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prayer for family gathering

Whether you consider it both a tradition and a good luck charm, family gatherings are fun in that they allow us to celebrate along with the gathering of people who are most close to our heart. Inside this prayer for family get-togethers is a plea for your family to become ever closer, and offers a request for God’s grace and mercy over all those who are present at the party.

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Prayer for My Family - For Unity & Reunions

prayer for family gathering

Dear Lord,

We come before you today with gratitude for all that you have provided us. We ask that you bless our gathering and keep us safe from harm. We ask that you guide our words and actions, so that we may live in harmony with one another.

Thank you for all of the blessings you have given us, and for the love we share as a family. We know that your love is unconditional and will never change, no matter what happens in this world. Thank you for watching over us every day and keeping us safe from harm.

We pray these things in your name, amen.

Dear Lord,

We ask that you be with us as we gather as a family today. We know that you are with us every day, but we also know that it’s good to take time to stop and reflect on what you’ve given us.

We ask that you bless our family with love, peace and joy. We pray for continued healing for those who are ill or in need of comfort. We pray for those who are struggling with their faith or have lost their way. Help them find the right path and give them the strength to keep going when things get tough.

We ask that you continue to watch over us as we go through life’s challenges and struggles, knowing that we can trust in your love for all of us because it is unconditional and eternal. Please help us remember that we are never alone because God is always present with us even when we don’t feel like he’s there at all times!

Thank you so much for blessing our lives with these wonderful people who make up our family today!

short devotional for family reunion

Dear Lord,

We thank you for this gathering. It is a time to come together, to celebrate our differences and to remember the things that bind us together. We pray for those who are not with us today and those who may be far from home.

Please bless this meal, and bring us all together in fellowship and love.

Dear God,

We are grateful that you have brought us together today. We ask for your blessing on our family, and we pray that you will strengthen us as we face the challenges of the future. We pray that you will guide us, and help us to be better versions of ourselves. Thank you for being with us today, and always. Amen

Dear God,

We come together today to celebrate the life and legacy of [person name]. We know you are present with us and we thank you for your gifts.

We ask that you guide us as we move forward and that you help us remember [person name] as an example of what it means to be a leader, a friend, and a person who cares deeply about others.

We also ask that you bless our family as we gather to reminisce about [person name]. May our memories of your presence in our lives bring us closer together and remind us of the importance of family.

Thank you for being with us today.

christmas prayer for family gathering

It’s so easy to get all caught up in what I like to call the “holiday shuffle,” that we often forget why we are celebrating the holiday; we almost forget what’s most important! While we are out shopping for trivial things like presents and decorations, we often fail to stop and say a prayer to the one we are celebrating for, Jesus Christ, our saviour!

Our Dear Heavenly Father, It is because of you and your sacrifices that we get to gather together on this day we now call Christmas. What perfect way to celebrate your day than by honoring you while being with the ones we love most. We are thankful for this hot meal we get to enjoy, and pray that everyone will make it home safely tonight. In Your name we pray, AMEN!

Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, we thank you for our family making it here safely today. We thank you for everything you have provided for us and wish you a Merry Christmas as we sit down to our Christmas dinner and honor you. Although today we celebrate your birth, we thank you for dying on the cross for our sins. Here’s to you! Amen!