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Appreciation Poem For A Pastor

You have been such a blessing in my life. I know that you may not hear this regularly, but your ministry has changed my life for the better. While I’m praying for you to continue providing the best leadership for your church necessary for bringing light for so many people in the coming days, I want you to know how much you’ve done for me and my family.

A pastor is a person who has dedicated their life to serving others. They are there when you need them and they are always ready to listen. They have given up all of their free time, their vacations, and even their families in order to serve God’s people.

A pastor is someone who can make you laugh when you’re sad, cheer you up when you’re feeling down, and help you get through the tough times in your life. They spend hours upon hours each week helping people find out who they are and what they are meant to do with their lives. A pastor is someone who will take time out of their day just to talk with you about anything that may be on your mind. They want nothing more than for everyone in their congregation to feel loved and cared for by them personally as well as by God Himself!

This poem is dedicated especially to those pastors who have done so much for me throughout my life!

Appreciation Poem For A Pastor


I just wanted to say that I appreciate you very much. Like a lot.

You’ve always been there for me when I needed someone, and you have never let me down. I know you don’t want anything in return, but if it’s okay with you, I’d like to take the time right now to tell you how much your support means to me.

We’ve been through a lot together—and we’re going through a lot right now—but it’s because of people like you that we keep going every day. You are an incredible person; your passion for helping others is inspiring and contagious! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to listen to my problems and support me when I need it most!

Encouraging Poems For Pastors

In his book of poems entitled Maggots and Men, Christopher Marlowe Cobb describes a meeting between an old pastor and a new pastor. The two men are sitting in the churchyard discussing their lives when the younger clergyman asks the older one if he has ever felt like his life was wasted. At first, the older man doesn’t answer, but then he tells his companion that there have been times when it seems as though everyone around him is doing something worthwhile while his own efforts are in vain. However, in spite of these feelings, he continues to go on with his work because he knows that even if nobody else notices or appreciates what he does, God will still be pleased with him for trying so hard.

As our pastor, you have been with us

As our pastor, you have been with us for a long time. You have been a good pastor and a good example to us all. You have been a good teacher and leader. You have also been a friend, which is why we know that this poem means so much to each of us personally.

As we look back over the years that you’ve led our church, it’s clear how much leadership and guidance you’ve provided us: you not only taught us about God but also gave us advice on how to live better lives here on Earth while preparing for the afterlife. Your love of your family has shown through many times at church events when we’ve seen you support them in whatever they do; this was especially evident during their high school graduation ceremony as well as their college commencement speeches last year! It’s no wonder that some members feel like they could never replace such an impressive individual–they’d just be setting themselves up for failure!

A pastor like you is hard to find

You are the best pastor we have ever had, and we hope you don’t leave. You are a true shepherd who is compassionate and loving. You take care of all the members of your flock with care, kindness, and understanding. You are a great example of a pastor because you are honest and dependable in all things.

You show patience with those who struggle with their faith, which is something that cannot be learned overnight or even over many years. It comes from having been through it yourself at one time in your life as well as having reached out to others when they were struggling themselves. Your patience has made us better people than we would have been otherwise, because now we understand what it’s like to feel lost or alone in this world—you’ve shown us how important it is for everyone to have someone there for them during these times!

A church like ours is hard to find

A church like ours is hard to find.

We have kind and loving members, good music and preaching, programs for children and youth, and programs for the elderly, sick and poor people in our community. We also have outreach programs to those in the world who need our help.

A person like you, who doesn’t mind

You are a great example for us. You have shown us how to be a good teacher, husband, father, leader, friend, Christian.

Every day when we come to worship, you give us hope for our lives by showing how you live your life as one who gives all for Christ and his church. We know that we can’t achieve all of our dreams on our own but with your help we can do anything!

