christ. Help see that they can run to You Father, for You are a Rock and a Shield to those Who trust in You. In Your great wisdom God, You sometimes use hard places to soften hearts, and in such darkness, your grace is more amazing. Not many of us are great in the eyes of the world, but You have no respect for persons. You reach out to those who humble themselves Father, so help them submit to You and be set free from their fear by trusting in You. Please Father, protect them on the inside so that they would be able to study Your Word, be a witness to those still sitting in darkness, and submit to authorities which is submitting to God (Rom 13:1-5). God, You alone know the future of these men and women; help them to rest in Your sovereignty. Help them to know they can trust in You. For those who have not trusted in Your Son and received eternal life, please set divine appointments for those who are Christ’s witnesses inside the prisons, and keep them safe from harm while being His voice. May You receive all the glory for these men and women’s lives that’ve trusted in You, and in the mighty name of Jesus Christ I pray, amen.

Hope in the Future

Great God in heaven, thank you for those who have received eternal life in Jesus Christ, and for those who have been born again behind prison bars. Please Father, enable them to see hope that is found only in Jesus Christ. Give them a desire to seek Him, and to long for that eternal home when all of the present, evil and suffering will be history (Rev 21:4). Please send them Your Spirit to point them to Your Word of hope in Your Holy Word, the Bible. Apart from You, and Your Word, we could not know You or Your Son, Jesus Christ, so thank You for granting us Your mercy and giving us Your grace, and for those who You have pardoned, even if the state has not, they are seen as having Jesus’ righteousness (2nd Cor 5:21). Help them to see that You have pardoned them, without parole, and loved them unconditionally. Lord God, allow them to fix their eyes on You, and the hope for a future we can’t even imagine, and that hope is found in Christ, in Whose precious name we pray, amen.

Psalm For Someone In Jail

Psalm 107:1-3 And Counseling Those incarcerated

In the coming months, I am going to begin a series on what Psalm 107 has to say about prison ministry.  In this first post, I will focus on the first two verses: 1Oh give thanks to the LORD, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!  2Let the redeemed of the LORD say so, whom he has redeemed from trouble.”

Whenever I would attend chapel services in prison,I can remember countless volunteers trying to comfort us by saying that prison wasn’t God’s will for our lives.  Well-intentioned though they may have been, that wasn’t true then and it’s not true now.  Romans 13 makes it clear that the civil authority exists to be  a terror to those who do wrong, and that they are ordained of God.    In Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion, he wrote that God uses circumstances that some might call bad or even evil to draw men to Himself.  Calvin cited Psalm 107 as his proof text.  I was in prison when I read that, and I was weeping by the time I reached verse sixteen.  Like no other passage in Scripture, Psalm 107:10-16 makes it clear that God uses prison to draw men to Himself, and that was certainly true for me.

The refrain that occurs over and over again throughout the Psalm is that men should thank the Lord for His goodness and mercy in saving them (vv. 1-3, 8, 15, 21, 31).  But it must be noted that He does so in the midst of seemingly horrible circumstances; He saves them in hunger and thirst, in prison, in poverty, in storms, in despair and in other trials.  People in prison need to know that prison is God’s will for their life.  It is the way He has chosen to reveal His mercy to them.  It is the way He has chosen to save them.

You need only ask a prisoner where they would be if God had not intervened.  The majority will tell you they could have killed someone else or been killed doing what they were doing.  Ask them whether they would have stopped drinking or stopped using drugs had God not intervened.  Remind them how many times they planned to quit before they were incarcerated.  Their incarceration was, in fact, the act of a merciful God as He stopped them from destroying their lives and the lives of others.  The prisoner, then, must be encouraged to thank God for His mercy and grace in their incarceration!

Thoughts for Application

  • Since prison is God’s will for the offender’s life, they may rest assured He has a plan for their life after they are released, and it is a good plan to give them a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11).
  • Since prison is God’s will for the offender’s life, they may not be bitter toward anyone who played a part in their incarceration (friends, family, law enforcement, judicial, the administration of the prison or correctional officers).

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