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prayer for guidance and protection

Dear God,

I ask for your guidance and protection. I know that I am not perfect and that I make mistakes, but please help me to learn from them and do better next time.

Please give me the strength to do what is right when it is hard, and to be kind when it would be easier to be cruel. Help me to find joy in the little things, like a sunny day or a beautiful flower. Help me to remember that this world is filled with so much beauty and wonder even though it can be hard at times.

Help me to stay true to myself, even if others do not understand or agree with my decisions. Help me to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, as well as those who may not yet realize they need help. Please guide me through this journey of life so that I may live according to your will and fulfill my purpose here on earth.

  • prayer for guidance and protection
  • Dear God,

    I pray for guidance and help. I ask that you give me the strength to do what is right, the courage to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves, and the wisdom to know when I should take a step back and let others lead. Help me to be a better person than I was yesterday, and every day after that.

    I also pray for my family and friends in their time of need. Please guide them through these difficult times with your wisdom and love so that they may find peace in their hearts and comfort in their souls.


    Dear God,

    I am here to ask for your guidance and help. I have made the decision to leave my current job and I am looking for a new one. I have no idea what kind of job I am looking for or where to start my search. Please guide me in this time of need so that I may find a job that is right for me. Thank you God!

    Dear God,

    I need your help. I’m not sure what to do or where to go, and I feel like I’m lost. Please guide me through this time of confusion.

    Thank you

    Lord, please guide me as I tackle this project. I know that you have a plan for my life and that your will is always done, but sometimes it’s hard to see the big picture when you’re so focused on the task at hand. Please help me to see the forest from the trees and keep me from getting lost in the details. Amen

    Dear God,

    Please help me to find my way.

    I know that you have a plan for me, but sometimes I feel lost. I don’t know what to do, or how to do it.

    Please show me the way.

    Dear God,

    I ask for guidance and help as I try to make the right decisions in my life. Help me to know how best to use my skills and talents in this world. Guide me to those who can help me achieve my goals and dreams, and help me understand how I can best use what you have given me. Thank you for all that you have done for me, and thank you for listening today.

    Dear Lord,

    Help me to find the strength and wisdom to make the best decision for myself and my family.

    Dear God, you have led us through past difficulties and you have given us the strength to meet those challenges. Please continue to guide us and help us in our current situation. We need your help.

    Dear God,

    I’m so grateful for all that you’ve done for me. You have blessed me with so many things, and I know that if I continue to trust in you, you will lead me in the right direction.

    Please help me see the path that is best for me, and show me how to get there. Fill my heart with faith and courage so that I may be bold in following your guidance.


    Dear God,

    I come to you with a heavy heart today. I find myself in a difficult place and I ask for your guidance. Please help me to see the right path, and guide my feet along it.

    Thank you, God, for all that you have given me. Thank you for this beautiful world that you’ve created. May these humble prayers bring joy to your ears and peace to my heart.

  • prayer for guidance and clarity
  • Dear God,

    I pray for guidance and clarity in all my endeavors.

    I know that you are with me every step of the way, and I thank you for your presence in my life.

    Help me to be guided by your wisdom as I make decisions, so that I may always do what is right and just.

    Help me to see clearly what needs to be done in order for me to accomplish my goals, so that I can do it well.

    And please help me to know when to ask for help, so that together we can accomplish even more than what I could have imagined on my own.

    Dear God,

    Please guide me to the right path. I am in need of clarity and direction. Please help me make the right decisions.

    Thank you for your guidance and love.

    Dear Lord,

    We come before you in prayer, seeking your guidance and clarity. We know that with your help, we can overcome any obstacle and achieve anything we set our minds to. Please show us what you would have us do, so that we may fulfill our purpose here on earth. In Jesus’ name, Amen

    Dear God,

    Please give me the wisdom to know what to do in this moment.

    I know that you have a plan for me, and I need your guidance to see it.

    Help me be clear about my purpose, so that I can fulfill it and bring joy to those around me today.

    Guide me in all my endeavors today, Lord.

    Show me the path that leads to you, so that I may walk it with purpose and joy.

    Dear Lord,

    I come to you today with a heavy heart and a sense of confusion. I feel like I’m walking in circles, and my thoughts are all over the place.