Our church is blessed

  • Our church is blessed to have a pastor like you, who comes in and teaches us the word of God.
  • We are blessed to have a church like ours that doesn’t mind if we come in late on occasion, but still attends all services faithfully.
  • We are blessed to have you as our pastor because many pastors won’t stay up late with people after service just for fun conversations about life and faith; there are some who won’t even go out for coffee with their parishioners after service! But not you: You’re always willing to talk…
  • It’s also great how humble and unassuming you are, because most pastors would want special treatment from everyone else at all times—you’re happy being treated just like anyone else (even though we know this isn’t true).

I pray that we are true

I pray that you are blessed with the gift of words. I pray that you find ways to use your gift in this world. You have been a blessing to our church family and we will miss you greatly when you leave us, but we know that God has something special for each and every one of us.

Pastor Appreciation Poems Free

Thanks for being our pastor and teaching us God’s Word

As a Christian, I believe in the power of God’s Word. It is the source of our faith and without it, we would be lost. Our pastor is all about teaching us God’s Word and making sure that we know how to apply it to our lives.

Thank you for being our spiritual leader and guide who leads us through this world with love, grace and mercy.

Thank you for being our spiritual shepherd who keeps us safe from those who wish to harm or destroy us as Christians.

Your guidance has been invaluable in helping me become a better person because it helps me understand myself better through God’s eyes rather than just my own self-centered views on life which can sometimes lead people astray if they are left unchecked by someone else looking out for their best interests instead of their own personal desires!

Poems For Pastor And Wife Appreciation

Sample Pastor Appreciation Quote:To Our PastorOur God has sent you to this place,
To lead us in the way,
To teach us from His word,
And we will try to do our best.

Always ready and willing to share
a comforting thought and a smile.

We thank you for your ministry,
Your guidance and your care.
His greatest blessings for your life
Is our most humble prayer.
Sample Pastor’s Wife Appreciation Quote:To Pastor’s Wife

When we thank God for our pastor,
We must give Him thanks for two.
For when your husband came to us,
God also sent us you.

And we say thanks for all you do
and lift you up in prayer.

Your presence blesses all of us
Who know you from day to day.
As our pastor’s wife, you are
Serving God in a fine and worthy way.
Pastor and Wife Appreciation Wording Idea:In Recognition of Your Hard Work & Dedication

Use this beautiful pastor and wife appreciation tribute and quotes to show your pastor and his wife the appreciation they deserve.

Poems For Pastor And Wife Appreciation

Pastor anniversary poems are a great way to say, “Thank you” to your pastor for another year of faithful ministry in your church. You can use them in greeting cards, put them on PowerPoint slides, or print them in your church bulletin.

Silver Memories Lined With Gold

This pastor anniversary poem was specifically written for a pastor’s 25th anniversary at the author’s church. However, you can easily substitute the appropriate number of years so you can use it for your pastor’s anniversary.

When you came to us, we were unsure,
With all of our needs, would you endure?
There has to be times you wanted to quit,
But the Lord said “No, stick around a bit.”

That bit of time, well it came and it went.
Because we needed a pastor, you were sent.
We have been through good times and bad,
But you stuck around and that makes us glad.

We share 25 years of wonderful memories here,
And all of them in ourhearts, we hold dear.
You have been our pastor, our guide, and friend.
Your wisdom is so helpful as on God you depend.

It has been 25 years of good times and bad,
Most of them were happy, but some were sad.
Some of us have gone on to be with the Lord,
But we are still here with rivers to ford.

We will have trials and storms to go through,
But you have been there and shown us what to do.
Our prayers each day include you as we pray,
And we must give thanks for you each day.

Now, may the Lord be with you all of your days
And continue to use you as you give Him praise.
We love and appreciate you for all you have done
As we look back in wonder, where have the years gone?

by Judy Crowe

Love Remains

This pastor anniversary poem speaks of the enduring love between a pastor and his congregation.

Happiness grows as each year passes
And trials test the love that will grow.

Pleasures of the heart remain a treasure,
Perhaps a memory of some time ago.

Yesterday’s joys are your heart’s treasure
And love remains to guard the store.

Now and then we are reminded,
It is love (the key) that unlocks the door.

Vivid are the scenes of days gone by,
Each thought, a page from the past,

Reminding us that God guides our path and
Yielding to His will, our love will last.

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