    I know that you have a plan for me, but I don’t know what it is. Please guide my path through the misty fog of indecision, so that I can find my way back to clarity and peace.

    prayer for protection against evil

    Here are four prayers you can use for protection from evil for you and your family: 

    Prayers for Evils Outside the Home or in the Workplace

    Protection from the Evil One Prayer
    Dear Father, I seek Your protection from the wickedness of the evil one. You are the Almighty God, and his power doesn’t stand a chance to the might You yield. I come to Your refuge with joy for You shelter me against the attack of the devil. Protect me, O Lord, from the craftiness of the enemy, and save me from his evil plots. Cover me with Your presence when I feel weak so that he will flee from my presence. Amen.

    Protection from Violent People Prayer
    Faithful Father, There are violent people out there who are eager to do physical harm without any respect for human life. You are our Savior from those who wish to do us harm. You are our Protector from the violent hands of the wicked. As we go about our day today, steer us away from the places where evil people lie in wait. Keep us out of reach from their harmful intentions and cradle us in the safety of Your loving hands. Amen.

    Protection from Deceptive People Prayer
    Father in heaven, May Your Spirit guide my every decision today. Lead me with Your wisdom and allow me to see things as they really are so that I do not fall victim to people’s deception. Keep me safe from harm from wicked people who try to cheat me. Spare me from the con artists who do not care who they defraud and how much damage they cause. Give me the discernment to recognize and avoid their schemes and their evil intentions. Amen.

    Protection from Serious Diseases Prayer
    Dear God, You regard our body as Your temple. You also commanded us to take good care of our health. Help me maintain good health. Remind me when I carelessly misuse or abuse my body that this is against Your will. As I go about my day, keep me safe from contracting or developing diseases or ailments. Help me to use extra precautions so that I may be spared from serious sicknesses or harm to my body. Amen.

    Protection from Serious Accidents Prayer
    Loving God, You have cared for us as a shepherd cares for his sheep. You protect us when there is danger, and You lift us and lead us to safety when we are in trouble. As I travel today, keep me away from accidents that could cause me serious harm. Keep me alert. May I have the presence of mind to avoid or prevent mishaps. Give me Godly discretion, that I may always be safe. And let me have the clarity of mind to warn or help others when the need arises. Amen.

    Protection from Reckless People Prayer
    Dear Lord, To You, our God, we come for safety. Protect us from the reckless actions of people who intentionally or unintentionally disregard the welfare of other people around them. Those who start destructive fires, those who cause serious vehicular crashes, and those many others who give no thought to the harmful consequences of their irresponsible actions. Shield us, I pray, from the injurious situations that these kinds of people cause, and let them be hindered from carrying out their malicious intents. Amen.

    Protection from Questionable Opportunities Prayer
    Lord over all, You direct the steps of those who submit to You. You open opportunities for those who follow You. I seek Your guidance today. O Lord, let me have mental clarity that I may properly assess the opportunity presented to me. Do not allow the promises of material gain to cloud my thinking and stir up greed in me. Bless me with Your wisdom, that I may have the discernment to determine what is questionable and what is reliable. Amen.

    Protection from Contentious and Hostile People Prayer
    Lord God, We know that everything we do reflects on You. As we do our best to live in peace with everyone, keep us away from contentious people, who might incite us to react in an ungodly manner. Lead us away from hostile individuals who might stir up our fleshly side to respond in a shameful way. Help us to confront unavoidable situations with gracious and gentle words that pacify, that we may glorify You and give testimony of our faith. Amen.

    Protection from Criminals Prayer
    Almighty Father, We ask for Your protection against criminals. Please keep us safe from people who might target us or break into our home, planning to steal from us and threaten us with bodily harm. Shield us from these wicked individuals, O Lord, and muddle up their plans, that they may not be able to further steal from others or do harm to others. Comfort us with Your guiding hand and let us find confidence in Your ever-present help. Amen.

    Prayers for Evils Directed at You and Family Members

    Protection for the Family Prayer
    Gracious Lord, You are our Loving Father who grants our protection and guides our actions. I come before You to ask for my family’s safekeeping. I pray You will guard our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being at all times. Let not the enemy gain a foothold in any aspect of our lives. Help each of us to keep trusting You, recognizing Your victory over the devil and acknowledging the strength you give us to resist him. Amen.

    Protection from People Who Take Wrongful Advantage Prayer
    Our Father, You showed us what true sacrificial love is and You desire for us to express that same love to others. As we lovingly care for others, I pray that our sacrificial deeds will not be taken advantage of and that we will not be targeted for the exploitation of our kindness. Please do not allow anyone to try to unfairly benefit from our love and effort. Instead, lead us to people who are also kind and sincere in their motives and actions. Amen.

    Protection from Bullying Prayer
    Father God, Shield my children from bullying and do not allow them to be in a situation where they can be tempted to fight back or become discouraged, depressed and desperate. Allow them to have the right support group of good friends in the church, in school and in the neighborhood. Do not allow them to become bullies themselves, instead mold them to become good influencers, who will be a help to those around them and who will honor You with their lives. Amen.

    Short prayer for strength and protection

    This prayer came from Martin Luther.

    “Lord God, Heavenly Father, you know that we are set in the midst of so many and great dangers, that by reason of the frailty of our nature we cannot always stand upright: Grant us such strength and protection, to support us in all danger, and carry us through all temptations; through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”

    prayer for guidance and protection for my family

    This prayer was written by author Rebecca Barlow Jordan.

    “Lord, I pray Your emotional, physical, and spiritual protection over my kids (grandkids). Keep evil far from them, and help them to trust You as their refuge and strength. I pray You will guard their minds from harmful instruction, and grant them discernment to recognize truth. I pray You will make them strong and courageous in the presence of danger, recognizing that You have overcome and will set right all injustice and wrong one day. Help them to find rest in Your shadow, as they live in the spiritual shelter You provide for them. Let them know that the only safe place is in Jesus, and that their home on earth is only temporary.”

    Powerful morning prayer 

    This prayer is an old Irish prayer known as St. Patrick’s Breastplate, and is a call for protection.

    “Christ be with me, Christ within me,

    Christ behind me, Christ before me,

    Christ beside me, Christ to win me,

    Christ to comfort and restore me.

    Christ beneath me, Christ above me,

    Christ in quiet, Christ in danger,

    Christ in hearts of all that love me,

    Christ in mouth of friend and stranger.”

    Prayer for protecting a child

    “Dear Father,

    You are like a wing that shelters my children, strong with protection, soft with grace. You are like a shield that encircles them each day.

    They run free and you are with them as they adventure. You are like a crown placed upon their heads, a symbol of sonship, of belonging and of their adoption into your family.

    Lord, I place them into your great care and declare that they are yours.


    Any of these prayers can bring you closer to God. Consider your prayers to be a two-way conversation with the Lord Jesus. 

    All of these prayers will give you and your loved ones a hedge of protection against evil spiritual forces.

    Hands resting on bible

    Prayers for strength and courage

    A part of protection is having the strength and courage to overcome our fears. Here are some additional prayers that can help you when you need protection from your anxieties.

    Prayer for when you have fear

    “Father, here I am before your throne with a heavy heart and an anxious mind.

    Come, Lord, and fill me with your Holy Presence. Let me rest and be at peace. Let me feel your protection. Let me feel as if I’m under the shadow of your wings. Safe, hidden, and secure in you. Only you can give and take it all.

    I pray, Father, please take my fear away and give me your peace that surpasses all understanding. You know that my life is in your hands. My trust and my hope is on you alone, Father.

    Thank you, in the Name of Jesus.


    Daily prayer for strength from the Bible

    This prayer comes from Psalm 27:1.

    “Dear Jesus,

    You are the strength of my life;

    You are my rock, my fortress and my protector; therefore, whom shall I be afraid?

    You are my shield, my strong-tower and my stronghold.

    I will call to You because You are worthy to be praised.

    So, Father, I thank you for being my strength and My God in whom I trust, Amen.”

    Prayer to calm your mind

    “Loving God,

    Please grant me peace of mind and calm my troubled heart. My soul is like a turbulent sea. I can’t seem to find my balance so I stumble and worry constantly.

    Give me the strength and clarity of mind to find my purpose and walk the path you’ve laid out for me. I trust your Love God, and know that you will heal this stress. Just as the sun rises each day against the dark of night.

    Please bring me clarity with the light of God.

    In your name I pray, Amen.”

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